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111 Cochran Rd
Clemson, SC 29631, US
Tel: 864.332.4310

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I don't normally take my time to write reviews but this has to be said. This apartment has the worst reputation at Clemson. It has been 3 years since renting and still it haunts me. We were trying to get approved for a new apartment in Seattle so we needed to put down past apartments as references. EVERY OTHER APARTMENT got back quickly except them; instead they delayed my move in by two days. I was forced to stay in a hotel for just shy of 400 dollars each night.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
Hi Devon,

While I don't recall having received the request, if your prospective landlord would like to send over the form again, we'd be happy to complete and return the information today.

As for the construction hiccups that delayed your move-in 4 years back, we're not finding prior correspondence expressing your displeasure with the restitution we provided, and / or that you had unresolved questions / concerns. Please, contact us so that we may address these lingering items.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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I have been living here the past 6 months, and have had a great time during my stay. I haven't had any hassle from the staff since I've been here, and am comfortable at night knowing I'm sleeping in a safe and secure environment. I'd give Clemson lofts a 6 star rating if I could.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
Thanks, Charles. We're glad to hear you're feeling at home.
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Just moved in a week ago, toured the space about a month ago and a few weeks later moved in and the place was spotless. Management was very helpful with getting accommodated, I look forward to living here over the next year. I would recommend the lofts to anyone looking for well maintained housing close to campus.

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I put a maintenance request in late Wednesday night because my toilet wouldn't flush. When I got back from class on Thursday, it was fixed & so was my loose toilet seat. I didn't even request the toilet seat to be fixed but they did it anyways when they noticed it was messed up. Can't say enough good things about the maintenance team

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
Hi Lindsay,

Fixing the seat was the least we could do,.

Thanks for the positive review.
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I would advise anyone interested in Clemson Lofts to think again! Once you are on the hook for a lease you are at the mercy of the management which is HORRIBLE! The management team does not return phone calls unless your attorney contacts them. Jason S. is apparently the guy in charge. * is terrible at returning calls. I was told he would call me and I have yet to hear from him. It's been about 10 days now. He has too much experience in rental management, and is uninterested in correcting a lease violation if it's on their part. Our daughter ATTEMPTED to move in prior to fall classes beginning. The bedroom (two bedroom apartment) she was leasing was leased by a dog owner prior to her arrival. In July she contacted Clemson Loft to inquire of carpet would be cleaned prior to the move in date of August 1. She was told by a Clemson Loft representative that the carpet and room would be cleaned. Unfortunately the room had a horrible odor, there were BUGS along the framework and baseboard. An active pest contract certainly would control bugs! Additionally, if the room was CLEANED properly there would not be bugs and evidence of bugs. We had to cancel the furniture delivery because the carpet stank! Then comes the part where the second bedroom was apparently being sublet for the summer. My daughter's roommate had not yet arrived for fall classes. When she arrived the apartment smelled like cigarette smoke (inside the apartment), there was fresh food in the fridge and a bowl with melted ice cream in the sink. It was a fresh bowl of melted ice cream as it was not moldy nor did it smell like spoiled milk. Boxes were delivered to the door on several occasions for a person who did not share the same name as her roommate. The name was a man's name. Our daughter is a very petite young woman (5'1" #108). She was fearful for her safety. As her parents we certainly had serious concerns about WHO this person living with her might be since he never was in the apartment while she was there or if he was, he stayed in his bedroom. She was scared. We were scared. She contacted the management office to discuss all these issues but was promptly referred to Maintenance. "Call Maintenance," was management's only suggestion. Now be it known that you CANNOT sublet! Yet, that apartment was being sublet. * won't acknowledge any responsibility in this area because he said it's not management's fault the apartment was sublet. It's against the lease contract to sublet so I would say it is management's responsibility to investigate and act upon a report of subleasing. My daughter informed them of her concerns and they did NOTHING! Unfortunately, our lawyer informed us that there is nothing we can do but pay the lease or receive a bad credit rating and accumulate additional late fees. So from now (October) until July we are on the hook for a $650 per month lease payment. Please think twice before signing a lease with Clemson Lofts. Once you sign on the dotted line you will be in a contract that will be impossible to get out of without huge debt! I deeply regret ever considering Clemson Loft and further regret signing a lease. My daughter did not sleep one night in the leased apartment. Instead she stayed at a sorority house for about 5 days before acquiring other housing...acceptable housing! It's unclear to me why this business is able to accumulate so many negative responses and still not be investigated. Thank goodness there is a site like this to warn perspective tenants. Stay away! There is plenty of other housing options that are available. You should put this place as the LAST resort.

I would strongly suggest you read the negative reviews on YELP as well because the negative reviews all seem to be related to management turning a blind eye to the property needs, and ignoring important lease contract issues such as subleasing! Furthermore one post states * was very helpful or beneficial. I seriously have to wonder if that's * writing the review about himself! I am still waiting for him to contact me after 10 days! He charged a credit card I used to pay the initial lease application but was NOT listed as a credit card to charge for rent. He went ahead and charged the credit card WITHOUT authorization because we stopped paying rent! Be a smart consumer! Look elsewhere for housing!

*Personal information redacted by admin

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative

We are a little confused and frankly very concerned about your review. We've been working with the roommate you've referenced correcting any issues, and did speak with you personally communicating the replacement / termination option which is part of your signed lease and is industry standard for student housing. This solution has worked for hundreds of residents who experienced changes in their educational plans, which we understand does happen.

Perhaps we've had a communication breakdown somewhere – please reach out directly to so that we can work to reach a resolution and part on good terms.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm putting a comment here because the Lofts management team seems to put more effort into keeping their Yelp rating artificially high than they do running their apartment complex. Out of the 11 ratings that have been marked "not helpful" on Yelp and thus omitted from the apartments final rating are 8 1-star reviews, which seems like a pretty convenient coincidence. Couple that with a number of 5-star reviews that are obviously fake and the Lofts have artificially crafted themselves an ok rating.

As far as the apartment complex itself is concerned, it's just not good. I've found that I agree with just about every 1-star review, and wonder where these people writing 5-star reviews were living because it couldn't have been the Lofts. Management will do anything they can to make money off you and is absolutely not acting in your best interests. The apartments are built cheaply and it shows with things like doors not fitting in their frames correctly and the fake hardwood floors constantly peeling up. I could honestly go on and on, but you get the point. There are far better places to live in Clemson, and usually for less money.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
Hi Ben,

While your claims of review boosting are a bit of a stretch, your feedback about the LVT flooring was of value. Such feedback resulted in our finding a much better product and contractor who has remedied any such issues.


Clemson Lofts
Resident Services
1 review
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One of the 'owners' manages the properties. Has no idea of real estate/ property management law. Charges items and repairs to card on file with no notice or explaination. Never returns calls. Waits to inspect units after the kids head home on break so they don't have to explain their 'findings' or charges. Parents beware. They will nickel and dime you to death. Unethical business preying on college students and their inability to fight them in court. On the positive side the units are nice and the maintenance guys are nice and look out for the kids.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative

Your positive feedback of how our units are nice and our staff is good staff speaks volumes about how great both really are. Clearly you are upset, and still found the truth in what makes us great. Thank you for that!

But unfortunately, you have the wrong impression about our move-out billing practices. Please allow us to clarify:

• Out of 640 residents, less than 20 received any billing for damages or excessive cleaning.
This means 97% of our residents had ZERO move-out charges, despite our paying to have every vacated room painted / professionally cleaned /
carpet cleaned.
• We do not bill for ordinary wear and tear.
Excessively dirty conditions, holes in walls, broken doors and damaged carpet is NOT ordinary wear and tear.
• We send out detailed invoices with pictures of all move-out charges.
Please, contact us and we’ll be glad to forward the emailed copy with time and date stamp.
• Move out assessments must be done after the lease ends and all residents have vacated.
Most departing residents don’t move out in May; mid-July is the busiest move-out time.
The unit is the yours until the lease ends, and we can’t ensure that damage does not occur between May and July when most leases are up

We appreciate your presenting us with the opportunity clear up this misunderstanding. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, so if lingering questions remain, please contact us by phone or email so we are given the chance to explain your exact charges, if you are in the group of 20 out of 640 we billed this year.
1 review
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Donald Thames, a maintaince worker for the Lofts, has been to my apartment twice already and has been such a huge help!!! He is so friendly and someone who makes bad situations such as a broken dishwasher not so bad after all!!

1 review
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Donald, my maintenance man, was very kind and responsive after I filed my request. He fixed everything in question and even stored my bedroom closet door for me. He did a very good job!

1 review
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Really good about timely response to emails and helped to get in my apartment early. Great staff and excited to live here!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Never have I been as pleasantly surprised to tour an off campus housing place as I have Clemson Lofts. They're aren't a ton of off-campus places to choose from but, I'm glad I looked at these people last! It was clean, staff was present but not overwhelming, and the students who lived there (that I could convince to give me a few minutes) had really only positive things to say. I got on the list to pre-lease in the Spring of next year, so so far so good! I almost skipped it because of the negative stuff posted but, when I asked the leasing person about it she explained that when they were doing updates and expanding that the city of Clemson made it hard for them to meet their deadlines. She basically said "that was the worst but, we got through it," in a few more words. Everything looks good to me. By far my first choice of the bunch! Would recommend to family and friends.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Just finished my sophomore year and I'm glad I don't have to worry about getting off the waiting list into this place! I have a couple friends still waiting for a room to open up.

1 review
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Management is made up of a team of incompetent monkeys. The clubhouse is never open, parking is awful, tow trucks circle like vultures for any car (so don't have your friends come) and they WILL fine you for things you didn't do in the hopes that you won't fight and pay. Look elsewhere for a place to live.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
Hi Tee R.,

To think we'd risk the larger part of our earnings to pick up a few bucks here and there isn't realistic. We understand your being upset that we had to bill you for cleaning up after improperly discarded trash and for repairing damage to our property, but this is to be expected.

Suggestions are welcome regarding our clubhouse hours are certainly welcome. I wish we had information as to which services you were unable to access. However, I'll still try to help by reviewing our hours:
- Our business offices are open 6 days a week from August - April, and 5 days a week over the summer. We have little to no visitors on Saturdays, so I'm not sure that adding Sundays would help, but we're receptive to the idea, if demand is there.
- When our offices aren't open, you have your online portal access for non-emergency maintenance requests and the hotline for immediate maintenance needs.
- As for the gym, residents have 24hr access with their card pass, so I'm guessing this isn't the cause of your concern.
- We understand that residents might want to use the print / study lounge outside business hours, so we're adding another downstairs which will be 24hr access.

If we had our way, no towing would be necessary, but we must protect our resident parking spots, which are our top priority.
Parking for as many friends as a resident can make would be a dream come true, but no complex can offer that, so we do our best. Keep in mind that friends living in town can always come over on the CATBUS, and skip looking for a visitor parking spot.

Thank you for your honest feedback. We wish you all the best!
1 review
3 helpful votes

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LIVE HERE unless you want to have to pay numerous bull$#*! fees, have maintenance walk into your apartment whenever they want, or have to deal with a property manager, Jason Smith, who is (to say it nicely) very rude! I have a dog living with me, so I paid the $385 pet fee before I moved in, and I pay the additional monthly fee with my rent. My dog damaged a 1-inch-by-1-inch section of the baseboard and they wanted more than $200 to fix a $40 repair job, even though I was present for the appraisal and the two maintenance guys said it would be no more than $70. When I confronted them about the outrageous charge, he tried to revoke my pet privileges even though I paid for everything and followed the rules. Also concerning that issue, they forced me to pay that repair fee within 3 days of them finding it, BUT 2 months after they said they would fix it, it is still unfixed!
The "pet waste" trash cans are always overflowing with other trash, the landscaping after the first row of buildings is not kept up at all (overgrown grass/weeds, dead bushes, ant hills everywhere). The people in the office do not seemed to be trained well in their job because you ask them a question and they give different feedback than what the property manager says. If you put in a maintenance request, you should expect waiting a while or anticipate calling them and having to check on the status of things yourself. And they will not inform you of any updates regarding those maintenance requests.
As far as appliances and state of the apartment goes, the flooring is cheap and scratches easily. The baseboards in my apartment do not touch the laminate flooring which leaves a space where bugs crawl out of. The refrigerator has broken numerous times, and they continue to do fixes that will fix it for a short time instead of just replacing it. There are no fans so get ready to buy your own, and the air conditioning does not let you set it below 70 degrees, even when its 90-something degrees outside. If you accidentally get something on the wall and try to clean it up with water, the paint on the wall comes off. You pay a "cleaning deposit" fee, but when I first moved in, my shower drain was clogged from the previous owner YUCK! The wifi is absolutely horrible and sometimes doesn't even work.
To say the least, I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy to have to live here!

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
It is always unfortunate when we must address damage with a resident, but it is our job to do so.

While we will not reciprocate personal attacks (which are forbidden on this site), we have reviewed the email and recorded calls to find that Mr. Smith acted appropriately, spending a more than a fair amount of time discussing the repairs with you. He even agreed to reduce the repair costs. It was only after you informed us that you would not pay, that it became necessary to inform you that would not allow your pet to continue damaging property at a cost to the complex. As for the completion of the repairs, we will gladly complete those, if you will cease the cancellation / rescheduling.

Air conditioning set to 70 degrees is universally considered to be an acceptable range. Any complex that pays the utilities is going to have a common sense limitation written into the lease, which we do. However, as we want you to be comfortable, please submit a maintenance request and we can discuss. Also, if you ever see pests, please submit a maintenance request. We pay good money for pest control and we'll have your apartment tended to every Tuesday, until there is not a bug for an hour in either direction who will dare to come near the place. :)

We've had the pet waste receptacles spot checked by an independent party on four different occasions, not once observing the conditions you've described, but we'll keep watching.

Thank you for your feedback, and please remember to submit those maintenance requests and provide us with a solid date to finish the repairs and take good care of you.
1 review
2 helpful votes

There are a lot of places to live at any public university. There are a good bit of places to live here at Clemson, too. Clemson Lofts is a great choice for those that want to live off-campus. Having the maintenance team and stuff all working for you is one of the many plusses of living at the Lofts. The only negative this year is that we didn't win the national championship!

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
Thanks for your feedback and for sending your friends.

We hope you are enjoying the new volleyball court and treadmills!
1 review
4 helpful votes

The owners of this complex seem to create fake accounts to give five star reviews that will raise the average score of the complex. Scroll down past the five star reviews that are basically ads to the actual reviews from residents.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
Hi Jeff,

Please, if any of the conditions you've described persist, contact us immediately as we want to dispatch maintenance. Unfortunately, we could not reach out to you personally by cross-referencing the conditions described in your review to ascertain your identity.

We're sorry to hear of your experience with the thermostat dying. In every 100 +/- the manufacturer produces, there is unfortunately a dud. With our having 232 of them, it is impossible to know if we received such a unit and if so which it would be. However, we do test them before move-in for proper operation. The typical turn around for a repair like this is 1 day, so I'm curious about this instance. It was difficult to find the work order you submitted, but I'd be glad to review further and review any information with you.

Our search of work orders did turn up an instance of a clothes dryer shaking because it was overloaded with an unbalanced load of heavy vs. light items. If this isn't your request, I apologize, and will be happy to seek out your request with a little more information. Otherwise, the cause and effect does ring true.

I'd like to hear more about this sink, and inspect it for any tell tale signs of what may have caused it to come detached, so that we may ensure no others do.

Again, if any of these items have not been resolved, or if anything else is on your mind, please reach out to us at

Thank you,

Regional Management
Clemson Lofts

PS - While we find the comparison between our very highly regarded / highly sought after housing and an empty bet at a casino to be a bit ostentatious, we have to applaud your taste in movies. Vegas Vacation is an all-time great. Wallace Shawn and Chevy Chase played out that scene masterfully!
1 review
2 helpful votes

Yes, my apartment is much nicer and updated then where I used to live... but living here has been nothing but constant issues. Have someone visit and they want to park in a parking lot that is never used? They will be towed. Want to throw a ball in the ONLY gated area (when the pool is closed for winter) with your dog? You'll get in trouble. Want to check mail? Takes them about a week to put it out. Want to make your apartment cooler because your sweating through the night? Go spend $100 on a floor fan. Get a dog that's hypallergenic and does not shed? Still have to pay a massive fee ALONG with an extra fee per month.

I have been in Clemson for 3 years now and truly cannot wait to graduate and not have to deal with this place anymore.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative

We're sorry to hear that you regret your decision. However, each of the practices to which you've expressed concern exist for a very good reason, or are much more liberal than other housing providers in the area.

Towing - Your fellow residents become quite upset if parking isn't patrolled. If you had a visitor that chose to disregard the parking policy, please understand that we have provided maps and signage to guide guests into visitor spots, and that you would likely share in being upset if we didn't enforce the parking policy and you were left without a space.

Pets Inside the Pool Area - Forbidden by law. We are simply complying with health code.

Mail - If you have mail that hasn't shown up, please address that with us. We observe the mail being distributed into boxes. Perhaps the letters are delayed in arriving here from the post office?

Air Conditioning - We've adjusted thermostat settings and vents for multiple residents. All we need is a maintenance request. :)

Pets - A majority of landlords in Clemson do not allow pets. And while we are pet-lovers, the responsibility of protecting the property does fall to us. Your pet may not shed, but pet hair is typically the least of the damage a pet can do. If your fellow residents with pets pay a fee, we must require the same of you. This is something we disclose in the lease long before pets are ever approved.

While we may not share the same opinion, we certainly value your feedback as much as we do the positivity we receive every day from satisfied residents. Perhaps your feedback is even more valuable, as it affords us the opportunity to reflect and improve.

Thank you,

Clemson Lofts
Executive Management
1 review
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These are multiple reasons why you should not live here. This does not even complete the list of reasons not to live here. Take it or leave it, but I have lived here for a year now and am fed up with this apartment complex and its employees.

Everything breaks from the window, to the flooring that is just pulling up. They had to screw in 2x4 wood planks under the kitchen sinks because they had an issue of them falling through. They will do and say anything to get you in and then turn around and say that it never happened.

During inspections, they send only males so if you live with all girls get ready to feel uncomfortable. They say they knock, but if you are in the shower or playing music, they walk right in. My roommate had an issue where she was in her shower and a maintenance worker was standing in her room when she walked out into her room.

They never come fix anything that you send a request in for, and have even said they had completed it when they never did. They cannot handle issues appropriately, and one time began to give me relationship advice because I said that I am not happy with how they have treated us in the past. He promptly told me that I need to not look at the past with any relationship whether it is romantic or work related.

They also told us that we have to pay $150 nonrefundable fee that will cover cleaning and damages. Well I just got an email last week saying that our apartment needs to be spotless ex: they will charge us $100 per piece of trash they find, $50 per spiderweb. And now we have to get someone to steam clean our carpets and if we do not it will cost us a whopping $150 fee.

Even for the guests who are renewing, they had to renew by October 1st, which is WAY before any other place. But for the people who are renewing, they would not get the original price, they would even have to pay a higher monthly fee the following year. For example, if your rent was $455, it will not be $495 even though you've been there since the beginning. This is not how any other apartment complex works.

The equipment in the gym constantly breaks. I was running on the treadmill and it started to smell as if it were burning and the speed kept changing on its own until it eventually was going so slow I could crawl on it. The pool was also recently closed for some unknown reason. The clubhouse just opened after it flooded because they didn't tighten a pipe all the way. They also promised that there would be grills and pool chairs and there are none.

They also like to say that the stuff you are given is "free." For example, the clubhouse is a "free amenity," the internet is also a "free amenity." My brother who is a lawyer in D.C. said that if you really wanted to get a lawyer in on this that you could. Their lease is poorly written and you can prove that the money you pay for rent is somehow whether directly or indirectly going toward these things. However, they say they are free because they know they will break. And if they are stated as free, they are not responsible for them breaking and thus are in no rush to get them fixed. Our internet was out for an entire week and they did not care at all. They also blamed the internet provider when it was clearly due to their construction because an underground pipe they put was about to break.

This place is only concerned about money, not their residents. They will do anything to get an extra dollar. I do not recommend staying here at all. They aren't even local, so they don't know any South Carolina building codes. Also, if you have a conversation over the phone, RECORD IT. They lie about everything, and then when you call them out they lie some more.

Best of luck, but please look elsewhere. You'd probably do better to stay on the streets.

Response from Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
We’d like to urge you to contact resident services so together we can affect change to your benefit. Your experience varies greatly from the majority of our residents, and we would like the opportunity to address that.

We do continually addressed items that need to be bettered, which include the maintenance staff protocol, resident service communications, opening/improving amenities and doubling our bandwidth to a dedicated 1G. There have been and continue to be a lot of exciting things happening at Clemson Lofts and that will proceed.

But, we understand you are entitled to you opinion and we thank you for voicing your concerns, though we wish we would have heard of any of the above from you so we could have addressed and/or explain them directly with you.
1 review
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Clemson Lofts features: On-Site Mgmt, Courtesy Patrols, Individual Baths, Spacious Floorplans, Full-Size Washer and Dryer, Granite Counters, Stainless Finish Appliance Package w/ Dishwasher and Disposal, Custom Maple Cabinets, Ceramic Tile, Superior Sound Insulation, High Ceilings, Exposed Ductwork (most units) w/ Central Air and Heat Pump, Porch and Deck Space (most units).

Customer Questions & Answers

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Hi Cindy, The review is a bit inaccurate. We, like everyone who includes the utilities, have a cap that can lead to overages if a resident exceeds that given amount which is communicated in the lease (differs per apartment type). Our goal is to ensure that residents do not exceed that cap, as the ease of use from only having one set payment per month is one of the biggest factors that keeps current residents with us and new residents on their way. The AC goes to 72 degrees in the summer and the heat goes to 70 in the winter. We can and do adjust past those tolerances with a simple maintenance request. We're not looking to make residents uncomfortable. To do so would be counterproductive. We are however help those who are unfamiliar with operating a thermostat to avoid the overages that would result from setting their heat to 80 degrees and then opening a window (which does happen). And even for those who want to set the heat to 80, we'll gladly let them do it if they affirm their understanding that such an excessive heat setting will likely result in electric billing overages, for which they will be responsible. Hopefully, this helped to explain why we are not only location and amenities leader, but also a cost / value leader in Clemson. Please, let us know if you have any other questions.

By Andrew H., Clemson Lofts Representative
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