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Chauncey S.
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“Just as promised!”

Despite the low cost (with many cheaper than Walmarts prices after their sales), the quality is just what I was looking for! Everything is clear and distinct, with beautiful colors and contrasts. Very sturdy and was packaged well to ensure everything arrived safely. Will definitely be doing more business in the future!

Ashley j.
1 review
“Cannot get ahold of anyone about my order - 15 days into order - I have heard nothing”

I ordered two canvases on May 6, 2019. I am now here, on May 21, 2019 writing a review because i have literally heard nothing about my order. It has not been shipped, and I do not even know if it has been produced. When I tried to contact their customer service chat portal, no one ever showed up to discuss. I cannot get ahold of anyone because their customer service line is only available between 11a-4p, and they have no way of allowing you to track your order! Just pay a little bit extra and go to walgreens or CVS for your canvases, at least you know you will receive them in a timely manner. At this point, I do not even know if I will even receive my products.

Katie B.
1 review
• Updated review

After more than 2 weeks, I received an email that stated "sorry were experiencing slight delay because of volume"

**2 weeks is more than a SLIGHT delay**

Also, my products are not scheduled to arrive for ANOTHER 10 days even though shipping is supposed to be 2-6 days

FYI: If you were unfortunate enough to make a purchase from this company, don't waste your time attempting to call. If you can manage to call during their 4 "open" hours, you will get hung up on automatically after 10 minutes presumably because of their high volume from their terrible service commitments

“10 days product or response”
• Previous review

I ordered SIX canvas prints more than 10 days ago. The "normal" production time is 24-48 hours with 2-6 days shipping. My order is apparently still in the "processing" stage. I have sat on hold multiple times only to be hung up on because of "call volume" and can't get a response email. Guess I'll have to report this as a fraudulent charge to my bank because I don't think I'm getting the products I paid for NEVER AGAIN.

Michela S.
1 review
“The product is excellent.”

The dress I bought through Lightinthebox is of excellent manifacture and Ita colours are sell combine. Thanks to the model, I seem Thunder than I rally am.

Kelli A.
7 reviews
“Wonderful Experience”

I love the way the picture look on canvas, this is the second time I have order pictures. The price is right and the delivery service was fast.

Dean S.
1 review
“Horrible customer service”

I ordered a 40 x 60 blanket that was a collage of photographs of my mom my brother and I for Mother's Day. Nowhere on their site does it say that their blanket is actually cropped down to 38 x 53 which is a pretty severe cropping. This resulted in my mom myself and my brothers head being decapitated from the top and bottom of the blanket. I spent two hours trying to call them on their ridiculous customer service line. Their phone line literally hangs up after 10 minutes and 39 seconds you can time it yourself. Forcing you to get back into the queue and wait again to be hung up on 10 minutes and 39 seconds later. I never did get through to them on the phone and I do not think they actually have anyone answering the phones. Furthermore they claim their phone lines are only open from 11 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. which is the shortest customer service I've ever seen on any business on this planet. And yet they claim they have VIP customer service what a joke! They did respond to me within 48 Hours via email and instead of believing me when they knew damn well how much crop they do on their blankets, they asked for photographic evidence. My mom refuses to get a cell phone so she had to get a neighbor to come over to take pictures and then those have to be downloaded and sent to me and then I sent them to Canvas discount. Their response rather than admitting that they drastically screwed up, was well we're sorry you're not happy with what you sent us but you going to have to cut the blanket into pieces and send us a picture of the pieces we know you're not just keeping it before we refund your money. I don't know what kind of sick crazy jackwad would ask somebody's mom to cut up an art project that their son made for them but that's not going to happen I proved you idiot screwed up you didn't apologize and you need to return my money and nobody should ever use these morons again.

S M.
1 review
“Sad.. Mother's Day gift ruined!”
5/14/19 (Bestcanvas, Inc.) website and its Ad was flashing Mother's Day delivery guarantee with a timer count down. My credit card was charged as soon as order placed, but the order wasn't sent out until 5 days later (not the 24 hour processing guarantee), shipping took another 7days (not as promised 2-6 days). I didn't receive my order until 12 days after I paid. Mother did NOT receive her gift on Mother's Day. Mom is Very Sad!!

Kelli M.
1 review
“Not time efficient”

I placed my order on May 2. The order was not processed until May 3, and shipped on May 4. I ordered this in time to be guaranteed delivered by Mother's Day and it did not arrive in time. I would add a picture for credibility if I had them....also, they don't tell you how they mail your order or give you a tracking number to see where your package is.

Jeanette B.
1 review
“The picture was great!”

I ordered a 40x48 canvas of my son and his family of four standing on The Great Wall In China! It was a surprise for them and they loved it! Highly recommend these canvas pictures!!

Robert M.
1 review
“There word is good.”

Ordering was simple, payment was safe and easy, delivered on time, the product is exactly as expected, I will order from this company again, now to figure out my next picture on canvas.

Cindy B.
1 review
“Photo Pillow”

Love the pillow! Came out looking really nice. Really simple to work the order process! Will definitely be using this company again!

Robert B.
1 review
“Canvas prints”

Incredible canvas prints, at a great price. Have ordered over 100 and haven't had a single problem. Don't think twice, about ordering, people will buy, what you get printed.

Jessica D.
1 review
“I am SO IN LOVE with them!”

Not going to lie, I was pretty scared about ordering canvas photos online. however they came out amazing!! worth every penny! thank you all so much!

Mayury B.
1 review
“Excellent Job!”

It is very responsible, excellent work, I have recommended it and everyone has been happy with their work

Mac B.
1 review

Great service, great turn-around time, great product. I've used it many times and recommend it to everyone.

Lisa L.
1 review
“Excellent for the price”

This is my 5th canvas.., we do them for our grandkids.. excellent quality for the price.. highly recommended...

tristen f.
1 review
“Great service”

They had it created and shipped within no time. The painting was well protected during shipping. I can't be more pleased. Thanks team.

Joseph B.
1 review
“Excellent price, quality and delivery via a user friendly application.”

I have ordered from this company many time and yet to be disappointed...quality work at excellent prices.

Denise S.
1 review
“The photo put on a canvas is Beautiful!”

What a Beautiful way to treasure your family pictures! They do a wonderful job and my huge canvas look almost real life. I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

1 review
“Worth the money”

I was referred to them from a you tube chanel I watch Adeline Zook. They were having a discount so I decided to give them a try since mothers day was around the corner. I was a little worried when the preview picture came out blurry but when I recieved the canvas it looked great and clear. It took me about a week to get. Overall I'll be using then again.