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Travelzoo reviews

51 reviews
590 Madison Avenue 37th Floor
New York, NY 10022
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Reading the voucher to me, which I already had over and over- I know what it said, it said room with breakfast. (in 32 reviews)


I recently bought an after midnight ten course tasting menu at a restaurant I had always wanted to go to. (in 11 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I purchased two vouchers for two, two night stays at The Clevelands House Resort in the Muskokas, Ontario. The TravelZoo site said cancel within seven days for a full refund, after the seven days "the hotel policy prevails". Like a smart shopper I checked the resort's website and it said cancel seven days prior to your reservation date for a full refund. We had to cancel and I contacted The Clevelands House. They agreed that I was entitled to a full refund and I had to contact TravelZoo, which I did. I eventually ended up speaking to Jamie and her boss Lana (real names? I don't think so). They said I wasn't entitled to a refund because it was after their seven days. I told them about the resort's cancellation policy and they basically told me to "get lost". I said I would sue them in small claims court and Lana said "do whatever you want". I contacted the resort again, and they couldn't have been nicer. They emailed TravelZoo on my behalf and got no response. The resort couldn't give me a refund because they had not been paid by TravelZoo.

If you read TravelZoo's fine print it says all disputes have to go to their dispute resolution company. I called them but they had never heard of TravelZoo. SOOOOO I contactacted my credit card company, they investigated and charged back the amounts to TravelZoo. Looks god on you Jamie and Lana and whoever owns TravelZoo.

My advice? NEVER DEAL WITH TRAVELZOO. Go to Groupon or We have dealt with them many times and been very satisfied.

It's not worth trying to deal with the donkeys at The Zoo.

New Reviewer

RIPOFF!! Purchased a voucher (this is the first..and last time I used/will use Travelzoo) that was supposed to be valid for an Oregon wine tasting pass for two. After purchasing the voucher, I was required to redeem the voucher at the vendor's ( website. However, the vendor refused to accept the voucher. Also, I noticed that the vendor indicated that the passes are good through 12/31/14, even though Travelzoo advertised that the pass was good through 12/31/15. I called Travelzoo and was told that it was up to me to call the vendor and work out the problems with the voucher and the inconsistent dates. Of course, there was no answer at the vendor's phone number. Thankfully, Travelzoo honored my request to cancel my purchase since it was within their 7 day cancellation period. This is a very strange business model--purchasing a voucher from a third party and then having to deal with the vendor to get them to honor Travelzoo's voucher. This particular purchase was relatively small, $29 so the risk in dealing with Travelzoo was small. However, many Travelzoo offerings are much more expensive and the risk far greater. Buyer beware--maybe it's better to deal with the vendor directly and forget about Travelzoo and their shoddy business practices.

Tip for consumers: Deal with the vendor directly. It might cost you a bit more, but you eliminate the risk of dealing with Travelzoo.

Ask Michele about Travelzoo
New Reviewer

Does not honor 7-day refund policy! Stick to Groupon, LivingSocial and Amazon Local for your local deals. Customer service, together with Hotwire, among the worst customer service I've ever dealt with.

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE THIS SITE! If there was a zero star, it would apply here. I purchased 7 movie vouchers - each good for 2 movie tickets and popcorn. I tried to use the vouchers, went step by step through dealflicks, only to get the message that "not enough tickets are available to use this voucher". The movie was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which has been out for over a month. I went to the theater and bought our tickets at full price and we were the ONLY ones in the theater. When I called Travelzoo, I got the run around, they asked for "additional information" including proof I purchased the vouchers. I sent that to them. Now, 2 days later, they are asking for pictures of the tickets I purchased to the movie. They sold a product that was no good, fraudulent on it's face, yet they refuse to give a refund. I will be be contacting corporate and posting reviews on every social media website. Also, I am a lawyer and will be seeking all remedies available to me at law and in equity.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Ask Carla about Travelzoo
New Reviewer

I received a dinner voucher via teavelzoo @ a fine restaurant the Adolphus in Dallas. While enquiring about a certain date within the guidelines of the voucher (No Fri-Sun, No Holidays). I was told that the restaurant couldn't honor the request because the entire establishment was rented for the evening. What do you do when u initially call and it's available then you make air reservations for your special day then u call back and the restaurant says "sorry" someone rented the entire restaurant for the night. Well, that seemed like anspecial exception so I called Travelzoo to NO Concern or Help. At first the manager Crystal wouldn't come to phone after multiple requests?!? Of course we can't refund the $$ or give u at the least a credit. U r outa luck and so sorry for the Airplane tix u bought. I would not recommend travelzoo, Dr T.....

Tip for consumers: Do not use TavelZoo........ If it's too good to be true your probably right.

Ask Anthony- about Travelzoo
New Reviewer

Do not buy from travelzoo. Most of their deals are just scams and not much of any savings, discount or deal. Horrible cosumer service. Always read their fine prints. I bought a "resort" from them. When I checked out of the hotel I was told that I would have to pay taxes because I bought from travelzoo and not directly from the hotel. There was a bunch of other fees as well. It basically comes out to the same as it would, if you buy directly from the vender/hotel, with all the taxes they charge at the end of your stay. Travelzoo costumer service could care less since they already got their money and wont refund. The hotel could care less, and told me to just take it up with travelzoo.

Tip for consumers: Dont buy anything from Travelzoo, and always read the fine print.

Ask janey about Travelzoo
New Reviewer

Do not purchase deals from this sight. They run deals until it's almost expired. Customer service is no help when I explained that I had just purchased my deal to learned that it had already expired. Just stated I should have viewed the voucher after purchasing so I could have viewed fine print where the expiration date was noted - then I could have gotten a refund since it would be within 7 days.....sounds like a scam!

Tip for consumers: Do not purchase deals from this sight. They run deals until it's almost expired. Customer service is no help when I explained that I had just purchased my deal to learned that it had already expired. Just stated I should have viewed the voucher after purchasing so I could have viewed fine print where the expiration date was noted - then I could have gotten a refund since it would be within 7 days.....sounds like a scam!

Ask Jerusa about Travelzoo
New Reviewer

I had a great experience with Customer Service. My name is Stephanie I spoke with Aaron and he was very nice and he put me through to Beverly who was WONDERFUL she helped me make my purchase. I had her on the phone for almost and hour and she was just great and so patience. LOVE LOVE TravelZoo

New Reviewer

Buyer beware! I have had multiple incidents where I did not check the fine print before purchasing vouchers through Travelzoo Local. Two, totaling $50, were lost due to short expiration windows. The third was the worst. The language on the purchase of a Loews Portofino Mandara Spa offer led my mother-in-law and I to believe we would pay $99 for both a massage and a facial. We found out a check-out that we had to pay for one of the services. Between the two of us, this was a $450 mistake (in addition to the $198 we paid for the vouchers.) I contacted Travelzoo Local about this and was offered a $5 voucher for a future purchase. It's our fault for not reading the vouchers properly before purchase. I just want to warn others to read the fine print carefully or you will be sorry.

New Reviewer

I tried Travelzoo for the first time and was exposed to high pressure sales tactics from their vendor Casablanca Express. The bottom line is Casablanca did not deliver & Travelzoo would not refund. I would never use this site again and others should beware of this site.

New Reviewer

You have to be VERY careful when you buy Travelzoo. Do your homework online, NO purchases after midnight or drunksurfing.

Sometimes they are deal, sometimes they are NOT. I recently bought an after midnight ten course tasting menu at a restaurant I had always wanted to go to. I recently realized I had saved $6, 3%, and locked myself into Travelzoo's boilerplate when the restaurant dramatically dropped the A menu to a C, and then closed for remodeling for 3-4 months. Be VERY careful, READ the fine print or you will almost certainly regret it eventually. Check ALL the limitations and exclusions for menu, expiration date, holidays, and then imagine the worst that could happen to you that you might have to fight with Travelzoo about whether it met their boilerplate or not, and reconsider if it's still a deal. And they will try and pay you off in travelzoo credit, not credit card credit.

$#*! happens, and in my experience Groupon is the best at fixing it. We NEVER buy Living Social, WAY too many limitations and fine print, and it took me months correcting my Travelzoo ten course tasting menu mistake, doing a lot of customer service training at Travelzoo along the way. So be really careful or you will wind up spending some online time with many semi-unempowered people at Travelzoo until you finally will hook up with Cortni. Thanks Cortni, you weren't the first but you were the best.

Travelzoo is NOT a member of BBB, has a lousy B- rating and has 49 complaints closed with BBB in the last 3 years | 27 closed in last 12 months...THAT is very bad.
FILE a BBB complaint if you cannot resolve your issue with Travelzoo.
You can do it online or over the phone. NO cost.
BBB WILL try and help you. Good luck.

New Reviewer

Scam artistry at its finest. Stole $39 from me for a restaurant voucher, to a restaurant that wasn't even open, but was still taking online reservations. If that's not ripping people off for their hard earned money, I don't know what is. Customer service repeatedly told me they would do nothing for me, not even a travelzoo credit?! And why would they do anything, for me or anyone else as it appears? They don't, because then they get to keep all of that stolen money. With such poor ratings, bad reviews on scambook, scamadvisor, complaintsboard, key words "voucher fraud", I wish I would have researched before I purchased. They got me once, never again. Read these reviews before you buy, and think again!!

New Reviewer

After booking 2 hotel rooms through Travelzoo, I upgraded the rooms to have breakfast as well as spa tubs. Upon check in the gal at the desk said it was a continental breakfast. I was very surprised and said that my understanding was a full breakfast. She was willing to accommodate the request if I sent her verification from Travelzoo. We checked in and called customer service. Aaron was almost annoyed speaking with me. Reading the voucher to me, which I already had over and over- I know what it said, it said room with breakfast. I then asked for his supervisor. After being put on and off hold for 28 minutes, Lana said she'd have to bring it up with HER supervisor and would quickly get back to me since we were already in the hotel and needed an answer. That was Friday, today is Monday. I just called customer service and Linda said oh there is $10 promo code for you. I explained the poor customer service as well as it was a $28 upgrade for the full breakfast( as well as the $39 extra dollars per room) and I was offered $10 promocode. I asked for one per room since I purchased both room vouchers. Very sad customer service.
Finding this site "site jabber" I was surprised to see all the bad reviews for Travelzoo. I've used them a long time and thought I would have been more appreciated as a valued customer. Beware of what you are buying before you hit that "buy now" button.

New Reviewer

I don't really know if this reflects badly on the restaurant, or on travelzoo, so I am covering my bases and saying it's BOTH. I had purchased a $25 deal at Kahunaville in Las Vegas for 5 drinks at the bar and when I had gone up to the bar to get them, I was avoided like the plague. I waited until after we ate to try again.... and still took a good 15 minutes for someone to finally wait on us, when it wasn't even that busy since it was the middle of the day during the middle of the week. He was TOLD by someone else to go wait on us, and rolled his eyes as he walked over. We couldn't figure out if it was because I was holding a piece of paper and they assumed it was a coupon... or if it was because we weighed more than 120 pounds. I can honestly say, it was the worst Vegas experience we had, and we will never go to that bar again. If you're not going to help the customers, then don't offer the coupon!!!! If we would've had a good time, I would've tipped well, but since the service WAS SO BAD, we walked out after one drink. (Which I'm sure was their original goal anyways). It's too bad also because the food and service at the restaurant part of Kahunaville was VERY good. It upset my friend so much that she actually went on a diet when we got back home. :S

Apprentice Reviewer

Another flash travel deal site. The deals seem pretty good. But, you must act fast because a lot of times they will sell out quickly.

New Reviewer

My first experience with Travelzoo and my last. I tried to get a $15 refund for a voucher that we never received because of an invalid email address. Could not contact them because they are not open on weekends so had to pay full price instead. Was told since I was outside of the 7 day refund limit, I would not be refunded. Seemed for a first time customer, and for $15 unused voucher, that you verified I never received, you might make an exception, apparently not . I will continue to use living social and groupon as they are a lot more flexible with refunds and appreciate my business.

New Reviewer

I purchased a voucher to a local comedy club; however, when I went to use the voucher, I was told it was invalid because the comedian had "NO PASSES" beside the show time. Well, I searched the comedy club's website and practically every single show had this notation beside it; out of four months' worth of shows, MAYBE three show times didn't say "NO PASSES" (and there's a different performer every single week)!

Needless to say, I won't be purchasing from TravelZoo again -- they may be offering deals, but you're losing money in the long run if the venue doesn't allow you to redeem the deal! Save your money and/or stick to Groupon or LivingSocial; I've used those sites several times, and I've never had any redemption issues!

New Reviewer

I wish I had read the reviews before I had purchased a travel voucher for 2 nights in Philadelphia. Forget about Customer Service they are no help at all! This year as everybody knows-snow was a big factor in everyone's travel plans, it just seams like knowbody cares, just give us the money. I am still having a huge problem redeeming this travel voucher. I will never ever buy Please be aware of just what you are buying.

New Reviewer

Stay away from Vacation Express ..what a way to wreck your entire vacation. Booked through TravelZoo for Vacation Express's All-inclusive with Nonstop from Detroit to Riveria Maya in Dec 2013, piad for it in Jan14 and ready to go in 8 days,,except Vacation Express tells us today that the trip does not include airfair..haha just the hotel stay and pickup/transfers from airport in Cancun, no air tickets, no nonstop from Detroit, unless we pay additional $492pp today! What a joke AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS

New Reviewer

I am done using Travelzoo - there customer service is terrible. I am amazed that in today's competitive environment they can have the attitude they have towards customers. I had problems with a hotel vouchers I was unable to use due to snowstorms in the northeast and cancelled flights, they were of no help to me, and I ended up not being able to use $300 of vouchers.

New Reviewer

If I could give this site no star I would. Customer service is worthless. This place is a rip off. It's not even worth buying anything on here just to save money because you will end up spending more than you intend and the headache is just not worth it. Stay away. I've blocked them from my email list. I am a big online buyer but this site is definitely not worth it

New Reviewer

Travelzoo Customer Service is worthless when it comes to resolving difficulties involved with redeeming a voucher.

New Reviewer

BEWARE !! I had purchased two vouchers TRAVELZOO promoted using a local eatery in Vancouver ( La Gavroche )which has since closed and gone bankrupt after 30 years in operation, I tried numerous times to contact travelzoo for a refund as per their policy to which there is no reply , no direction , so result. DO NOT BUY VOUCHERS unless you are prepared to eat the loss so to speak , because if the vendor closes, you appear to be on your own , Travelzoo does not care.

New Reviewer

BEWARE! Do not buy travel vouchers from Travelzoo. I purchased a 3 day houseboat trip voucher as a gift, trying to find a date that worked for everyone going took a couple days. I finally called the company to reserve the boat 5 MONTHS in advance and was informed the dates I wanted to travel were unavailable, I had a back and forth with the company and my travel companions a couple times and by the end 7 days had passed. I tried 30+ more dates including weekdays and weekends, all of which were unavailable. They continuously tried to upsell me to a more expensive boats and said the only time available was immediately, which was impossible due to my schedule and inability to leave work without advanced warning. I informed Travelzoo and they too called the company and had no luck finding available dates. They responded I should try to sell my voucher (even though they know there are no available dates), but offered no assistance, no credit and no refund for selling me a voucher that was unusable. I have been a customer for 10+ years and will never purchase through them or click through their site again. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, Travelzoo offers ZERO customer service.

New Reviewer

Promotional voucher for: Westgate River Ranch Resort
3200 River Ranch Blvd Lake Wales, Florida 33898, 800-609-8772

Upon receiving my voucher, I noted the expiration date, Promotional Value Expiration Date: Feb 27, 2014. Since I was not ready to make my reservation, I did not bother to read HOW TO USE THIS VOUCHER portion. Your voucher contains trickery and fraud...If the important provision was that "reservations must be made by December 31, 2013", this info should have been included right along with the promotional expiration dates and especially in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Unless I receive an immediate refund or acceptance of my voucher by Westgate River Ranch Resort, I will be contacting both paypal and Discover Card and my lawyer.

New Reviewer

The worst ever experience !! I booked a beauty session through travelzoo at a local salon when I came to redeem my voucher within the timescale specified the company was no longer trading I have emailed travelzoo on FIVE occasions requesting a full refund and they have not had the common courtesy nor decency to even respond all you get in an automated response !!!!
STAY WELL CLEAR !!!! the only saving grace is this was only for a beauty session thank goodness it wasnt for an expensive holiday PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP !!!!

New Reviewer

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Not only did they refuse to offer me a refund when the Fandango and certificate not what expected but they treated me terribly. I would never recommend using them again. BUYER BEWARE!

New Reviewer

I purchased a two night voucher for MacArthur Place and Spa in Sonoma, CA. When we went to redeem the voucher, we were told it was for one night. When I contacted Travelzoo, they refused to honor the clearly stated 2 nights on the voucher. What a waste of time and what a scam!

New Reviewer

Bought a voucher to give as Christmas gift to friend and within hours, spoke to him and realized that it was in the wrong place and wrong experience. I immediately sent email to their customer service site asking for refund. Did not hear back, so called and was told no refund possible because it was date/event specific ...not what it said many dates available. Was also told it was non-refundable and it was "in the small print"...which is hidden......I offered to take credit rather than refund and was declined. I had lengthy email correspondence and no flexibility. Although not outright fraud, this is very poor public relations and customer service. I'll "eat" my $150 and never use them again.

New Reviewer

I purchased a voucher for $29 for a fandango move and dinner. I purchased it months ago and had actually forgot that I had it until I received an email from Travel Zoo that it was about to expire. There was a linik in the email that requested the voucher # then brought me to Fandango. I clicked on the link selected two tix for a movie it required me to enter my credit card which I did. When I completed it I realized I had actually been charged for the tickets. I emailed Travel Zoo to find out if this was correct (I had already paid $29 for the voucher) and they told me I did not follow the instructions on the voucher that I should have gone to first. I explained I am a brand new customer and I had clicked on the link in the email they sent me. I explained I had already purchased movie tix and would not be able to go to two movies this weekend and could they refund the voucher since I could not use it. They said they do not provide refunds and I should have followed the instructions. I explained I did not realize it would be so complicated to use their product and there must be an allowance they could make for new customers. They again said they have a no refund policy. What horrible customer service. I guess they think its better to keep the $29 than to actually cultivate a return customer. I cant imagine a company like that will last very long. Bottom line is avoid Travel Zoo. The operation they run is borderline scam They do not back the product they sell and customer service is non existent.

New Reviewer

I've bought pretty much hundreds of Groupons, Livingsocials, Spreebirds, and other coupons and there is one thing in common with these companies that TravelZoo DOES NOT have: good customer service, being reasonable depending on the circumstances and an idea of fairness.

I bought a voucher for 2 people to have brunch at a local restaurant and thought it would be something cool to do. Well--it WOULD have been if we were actually able to get reservations to the place. Needless to say, I tried thoroughly and we could NOT.

I called for 3 different Sundays (Sunday Brunch was the deal) and without exaggeration each time I called 7-8 times before either giving up due to constant busy signals or ringing with no pickup--or finally reaching someone (twice only, for the second and third Sundays). Week 1: I called over and over and got busy signal or no answer so I gave up (I called literally 7+ times). Week 2 I called SEVERAL TIMES on Friday and Saturday and finally got someone Saturday who told me that they were all booked up for that Sunday, so I passed hoping that week 3 would work better. Then finally, week 3--the last week to use the voucher--I called on WEDNESDAY several times to get answer and was told they were all booked up for that Sunday. I found out a friend had that same voucher and had booked the week 3 Sunday but 2 WEEKS AGO, and asked them to ask if we could be added on to their reservation and they said the restaurant said: 'no since they were all booked up'. I tried calling on Saturday of the last week and after several attempts got someone who said they were all booked up. Then finally Sunday, I couldn't get through after literally calling 10 times! I gave up, being busy with other things to do.

Important note: I also found out my friend went to the restaurant and had to wait for over an hour as they had overbooked. They had like NO tables.

So here's where Travelzoo comes in. I called them and explained everything and especially that the voucher said 'Reservations Required' but, although I tried MANY TIMES, I was NOT able to get a reservation. I told them that this wasn't a fair business practice and that I was sure they had received other calls about this and the person on the phone did NOT dispute that. We went around in circles with the poor lady on the phone constantly having to go back to her 'supervisor' who flat out said--and for no good reason except 'it is company policy'--that they would do nothing about it and just to use the voucher for face value, like this was something that was fair and good. WTH? I told them that was extremely poor business practice and that they are pretty much reneging on their end of a contract since what they promised was essentially impossible to enjoy, and perhaps to escalate this and to change their policy to judge when the fairness of the voucher is in question. The same answer came back every time (something you would expect from a scam company when they've 'got you'), and I felt bad for the person on the phone (seeing as with Travelzoo all they do for you is the 'my supervisor' runaround, allowing you to take out your frustrations on someone who just repeats 'policy') so I let it go for her sake (there's no reason to make someone feel like crap because the company is basically screwing the consumer and has it built in so their employees get yelled at while they profit).

However, I did tell Travelzoo to file a complaint for me and that I would be taking all action possible to rectify this total unfairness, including telling everyone I know about it. The answer--over and over again--of 'well, you should have called us during the non-expiration time DOESN'T fly, because I was TRYING TO ACTUALLY GO TO THE RESTAURANT DURING THAT TIME.

INSTEAD, how about: 'Hey Travelzoo, why don't you actually screen and make sure that the restaurants you offer and the vouchers you offer ACTUALLY GIVE A FAIR CHANCE TO USE THEM?' or 'Why don't you try some fair business practices and some reasonable thoughts when running your business', instead of just trying to throw it back in the consumer's face?

Honestly, I have seldom had such a bad customer service experience in general, and NEVER EVER with other coupon sites. They get complaints like the one I'm making, they check it out, they try to be reasonable and we work it out. I'M not the one trying to pull a fast one here Travelzoo--YOU ARE. With Travelzoo--they basically say: 'well, you're SCREWED, too bad'.

Nice one Travelzoo; you'll feel THAT one eventually I'm sure.

P.S. I even asked for Travelzoo credit (which I wasn't at all sure I'd be able to use, but just to get a more fair resolution) and they said 'there's nothing we can do'. I said: 'yes there is, you can be reasonable and at least give me credit--you can definitely do that'.

New Reviewer

On August 25th, 2013, I purchased a travelzoo voucher for $29 for 6 bottles of wine. There was an additional charge of $19.99 for shipping and handling to be paid separately. However, my credit card was charged $118 for shipping! I contacted travelzoo for assistance and received an email stating I should contact WSJ Wine directly. I sent 2 emails to WSJ Wine but did not hear from them. I contacted my credit card company seeking a refund for $29 from travelzoo and $118 from WSJ Wine. My credit card company was able to get WSJ Wine to refund the $118 but travelzoo refused to refund my $29 because the voucher was non refundable! Under their refunds policy, the first line states: " We offer full refunds within 7 days but in a deceptive way, they add "all sales are final on date-specific events." The refund policy also states, "in the event of merchant misconduct, we will help you." No, travelzoo did not help me. Their customer support, Cortni, sent an email telling me to contact WSJ Wine directly. I was and am very frustrated and would like my money back!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Bought Chef Sed dinner which he scheduled, but cancelled without explanation or refund. Travelzoo offered no help in obtaining refund. Stay away!

New Reviewer

Bought 2 x Travel Zoo coupons for "Movie Night for 2 w/$100 certificate bonus", good for "any Fandango movie tickets including IMAX and 3-D films", "including new releases". When I tried to buy the tickets for a Sunday morning showing of 'Gravity' on opening weekend Fandango site said "unable to process order please try a different showtime". In fact, all the showtimes on Sunday were unavailable, but Tuesday showtimes were all available through Fandango. I phoned the cinema directly and spoke to the manager - they had plenty of tickets for Sunday. After 30+ total min wait Fandango call center they said they were aware of problem - I had to clear my cookies and "Ray" showed me how, and that did work and I was able to purchase the tickets - but WHY would Fandango put a cookie on my computer to block a weekend sale for Regal Cinemas? Then using Fandango charges an extra 'convenience fee' (= more than a third of the price of the ticket!) to use the TravelZoo prepaid ticket... Lucky me - I spent $56 for $30 worth of movie tickets through Fandango!

The certificate 'deal' was a total rip-off too - the said implied '$100 bonus' which implies that the restaurants on are available. The ad also said "Dining options include Zagat-praised steakhouses and top-rated sushi bars". NOT and I live in a big city. The different 'restaurants' that were available were only places I'd take people to if I wanted to insult them. Plus, you don't get $100 bonus per se - you get a credit towards $100 worth of coupons for sad restaurants that you can only use in, say $5 - $35 increments, depending on the restaurant, if you spend one and a half times that amount at the restaurant, and you can't combine coupons. My $100 worth of coupons would cost me $150 (at least) to use.

I phoned TravelZoo and to complain that the ad was immorally misleading and I pointed out that there weren't any "Zagat-praised" steakhouses etc., available and was told that was too bad for me.

New Reviewer

As a merchant I was upset at a possible refund claim but it has since been resolved. I am suggesting to everyone to read the fine print as close as possible and hope everyone adheres to them. Travelzoo is a terrible company and I suggest you stay away. This Cortni, writing on their behalf as a representative is a lier and a can not resolve any real issues. She promised to be a knowledgable contact and help, but she just ignored me like the others did. Obviously she has no real pull at the company.
If you want to be hosed and treated like garbage, I suggest you buy a travel zoo deal!

New Reviewer

I purchased a "local deal" from Travel Zoo on June 21, 2013. The item was a winery tour, signature wine glasses, and a gourmet lunch for $29, "regularly $62".
We decided to use it on Monday July 29th so I called several days ahead and made a reservation for noon.
There was only one other couple in attendance. The young women took us on a trek of several hundred yards to view a withered collection of staked vines mostly not alive.
We then returned to the main building, a converted biker bar and viewed an empty room that was to have contained last year's crop which was eliminated by a cold snap in May.
We sat at a table and were presented with a tasting menu that cost an additional $24 a couple for three tastes of wine, about six ounces. They were very stingy in filling the glasses, about 1 ounce per taste!
We decided to not participate in this ad hoc wine tasting so they removed our two free glasses. There was also three microscopic pieces of cheese to taste.
Finally it was time for our $62 gourmet lunch. We each received one half a ham and cheese sandwich on rye bread. There was also two small pieces of bread crust with crushed nuts and a slice of cucumber.
Nothing else was offered. I did spend an
additional $11 to buy my wife a half a glass of wine.
We drove 90 minutes up and 90 minutes back. This was the worst meal deal we have ever seen and we use Groupon all the time.
I called Travel Zoo that afternoon. Their number 877-665-0000 is a call center in Williamsport, Pa. The CSR assigned me a
ticket number 621946. She said that I would be called by "Merchant Services"
within 24 hours.
I waited two days then followed up with a CSR named "Brennan" in the same call center. He told me he would escalate the issue but no one has followed up.

New Reviewer

Got a spa voucher from them that cost me $125 but it was impossible to book an appointment. Nobody answered the phone and when we finally got thru, we got scheduled 2 months from when we called. Then when the day of the appointment came, they called us asking if we could reschedule. We told them we'd call them in a bit while we discussed when to reschedule, then on the same day, we couldn't reach them again. a few days later, while trying to find an alternative contact number to the spa, we saw on yelp that it had shut down. Called travelzoo, but they would only offer a refund of $20 even though we paid $125 and NY law says these deal sites must honor the cash value of the voucher. Terrible terrible company and I can't believe they're still around.

New Reviewer

watch out for Travelzoo's Local Deals --and maybe their other deals as well. Bought a Certificate for local deal which expressly represented Dinner with $100 Value. No way could possibly be worth $100. Very limited choices and even ordering the most expensive items permitted-- max value would be $80--but that is misleading since restaurant has much better offers (including appetizer and dessert with entree ordered) so value was more appropriately $50. Travelzoo claimed only would refund in 7 days-- but restaurant not even open then. Plus there is no 7 day limitation on Intentional Misrepresentation and possible Consumer Fraud. Restaurant claimed Travelzoo fault and Travelzoo claimed restaurant fault-- do I and the hundreds other similarly cheated need to bring out an action?

To make matter even worse, restaurant demand gratuity based on the $100-- remember sertificate did not cost $100 and we did not order $100 of food even using the theoretical total a la carte prices.

New Reviewer

Please Review the following: In short...BAD NEWS!

Travelzoo Inc. June 25, 2013
590 Madison Avenue
37th Floor
New York, NY 10022

I would like to call your attention to an issue that I had with the use of a Travel Zoo Voucher for the Commerce Club, Atlanta, purchased on May 21, 2013 and redeemed on June 21, 2013 (attached).

The voucher stated that it was “valid for a dinner for 2 people consisting of 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts from the current dinner menu (some menu item exclusions apply). All other items including alcoholic beverages may be purchased a la carte. Voucher and all other items purchased are subject to a mandatory 20% service charge (in lieu of gratuities) on retail value, and applicable taxes, which must be paid by credit or debit card.”

Additionally, the Travelzoo Website stated : “Dinner includes any dishes from the full menu, including:
• Any two appetizers, such as the mushroom risotto ($12) and roasted beet and goat cheese salad ($11)
• Any two entrees, like the pan-fried branzino ($26) and grilled ribeye ($31)
• Any two desserts, including the chocolate hazelnut torte ($8) and strawberry shortcake ($7)”

My issue has to do with how the mandatory 20% gratuity was calculated. The Commerce Club on-duty manager that evening stated that the gratuity should be $24.20. My calculation, based on the above rules, put that same gratuity at $16.20, a difference of $8.

The reason for the difference is how the term “on retail value” is defined. To me, “on retail value” means the cost of the voucher ($59), plus the cost of any additional alcoholic beverages that my spouse and I consumed ($16). That amount totals to $75 and with 8% tax is $81. This amount we both agree on and is correctly reflected on my ticket from The Commerce Club that night (attached). I believe that the 20% gratuity should have been applied to the $81, which would have been $16.20 (and not $24.20.) Those two amounts total to $97.20, and if you subtract the Travelzoo Voucher from that, it leaves $38.20, which is the total remaining amount that we should have paid (and not $46.20.)

Instead, the Commerce Club added all the values of the food items as they appeared on their menu. That amount was $105.20. They then applied the 20% gratuity to the $105.20, arriving at a gratuity charge of $24.20, which appears on the ticket.

When I explained this to the manager, he stated that their interpretation of “on retail value” meant that they had to add up all the individual food items on the menu ($105.20), applying the gratuity to that, rather than to the $81, even though the cost for the individual food items on the ticket are shown as $0’s.

While $8 is not going to make or break the Gregory family, I would suggest that, at best, the restaurant came up with a creative way to scam a few extra dollars from folks using the voucher, or at worst, conspired with Travelzoo to engage in an intentional deceptive practice. The Travelzoo website states that 418 of these vouchers were sold, which would land The Commerce Club a tidy $3,344, assuming that all vouchers were used the way ours was.

$3,000 is serious money. Enough so that you folks need to better define exactly what “on retail value” means. If it is what I believe the “average” person would think it to be, then the gratuity should be based on the cost of the voucher plus anything additional that is ordered, and NOT on the actual menu pricing, which is shown as $0’s on the ticket.


Jack Gregory
3275 Highborne Circle NE
Marietta, GA 30066


Mr. Everett Butler, Manager
The Commerce Club
191 Peachtree St. NE
49th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303


New Reviewer

Love this site, Ive never had any issues with it. I have had issues with some of the middle men, like did=gital doorstep, but never travel zoo itself

New Reviewer

I bought a local deal (Fandango middleman company called Digital Doorstep) and the company went bankrupt. I paid $24. Travelzoo refused to offer a refund or even a credit but instead offered me 2 $10 vouchers in recognition of me being a "good customer". Rep specifically said it was not a refund or credit for them selling me a product from a bankrupt and defunct company. And, again, it was $4 less than what I paid Travelzoo.

I guess if I were them and I wanted to retain a customer I would have done better than what they ended up doing, but at least they did something.

New Reviewer

We paid travel zoo for 2 for one lift tickets. The ticket voucher was only good for one ticket. Travel zoo posted the charge to our account, but said we would need to fix the problem through the ski resort which had nothing to do with it. Go directly to ski for free, costco or other offers to get lift ticket discounts.

New Reviewer

they don't tell you that they don't offer refunds on vouchers after 7-days even if its a gift! They are stealing from their customers and smiling about it to the bank. Don't ever buy from Travelzoo or you'll regret it.

New Reviewer

I think I have been ripped off !!!! I got a voucher for a weekend break in the Lakes and cant book it as the only dates they have are nights in the middle of the week and not with my dog which was why the voucher was booked in the first place.

Spoke to Brian at Travelzoo and his suggestion was "sell the voucher on ebay" Brilliant !!!!

Stay well away from these crooks

New Reviewer

I was denied a refund for a hand gliding voucher that I scheduled to use 3 times - each time the merchant changed the time or location (by 35 miles!) within 24-48 hours for various reasons. Sine email is not a part of brain - it would often give me only half that in notice by time I saw the notice. Even with these emails and all the specifics the refund was denied based on the 7 day from purchase policy. The policy should be changed to 7 days from expiration for issues like this. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB for both Travel Zoo and the merchant.

New Reviewer

I purchased a $99 local deal for a skydiving experience and tried to book with the company Skydive America. But due to the high number of vouchers sold, I was unable to book with them before the expiration date on my voucher. I contacted the company to get a refund but they never answered the phone or emails. I also filed a complaint with the better business bureau. The skydiving company went out of business and I never got to use my voucher. I contacted travelzoo and they refused to refund my $99 since the expiration date had passed. Such a scam!

New Reviewer

Travelzoo offers some great deals at time and occasionally you can find one that's not a per person based on double occupancy and are just for a great hotel deal or travel deal based on the person traveling. They need to have a solo traveler special added to their Top 20 travel deals. Travel is not all about couple traveling. Many solo travelers and there's a big niche waiting to be filled. I keep hoping TravelZoo will do something in this neglected travel sector, but it seems nothing will convince them of the need.

New Reviewer

Horrible company. I bought a restaurant voucher but the restaurant wouldn't honor it. I contacted Travelzoo for a refund but they refused! I am disputing the charges with my credit card company and if not successful I am taking them to small claims court. I will never deal with these crooks again.

New Reviewer

They have a lot of great information and offers, but their information (at least on local deals) isn't always accurate.

They currently have a deal for "$45 - Whale Watching off San Juan Islands, Reg. $89"

The deal is false, As mentioned elsewhere on this site, always check the facts before purchasing.

The Island Mariner Corp site at states that the normal cost is only $69.

They have an $89 offer, but it includes a dinner voutcher. I confirmed with the company that the subject offer does not include the dinner vouched, so it is really $45 for a $69 retail deal.

I don't know who provided the false information, but Travelzoo owes all current purchasers (over 2000) an explanation and an offer to cancel if desired. I've emailed and phoned Travelzoo with this information, as well as explaining the error to the Travel Company, Island Mariner Corp.

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