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Tina B.
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An ugly 3x5 framed canvas showed up at our house out of the blue. It was in a very large box that is going to be hard to dispose of. Anyway, no one in our family ordered it, but my son had just graduated from college and we thought it may be a gift so I called them to find out more. They asked for the number on the back to id it. After they got the number, they told me to destroy it and would not give me any other information about it. They told me it was most likely a fraud charge and that we needed to call all of our credit card companies to dispute. Weird that they immediately came to that conclusion without any other information that the number on the back. I asked for the date and amount of the order, since CC companies need that info to look it up. They refused to give me the information and said it was a matter of privacy for the person who ordered it, even if it was fraud. After more investigation we found that it as a fraudulent charge for $300. I think the perpetrator was testing the credit card number because more charges followed, but BestCanvas refused to help in anyway.

Karen B.
1 review
“Unwanted emails!”

I just ordered from this site and am waiting for my order and will review what I think of the result but after I ordered I've received about 5 emails as spam, some about photos that I've had to unsubscribe to. Not happy with that but hopefully I'll be happy with the picture I ordered, and it'll come in a timely manner.

ty e.
1 review
“Worked great for me!”

This company must be hit or miss but my canvas turned out perfect! I was sketched out after reading some reviews but figured id give it a shot and I am very glad that I did. Maybe I got lucky but my wedding photos turned out PERFECT and arrived around 3 days after they were shipped.

Paul C.
1 review
“No product, no communication... NOTHING!”

I made my first order from them about a month ago. I have not recieved it yet. I have sent multiple emails to no reply. No phone answer. 2 weeks ago i did get an email stating product was ready for shipping with a tracking number but the status has been the same for 2 weeks. If i ever recieve my prints i can only hope they are good but at this point i do not have high hopes. Frustrating.


Purchased $100 worth of merchandise and cancelled within the allotted window. They ignored cancellation and shipped anyway - to two different addresses. They promised a full refund but ask I destroy the merchandise and show pics to prove - I did - they never refunded and now I'm out $100 with nothing to show for it. Disgusting. What do you expect from a German company fronting as an American business. Leopards don't change spots. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Peter N.
2 reviews
“Get your dice out. They are only good 50% of the time”

Im learning these discount canvas business are just that. You get what you pay for although sometimes its good sometimes not. Get ready to roll the dice. Ive ordered about eight different canvases. Some are great and others have various issues. The latest had a case of the saggy canvas wrap. Others were possibly installed by someone who could benefit from bifocal glasses. It takes them about a day to respond and then they want you to send a photo of the canvas using a sharp object on the face of it to prove you ruined it. I guess for those who want to pull a fast one on them. Recently, I sent a canvas to a family member. They had to send three of them until they got it right. I just received one but instead of destroying it, I just took it apart and restretched it myself. I wont be ordering from them unless Im feeling lucky and can wait for a replacement.
UPDATE: So I had a initial contact from the person responding to this review but its been nothing but the sound of crickets since. Still waiting for them to follow up on their promise of a non hassle replacement canvas........

Kandi R.
1 review
“Love my canvas”

I feel the quality and fast turn-around time provided by CanvasDiscount is exceptional! I will definitely use this company again!

Jacques F.
1 review
“Acrylic prints are very bad”

I ordered a large acrylic print for my office. There was a lot of bubbling between the print and the acrylic. It was especially bad where the frame was bonded on the back. Additionally the mounting bracketry was not in the box, I am not sure if it was to be sent separately as there was no invoice in the box. The print does not look professional and I could not mount it in my place of business. I wrote an email for a return as per the instructions on their website but had not heard back after six weeks.

A M.
1 review

Wow, these are laughably bad metal prints. Like a car wrap sticker put on a piece of metal. Horrible quality, and not printed on the metal as it is supposed to be. I got an acrylic to compare during a sale and that one is slightly better (even though it is plexiglass and not acrylic) only because the plastic shows some gloss/shine in front of the print. But it is still the same sticker, just with plastic in front of it instead of stuck on a piece of metal. Horrible quality, do not order. (Their canvasses are fine, fyi.) I have had much better aluminum and acrylic prints elsewhere online.

Lupe P.
1 review
“I was a very happy person”

I have been so satisfied with all that I have gotten, I bought a blanket that was small but I never took the time to see what the size was. I just assumed it was big and of course it wasn't but I was happy regardless. It was beautifult

Melissa E.
1 review

I ordered two prints for a gift for my friend, knowing that these would arrive exactly on time for her birthday. I bought additional prints to qualify for free shipping, with the expectation that this would be a quality product. When I received my order just on time, i had SOMEONE ELSE'S ORDER. I tried to call, but their phone hours were closed. I sent an email and within 18 hours did not get a response (they reply within 24 hours supposedly). So I called them and told them the situation. They immediately put in a "reprint" with 2 day shipping. I asked if i can get a credit for my order since this was NOT my fault and I did not get the product/service I paid for. They said NO and that it was either or. Throughout the conversation they got confused with what i was saying as well, and were not easy to communicate with. I settled for just the actual product i paid for, hopefully now just 3 days late, and too late for the birthday gift. Let's see how this one goes....

Carl N.
1 review

The canvas prints turned out better then I imagined. Super fast processing and shipping.... absolutely perfect!

1 review
“Great quality, great price, fast service”

Came quick, Great quality, bright, and great discounts. I'll order again for sure. Easy to use site, easy to upload image and make adjustments and you can't beat the prices.

Frankie S.
1 review
“Great prices, fast shipping and amazing quaintly”

Ive been using the site for about 3-4 months an I have never been unhappy with the service, you cant find a cheaper price anywhere an the shipping is fast

Maria b.
1 review

I love them I'm very happy with the canvas product the quality is amazing I keep order more of the canvas puctures

Lorrie S.
1 review

I have done several prints thru Canvas Discount but really love the 30 X 40 walls are covered with all my canvas prints.....they are awesome and everyone loves them

Alice P.
1 review

Your company did a great job on our order. The canvases turned out great and the timeline that we received them in was great. Thank you!

Tom W.
1 review
“10 Canvases for 16' high, 36' long apartment wall”

These are stunning in my apartment. Very inexpensive way to ad color to a huge grey room. I used the TapHanger method to mount to dry wall which worked perfectly.

You won't be disappointed with these canvases.

Janis S.
1 review

I have a wall of all shapes and sizes of canvas prints of my family!! I love them!!!I have a wall of all shapes and sizes of canvas prints of my family!! I love them!!!I have a wall of all shapes and sizes of canvas prints of my family!! I love them!!!

Melanie W.
1 review
“Excellant buy”

Got the gigantic canvas of my brothers and sisters for my mother and it was fantastic. It was a great Buy looks great on the wall I even bought the hangers to add to it extra cost but it was worth it

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