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Thomas Quarcco if that is what you want to call him is a career long scammer. Check out his linked in Profile.
This current rendition of scamming people starts with an add on Craigslist to provide a dropshipping business. He will then get you to send him literally thousands of dollars to cover costs of items he will never ship. Then he will disappear.

I registered with Dropshipping Express in June. I paid the 2000 dollars to have 500 products put up on Amazon and Ebay. Within a couple days my site was up and products were selling every day. I was then contacted by another seller on amazon warning me that Thomas was going to scam me... never ship my products.. and take off with the money. This would leave me responsible to return all the money that was paid to me for the products that Thomas never shipped.

Like a reasonable person I put my Amazon store in vacation mode to allow the 4000 dollars worth of sales to actually complete. (get shipped to customers and not be returned) Understand at this point Thomas had already been paid for all products as well as the 2000 for set-up.

After allowing all orders to clear out I ended up having to return 45% of sales back to the buyers on Amazon. This was because Thomas either shipped the wrong product or never even shipped the product. Either way I was out the $.

I contacted Thomas to close down my account with him and terminate my service due to his failure to complete his end of the business. I requested that he refund my original 2000 for setup as well as the credits he received for items he never shipped. Thomas refused to refund by initial setup costs even though I only used his service for 2 weeks. As well, Thomas sent me a BS termination letter and said I had to wait 45 days to receive my money.

Guess what happened next... That's right Thomas vanishes. I got none of my money back and he gets away with theft.

There is also another person involved in this scam... ***** (involved in returns etc)

From what I can tell they operate from the following address because this is where all the items were returned to.

4700 City Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131

You can email the local police department.

I will be following up with the local authorities and would recommend that all other people caught up in this scam do the same.

This is not the first time his fraud has caught up with him... It is just the next rendition of Thomas hustling people.

There you have it... Thomas's next effort to separate good people from their money.
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I will give my honest accounts with Thomas over the month I worked with him. I started with him around 4/16. Everything started great during my free trial except I was a little skeptical about the amount of time it took him to ship the items. Thomas was very responsive and very polite. I was also even asked him if I could become an affiliate which he granted.Thank god I didn't turn anyone onto his scam! I was hoping he would be a business professional like he said he was and return the money that is left in my account as well as the phones that I paid for but he has not.

Over the next few weeks I sold 43 phones and deposited $4850 into my account to pay for the phones. I also paid the $1000 for the buy in to continue before all the phones were delivered. I should have known better. The first order that I got never got delivered because the address was un-deliverable. Thomas ensured me that this has never happened and something must have gone wrong in his system. OK I believed him. Then the same thing happens 3 more times with the same exact phone as the first. Now something is definitely wrong.

Over the next few days I had more people complain that they didn't receive the phones or phones they received that were supposed to be "New" came in damaged or used. (I have received a few of them back recently and they were absolutely used and abused.) This is also after he ensured me that he does Quality Control to all of the phones that he sends out and this is why the shipping takes longer.

I then did a google search and found information on this site, Facebook and RipoffReport (under simplydropshipping) and new I was scammed. I sent Thomas a nasty text message saying I was going to contact the police, FBI and others to report him if he didn't return my money. He told me to pound sand. I also told him I wanted him to rot in jail. I was furious!

I then cooled down and sent him 3 professional reminder emails requesting the closure form, the $648 that is left in my account, and the phones he said were mine because I paid for them that were returned to him from u. I was told 2 weeks ago that I would get them when he gets around to it. Very professional on his end. Still nothing!

So far I have had to refund 16 orders for a total of $1920.00 and have only received 4 of the 16 phones and Thomas has the rest. All together I have lost around $3000.00 to him. I am even OK with him not refunding the $1000.00 signup fee because it was my fault for not doing my homework but I want the money that is mine.

I have been doing Amazon and eBay sales now for the past 6 months, have sold over 1,000 items through these channels and have had less then 10 returns.

Something is definitely wrong with his business model.
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Stay away! It is a ripoff. At first it will work fine and then you will start to have problems. Before you know it your Amazon account is in trouble. And good luck getting a hold of Tom!
Response from Thomas q., Representative
Cherrie has been with our company since 2015. We have a process for customer service. You are assigned a client manager to handle all your inquires. Calling my personal phone 5 times on a Sunday morning is just not appropriate. Calling my company a ripoff when we've been helpful to you over the years is unwarranted. Whether its taking your calls late at night to help out with your Amazon verification, or helping you answer basic questions that you could have emailed, I have always taken the time to take your calls. However, there comes a time when you have to follow the process for customer inquires and calling my cell phone is not the process especially when you have doing this for almost two years.
1 review
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Do not fall for Thomas's trickery. Everything will go fine for the first week. After that you will see numerous packages that are undeliverable, wrong items sent, and tons of returns. He gets all your money and you are left holding the bag and losing your Amazon account. Stay far far away from this.
Response from Thomas q., Representative
Let me start off with the obvious: Selling on Amazon is tough. Amazon is very strict and they have a zero tolerance policy. This is why a lot of Amazon stores don't make it. Feel free to do a simple google search on Amazon see what comes with suspended Amazon accounts. It is very easy to blame my company when Amazon suspends an account and not take any responsibility. The role of My company is to fulfill orders and ship out the products. I'm very clear that returns are part of the business. Google return rates on Amazon, or google return rates on ecommerce. Typically you'll find that the return rate for electronics is up to 25% but with our products you'll see them between 8-10% because we have a quality control process in place. I make sure I'm very clear about this before signing up a client. RETURNS ARE PART OF SELLING ONLINE. Some novices have this false reality that you'll open a store on Amazon and you'll sell make all this money without encountering upset customers or returns. This could be far from the case. When you do any type of volume, you better expect to have returns, or complaints. Your job as the business owner is to handle your customer service and process returns. Its convenient to blame my company when things don't go well and Amazon suspends a store but the reality is lack of customer service is also the culprit. Its easy to point the finger at someone else instead of taking responsibility when things don't go well. Its easy to overlook the fact that although you say you understand that there are returns, but when you actually get a return you over-react instead of handling customer service. My company makes money when you sell an item and inversely we also lose money when there is a return. We provide a free return label so ultimately you the client never takes a loss. Selling on Amazon is difficult, it requires a certain temperament, focus to make your store success. You need to be timely with all customer service inquiries, as well as timely with processing orders. Lets take a look at the numbers for a second. If you average about $10,000 in sales, you will be have had about 100 sales and if you average 10% in returns that is 10 customers or $1,000s in refunds. Now the thing novice's don't understand about Amazon is if the customer finds a better price or changed their mind and they try to return the item they will have to cover shipping or pay a restocking fee. But if the customer says its defective, you as the seller are automatically on the hook for the shipping cost. The most important thing about selling on Amazon is to understand that the customer is always right regardless. So again, pointing the finger at my company is misguided and a waste of energy. If selling Amazon was easy then my company wouldn't exist. Selling on Amazon is meant to be difficult to keep the "get rich quick" crowd away. Anyone that has worked with my company can never say that we don't provide excellent service above and beyond. My cell phone number is on the website itself and I dare anyone to say that they have called or emailed me while operating this business and my or my team has not been responsive. I work all around the clock because Amazon demands it and I have clients on all time zones. Again its easy to paint a narrative as if my company scammed you because you don't want to hold yourself accountable. I understand my business attracts the "get rich crowd" which expects instant gratification without doing any work. I'm well aware that regardless how hard we work or how much money my company makes a client, that if Amazon suspends their account for actions they failed to take that its easy to point the finger at someone and say you got scammed. I'm well aware that the "get rich quick" crowd also never follows through and instead of working through the process its easier to point the finger and move on to the next shiny business opportunity. There is a distinct difference between getting scammed and your business not working. Running a Amazon business takes a lot of hard work and there will definitely be some bumps in the road. If you don't have the temperament or veracity to follow through on a business after only few weeks, the question you should be asking yourself is did you get scammed or where you just looking for a "Get Rich Quick" opportunity"
3 reviews
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I started with the ebay package because it was the safest way to test out these guys without too much risk. Sales were pretty good but it all depends on how much ebay will let you sell. My selling limit was only $5,000 per month so I was pretty much stuck as far as how much I can sell. It looks like they use using a arbitrage model for dropshipping which is ok but I was expecting actual wholesale vendors. I'm putting ebay on hold so I can focus all my attention on Amazon since there isn't a limit on how much I can sell. I just started selling on Amazon on Monday but so far so good. If you're comfortable with arbitrage then these guys are great. If you're looking for legit exclusive wholesale vendors then this might not be the company for you. It's a little pricey but overall I'm happy with my decision to go with dropshipping express.

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I am finding way too many complaints about this program Not good. I have an item that was supposed to have been shipped on 4/30 and it still hasn't! I have sent two emails, attempted to send tickets on his website and nothing

By Cherie C.
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At this moment my Amazon account is in danger. Way too many refunds. Amazon wants it at 2% and mine is 10%! Initially I was able to get in touch with Thomas and Zahid but now I have emailed them twice and I have texted Tom and so far no response. I paid $2000 for this???

By Cherie C.
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