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3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Since Smugmug bought it, it doubled it's subscription rate, out of pure corporate greed. Also, they delete your account if anyone complains about even one pic that they don't like. After building my albums over a ten year period with 30,000 pics, and over 150 million views, they deleted my account for no viable reason. I would never use there service again.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased a 1 yr subscription to Flickr and It SUCKS!!!! In so many ways!!!!! They want your photo public so it is hard to find your camera roll, they want to take you to everyone else's. Also when you upload it constantly defaults them to public so they can take everyone to yours. It find fault with TONS of my picutes and wont upload them. I have NO problem with other storage sites. I was trying to get them on two sites for back up. NO Problem at all with the other which is Amazon. AND F'ing AND, amazon is included with my prime account. Flickr is SOOOOOO not worth it. AND NO refund at all, just paid $50 for a year subscription. UGH dont go there!!!!

25 reviews
72 helpful votes

The new policy for Pro and Free users is terrible! In the past when you went from Pro to Free your photos would only been hidden, but now they are going to start deleting your photos if you are a Free user with more than 1,000 photos. I have been using this site since 2005, so I have well over that amount and now might lose all of them if I don't become Pro or back the photos up. Well, with such a horrible policy change out of nowhere there is no way I am willing to give them more money (since I have had a Pro account on and off)

Congratulations Flickr, you have lost a long time member of your site. I used to love this site but every time they change something it just keep getting worse and worse. This is honestly just the last straw.

UPDATE 1/13/2018:
Ok, it seems that they have changed the policy to FREEZE free accounts that have more than 1,000 photos and put older photos above that limit "at risk of being deleted". Slightly better than out-rightly saying that they are going to delete photos over 1,000. However I still disagree with what Flickr is doing and still have no plans on returning to Flickr.

1 review
3 helpful votes

they lured you to their site with the offer of a free terabyte of photo backup, and then abruptly announce that they will delete all of your photos unless you switch to a paid account (and it is a PAIN IN THE ASS to rescue your pictures from their site).

Why would ANYONE give in to this extortion and pay? Should we trust them THIS time.

Hell to the no.

If you are going to a pay site... pay one that doesn't $#*! around with the dishonest bait-and-switch. or.. try shoebox, Google backup, or smugmug, which remain free.

screw Flickr.... with a rusty screw.

Tip for consumers: don't use this site

4 reviews
53 helpful votes

Flickr has been treating everyone like crap by moderating or removing everybody's photos or deleting their accounts for any reason. I was treated like crap because I had many people blocking me from their Flickr citing that I was stealing their photos using the Flickr Toys Mosaic Maker without permission. Then many people continued to block me for dictating what I can and cannot post as Flickr has a strict no-uploading-any-nudity policy. Then I had five or six of my Flickr accounts terminated without warning.

They also want to moderate everything as I am not a pedrophile or that guy as I have a life and everyone knows that! Flickr can and will delete everyone's accounts for any reason and nobody is going to shell their 50 USD for a pro account.

Tip for consumers: Use 500px or Instagram. Don't use Flickr for it.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I am very disappointed with Flickr I thought it was a high-end product like yahoo. But its not. Today I tried to sign in Flickr with my google account but it already fills out my yahoo mail account and automatically creates an account with my yahoo. This always happens everytime i want to sign in with my gmail account. Very frustating because i have to delete the new account every $#*!ing time I want to sign in with my gmail account. So after I have logged in to my gmail account I will back up my photos I'll delete my flickr account associated with my gmail account and i wont use this service again, seems their very desperate for new users and waste my time.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I've used it since 2008 without a single problem. The rest of these characters are merely to get to the threshold where this stupid min character requirement is satisfied.

55 reviews
1,157 helpful votes

Really, Nothing More Needs To Be Said.

Click "Explore" and be Amazed.

Use "" if you're not a member.

1 review
1 helpful vote

There is no way to log off Flickr. I deleted my account.
Since I must enter at least 100 characters into this review, I'll just keep typing until I meet that minimum. I wanted to log off Flickr, then go to the Flickr site to "test" my uploads; but as long as I'm on the computer I used to create my account, I'm always logged in. This lack of control is enough to make me avoid Flickr.

13 reviews
12 helpful votes

flickr is one of the best and popular photo based social networking website

by sivakumar

1 review
8 helpful votes

I very very like the site this site is very good and easy hay Friends please visit the site and try it

1 review
0 helpful votes

Buyer beware. Do not use this travel agency. They will leave you stranded in a foreign country with no support. Ended up having to pay our own way home because the agency was closed over the weekend

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

I was looking for inspiration so that's how I got here. I've just chosen things that I'm interested in and the ocean of things opened to me.

11 reviews
14 helpful votes

I love this website. You can find many good pictures from different places and locations of the world easily and it's like travelling the world.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

The site is good, however it need improvement on the user site. As for me, it cant be used intuitively.

4 reviews
24 helpful votes

Flickr has been good in regards to the quality of service rendered for a very long time. But they should have a better navigation system. For example, it is very hard to gain access to your acc if you forgot your password. They need to upgrade the system to acknowledge new trends and developments. It's like they are still in 2009.

72 reviews
267 helpful votes

I know Flickr has been the biggest photo sharing website popular to photographers. I'm a casual photographer and I had to sign up for this when I took a course in digital photography. First, I'm not too happy about having to sign up with Yahoo just have to a Flickr account. It's like what Google pulls people to do with having a Gmail and a Google Account.

Second, the navigation is complicated and confusing, in my personal experience. It's really hard to navigate and the batch organizer looks really outdated. It's like you could go to the same page in two different ways for no reason. Deleting photographs or editing data on it is hard to find and also could be done in multiple obscure ways.

I'm deleting my account right after my photography course is over.

1 review
1 helpful vote

In March 2016 I used Travelocity to book a trip to Brazil, Cuiaba.
My trip ended up being rescheduled, twice.
Almost one month later after I purchased the ticket, I received a call from a guy with a strong Indian accent.
The guy said that he was calling on behalf of Travelocity and my flight to Brazil was cancelled.
One hour later I received an e-mail from Travelocity notifying me that my flight was officially canceled.
I call them up and after waiting for almost 30 minutes, finally spoke to one of their staff members. They offered me a 48 hour itinerary instead of a regular 20 hrs flight to Cuiaba.
Thankfully, when I bought my ticket, I paid $82 for a STREES FREE TRAVEL PROTECTION PLAN.
Since the new itinerary offered by Travelocity was ridiculously long 48 hrs I asked them to reimburse my account for the full price.
The Travelocity agent said that to cancel and reimburse my account she needed approval from her supervisor.
Even though, I paid for the travel protection plan, I had to wait over one hour to get the managers approval to cancel and reimburse my account.
After trip cancellation, I received a confirmation e-mail stating that the flight was cancelled.
However, there was not information in regards to when I would be reimbursed.
Since I was still on the phone with the Travelocity representative, I asked her how long it would take to receive my reimbursement.
She said that usually reimbursements takes about 8 WEEKS!

I told the representative that I wanted to talk to her supervisor.
8 Weeks reimbursement was not ethical, nor acceptable.
She said that her supervisor would not be available until later. I ended waiting an hour on the phone to talk to her supervisor. Eventually I ended the call asked the representative to have her supervisor call me. Her supervisor never called!

When I booked my trip through Travelocity, they charged my account immediately, so why do I have to wait 2 months to get reimbursed?

While I was on the phone with Travelocity, I went online and found a DELTA ticket from SFO- Sao Paulo- Cuiaba, round trip $200 cheaper and 20hrs faster.

And in the case of a Delta cancellation I will get reimbursed in 7 business days.

So why use Travelocity, when you hardly can communicate with their inefficient staff, their fees are more expensive, their connections are not reliable, they are prompt to re-scheduling and cancellations and in the case of reimbursement takes 2 months.

I took the time to write this comment, so you avoid using Travelocity.
When I was writing this comment, I found out that there were over 1,000 complaints to Travelocity. No wonder why Travelocity does NOT participate in the Consumer Affairs accreditation program.

My advice to you is, If you need to book a flight, go straight to a reputable airline.
Dont waste your time with Travelocity.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been a member of Flickr since around 2009 and I believe it's the best photo sharing site around. But if you ever have a problem such as being unable to log on or forgetting your password, username, security questions etc, then forget asking Flickr or Yahoo for help because you will probably be locked out of your account for eternity. They will put every available obstacle in your way to prevent you from recovering your original Flickr page. I will be looking for another photograph sharing site.

22 reviews
46 helpful votes

very easy to use, convenient and simple. i like the quality and the option to choose from different usage rights when you are searching. great for photographers who want to have a quality portfolio but not ready to invest a lot.

11 reviews
7 helpful votes

I use it with my whole family

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Flickr is still the best!

9 reviews
22 helpful votes

The website has a lot of offer but in the last couple years the site privacy has issues as well as the changes made by Yahoo no longer make it a very user friendly site. There is a lot of hard core porn photography there if that is the type of photography you are looking to find. The hard stuff is well filtered if you do not wish to see it. There are some great photographers featured on the website and you can not beat the price, 1TB of space for free, for now.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Flickr is an excellent photo-sharing website. Even though you don't have unlimited space to store photos, there is 1 TB of space that you have, so you shouldn't run out of storage (Muchmore). If you do, you could always just make another account, anyway, but I didn't like that I had to make a Yahoo email account when I sign up. Otherwise, I found the process to sign up simple, and was delighted to find that it was free. I find that Flickr is a much better photo-sharing website than something like Instagram or Facebook because Flickr really focuses on the photos instead of the social aspect. On Instagram, you can only upload square photos and it is also notorious for its filters that somewhat hinder the picture. On Facebook, your photos are not the centerpiece and usually, the pictures concern the people who are in them instead of the setting, perhaps. On Flickr, the pictures are the complete focus. People really care about the photographical integrity of their photos, instead of taking pictures of their coffee. I love that you have the option to share what kind of camera someone uses, the shutter speed, and more features that I might want to know about when I'm taking pictures.
Flickr is delightful and easy to use. It is easy to access all of the people that I am following and their most recent pictures are right in front of me when I log in. It is very intuitive, much like Facebook and other social media sites, so if you know how to use those, then you should be fine navigating this site. I think it would be a great idea to keep your academic photography portfolio in Flickr, since your teacher and peers would be able to access it and also write comments on your photos saying what they like, dislike, and critique it. It would be great to use Flickr if you are a small business, especially if you specialize in something creative because Flickr is a great way to showcase what your business has to offer. Personally, it is good that there are so many features on Flickr that let people interact with each other and that there isn't a lot of competition. There are also a lot more ways to edit your photos on Flickr than ever before (McCane). However, I read one woman on this website was happy to be able to share her photos with her family, but there was no way for her to order her family's photos: Only her own. Another review emphasized that if you need help on the website, it is hard to get precisely what you need because everything has to go through Yahoo (McEntire). Overall, most reviews are mostly positive on Flickr, and it is one of the best photo-sharing websites around.
McEntire, Katherine. "Flickr Ad-Free." Top Ten Reviews. Purch, n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2014.
McCane, Camille. "Flickr vs Instagram: Which is Better and Why." Bloggingpro. Splashpress Media, n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2014.
Muchmore, Michael. "Flickr (Spring 2013)." PCMag. Ziff Davis, LLC, Spring 2013. Web. 15 Sept. 2014.

1 review
1 helpful vote

After a family reunion, many of us joined Flickr so we could share and buy each other's photos. Unfortunately, we just realized after our pictures have all been uploaded to a private group site, that we cannot order each other's picturesyou can only order from your own photos. Very disappointing.

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