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Peaceable Kingdom?This peaceable kingdom is a socialist kingdom more suited to a police state. The volunteers may be animal friendly but most certainly are not people friendly. The atmosphere is an un-caring fierce one controlled by the volunteers to put humans leaving an animal or wishing to adopt an animal 'in their place' and treat people as an un-welcome interruption in their 'busy' day. I recently found an animal in a wooded area, left it in one of my pet carriers under their awning as the web site states they open at 11:00 and it was only 10:40; I had to get to my real work-a-day job. I thought I was doing the right thing rather than leaving it in the woods! Did I learn my lesson. This snotty little teen comes out threatening me that she will call the police as I am abandoning an animal. I explained that it was not my animal; I was leaving it at a shelter, not abandoning it, and she angrily threatened me again with 'abandonment' as if it were my pet, telling me that if I'm holding it, it's mine and that I have to fill out the 'proper' documentation. I went inside and left my license for her to copy feeling like I was the bad person. Then I remembered that three years ago I'd visited there with my grand-daughters to view their cats and dogs in filthy enclosures with an eye towards adoption, and was treated the same way, being told that wanting a pet was no guarantee that I would 'qualify' for one. I was told to come back when they were not so busy (I was one of only three people searching at the time) and a young man told me to not get my hopes up. I wound up purchasing an animal from a pet shop instead where I was treated with respect and courtesy, as someone who wanted to give a pet a home, the opposite of how I was treated by these unruly overbearing pet politicians who seem to view humans as evil interruptions of their heroic efforts to house pets 'their way'.

Tip for consumers: Beware that Peaceable Kingdom is NOT a people friendly place to adopt or drop off a rescued animal. Truly you would be better served and with respect and dignity by going to an SPCA or just purchasing a pet from a pet shop where you are valued for what you can offer

1 review
1 helpful vote

Many users are very rude and juvenile, and the quality of answers-- and questions too for that matter -- is poor. There are more trolls than there are helpful people in the politics and religion sections. The rudest and most insulting answers often get the most thumbs up.

The site could be cleaned up if Yahoo did not rely on user reporting to police the site. One higher level user can actually report and have a question deleted. And, as I imply, many users are unfair. If they don't like a question or answer they will delete it.
What happens is that racist, obscene, insulting, ridiculously childish, personal attacks, and even threatening questions and answers often remain, while perfectly innocent questions and answers are deleted.

This can be proved by a google search: keyword

What Yahoo needs to do is police the site themselves.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I was an active member on the Ramadan section of Yahoo answers and I thought it would be a good place to learn about the Islamic religion. Boy was I wrong. Unfortunately, that place is filled with potential Islamic terrorists and many white supremacists who literally said they would kill all Muslims if they had a gun. That place needs some serious monitoring, and the monitoring should be escalated to people who have more authority than simple online mods.

5 reviews
1 helpful vote

if you are having trouble with signing into yahoo with your EMAIL and you find a sulution, plz email me on, it will really help!

151 reviews
1,878 helpful votes

I love how they don't filter or censor the content posted by users. This makes the responses very rich in a wide variety of opinions and takes on the subject of asked questions. I think it definitely beats Ask (just my opinion)

23 reviews
34 helpful votes

This is a site where you can post a question and anyone with a Yahoo! Answers account can answer it. There are supposedly rules and guidelines set up, but the rules seem to only be applied to some questions and answers, but not others. There is no consistency whatsoever in how the rules are enforced.

This site seems to be THE place of trolls and attention seekers. Trolls are those who just want to push people's buttons. They will post questions that outright insult people, invoke violence, or invoke hate. This is supposed to be against the rules. The attentions seekers will "ask" a question only to argue with the answers that don't agree with them, do not state what they want to hear, or do not validate them in some way. This creates a ridiculous back and forth environment on the part of the attention seeking "asker." It's supposed to be: ask a question, get an answer, not a chat room. There is a no chatting rule, but maybe Yahoo! didn't notice that that was one of their rules when they put in a comment feature where any user can write a comment below each answer.

You used to be able to block the trolls and attention seekers so that you don't have to deal with their "questions" or supposed answers. But then, Yahoo! Answers added a feature where you can post as anonymous. Anonymous users can't and aren't blocked. So a troll or attention seeker can work around being blocked by posting as anonymous. Here's a sarcastic "good job Yahoo."

There are times when you click on a question that does follow the rules and seems pretty harmless and you get a "this question has been deleted or is under review" message. Sometimes the person will re-post and mention that their question got deleted so they are posting it again. When this happens it means their question was reported. Some users blatantly insult members in their answers and others respond in the comment section saying that they have reported the answer, but the answer remains. So it seems like every day is opposite day on Yahoo! Answers when it comes to the rules.

Both trolls and attention seekers are free and clear to clutter up Yahoo! Answers with their "questions" while legitimate questions and answers are removed for violating the "rules." A few months ago there used to be a feedback site, but I don't know if it's still there. If it is and you go on the feedback site you can see where people post about this and discuss this. But Yahoo! never did anything. What few changes they made seemed to benefit the trolls, attention seekers and spammers and make things worse for legitimate users.

4 reviews
10 helpful votes

When I had a simple question, I'd type it into Google and many of times it led me to Yahoo Answers and I found the answers mostly helpful. From this, I decided to open a Yahoo Account. Within a day I was thoroughly disappointed with the website. I had an innocent question about my dog and I received a comment which quoted "idiot." This infuriated me and I decided to look into the person being so cruel. I discovered many times where they had been very judgmental despite not knowing the full story of the person's question. And this person was receiving many points by simply criticizing and hurting people. I think this is disgusting seeing as they had been like this on many occasions and no one had commented or even flagged them for their behaviour.

Yahoo Answers could improve their website by giving the asker authority to remove a cruel answer if necessary. Stupid questions which have also been posted for the asker's amusement should be checked before posting and then removed if need be.

12 reviews
50 helpful votes

Yahoo! Answers used to be a half-decent site for answering and asking questions. Unfortunately, many of the users have abandoned the site since the new format change back in 2014. Yahoo! Answers was known for its whole lifespan for stupid questions and answers, and the problem has been exacerbated in recent years, remaining the troll haven it always ways. These days the trolls are usually not the funny ones, but tryhardy trolls who throw a lot of provocative content in and leave out the funny. The community - depending on the section - often gets hysterical, judgmental, vicious, and otherwise toxic. Furthermore, there is a large presence of radical right users on the site, many of whom would make Fox News look like Obama. In addition, there are a large number of individuals who are very racist or otherwise hateful (especially against Muslims) Some of them are top contributors. Since 2011 or so, the moderation for the site has become abysmal, and relies on users to police the site. Racist, sexist and other bigoted content has been up for years, and often reaches the top results in popular Google searches. Reporting them usually does nothing. Some sections are now unofficial hate sites, and essentially the entire site becomes a meeting ground for hateful people after major events stereotypical of race/religion/nationality/etc. such as riots and terrorist attacks. Since 2014 with the new format change, the site has also become highly buggy. Additionally, one slip up on Yahoo! Answers could cost you your entire Yahoo! account, and they won't tell you why.

However, Yahoo! Answers isn't all bad. There are some sections that still provide good help to people who ask, such as the Mathematics and Physics, as well as the Video & Online Games and Computers & Internet sections. Do keep in mind that there may be occasional troll spillover.

Avoid the Current Events, Religion & Spirituality, Other - Cultures & Groups, Other - Society & Culture and Politics sections at all costs. These sections are full of hate mongers. Another section to avoid is Gender Studies, which is full of antifeminists. The LGBT section is full of trolls and often receives spillover from homophobes, too. The list of sections to avoid I provided is not exhaustive.

The Polls & Surveys section is largely used by teens and underage users (i.e. preteens) who want to rant, with some wingnut spillover, so don't expect any good questions and answers from that section unless you want to have some fun. A lot of the countries on the Travel section (for example, China) are full of negativity that often cross the line into racism.

At this point, I would not recommend Yahoo! Answers as a source of information, as you can find better information on other sites. If you want to use Yahoo! Answers, you should avoid all topics that people are emotional over, only using it for hard, emotionless facts. If you do ask an emotional question, do not expect a lot of intelligent answers. You are better off using sites like Quora for better answers.

5 reviews
22 helpful votes

Sometimes you get very good answers and other times you can't believe what the heck you are reading.

23 reviews
9 helpful votes

I asked if somebody knew about the name of a coach wallet found very similar question about other items. I received a letter from the Geastapo, sorry yahoo answer with a quiz the questions were ambiguos, and some even absurd and the answer were even worst. Is not a violation to brive offering points, yet anything can imply you want to chat or something else . Who make those guidelines people that scaped the victorian era or Mc Carthism?

69 reviews
413 helpful votes

I agree, it is easy to violate their terms. Still, this site rocks and I love it!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Why did yahoo block or delete my account when I was using it. When I send mail from another box to my yahoo account this is what I get: Remote host said:
554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account (uch****_****** [-5] -
I have written to yahoo pleading to them that my life information is there and they should unblock it for me. Since 48 hours I have not received any response from them. Please can anyone help me

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have had 3 of my questions that I asked removed because they apparently "violated the Community Guidelines". I read over these guidelines very carefully afterwards and found absolutely nothing wrong with them. One of my questions that was removed was asking for opinions on what could be causing my stomach discomfort with a a description of my symptoms. I didn't use any "hateful words" or "exploiting the community". Obviously there are trigger words or phrases that have your question flagged immediately.

10 reviews
14 helpful votes

I like this site a lot. If there's anything I want to know about any website or any topic, I find this website a great open forum where people discuss and share their own experiences. You can't always find answers to many questions, but most of the times you find honest people giving you adbices about whatever you want to know.

7 reviews
23 helpful votes

I get excellent answers to my questions. It is good for emailing, and good search browser. I prefer to over using, it is a lot better then that. And it is just as good as using Google as a search browser.

4 reviews
15 helpful votes

Don't get the entire point of this service after using it for about 2 months. For the most part people ask questions that are easily googleable and/or simply want their homework done (essay written, problem solved etc).

Providing a quality answer takes time, and with just points for helpful responses, I didn't see any sense in sticking with that service.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

One feature of this site is the ability to post questions "anonymously" and as a result, should you use that feature someone goes through and has your questions removed along with everyone else's who posts "anonymously" (regardless of context or content) and your account gets suspended by the Yahoo Answers team. I decided I wasn't paying for Yahoo to be able to suspend my service, so am "firing" Uverse as my provider.

Yahoo is a little high handed in suspending email accounts and services if they feel your political beliefs are not in line with theirs. I still believe we have a Constitution in the USA.
I emailed Yahoo three times and got no answers back or any explanation about how long they planned to block me from Answers.
Uverse suggested using Outlook or gmail.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Yahoo Answers is an online community in which participants ask and answer questions on a wide range of topics, from the serious to the delightfully trivial. These guidelines are here to help you do your part in making the community a safe and enriching place. We expect each member to conduct themselves with integrity, decency, and respect, and your use of Yahoo Answers is subject to the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines and the Yahoo Terms of Service.

26 reviews
63 helpful votes

This is for sure a pretty cool question and answer type of site!

18 reviews
45 helpful votes

One of the best sites to get any question answered.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Though some Yahoo answers are just misleading, it is a good source to gather some information. Fairly recommend it.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I like the feedback mechanism and the crowds reply to a certain question. However, at some point some of the answers are motivated by some interested individuals.

Most of the time, it is a marketing campaign or a sales pitch.

139 reviews
1,400 helpful votes

Very useful site for parents and kids to help with school. I had to use it to check on how to help my son with his homework. Could not live without it.

6 reviews
5 helpful votes

best for small clarifications.

21 reviews
53 helpful votes

Very interesting for finding some ideas and information. The reviewers are not experts usually but you can get some good information and continue on your own to check the facts.

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