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InterPals.net has a consumer rating of 1.73 stars from 104 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. InterPals.net also ranks 121st among Forum sites.

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Positive highlights

  • I've been in this site for 10 years now and I would say it's ok to pick up friends and it's free.

Critical highlights

  • Apart from getting 200 messages from scammers and perverts, there were maybe about 5 people who I thought were normal.
  • The majority of men on there don't know the difference between a penpal site & a dating site.
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Top Positive Review

“InterPals is good if used right”

Linda O.

I have been on InterPals for years. I have met many good friends American and international. It is not a good dating or language learning site but if you are just looking for casual friends to swap life experiences, it fits the bill. The trick is in the filters, be specific about the age, gender and countries you will accept. Block anyone you don't want or are suspicious of. Go to a real dating site if you want romance.

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Top Critical Review

“I'm wondering how the hell scammers from Ghana or Nigeria use pics of white girls all the time.”

Yoko L.

Where they find them? While I reported 2 cases of "white " Nigerian girls, which my experience tells me they are definitely scammers I got the following message from interpals board. Your account has been flagged for abusing the "Report to Moderator" system with excessive, frivolous or unfounded reports. This is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please note that this is a warning and any further misconduct could result in the deletion of your account. Thank you, InterPals Staff So if my assumption is unfounded you tell the first rogue user created it's account minutes before while the second had it for 11 hours. That takes me to the assumption that interpals favors or it's part of the scam. Hence the variety of pictures scammers possess. Take a hike from here.

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1 review
11 helpful votes
March 15th, 2020
Where they find them? While I reported 2 cases of "white " Nigerian girls, which my experience tells me they are definitely scammers I got the following message from interpals board.

Your account has been flagged for abusing the "Report to Moderator" system with excessive, frivolous or unfounded reports.

This is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please note that this is a warning and any further misconduct could result in the deletion of your account.

Thank you,
InterPals Staff

So if my assumption is unfounded you tell the first rogue user created it's account minutes before while the second had it for 11 hours.
That takes me to the assumption that interpals favors or it's part of the scam. Hence the variety of pictures scammers possess.

Take a hike from here.
3 reviews
19 helpful votes
February 19th, 2020
I tried finding some penpals here, but the site is mainly full of perverts, Nazi people, rude people or people with a general IQ of about 80 at its best. There are better penpal sites out there, don't waste your precious time on this virtual sewer.
1 review
18 helpful votes
December 8th, 2019
Today my account which I have had for years and contains the entire chat I first had with my girlfriend (we met on interpals) has been suspended completely without warning. I was just chatting to people and boom logged out then cant log in because it is suspended.

As other people said, the site is full of scammers and perverts. I had no idea mods even existed because they do nothing about it until I randomly got suspended.
1 review
4 helpful votes
May 3rd, 2020
And It's because users not the Tool. Even if there is making it 100% CLEAR (Language-Exchange) a lot of people complain that they have to teach someone or if someone ask about their Language. A lot of Women 3/10 (80% off All Women there) who have Mediocre Lifes are looking for attention and validation. Is very common take a look in some female profiles: "If you start with a "hi?" or "how are you?" i will not reply." reveals a very high and pathetic level of narcissism coming from (many cases) depressed people who can barely get out of their houses. They use to say "this is not a Dating Site!" but if you are a Good Looking Man... it's Okay (Lol) they accept your Flirt and Flirt Back! Of course if you are a random person and do the same, will be a "Creepy Behaviour". Women use Interpals for Ego-Boost. This site made me believe in something never before thought: I discovered that inhabitants of First World Countries are totally dumb, idiots with IQ of 50 unable to maintain a basic conversation. Men there are most of them needy and desperate for female attention and sexual attention, many are sexual perverts who want virtual sex. Others are Scammers and want $$$ using Fake Photos and Fake Profiles. To be totally fair: I met a few nice (and Real) people there. In short it's (or should be) a website to Learn Languages/PenPals but unfortunately it was invaded by Losers.
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 26th, 2020
This site is not a Penpal site, it's a sex site and their moderation team does no moderation unless it suits them. Girls are flashing their body parts especially while covering their face with their phone too while saying "not interested in flirting", linking just their Instagram to try and leech followers, guys and old men hit on minors and inappropriate pictures are on this website and the moderation team does nothing about it even if they're reported.

This website should be reported to the police or some other law enforcement since it's tons of nudity, inappropriate photos, inappropriate flirting and this site welcomes minors of 13+, and even they are exposed to this flirting by 20-60 old men.
1 review
11 helpful votes
January 10th, 2020
Lonely wankers and $#*!s if real at all.
Every day sex offers from agencies, $#*!s with desire to show $#*!ing $#*! on cam.
Nothin mo than dat.
1 review
18 helpful votes
December 17th, 2019
My account was suspended after I refused to skype with this random man. The Moderator suspended my account after this random guy demanded me to skype with him for sexual purposes of course. I sent them a message and they said that they would review my account. Is this site run my perverts? I was looking to meet people from around the world and not to hop in the sack with these random guys. My question is why did this website Moderator listen to this pervert to suspend my account? I'm looking to expose them for the kind of website they are.
1 review
3 helpful votes
June 20th, 2020
In a short story this website should be shut down.

I found a fake profile that looked familiar and after checking where I recognised it from, I was right and it was a famous girl Youtuber/streamer. Reported the profile and even linked to real person's Instagram including the pictures that were stolen. Nothing was done.

I found a profile of a girl that only has cleavage pictures, or pictures of herself in short skirts, and in one picture where she was showing her hair you could see her ass and thong. Reported her profile picture where you could only see 5% of her face (part of her eye, and lips and that's about it) and rest of the picture was of her boobs, and the picture was taken from above so it was straight down focused on her boobs. I reported this and Interpals moderation team said there's nothing wrong with the photo (5% face and rest boobs on a website with 13 year olds), and issued several warnings on my account for having flirted with someone which was happening both ways, so they just issued me warnings instead for something which both people consented to, was in the past, and was not reported.
1 review
16 helpful votes
January 2nd, 2020
It's a site based on perverts and corrupt moderation staff. Guys use it to play girls and get nudes photos or video chatting and upload half naked photos (not appropriate for a penpal site which 12-13 year olds can use), girls use it to post half nudes or trash guys. A lot of the girls are fake accounts, people are full of themselves claiming to know who's a fake account and therefore blocking all new accounts. Arabs, etc, are spamming all girls looking for wives, and so on. Moderation team don't deal with half naked girls, but suspend those reporting them instead.

I reported a fake account for using an inappropriate photo, a photo of a girl pulling down her top to reveal more of her cleavage, and the moderators took it away. The person uploaded the same photo later on, it got removed again. When it was uploaded a third time and I reported it the moderators put a warning on my account for "abusing the report system" and warned that they might terminate my acccount if I do it again, and didn't remove the photo that was against their rules the 2 previous times.
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
June 26th, 2020
Since 2018 I had been an Interpals user on and off until 2020. It goes into many directions and mixes it all up which is a big part of why the "date seekers" get mixed up with the penpal and language exchange people. Many people are commenting it's not a dating site - but it has that options in the profiles, though their site name is misleading. People have the option for seeking: relationships (yes it's on there), flirting only, friendship online, penpals, snail mail penpals and language exchange. As many people have said in their reviews, people on Interpals do not read profiles! Which is why people seeking marriage/relationships bother people looking for friends or language exchange. The name of their site indicates penpals (friendship) so they should just stick to that and get rid of the flirting and relationship seeking options.

There's scammers everywhere including here. Some I had developed a friendship with told me about several scammers on there who bothered them but all sites have them. If you dare to use the site even after all the warnings here and on other review sites, just be vigilant. People that post only "model" type photos and have a very generic profile tend to be fake or people who like to troll. Put your wall to private if you don't want creepy men and women leaving comments that inappropriate or links to questionable outside sites.

Like any site, the quality of people vary, but for the most part, this site seems to attract a lot of narcissists, hypocrites and people that seem to have quite a few skeletons in their closets going by their secretiveness on their end but wanting to know everything about you (red flags!). We all have our preferences in conversations but considering a majority of people say the same thing: people don't seem to reply - it makes me wonder why so many people on that website who are fairly new claim to get "100s of messages" each day or week so write more than a basic "hello" or "how are you" because it's "not creative enough" for them want to write you. They think very highly of themselves that they are so special compared to everyone else, a hello is offensive and not good enough. The hypocrites come in when they claim they are looking only for friendship or language exchange and will write anyone if they write but only respond to men/women who look like models or are under 30. Didn't realize people can only be "friends" with or "learn a language" from models. Clearly they are looking for more than this. If you write "NOT seeking a relationship" in the request section and don't select the relationship/flirting option, people will still write you and after a few exchanges ask for your number or social media name or flirt with you and when you tell the person you don't want to because you have someone or just not interested, they get angry or they stop talking with you because they wanted more. Really, don't waste a lot of time writing a long profile, it more than likely won't get read, people go off your photo only and age. Also, people that claim to drop them a line, they write anyone back and their account is active - most of them lie and again, if you're not young and beautiful they won't write back. There's also a lot of people on there that see if someone has a married status will purposely try to flirt and get sexual exchanges of various types with those people just for fun. Some people appear to be nice and after talking will start to ask to send naked photos and when you say no thanks, they say ok and start to talk about it anyway and sometimes even send them after you say no or tell them you have a relationship. So if you're in a relationship and using this not to cheat but just talks and language, beware of giving out social media messengers or whatsapp numbers because photos may be sent to you that could strain your relationship. People are just obnoxious.

I never reported anyone on there because I just blocked people, but so many people on many review sites say if you report anyone for lying in their profiles or being inappropriate, they person reporting gets blocked. So if someone is saying they use the site for language but is seeking a relationship and harassing you, report them and you can end up being suspended or warned for reporting. Meanwhile that person gets to go on bothering people. If you allow everyone to message you be prepared to get a lot of flirting messages, marriage proposals and inappropriate comments from people from certain areas and I don't write that to be prejudice or racist no matter what anyone thinks, I've experiences and so have other people (both men and women). Of course not everyone from these areas are like that, but too many scammer messages or rude comments are left from there. And if you you block certain countries because of this, you have the people who will say you're a bad person and discriminate and won't talk to you. Also, hate speech is not allowed yet there is a ton of neo-nazis on that website and promote their ideology and their profiles are never taken down. That right there should say everything about their site. The site is just a mess!

This covers about everything from my personal experiences and other friends of mine. If you're looking for a language exchange sites, there are several other really good ones what are strictly for that, they don't use profile photos because they realize it doesn't matter if that's what you're reallying seeking. Less scammers use those sites and their admins don't punish the victim of hate or harassment, they deal with the person causing it.

I wouldn't touch that site again with a 10-foot pole. Enter at your own risk. You've been warned!
2 reviews
23 helpful votes
November 21st, 2019
This is an absolutely dreadful web site full of scammers and very narcissistic women run by morons who pamper to perverts. Avoid it like the plague if you have any brains. It's meant to be a penpal web site but in practice is nothing more than a showcase for moronic people too ugly to go anywhere else. The average IQ of most users struggles to reach 20 so don't expect a riveting conversation from other users. Lots of women who rate 2 out of 10 in looks asking people not to pester them (as if)... most have blank profiles yet refuse to answer anyone's messages - go figure... Nasty horrible people with massive prejudices including ageism from underage ignorant dumbo/bimbos. Avoid like HIV if you have half a brain!
1 review
17 helpful votes
September 22nd, 2019
Interpals is a total waste of your time. If you hope to correspond with halfway intelligent people, or even practice a foreign language, this is not the right site for you. You will get hit up for money and/or sex again and again. Moreover, the moderators that are currently employed are nasty, unprofessional people. They respond to valid concerns with abuse and threats. Interpals could be a good site with better management and control.
1 review
10 helpful votes
November 24th, 2019
I was suspended for no reason. I have no idea why I was suspended, none at all. Seems to be poorly run.
1 review
15 helpful votes
April 4th, 2019
I tried to give it another shot today, but I got this sick message of a Turkish dude wanting to eat my $#*! for 600 euros. He actually offered me the money. That is so freaking disgusting I reported him, blocked him and left the site again. Seriously... no way I am going back again...

Tip for consumers: dont waste your time

2 reviews
30 helpful votes
November 18th, 2019
This is a very disappointing penpal site. First of all, a great many of the profiles here are fake - there is perhaps 1 genuine profile in a 100 - I'm NOT kidding. I wonder if the site puts these profiles up itself. Anyway, these fake profiles never answer you, which means you spend a lot of time on the site sending out messages that are never answered. Frustrating. And meaningless.

Combine these fake profiles with the horde of genuinely obnoxious asian guys who swarm all over the site looking for sex chats from girls, and whose profiles are never deleted.

Then there's the fact that people seem oddly illiterate on interpals - it's a 'penpal' site, but no one there seems to know how to write letters! As a matter of fact, in using interpals I began to get the feeling that the human race was forgetting how to read or write! I'm NOT kidding.

Finally, while the moderators tolerate a horde of sex-mad asian guys on the site, I have had the profiles of good and genuine friends randomly banned on the site. This was horrible - fortunately, I had their email addresses, so I did not lose them as friends, but I don't have to tell you how frustrating and confusing the experience was for them. Knowing there are hordes of obnoxious people on the site whose profiles are NOT banned only makes things worse.
1 review
14 helpful votes
December 14th, 2019
Moderators only work in their favour, so, it is pretty obvious this site is meant for them. Do not join this site if you are an honest person, not for you, but for perverts only. And scammers are no exception. Here's the categories:
1. The perverts: if you are a woman, no matter what's your age, you will be harassed constantly, day and night. You will be insulted in your dignity from these creepos after one thing only. You will receive an enormous amount of sexual requests and the amount of time you will have to press the blocking bottom will be constant. They will make you feel sick.
2. The inactive (still very active) users: you won't be able to block them and report them: you will only find out one of them posted insulting, racist messages on your timeline, cowardly hiding behind the screen.
3. The scammers: do not provide anyone on this site with your email address, they will send you a virus the seize of your screen.
4. The fakes: people on this site, will do anything to attract your attention, I still remember and laugh at the Fabio Cannavaro football player picture used by some man in order to attract women. Obviously, all Italian people, were banned and could not contact this oddity.
5. The "daters": be sure, even if you are not interested in dating, you will get the opposite reaction: you will be harassed constantly. And even blackmailed by some horrible men, of the kind "I took the trouble of writing a message, you have to answer" (!) and many more perverts lurking in the "dark".
6. The jealous women: none of them will get in touch with you if you are looking for friendship. They will nose around your profile and this is it. The odd racist or unpleasant comment may be posted on your timeline.
7. The language... "Non exchangers": language is English, and this section gives racist people and perverts the excuse to get in touch with you.

A total waste of time, make something better of your life. It is too short and not to be wasted towards strangers you will never dream to provide with your personal details in real life, especially if you never met them. You won't invite a perfect stranger to your house you meet down the road, so, think twice before you act. After you reach a certain age, you find out you need peace of mind more than anything else, you value your freedom and stability, your health if you are lucky to be healthy, do not put everything upside down cause of this horrible website. Value what you have, and spend time wisely, find your stability and give it the right value. This site is for perverts, and moderators work for them only
1 review
14 helpful votes
September 1st, 2018
I have never seen so many angry and violent people on one site. I was shocked by the aggression of people when they figured out that I don't want to have any sexual relationships. I just wanted to speak with a German native speaker for practice, but I got threatened and abused instead. And I haven't spoke German, because there are only a few German-speaking persons there! If you want to practice any foreign language don't go there, that's a scrap-heap.
1 review
9 helpful votes
September 19th, 2019
I joined this site in 2015 and there seemed to be some genuine people back then and I still keep in contact with few of them(all girls). Guys(most if not all) cannot be trusted on this site because they are only looking for a relationship with you. You will also see many pervy men hitting on you regardless of what you say in your profile saying that you don't want relationships. This is mostly a Tinder site for guys. I should have stopped using this site but I continued to use this site in hopes of finding genuine people who are only interested in friendships. You will probably find 1 genuine person out of 200 people. Also recently the moderator suspended by account without any reason after being a member since 2015. There is no email saying as to why my account was suspended. This site is horrible and I'm glad my account got deleted anyways because I will not be using this $#*!ty website anymore.
1 review
12 helpful votes
June 27th, 2019
I joined this site to practice a language, because I've been struggling to find websites where I can type in the language to other people. My inbox was immediately filled with men who don't speak the language I'm looking to learn, so I figured "okay, if I keep blocking them, EVENTUALLY I'll have gotten everyone". I even had a few nice conversations, despite some Russian guy continually accusing me of being fake because I didn't want to speak with him.

Then I got banned for no reason. Maybe because I was using an adblocker? Maybe because the 200 guys I had to block reported me as a scammer or something? I don't know, they won't tell me. I was incredibly disappointed and felt like I wasted my time trying to wade through that cesspool.
1 review
8 helpful votes
October 20th, 2019
This website is chock full of fake profiles, moreso than real ones. For every 10, maybe 1 is legit. You can tell because there will be a profile with say 1 pic and anemic info that's pretty generic in nature... e.g. 'I'm such an such, I like movies and food'.
1 review
3 helpful votes
January 10th, 2019
Yeah as you know I live in Ukraine. I play soccer there almost every day, and I am happy about this because I love soccer and he means for me more than sport soccer for me like necessary part of me
1 review
7 helpful votes
September 8th, 2018
Everywhere perverts and idiots who making disrespect to country. Mostly Chinese and Korean people are idiots. You can write to them and anyway they will not answer or answer with angry. Even if you will write like 300 lines before hello that's doesn't matters. But if you say only Hi you can already forgot about conversation. This site sucks.
1 review
2 helpful votes
June 28th, 2019
I used to be able to get like 30 messages a day after contacting 100 of them. Now i cant get anything on a daily basis. Its gotten harder then ever to get women to respond. So i mostly quite.
6 reviews
10 helpful votes
November 13th, 2019
Interpals. What can I say? How long have I got? It seriously bad. I hated it while I was a member. The best thing I did was delete my profile & get the hell out of there.

So many bad experiences, I can't mention them all here. The majority of men on there don't know the difference between a penpal site & a dating site. If I had a $ for every man who asked for my hand in marriage, wanted to meet up with me to $#*! me, told me I was their soul mate (in the first message!) - I would be a seriously rich woman now. Hahaha.

I did do a lot of messenging on there. This is the one good feature about Interpals. They allow you to do messenging. But having said that, when I was a member, the conversations I had while messenging were very hit & miss. I'd send a bunch of text to someone, & they wouldn't get all of it. This happened time & time again. Over many months. It nearly did my head in. Was very frustrating for me & the person I was talking to. In the end, we just exchanged emails & chatted that way. Was much more successful.

A lot of times I couldn't log on when I wanted to. Being 15 hours ahead of the USA here in OZ, was the problem. When I wanted to log on, it was the afternoon here, & the early hours of the morning over in the USA. Interpals told me I couldn't be connected as they were doing "maintenance". I notice they never carried out any maintenance in daylight hours USA time. Not being able to log on often, to answer messages, was very annoying. I couldn't do anything about it. Just had to go with the flow & put up with it.

I had to put up with some very abusive men. The things they said to me! And they didn't even know me! I wondered what sort of an abuser they were in real life, & who was the poor woman putting up with them in real life.

One nice thing that I will say for Interpals is that they allow photo albums to be displayed. As many albums as you like, & each one can contain about 40 photos. Good for showcasing where you live to others around the world. I did like that feature, & I posted a lot of pics for people to view.

I am surprised the site hasn't been shut down by now. There is a "moderator", but I seriously don't think he/she exists, & if they do, they aren't doing a very good job! Its just a bloody word, if you ask me. Knowing that there is a "moderator" makes members feel as if they are being looked after, when they really aren't.

Ladies - I would advise you to run a mile, rather than sign up to Interpals. I'm going to have a look around & see if I can find the names of people that I blocked. I'll add them here if I can find them.

Interpals is nothing more than a meat market. Every man who likes to flirt & wants sexual chats is on there, for sure. When they asked me if I was up for some "fun chats", I told them I'm too old to bloody care! Hahaha. That got rid of them, quick smart. Hahaha.

I describe Interpals as the toilet of the internet. Wish I could rate it with zero stars on here. One star is just too many.
1 review
7 helpful votes
June 2nd, 2019
It used to be good NOW it is a breeding ground for scammers, who have multiple account of male and female and different profile names, the s. O. b should be banned, surely as admin, you will be able to track their IP or location and reported to authorities, when you guys did not protect your customers, thats where you run out of business. It is so obvious, that these scammer organisation have so many profiles that they forgot they have contacted you with the same photos of a different profile names and different countries. Mostly African countries, they steel your photos and steal your profile notes cos they are illiterate in english and they do internet translation to reply u. Thats how bad this site has become. Those that were reported to you guys should have their IP banned and weed them out. Take action and be the best again

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No one of these conditions were available to me because I didn't receive any advice concerning spamming or anything else like that and they année me only after 3 days signing up :(

By Keryl M.
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As someone who has ised Ipals for over 7 years and is older than most posters here appear to be, I can say that it has been very useful to me. I have met many people over the years, some have become true friends and visited others will only ever be online, but áras close to me as people in the Real world. Yes there have been scammers, loads of them, even my user name came from a message from a scammer after I reported him, but that is what you do, report them! If they Really are scammers the site removes them. You have to remember this is a Free site and all the moderators are volunteers, so they do the best that they can. Also I would suggest that a lot of the people complaining here are a little inexperienced and naive., you can hardly blame the site for that. If you keep your wits about you and respond to people as you would in life, you can meet some great people that you would never meet in the real world and learn an awful lot. Also, dont complain if someone doesnt respond to "Hello" Its hardly an inspiring openong line is it? I find that the more you tell in your profile the better the response, the same for a message. How the hell do you answer Hello, especially if the progile is one line or word in each box, other than with "Hello" back and that is the end of the conversation. Its a 2 way street, you have to put in too, you cant just whinge that everybody is a weirdo. That would suggest that it is you that are out of your depth and would maybe happier on youtube or twitter. Also, as someone else has written You control who contacts you, by your settings. Of course I have no idea what goes on in the younger branches of the site, I stick firmly to my own age group, as I have nothing to say to younger ones, anymore than they have anything to interest me, but I felt I need to defend what for me has overall been a very good place to communicate.

By Shelagh M.
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9.% of those wearing a uniform in their profile pictures are scammers and fake profiles.

By Tom M.

Please be more specific about the nature of your issue. There's any number of reasons why this could be the case.

By Alexis P.

Okay. That happens sometimes

By Alexis P.

Other people can only see your messages on Interpals if they know your password. So don't give people your password and it'll be fine.

By Alexis P.

I'm not really sure. Interpals' search system has always been somewhat temperamental and kinda like a genie in the sense that you always have to make sure you've done everything just right to make sure it gives you what you want.

By Alexis P.

Hi, first usual suspects when one is being blocked/prevented from navigating onto a site can include, double check with your (internet service provider) ISP; whomever the company is that you rely upon to get online. Generally speaking, both in earlier times and still, tho nearly as common present day, so still, (a) company=ISP that is offering net access is the owner of their servers. Accordingly, again, as a general rule, As the providers, operators and owners of the servers, they customize whatever settings and the parameters therein, as they like. Other, out of the gate reasons one can be prevented, blocked, from visiting a site, 1 of the most common and still seen on a rare occasion (more so present day) may likely have something to do with the websites international laws versus some end users state, country location. Additional typical reasons, further, can be anything from a glitch? A tech error? To an oversight, say, if somewhere within the fine print there might be a proof of age needed, matter to any number of things that may also be easy to over look? To be altogether, unaware of readily. Depending on the type of website it is has the potential to cause such an issue. For example, age restrictions? (thus, there might be some documentation somewhere within the pre-intro page And mentioned in say, the fine print, so to speak. Also, the issue could have something to do with 1 or more unknown issues for the end users part e.g. unknown software issue(s) that say, may be running in the background and possibly causing the problem. Possible RESOLVES(?) Best place to start troubleshooting the mystery is definitively, to call your ISP (to include an affirmative suggestion to insist on speaking with someone in upper management (manager? Supervisor? Systems operator(s)?) and not say, first point of contact staff.

By jen a.

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