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great great great

1 review
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big rouble on thissite

1 review
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I don't know what the other posts have a problem with. is NOT a scam. If you want to get a good deal Go to I got an ipad 2 for $20.21. Only cost me 20 bids. And $40 dollars what a steal. This site is the best I've been to EVER!!!. Long live the Auctions. The only people whom may feel ripped off this the losers who don't know how to bid right. LOL SUCKERS!!!!!!!!

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I wouldn't wish Haggle on my worst enemy.

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I watched this website for several hours one night while I was working the graveyard shift. In one auction a particular bidder bid at exactly 18 sec left every time. This went on for hours. NO doubt it was automated bidding. This "bidder" eventually won, only after many others wore themselves and the bid accounts out. I did actually win a $50 gift card under the "beginner" category. I wonder if this is just to lure in the novice bidders to spent more on bids to throw away in auctions with the automated bidders. Hmm, casinos have been "letting" people win pocket change only to entice them to lay down more money.

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I hate this stupid site! The timer gets down to one second and every single time someone clicks it at one second the timer goes back up to 8-10 more seconds and then goes back to one and back to 8-10 again...on and on like that. It seems never ending. I was watching this one auction & there were two-three people having a bidding war where they kept clicking it at one sec. and the time just kept going up and down seemingly nonstop.
You have to buy bids, which can run up to $100 or more. The way these bids go it seems you need to spend $100 or more on bids just to get the item. It's so frustrating spending hrs. watching an auction to see if it is ever going to end. Then it's a gamble as to when to click bid, because you never know if someone else is going to click it and the timer's going to go back up again. You sit there afraid to click bid because it looks like someone is going to click it too. So, you wait and wait, until it looks like the bidding is dying down, then click bid and there goes the timer back up and you didn't win the item. GRRR....
On this site you could easily spend more than an item is worth in bids just to be able to win the item. It seems this site and others like it are only good for those who run the site. They make lots of money off of people who are buying the bids and paying way more than an item's worth just to win the auction.
Stick with ebay. You can get items cheaper than in the store, you don't have to buy bids, and when the time runs out, the auction is over. You can click at the last minute and actually win the item on ebay. My suggestion to anyone who wants items less than in the store, go to ebay or other sites like it and stop wasting money to buy bids just to end up not getting anything on these stupid penny auction sites.

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This website is a complete scam. They've got auto bidders to outbid any real bidders for product that they probably don't even have. They add more time each time a bid is made to give the auto bidder a chance to outbid you. What a crock. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE OR DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY ON BIDS!!! Seriously, what kind of auction site makes you pay per bid. That is CRAZY, but a very good hustle and scam.

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I feel really stupid...four different times (not three) I got down to the winning 0 seconds and It displayed , "Haggle has encountered an error processing you bid-Please refresh this page". Lets review the possibilites of this happening....not any possibilities. My computer is four months old and I have never seen this response on any page. I am on high speed broad band and have never seen an error message asking me to refresh my page. I didn't even know where the refresh button was.This is a glorified slot machine, that is electronically controlled by the webmaster. BE WARNED

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They will let bids come through at 1 and 2 sec. and then another time it shuts down at 2 sec. and it won't take your bid.
They have also changed the rules on what you can bid on??? depending upon how many items you have won???

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I think it is a ridiculous.. Any type of online bidding situation I've encountered has a finite end to it. Upon using my free bid, I immediately realized that your bid adds time to the "auction", so it can go on forever. Don't waste your time.

1 review
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Watch the items for a little while before you bid see whos bidding and how often then you decide how you want to bid, I wouldnt bid on the things that the same people are continuously bidding on

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I give this a big thumbs down. Don't waste your money. After watching for awile I decided to try this worthless site. I started bidding and I decided that I would bid untill I won no matter what the cost. Three times I bid. Starting my bid late into the bidding, this way I wouldn't waste as much money. all three times the computer didn't accept my bid after 50 or 60 bids and the opponent won. all three times I caused the average cost to go way down in the low 70% and 80 % . This is a scam if ever iv"e seen one. Stay Away unless you want to waste your money. If you do just send it to me. I'll be glad to spend it for you.

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The web site should be illegal. People lose a lot of money thinking they will win by bidding on an item. If you like, you will love the web site, but don't expect to ever win. The only winners are the owners of the web site. Beware!! Don't even try the site. You will have a better chance of winning the lottery.
Ron G.

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4/21/10 is not a scam. Do your homework, get a strategy, buy some bids and rock on. Watch the board before bidding. My household has won 18 items, all new, including a 32 GB IPOD for $15.30. I have lost bids as well, but quickly learned HOW to play the game. I LOVE IT!!!

1 review
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I will suggest that everyone here go to and file a complaint against I did.
I think we all know that the Haggle owners are making piles of money without giving the REAL users a chance to ever win. In the auctions, you can sit back and watch as, time after time, "winners" take home winning items from 80 to 90 per cent off. It looks tempting to throw in your bid until and, when you do, you will find that the price goes up until you run out of bids or until, at the last minute, the computer "mysteriously" freezes when you click the one second bid.
This site is definitely a scam.
Along with this site, go to and file a complaint. In the event that they have enough complaints, there may be a class-action law-suit after the investigation and you could be compensated.
I am not sure if compensation will ever happen for me, but it will bring me great joy to see Haggle and other rip-off sites brought to justice.
Good luck and I hope you get back what they stole.
They are thieves!

1 review
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this site is a rip off and/or the biggest waist of time in your life! I hope as many people as possible report them to the BBC as I am, they are basicly a gambling site. The one person on here you says they have won any thing, has gotten any of the items yet, scam scam scam! Dont do it, waste of money, after checking it out there are a million of these types of sites out there, work the same way, all ripping people off leagaly for now.

1 review
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I've read over several of the reviews of the website and have to say that I can see all sides of the feedback.

I personally won a 64gb IPod Touch for $22.60 and was absolutely skeptical until I recieved it as advertised 8 business days after winning the auction. The item was brand new and shipped directly from Best Buy with unopened packaging.

While I can certainly see why people are upset about not winning an auction and would think there are "inside bidders", there is no proof of this and it's part of the risk you take in any auction.

I will not be bidding on other items simply because I don't want to purchase more bids and really don't need anything else at this time. If in the future I am looking for competitive pricing on a laptop or other electronics, I would consider revisiting the site with the anticipation that I will have to spend money that may not reap a reward.

Not a sermon, just a thought!

1 review
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This for those of you that don't think this site is a scam. Let's look at the numbers. If an item sells for $100 in your local store and the winning bid is $16.70 guess how much Haggle made on bids: $102.00 without the $16.70. The explanation: The lowest price for a bid is 60¢. Every bid adds 10¢ to the price of the item. The item take 167 bids to reach $16.70. 167 x 60¢ = $102.00. So Haggle sold it for $118.70. The winning bidder actually paid more that the $16.70 depending on the number of bids made earlier in the bidding process. Haggler may seem legit and they don't need fake bidders because winning bids are so low. They make their money. The winning bidders gets a good deal on an item paid for mostly by the loosing bidders.

1 review
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So, I'm checking out this site looking to purchase a Wii console. The premise is this:

You buy "bids" that are used to increment the auction price by 10 cent per bid. Depending on the lot of bids that you buy, the bids range between 55 cents and 75 cents per... bid. Each time a bid is placed, 15 seconds is added to the clock to give everyone a chance to be a winner. Got that?

Well, I decide to watch one of these auctions - a $50 Xbox 360 Wireless Headset - in its "closing minutes." Two bidders, Frosthawk and 1eden, are going at it furiously. In the end Frosthawk "WINS" at $14.10 Now, here's the math:

$14.10 @ .10 increments = 141 bids
141 bids at avg price of .65 = $91.65
$91.65 + $14.10 (winning bid) = $105.75 (this goes to Haggle)
Haggle's profit: $55.75
**Haggles profit @ .55/bid: $41.65

Now for Frosthawks savings:
Frosthawk bid 61 times
61 x .65 = $39.65
$39.65 + $14.10 = $53.75
$53.75 + $5.00 (shipping) = $58.75
Total savings: -$8.75
**Total savings if Frosthawk paid .55 per bid: -$2.65

Total buffoonery! Someone is making money. And it isn't Frosthawk or 1eden. Stay away from this site.

1 review
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I do not know what to think of this site yet.
I have spent a couple hundred dollars on bids and thus far have only won 50 bids, that I have bid on.
Over the past several days I have been watching and bidding.
What gets me is that I have seen the SAME few people win the EXACT same items- over the several days I have been watching--- to me that looks very fishy.
Also there are several bidders with "D" names all capitalized, that must have unlimited bid totals- because the most pricey items they seem to just outbid you.
You and this person go back and forth, letting the bid time get down to 1-2 seconds. Every once in a while someone else comes in and drops a bid. Then, as usual it gets down to a couple seconds, you go to bid and it does not go through and they end up winning the bid for 90-98% off the value----------COME ON !!
I have a few bids left----unless I am able to win something great, this will be the last of my playing on that site....

1 review
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3/21/10 is more than just gambling; its owners are STEALING the money of innocent bidders by using shill bidders and by charging almost one dollar per bid but increasing the amount of the bid by only one cent. The same twenty of so people comprise most of the winning bids, and many of them win more items than the site's terms say are allowed. Don't bother to send any messages to just receive the standard, "cut and paste" responses probably processed by a bank of minimum wage earners with no true knowledge of how the site works and certainly no authority to make changes. In short, everyone should be warned not to use this site or any of the many others like it. Want to gamble? Go to the casino or race least you will be entertained while losing money...and the odds of winning are certainly better. true rip off.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I stumbled across haggle early December. Needless to say, I have been a loyal haggler since. I have won well over 60 auctions on the website and most were excellent deals. I have also had my share of losses on the site as well. The positve far outweighs the negative for me. I can tell you that I watched for several days before I decided to bid. My first win was a Nintendo DSi that ended around $50 plus my bids which I had used about 60 for. That same day I bid on a second DSi (it was for my two daughters as Christmas presents) and I won it for $9 with about 19 bids. I have won items with as little as 2 bids and I have won items with as many as 300+ bids. I've gotten small things like a hand blender to ipod touches, nanos and shuffle on up to laptops, cameras, wii, xbox, lots of gift cards and even a super nice home theatre system. Haggle is one of my favorite sites. I've spent lots of time and money on it and I've won some great stuff. As a successful bidder, I can tell you that most of us that are invested in an item do not like to see late comers come into an auction when we have lots of time and money in it already. We call that sniping an auction. Most of us will suffer a loss on an item just to show those type of bidders that we don't appreciate their stategy of bidding. If you go to Haggle's Facebook page, you will find lots of real people sharing their strategies for being successful in order to help newcomers be successful as well. Just because you go on there and deal with an aggressive bidder doesn't mean the site is rigged. You should watch and see who are the aggressive bidders and determine if you want to spend x amount of bids to take them on. Everyone has equal opportunity to win. If I see someone dominating certain items, I either stock up on bids or wait until they are locked out (3 wins in 24 hour period locks them out of bidding or 20 wins in 30 days) and bid for the item. I make that decision to bid or not to bid. I usually get on an item from the beginning and defend it until the last few minutes when the "real" bidding begins. It's worked out well for me. I don't snipe others and I decide if, when and how long I'm gonna bid on something. Basically it is a gamle as you are waiting for the others to either give up or make a mistake while you are the top bidder. Bidding the last 3 seconds or less has never been successful for me. That just wastes my bids.
All items I have received have been shipped brand new and in many cases straight from Amazon, Best Buy, and other big retailers. The customer support has always responded quickly and courteously when I've had any issues. To give a for instance, at the end of February I won a Playstation 3. Due to most all retailers being out of stock, Haggle contacted me about not being able to fill the order for the PS3 and offered a $350 Gift Card and 50 Free Bids instead. I could have waited till April to get the Playstation when most say they will have them back in stock but I appreciated Haggle's customer service and took the card and bids instead. I hope this helps some of you that venture to the site in the future. Good luck to you if you do. It's not a scam but there are lots of aggressive bidders on there. Watch and learn about them before you jump and cry foul. :D

1 review
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3/19/10 was my first penny auction site to play & looked 'sexy' @ $0.75. But Haggle turned out to be the most 'frustrating', to say the least.

I played 110 bids: 10 free bids from coupons to start then purchased two 40 bid pacs @ $29.00 each & one @ 20 bid pac @ 15.00. I did my homework for the items I would bid on. I do think there are bid bots involved, whether it be from Haggle itself or from bidders, I honestly can't say. But I can tell you I thought it odd (& this happened to me 7xs on different auctions, 24/7) that when I tried to bid during the last 5 seconds on the timer, the screen plus the tally & timer would freeze. Within seconds another bidder, always a 'regular', would win that very same item, as if my bid didn't count somehow. What's odd: this happened consistently. Each time it looked like I was just about to win the screen froze an a 'regular' won PLUS that last bid I placed somehow was deducted from my account. Even odder: the timer is supposed to go back a few seconds, anywhere from 5-15 seconds on average, with each bid placed. Never happened. In each of these instances, the clock was never reset to reflect my bid &/or the winners bid (whose ever bid came last).

Now the items I bid on were not even high end-no computers or HDTVs, just gift cards ($50-$250), Godiva chocolates (up to $32), pots & pans ($149), etc...The most expensive retail selling item I bid on: PS3 Playstation ($349) & an iPod 32GB ($299). I suspect alot of tag team bidding goes on too, at Haggle. Come On, with user names like MrKrab & MrsKrab, it's a bit obvious. Also, the same user names keep bidding & winning the same items over & over. For example: Tuffnuttz is always on & always has multiple wins. Beware, as well: Doreamon, glazer56, jaks1, mattmc, jeremaic, larrylnelson, mikejak3, DESTROYER...these are only a few users always bidding & winning, Plus certain of these users only go after certain type items like electronics. Like these guys aren't reselling on EBay? Check it out for yourself & see what I mean. & if there are restrictions about how many wins you are allowed each month, I don't see anything being enforced. On other sites, you can't even bid if you have already exceeded your winning allowance for the month.

I have contacted Haggle customer service 7xs about the screen freeze thing & was told it was a server issue on my end. Period. They would not credit back any bids either, not even just the last bid were the screen froze! The 8th time I contacted them was about the possibility of bots & same win bidders, I was told I was just a sorry loser. Whatever. So much for customer support!

I would not recommend this site at all. We are all adults & we all understand the gambling aspect of 'entertainment shopping' but this site seems to cater to users who always bid & win on the same stuff.How they do it? Who knows. Could be they win a gazzilion 'free' bids (which would explain why these regulars have no fear of bids going over the actual retail value of the item). Advice: Stay away from There are plenty more out there (on which I've gotten really good buys btw). Bottom line:do your homework before joining any penny auction site! If you're new to the game, try sites which include chat rooms Talk to the other bidders. It's fun & you just may be able to get more clues about good & bad auction sites, doing hw, & lots more!

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