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Fabletics UK has a consumer rating of 1.05 stars from 154 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Fabletics UK most frequently mention vip membership, customer service and credit card problems. Fabletics UK ranks 60th among Subscription Shopping sites.

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  • SHOCKING customer service and EXTREMELY misleading.
  • Awful company don't sign up to be a VIP member- there are no benefits to that!
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Top Positive Review

“It's great”

Katie h.

I ordered from here over a year ago. I bought some basic black leggings as part as the first order deal which was £24. It gives you the chance to sign up to VIP memebership so you can get discounts with a fee. However you get the opportunity to skip a month so they don't take the fee away, however if you forget to skip a month they will take the fee. But the clothes I got are of great quality, they still look brand new. I recommend this company!

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Top Critical Review

“Terrible company”

R M.

Absolute disgrace of customer service. My past 2 orders with Fabletics have never arrived. When you contact their customer service about it instead of fixing the problem right away, they just keep asking you to wait one more day and assure you that your order will definitely arrive by then (shocker, it doesn't). I had to contact them 3 times before they finally issued a refund. The company used to be good but is absolutely terrible now- avoid at all costs.

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customer service (32) vip member (0)
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 13th, 2020

Absolute disgrace of customer service. My past 2 orders with Fabletics have never arrived. When you contact their customer service about it instead of fixing the problem right away, they just keep asking you to wait one more day and assure you that your order will definitely arrive by then (shocker, it doesn't). I had to contact them 3 times before they finally issued a refund. The company used to be good but is absolutely terrible now- avoid at all costs.

1 review
7 helpful votes
September 12th, 2020

Your lured by all those little ads 2 pairs of amazing leggings them months later they whip £49 from your account they certainly never advertised that part silly thing is I told my young daughter to buy these and she to had £49 from her account its shocking that's not a great offer it's a RIP off I worry for vulnerable people seeing this to Shame on fabletics put this on your every add highlighted so its seen for the scam it is

1 review
4 helpful votes
November 9th, 2020

This company is a big big fraud! BE AWARE GUYS! I bought 2 for £24 leggings in March 2020 but since then they have been charging me £49 every single month. I wasn't even aware of it, I only came to know when I saw my PayPal account activity. It is so stressful for me and am so disappointed. Never ever go on to their website do any shopping, you will not even know when you are trapped. SCAMMERS! I am going to complain about them everywhere and will make people aware in all social media platforms.

See the attached picture from PayPal account, they have been taking £49 every month. I never authorised any payment. My fault- I bought 2 leggings, of which I returned 1.

Tip for consumers:
NEVER EVER buy from them, that’s all I can say!

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 14th, 2020

I ordered two leggings from Fabletics and they arrived last month. They were of great quality. This morning when I checked my bank account, I had been charged an extra 49 quid for a 'VIP Membership' fee which I have had no memory of signing up to. Turns out "When you chose to take advantage of the discounted price upon checking out your first order, you were activating the VIP membership of your account." This is absolutely ridiculous. I did not get that £49 back and I'm SO upset about this.

1 review
5 helpful votes
August 12th, 2020

Leggings material so absolutely rubbish, you can buy a better quality one from supermarket.
On the top of that, after you buy it you're scammed into some sort of £49 VIP membership that you can't really see in the fine print.
Costumer service is horrific as well. I called to cancel this subscription after seeing money being taken out from my account, and their answer was: the system doesn't allow me to do a refund.
Never, ever buy from them again.

1 review
1 helpful vote
November 14th, 2020

This is a SCAM. Hidden and a very dodgy way to take your money! Fabletic cought you with its offer of two pair of leggings for £29, which it is a lie. Once you make your first purchase, fabletic automaticly add you in the VIP member list, without your consent. 49£ are taken from your account and will be taken every single month!
Even if you cancel the membership, they still keep your £49 which you can use, they said! But the offers have gone and the only thing than you can buy for this amount is a pair of shorts! Shameful!

1 review
0 helpful votes
March 1st, 2021
Verified purchase

Fabletics take your money month on month but make it close to impossible to spend your credits. Or at least to do so without having to keep giving them more money. I have £147 in credits and want to buy 2 pairs of leggings at £59 each (yes the cheap prices disappear from their website when you join!) but they want an additional £20 from me to allow me to buy these because the credits are £49 each and can't be partially used! So I have to pay £20 when I'm in credit!

Terrible customer service, really dodgy variable pricing on their website (cheap prices to lure you in and then NO DEALS WHATSOEVER unless you are a size extra, extra, extra large).

Don't bother with them, go to a decent company.

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother!

Products used:

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 30th, 2021

Would give this no stars but no option. I had money owing from fabletics the refunded part but rest in credit. Over 6 months of tweeting, phone calls, over 100 emails and still no refund constantly told money will be refunded, if you provide the information required you will be refunded constant lies. As I changed my bank account since opening no matter how much evidence I provided until finally refunded. But they are determined you give up and they keep your money! Scammers who fleece you for all your worth.

2 reviews
11 helpful votes
August 6th, 2020

Scam based on opted in for membership even though I had requested a guest checkout.
They place the membership in your basket without asking you
Then they take 49£ a month unless you skip

1 review
1 helpful vote
April 26th, 2019

Easy to order and prompt dispatch. The VIP conditions re payment and debiting your account are made very clear. Paid for express delivery but the item got no further than the courier. Customer service (in the Philippines) on the 2 occasions I used them, was polite and all had good English. After a week from my first call - having been promised I would hear back in 48 hours - I phoned again to be told the item was now out of stock - I cancelled my order and withdrew from the VIP scheme. I will NOT use this company again.

Ivy T.

Hello Pam,

We understand how you feel, we’re very sorry. We’re going to take care of this for you right now. You deserve only the best service, a representative from our Member Services Team will reach out to you within 48 hours to help resolve any concerns you have.


1 review
4 helpful votes
March 11th, 2020

They sign you up to a £49 per month subscription without your knowing that's what's happening. Sarcastic, pass agg customer service when you finally get through. Avoid what you think is a great offer, because it really isn't!

1 review
4 helpful votes
July 27th, 2020

Amazing products, shocking set up
I absolutely love the products, they are however overpriced. You are being lured in with 2 for £24 leggings but once you sign up you would pay min £48 for each pair unless there are on sale.
£44 a month VIP charge is unreasonable, yes you can skip, but often you will still be charged! To close account you will need to jump through many hoops and if you are not careful, they will trick you into signing in again without even knowing! Don't bother, a lot of similar products available on the market now. Fabletics - rethink your strategy.
On a positive note, customer service assistants are very nice, I feel for them to have to deal with this set up!

1 review
2 helpful votes
November 7th, 2020

I am just in shock regarding the way this company handle their customers. I am now in the process of trying to spend the £49 member credits that I am unable to get credited back to me, but you can't spend less it has to be £49 or more! So I can't find anything for exactly £49 on the site so now I have to spend MORE money with this crook of a company to spend my member credits - oh but also some items are excluded from you being able to spend your member credit against them... but you don't know which ones... trading standards here I come!

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 24th, 2020

Stay away from them.
I supplied PayPal pdf for a refund
Probably 15 different people replied to emails and each of them says different!
They grab your money with a faulty pay system and membership. They are not helpful stay away!

1 review
1 helpful vote
August 14th, 2020

Stay well away from this company.

Customer service is so bad for returns and refunds. It takes several emails, chats, calls to get your refunds. Do not purchase from them.

I had a missing item from order and been scammed £49 for VIP membership.

1 review
1 helpful vote
September 16th, 2020

I've happily ordered from them in the past as they're one of the few companies that do larger sizes. I always remembered to skip the month, so that wasn't an issue.
The issue has been recently where items haven't arrived after 3 or 4 weeks and you get through to a US call centre who only work from a script and won't investigate.
I'm waiting for refunds on 2 items and you can ONLY contact them by phone.
They imply you can contact them by email, but you get a bounce back telling you to ring.
And to cancel, you HAVE to speak to them.

1 review
2 helpful votes
June 29th, 2020

Total Scam! They lure you in with an attractive offer and tell you to sign up for a "VIP Membership" in order to get the deal. However when accepting terms and conditions in small print, you are unaware that you have just agreed to pay 49 pounds a month in order to get these deals. Only individuals who read every single terms and conditions they accept will be able to escape this scam. Of which I know not a single individual who does so! This company should be reported and told to CLEARLY make their customers aware of the deal they are signing up to. I have since filed a complaint with trading standards as i believe this is outrageous and unethical.

1 review
1 helpful vote
April 18th, 2020

Disgraceful company. I ordered two pairs of leggings for my daughter back in December and paid £29 for them. I have since found out that they have been taking £44 a month off me for 'VIP Membership'. I had no idea that this was going to happen as they dont make it clear, therefore I have ended up paying over £200 for these two pairs of leggings. I have instructed the bank to stop any further payments. I have been in touch and cancelled my 'VIP membership' and have been advised I cannot be refunded the 4 payments of £44 that they took off me, I have to use my credit instead. The leggings are nice however the company are awful to do this to their customers and after speaking to my bank the fraud department advised me that they are receiving complaints every week about other people that have been tricked in the same way. Steer clear!

1 review
2 helpful votes
August 17th, 2020

Fabletics are pure scammers. I ordered about three item of clothing from their website and it took almost one month to get to me.
Information on their vip membership is not clearly stated, they basically lure you to accept the vip membership and debit your bank 49 pounds without you knowing. You see that you have been debited and wonder why! I called Fabletic customer care and i was told that i accepted their vip membership terms and that they charge their vip members 49 pound every month. Really who does that! It is not a gym for crying out loud! Who the hell buys gym clothes every month!
Worst of all, they failed to refund my 49 pounds and says i have to purchase from them instead.
Then the customer care assistant told me I should still retain my vip membership so i could use my 49 pounds to buy anything i want on the website at a reduced price (supposed vip price). But guess what! 98% of the items on the website were now at least 49 pounds each, including items that were 2 for 24 pounds when i made my first purchase. Bunch of Scammers! So i had to buy one leggings with my money, when i could have bought at least two very nice and quality leggings from PUMA store.

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 2nd, 2017

I saw fabletics advertised on FB and liked the look of the clothes and so ordered two pairs of discount leggings. When they arrived I was really pleased with the quality but then realised that I'd been signed up to the VIP club which I hadn't realised I'd actually agreed to! Ok so I read the T&C about having to skip a month before the 5th day of that particular month or get billed for £44.00! And thought this won't work for me... I have a hectic lifestyle and am not always up to date with my emails. I kept it for another month and ordered two tops, again brilliant quality, what I don't understand is the harsh agreement policy of taking large amounts of cash from your account unless you have time on your hands to cancel it each month in the small window of opportunity... I have therefore today cancelled my VIP membership now I own a couple of outfits, as let's face it, how many work out clothes do you actually need? I feel the company has made a real mistake in doing this as I would have remained a customer and carried on using their site as and when I needed to... I hate feeling tied down to any agreement and hate to feel like I'm being ripped off... a shame as the products themselves are without a doubt exceptional quality... I shall be looking elsewhere however in the future for further purchases... what a shame...

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 6th, 2021

How is this scam company allowed to trade... stole money from my account month after month after I bought my wife some leggings... report as fraud to my bank..

1 review
2 helpful votes
June 21st, 2020

I had similar experience to other ladies, I could not recall signing for VIP membership, I only noticed when money was taken out of my account. The same day I contacted them and asked for return of my money as I cannot recall signing for membership, I also asked to cancel it asap. The response was that it is not possible to cancel membership and I have to go ahead paying it and if I don't want to pay, I have to go to my account every month and put it on pause. I could not believe what I've heard. I contacted my bank and asked to block any payments to this company, what they have done and I'm grateful for that. Now I lost £49 for some membership that I never wanted.

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 7th, 2020

I had built up a lot of credit as a VIP member - I could never skip the monthly payment whenever I pressed the skip button- It wouldn't work. I then saw that they had lots of sales on so decided to use my credit and bought a lot of things. A few days latter I see that my card has been charged and my credits have gone also. I called them but the phones were not working - they advised call back later I start a chat conversation and was told by the person that as a VIP member I am not entitled to the sale reductions (50% or More) - so a a VIP member I was charged full price for everything whereas if you just shop you would have gotten all the discounts. She tells me as a VIP member I am offered "special discounts"- what the hell is this? What a rip off, what a scam! Their clothing is good quality but they are in the business of ripping us off- I asked for my account to be closed immediately but all did was make me an ordinary member- I guess I can get some discounts now! Awful company don't sign up to be a VIP member- there are no benefits to that!

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 27th, 2021

I ordered a pair of leggings for my daughter for Christmas, they didn't fit so arranged for a courier to collect. 2 weeks later I had not heard anything and there was still no refund on my credit card.
Customer service did confirm they had received my return and had credited my fabaletics account. I explained I didn't want a store credit and wanted a refund which is what I had stated on the returns note.
A week later I still hadn't received my refund so emailed customer service again. The refund had not been processed at all and when I was asking questions about when the refund was actually processed they simply would not answer. 3 weeks on and I still haven't had my refund! Yes the leggings are lovely but if there is a chance they won't fit, I'd stay well clear of this company... nothing bit a bloody rip off!
Waiting 3 weeks plus for a refund is an absolute shambles.

1 review
1 helpful vote
September 30th, 2020

DO NOT SIGN UP TO FABLETICS. The quality of the clothes is good but not compared to the price. When the website was first launched you could get a full outfit for £44 - 1 member credit. Now the outfits are around £129 which is grossly overpriced for what you get. The customer service department is horrible and you will be met with rudeness if you use the live chat feature. I have been very disappointed in what used to be a great place to get fitness clothes. Spend your money somewhere else - gymshark or girlfriend collective.

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