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In Janary 2012, my daughter used my credit card through my PayPal account to purchase a Runescape acount from No account was delivered.

I then Googled and found out that they are a scam site.

What they do is accept payments through PayPal and deliver nothing. When the customers put in a PayPal dispute, then emails the customer and says they'll deliver the account as soon as the dispute is withdrawn.

So then the customers withdraw the dispute and they still receive nothing. And with PayPal, once a dispute is closed it cannot be reopened, no matter what.

And seem to know this all too well and use PayPal disputes to scam people.

When I read all these customer complaints I got straight onto PayPal and put in a dispute so that the payment wouldn't go through.

Sure enough I received 8 emails over the next few days from asking me to cancel the dispute so that they could deliver the product.

Each time I emailed back and said no.

Below is a copy of the content of the first email:

Dear Rachel [surname removed],
Thank you for your order of an Runescape account F-L121-A85-S85-D99-11995 on www.farmer100.comWe are so sorry that we did not deliver the account to you in time due to our auto delivery system was updating.Before we deliver the original account to you, you have to cancel your payment dispute. Because dispute payment means nothing to us, we have to get your payment before we deliver the account to you.If you just want to cancel your order and need a full refund, please cancel your dispute first, and then there is a refund button option for us to refund your payment immediately, otherwise, paypal will take few weeks to investigate your transaction and then decide if they will chargeback the payment for you. For your goodness, we hope you can cancel the dispute on your paypal account first.
The emails came from two different email addresses. One address was and the other was

Below is a copy of another email I received from them:

Dear Rachel[surname removed],

Thank you for using

You have made an order on our site RSA2012-01-26-2578 for 11995.

We are so sorry that we have not deliver the rs account to you in time.

Becuase we are on Chinese Duanwu festival. We were offline for 2 days.

Now we are on duty and we can deliver the account username and password by email.

But your paypal payment to us is not available at present. So we can not receive your payment for your item.

Please login your paypal account and send the payment to us.

When you cancel your payment dispute, we will deliver the item to you within 10mins!

You can contacut by livechat or by email.

Thank you for your support!

Sincerely yours,


Farmer100 customer service



(the emails are addressed in my daughter's name)

I telephoned PayPal after a few days and said the company was hounding me and asked how long I had to wait. They said that they had emailed to tell them there was a dispute but they hadn't responded. If they didn't respond within 10 days I could have my money refunded. The refund came through.

Yet still emails kept arriving from asking me to stop the dispute so that they could deliver the product.

The problem is that is owned by someone called Wang who lives in China. So they cannot be found (although their address and phone number is available through a WHOIS lookup).

What is obvious to me is that Wang is nothing but a con man and he uses the PayPal dispute system to con people. He knows that most of his customers will be kids who don't realize what a scam site is until it's too late.

PayPal is a trusted website and the owner of uses this trust that PayPal have built up to scam people out of money. Without PayPal helping him, he wouldn't get away with it.

But just to help you find out how bad is, you can read hundreds of complaints about them at the following URLs (and these are just a small sample of what's out there):

There is also an emerging class action lawsuit against this website which you can read at

I think that if this guy has his PayPal account closed, he won't be able to scam people the way he is doing at the moment - and he's been doing it for a long time.

People trust Paypal and feel safe making payments through the website. But Wang, is abusing this trust and tricking people.

He has nothing to sell and is using the trust people have in PayPal to steal money. He needs to be stopped. He is simply using PayPal to commit fraud.

1 review
6 helpful votes

If only I could give it below one star.

Not only did they rip my little brother off, the "representative" that I spoke with, needs a f*****g English book, and bi-lingual classes. Nothing but a bunch of tribal mud campers ripping off children for their money.

I have a claim in with Paypal, and I will take it to the fullest extent. And that's only the beginning.

Word of the wise. If you want to keep your money, and DON'T want illiterate tribal monkeys to put their dank ass fingers all over it, DO NOT buy from farmer100.

1 review
1 helpful vote

As far as i know, this site service is not so good, but they did deliver the $#*!y cheap rs acc. 2500+ awesome acc only sell for $200. Maybe too good to let some other sellers become rude

1 review
1 helpful vote

How long does their Live Chat stay Online? ALL the information they sent me is wrong?

1 review
3 helpful votes

horrible horrible website, 100% a scam and not even a good one, they have fake phone numbers. half of the links dont even work, i paid 30 bucks for an account that was supposed to be delivered in 15 min, it has been 2 days and i have not heard a word from them, and they have yet to answer any of my multiple email, i filed a dispute against these dirty chink who speak borken english, this site needs to shut down asap!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

$#*!ing stupid i hate these $#*!s they stole my $300 so now i am filing a dispute. Do not trust this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Wow,I am upset I must say. Here's the scoop.

I purchased a runescape account from them about 2 weeks ago for $169.00 I got the account 2 days later because they got my email information wrong. Eventually I was able to login and I was happy. Problem came in is when I realized the email was still registered,this is a bad sign because the player could than recover his account.

I tried contacting them through email but they didn't reply,and their chat is rarely ever online. 4 days later their chat is infact up they say they will contact the user "REQUESTING" he confirms the email change. REQUESTING ASKING ARE THE WORDS THEY USED NO BUENO. Day five day six day 7 8 and 9 I checked to see if the chat was online everyday in the afternoon and really early in the morning like 2 am and they're not online.

Since I could not get the registration changed to me of course I didn't play with the account.

Day 15 I try to sign into the account and what happened? The unpredictable the user did infact steal the account back and what do you know the emails no longer work the phone numbers are fake and the chat room is still offline.

Would give 2 stars just because the prices are so good,but who cares when you will just end up losing the account?why does the price matter when you're not buying anything?


1 review
7 helpful votes

i sold my wow acc to farmer100 for dont have that much time to play. i persist getting the amount of money i required, and at last i get it. so i make myself a fortune. thanks farmer100.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Total scam. Same comment as others, paid the money, no response, Chat is ALWAYS offline, all emails ignored, lodged dispute with Paypal, then finally contacted by Farmer who said I have to remove the dispute first, which I did, and that was the last contact I've had from them. That was in May 2012, just got another email from them saying account ready to transfer to me, as soon as I pay them money!! Can't believe they're trying to get me again!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!

1 review
7 helpful votes

Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.well my first order took a few days and i got it from a guy by the name of momer. He provided the username, password, and the bank pin. the site isn't up kept well, but they do deliver. (slowly but surely) They provided me with everything I needed. I am still using this account to date. (I'm actually using it right now heh) There are a lot of bad reviews out there mainly because they don't check the site and/or email very often. (weekly, every 2 weeks, every other week, etc.) DON'T file a complaint on PAYPAL against them too quickly though or you will never get it. Wait till the middle of next week and you might get it. maybe 2 weeks max? I'm not in any rush. it would be better to train a guy right now, stock up the bank, get good armor and wepons and such, then sell it for some profit! (Go to a different site to sell. I wouldn't sell on there. People say its a scam, but they just need patience. I know someone who has bought $1000+ of stuff from there. He says it is very slow delivery but it i cheap and good quality stuff. well I hope this helped everybody a little bit. I will report back when I get the account!

1 review
3 helpful votes

i ordered an account last night for $99 usd . and gave theme all the correct details and the payment went through but i have not recived my lvl 121 account yet. and live support have been offline and everytime i try track my order through there site tracking system , i cannont get anywere with it, im kinda annoyed and want my account , also there phone numbers are a complete sham, i called the australian one and got put through to some medication hotline in brisbane . like wtf guys?

1 review
3 helpful votes

i attempted to buy something using paypal for £66, after calling their 'number' and emailing them several times i started to think it was a fraud. luckily they haven't claimed my transfer and i should get my money back. today i called them again and some poor man picked up the phone saying that his number had been put on their website and that he had nothing to do with them. Basically the website should be shut down and the owners should be prosecuted.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Well I was planning to sell my level 125 account, to make a little spare cash. I put in the details and it was hacked within 15 minutes. about 100 million gp worth of items down the drain. This whole website is set up to get you guys to fall for the tricks. DO NOT PURCHASE OR DO ANYTHING TO SUPPORT It is all a scam!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought an account for 156 USD and from then I have sent many emails, but no response. Live chat is always offline and all the contact phone numbers are fake and un obtainable. THESE CHING MOTHER $#*!ERS are FRAUDS AND I WILL KILL THEM!!!1

12 reviews
22 helpful votes

bought an account for 65 dollars, its was nice 97 str 80 def and 80 attack, bad thing is i waited 13 hours and never got finally i got fed up and filed a dispute with them over paypal, wow to come to think of it they emailed me right away asking me to drop dispute and then they'd give me account. waited another 12 hours and they never gave me account after i dropped dispute. don't bother trying live chat cause when it says they're online you'll wait 30-40 min then it will say they went offline. if you going to do anything buy from i got a 40 range pure with 75 woodcutting for 9.99. pretty good deal if you ask me.

1 review
2 helpful votes

total rip off purchased account cost $299 they took the payment and never delvered , online help never available , contact numbers all not recognised , out of pocket by 192 quid and still no conformation email , grrrrrrrrr , this site is pure pish ........

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

It took me a long time to earn 89$ and i spent it on an account and never got it i was so sad this website should be banned

1 review
3 helpful votes

tried to sell my runescape account on farmer100 they took my account but never sent money to paypal. THIS SITE IS A TOTAL SCAM -DO NOT USE IT EVER ! IF THERE ARE ANY REAL HACKERS OUT THERE -HACK FARMER100 AND CLOSE 'EM DOWN!

1 review
2 helpful votes

there are a bunch of fuken thieven $#*!s they told me to cncel my fuken dispute so i cud get a refund i had my acc they haked it back i canceled my dispute still waiting on my refund i hate the fuken guts oot emm anybody got an idea to gets these $#*!s oot of buisiness a hate them so fuken much

1 review
2 helpful votes

they suk $#*! every thing others say is true and if not worse $#*!ing gukes suk $#*!!!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

Tried to purchase an account. They said it would take less than 10 minutes to send to me, but it took over 8 hours and still nothing. I filed a complaint with PayPal, and later that day, they sent me an email saying I needed to cancel my dispute in order for me to receive my account. I cancelled my dispute, and I am still yet to receive my account. Terrible website.

1 review
2 helpful votes

it suks thay Lie throu thear Teeth

1 review
3 helpful votes

My 11 year old son used his birthday money to buy a virtual online player from this website. The player was never delivered and I have numerous emails from the owner promising our money back. No player and no money. Now the owner has just stopped answering my emails. We are out $99.00. The website is farmer 100.

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