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Just a student finishing game design. I will be opening up a game studio soon.

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Specialises in computer troubleshooting.


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18 Reviews by Bene


The reviews are meaningless and biased, so they have intentions to ruin your business. Many of reviewers there are simply arrogant, conceded and ungrateful. They're here to remove positive reviews, but keep the negatives there. Now I review sites that are bad, but I also review sites that are good. This one is just plain bad. If you want to get good reviews, SiteJabber is a way to go - sponsored by the National Science Foundation.


Meh, they want to talk about Obama and Romney, but you should know that I hate politics so much. I can't stand with their stupid IQ. Therefore, stay away.

UPDATE 6/11/2014: Full of "Patriots" and paranoid schizophrenic people. Not again would you visit these deranged chumps.


They really went downhill. Before it was interesting, now it's close to Sodahead. Jesus Christ, dude. If I want to debate, I rather socialize with people outside. Just stay away from this.


This is the same website, but they changed the link address by removing the hyphens. This is copied from my previous review:

"An user-created top ten lists website and Japan is #1 on the most hated countries list? Umm... news flash: The People's Republic of China lies more than any country, period. What they claim to be on their ideology is irrelevant. They don't believe in democracy, they are authoritative as North Korea today. In other words, they are fascist left.

Also I came across the most hottest women in the world list and it turns out that Angel Locsin of Bulacan, Philippines is #1. My father is originally from Bulacan, but she being rated as #1? I still don't believe it. Women come from personalities that are meant to be hot in terms of sophistication, not looks. Beauty remains on looks. Seriously... who believes them?

Japan is still one of our strongest allies and the war is already over. We are better off with having more Latinos and Philippinos in the United States as the minorities. Black Americans after they were served as victims, slaves and objects are now part of the US majorities. Still, the type I/II and the type IV/V skin-colored United States Majorities fight each other since the segregation. In the future, I may get the feeling that they will go against who are type III/IV skin-colored people mixed of the Spaniard ancestry; which are: Latinos and Philippinos. I always make sure nothing will ever happened when they come to my brother and sisters. We work hard and better as they are today. Please, the ladies I pick are not for beauty-looking; I pick by personalities with sophistication. Us men have to know the ladies before we like 'em. That's the truth of socializing.

If you think the way I do, do so to take my advice and if not, look somewhere else. This website is pure lies and so is MyWOT."


For a Finnish company, this is completely bogus. How can people fall for this? Web of Trust, yeah right. Web of Turd is more like it. Well, just as soon as I looked up FeministFrequency.com from their website, the site rating is rigged possibly by multiple accounts of the same user. I am sure feminists and the web of turd users are the real trolls here, not anybody else. My posts get thumbs down quick and I had to delete 'em. SiteJabber and Trust My Web are all I have. It is hilariously pathetic that MyWOT is trusted by their own community from the site rating, all 95/100. Seriously? The only best way to not trust WOT services is to DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. You can simply delete it in your profile settings from the MyWOT forums.

If anybody opposes my opinion seriously, I pity you and feel sorry for you, so sorry that you're here to conform like therapists and money-making politicians. It's best to stay away from the WOT services. I thought Finland has a clean government, but in reality, the country has a long way to go. The Finnish government cannot get rid of this mess indefinitely. The WOT services is corrupted as JP Morgan and Microsoft. Whatever you do, just don't trust MyWOT. Feel free to spit on their company's floor because we really need to get them off our internet. 1 out of 5 stars.


Let's face it, there are left wings and right wings in this site. Neither of them will go non-partisan nor apolitical. I'm an apolitically type of person, so why bother going to this tainted orange soda website? Look, I hate democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives and all political sides, so they don't seem to care that we're suffering a financial crisis. They love printing money that don't worth much anymore. When Bill Clinton was president even though he is claimed that he suck as well, everything was great. Then Walker Bush came by and ruined everything. Obama made the economy even worse. The point being is there's a reason why not to be in any affiliated parties even while making opinions on this hellhole. I think they shouldn't do economics because they don't know how to spend money right.

They seem to blame Obama for everything. Okay, so? Now they're shocked that there was a shooting at Virginia Tech? Their campus is a gun-free zone and the campuses at the UNR as well as the UNLV are allowed to have CCWs. I want mandatory background check for owners, I want an armed republic, but why not have abortions and death penalties? Sheesh, can a guy have both views from two sides? Of course, but none can work in most ways. THEY DON'T CARE. That's how stupid their critical thinking is.

This site is definitely the worst place to visit now. I believe they are making changes for awhile after I joined up. Looks like it's Facebook for opinions. It's time to never be political. Hey, I can express my thoughts whatever I want. It's a free country, right? Besides, politics is stupid to me. Like hell I would vote for somebody I don't even know.

UPDATE: As of Spring 2013, I became apolitical. From now on, I had to edit my very first review.


I came here to get walkthroughs in case if I'm stuck in a level, but the message boards are terrible. The moderators are too strict for a "private business" even though it's not. If you have free speech, these guys from San Francisco (C|net is an CBS-owned corporation) won't let you have it there; not even with the post you create and they think it's offensive. They believe in some left-wing fascism or something. Now trolls are all over the place like they think it's a fun place over there. Under-21ers here and there, you know? Either way, right now I believe YouTube is the only way to get walkthroughs. God forbid, I have insulted their moderators and called them East Coast BSers. I'll leave the mods in their hands and have myself stay away from this crap.


I'm seeing signed-up users who have less comments and less to no complaints. What am I seeing here, really? Sorry, I'd stay away from this crap.

EDIT: One of their users has been stealing my reviews. Let's get these guys and their staff off our internetz!


The guys who made Dragon Ball Z better than the original animated series that was based on the manga. With the jokes, pop culture references, running gags (Krillin Owned Counter) and Ghost Nappa, this series gave me the laughs big time. Keep in mind that this is a fan-based non-profit parody using their technology out of multimedia learning, so if you're a manga reader like myself, this suits you very much.


I like some of the functionality including the Bing Rewards, but a huge miss is sorting the searches in descending dates. Yes, it's not Google because that's how the name is for. BING - But It's Not Google. I only use the searches for Bing Rewards, but overall, Google is all we got.


The thumbs up/down rating system fails so often and there isn't to improve the answers compared to answers.com (which it was good until they change the registering mechanism to Facebook). Most answers are not accurate, they almost feel like opinions or just attacking people. Seriously, if I want to improve answers, I research and I answer.


It's an user based love-hate page which has to be the crappiest yet fixed ratings they have. It lacks edit post option and the users are definitely ignorant. The ratings might have been fixed with Twitter, so you will see their tweets at the bottom that ruins it. You won't delete your account on this website too, so it's better off to stay away from this failed opinion website.


Poor journalism that they're not even gamers. I bet those jerk money lovers love Call of Duty too much, they put CryEngine and Unreal Engine in a weak spot. I dunno, so why should I give a hell what they review for? They don't even like most games from Japan and Italy either.


If you love South Park and you're a fan of Trey Parker/Matt Stone, this is for you. I love what I can do here; do quizzes, play games, watch full episodes uncensored and make multiple avatars of my own. Who can't resist Eric Cartman?


Amazon may be a great place to buy as a prime member, but the message boards are really poor to discuss in. With the "Do you think this post adds to the discussion" feature makes it an useless system wherever you go. It is the only system for their forums, but some kids had to abuse it just to make a fool out of themselves. Most forums don't have that feature.

Other than that, I was thinking of getting a fighting pad controller for the PS3. However, they ran out and it costs more than $35 to get it from... United Kingdom. Some prices of the products the other sellers handed out are more than their original prices. It's unbelievable to have Gears of War on the PC being sold secondhand for $33 on Amazon compared to $20 on Windows Games Live Marketplace.

What's good for me is the prime membership. They may give me free shipping, but I'm still furious with the warehouse deals selling a game "like new" for $33. Seriously, Jeff Bezos sold me the Kindle Fire, then trying to sell people with the HD version and now he wants to compete against Apple for a Kindle smartphone? He makes me laugh to ever think of going against the big two of the computer industry. They don't have a lot apps, but I'm sure they're a waste. I'm giving it a 3/5. The prime membership may be strong, but the customer services mentioned by others along with the buyers/sellers community are weak. I suggest not go to the discussion boards.


It's such a waste of time and a worthless addiction. Not to mention that Mark Zuckerberg is definitely taking your personal data in use for tracking down by the CIA and the FBI. If I were you, I'd delete the account, now and god forbid.


The message boards are not in moderation; they have bots, spammers and attention whores crawling on the most popular shows, movies and games and end up with a flood of unnecessary topics. Most message board users are white Anglo-Saxon protestants, anti-Semites and Islamophobics from ages 14 to 16. Jeff Bezos needs to take a look on IMDB's moderation lately. None of IMDB's moderators are taking actions against them. They're very unprofessional. I think this site needs a complete shut down and send Col Needham to court. This may be a good place to look at user reviews, but the message boards are indeed the complete mess. I would not recommend it if you're going to talk to somebody at their message boards. The dumb kids at IMDB think they know movies, but they really don't. I know how to deal with movies since I experienced multimedia in college. If I were you, I would try going on Metacritic for the user reviews. If not, then Rotten Tomatoes may be your last resort.


It is definitely the best website to rent games online and pay secondhand games for less than what you find at Gamestop. Rent a game you want, and if you like it, you can keep it for a price listed. They'll send you a cover case that will be coming from the mail. If not, send it back. The little gripe though is the plans are pricy unless you got enough cash left from your checking account, pick the plan you really want. If it's too much for you, downgrade the plan at anytime. It's worth using if you're a gamer. Nothing can beat Gamefly for renting games, period.

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