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Picaboo reviews

70 reviews
Categories: Photo Printing
255 Shoreline Dr. STE 100, 255 shoreline drive
Redwood City, CA 94065, USA
Tel: 888-374-7771
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70 Reviews From Our Community

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The customer service department is not very helpful and they are not interested in maintaining customer relations. (in 29 reviews)


You can create photo books and calendars from your own photos. (in 21 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I had the same problem as a previous reviewer. My photobook looked fine on three different computer monitors. Two PCs and one Apple macbook. When it arrived the pictures were darker and one picture that was taken in bright sunshine was very dark. I called customer service and sure enough they told me that my computer monitor settings were bright and because of the backlight all pictures appeared brighter than they would in print.

My brightness on 3 different computers was set to middle brightness. I took a picture of the book and they said yes it did print dark, but that's because the photo itself is dark. I told them it was not dark on the display of my DSLR and it was not dark on my computer. Yet they continued to tell me it was my fault. They told me to make the picture brighter on my computer and resubmit the book for a new order. However, I would have to pay shipping and taxes amounting to around $20! I told them I shouldn't have to pay for their error. And why should I need to brighten a picture that is fine.

I have had no problems with Shutterfly or My Publisher. It can't be a coincidence that other people have this problem. And also customer service was terrible. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he wasn't there, but would call me back within 72 hours. I never received a phone call.

New Reviewer

I am trying not to let my emotions enter into this review, but I am thoroughly disappointed in Picaboo's customer service. They state Guaranteed Satisfaction. I was not satisfied. The book I ordered was a child's book I created. It looked great and vivid online. The book that arrived was too dark to read the text! So, having ordered many times in the past, I had confidence they would make good. They told me to re-order - not exchange, I had to actually re-order and they would RE-BILL and then reimburse (hopefully!). This is an unprofessional way to make good on a replacement, but I went ahead because I needed the book. Picaboo told me it was my fault - my monitor display is showing to bright. Really? They told me to adjust my monitor to reflect the darkness in my book. But the part that was dark was their colored background - and there is no way to adjust the brightness on it. So, instead, just to complete the project, I chose brighter and lighter colored backgrounds and darker text. But I told them that Picaboo also made errors by putting a picture on the edge of the page, when it was clearly within the print boundaries online. So, I re-ordered the book (not happy to have to do it within 7 days. These books take a while to create!). So I quickly corrected everything manually, and quickly went into the order stage. Since everything seemed to be set up the same as before when I ordered the first time, I just proceeded. They told me not to use any coupons, so I didn't.

I told Customer Serivce that I don't feel that I should pay shipping and taxes - which they are charging me for the 2nd time around. Since Picaboo made an error, they should pay. The customer service agent totally ignored this part of my email. Shipping and handling the 2nd time was somehow more expensive: $10.99 shipping and $10 for tax. That's an extra $21 I have to pay that helps to negate my original discount (through Amazon).

So when I saw the shipping and tax costs, I emailed again and stated that this issue has not been addressed. The agent told me that I was "told to order the exact same size and cost as the first time". He said that even though I ordered wrong, he was crediting me for the full book cost. I looked more carefully at my order and sure enough, even though I had already ordered the book once, their system re-defaulted to the larger, more expensive 11x14 book.

I told the agent that I apologize and it IS the wrong size but your system defaults to the more expensive size and I was rushed. Now, WHY DIDN'T HE JUST TELL ME THE BOOK WAS THE WRONG SIZE???? THAT would be customer service.

So I emailed one last time and stated: If the book is already in production, I guess I lose.
He replied, "The book is already in production. Sorry."

This is NOT customer service. Nor is it the quality of product I received. I had been used to perfection in the past. I will no longer be buying from Picaboo. When I originally told them I don't want to pay shipping and tax, I said IF you feel I must pay, then please ship the book MEDIA MAIL!!! It only costs about $3 or $4!!!!!!! (That was when they ignored that part of my email until it was too late and the book was "in production".) There is no reason to charge so much to ship. That part is a definite ripoff!

Goodbye Picaboo. I will be shopping around now.

Tip for consumers: If I could give less than 1 star, I would! They have declined over the years. Too much can go wrong and cost you more in the end. It's no "deal" that way.

Ask D about Picaboo
New Reviewer

I wish I read these review before I purchased from Picabo. Their customer service is horrible. They over promise and under deliver. My three books were misdirected in the mail and three phone calls, one chat session, and 5 weeks later, I still don't have my books.

Can not recommend this company.

Tip for consumers: Don't fall for their Groupon and Living Social deals. Even with the discounts, you end up paying as much as you would with other companies. It's all a marketing ploy, no real discounts being made.

Ask Kirk about Picaboo
New Reviewer

This is a horrible website that I would even venture to say is ripping people off! I bought a $25 groupon for a photobook. When i went on their site they add advertisement for discounts books already. I order a 8x11 book that turned out to be $120! with my groupon I still ended up paying over $60! When it arrived it was the wrong size and the pictures were dark. Now I'm trying to reach someone and there is no customer service number. Stay away! Bad bad site.

Tip for consumers: Don't use this website. Get an Apple book instead. It's cheaper and looks better.

Ask carmen about Picaboo
New Reviewer

Customer service IS horrible. I had a hard time ordering a book and they never assisted me over the telephone. I called twice and both times they kept telling me that the websites were picky, sometimes they would let you order and sometimes they did not. Finally the site told me that the book I was trying to order was no longer available and deleted HOURS & HOURS of work. I will never use them again!!!!!!!!!!!

Tip for consumers: Find another site, there are plenty.

Ask Julie about Picaboo
New Reviewer

Really bad customer service; Definitelty 0 star. The quanlity of the yearbook is acceptable much less than I hope. Our school PTA paid the order to the company as a group; Through the website for the order of our school, I booked the yearbook with personal pages. But the company charged me again by mistake. I called the customer service and explained since our school has already paid, they should not charge me again. They said will email back. The second day they email me and ask me to contact the school to refund me the money. I have to contacted the school PTA but PTA paid Picaboo already. Our PTA person called them several times and left a message but never got her back. So I called Picaboo customer service again, hold phone for 40 minutes for them to track the order. They got both of my order and the school order; but said they had to speak to the school PTA for the order. So I gave them our PTA person's phone number and did not hear anything from them again. I called PTA and she said she got the message and called them but nobody answered and she left them a message again but nobody called her back. So I called the company third time. The person did not help a little and told me no matter what I only can get money back from the school. But the school paid them alreaday and how I can get Money back from our school! This is the worst company and customer service I have ever met. DO NOT order from this sompany, it is not worth your money and time.

New Reviewer

Ordered two 11 x 9 photo albums with 64 pages. Overall the quality is pretty good. One has to remember that these albums are a good buy for the price. These are not coffee table books that would cost a small fortune to produce. I had a small hiccup with the cover and was able to resolve the issue by emailing customer care. Will use in the future.

New Reviewer

Their customer service department is inept at best. My book is lost. I had to beg and yell through two phone calls and 4+ chat sessions. And I'm still arguing with them. I have paid for the book. I will probably never get it and not get a refund. Good Luck.

New Reviewer

I wish I could give Picaboo zero stars. I've used them for years. I have probably 10 books printed by them. Yes the software was cumbersome, constantly crashing and took forever to upload photos, but it allowed me to use many backgrounds which the (former) scrapbooker in me enjoyed. Fast forward to 2012-2014 era. I'm not sure if they have different management, ownership or printing machines, but the quality of the products and the customer service has gone down the hill. I have DSLR, and my photos print fantastic on Shutterfly or even at local Walgreens - but in the books made on Picaboo, they are either too dark, too washed out or pixalated. I could do a better job printing on my home computer. I ordered one book each year - 2012, 2013 and 2014 (year in review books of family good times). They are all 100 pages long. I tend to spend months putting them together and printing multiple copies. The printing quality has been deteriorating. In 2012, they told me to take photos of the books and email them. They promptly printed and mailed the new ones. In 2013 they jerked me around for days, but eventually shipped the replacements (they did the "photo corrections" on their end). In 2014, they didn't reply to my emails for weeks, then asked that I take photos of books, then stopped replying to emails...Few weeks later they suggested that I buy all new books ($400 value), they will print them for me, and then they would reimburse me those $400 when the books arrive). What???? Imagine if I bought a broken bike at the store and instead of just making even exchange, they made me purchase a bike again,t then reimburse me? Who does this? Who has $400 extra dollars just sitting in their account to let Picaboo use it for a few weeks? What? I hope they go out of business. I certainly hope. I threw the books away and am done with them. It's not even worth it to me to jump trough their hoops, return the books, and instead of getting the money back, have to pay another $400 for them to produce and ship more books that they will then reimburse me for. None of this makes sense. Go away Picaboo. Your groupons, coupons, living social deals, amazon deals will not hep you! You are doomed.

New Reviewer

I have been loyal Picaboo user for several years, but I will no longer recommend them. The last two projects just dreadful. I purchased their best product, full hard cover & layflat pages. The layflats imply don't print well. All photos fuzzy. And the hard covers shown as you work are not accurate. "Stuff" that's clearly in the nonprintable area is printed & ruin the covers. Their customer service people are just dreadful. When they tell you that a manager will call that's the kissoff. Too bad, their site is easy to use and provides some variety that othr sites do not.

New Reviewer

My husband had bought their $30 deal on groupon for me as a gift that covers $100. I went on to make my wedding album and had it mailed to me. I received the book with 42 blank pages that I later found out I had been charged for (in addition with the Groupon). I did not WANT the blank pages to begin with, I wasn't aware that when I was paying for them while I was checking out. On previous sites that I have used, I was typically only charged for the pages that I DID add and actually used. If you ask me, it was the perfect way on their part to make money off of people without them knowing it. I think some sort of a notification telling me "Hey you have blank pages, did you want to leave them blank or remove them?" would have been FANTASTIC on their part. Or an email of any sort, I never even got a shipment email. Talk about just half assed work. The book would've been great otherwise, now I am stuck with a wedding album that is halfway blank, that I paid way more than I should have on... I feel so scammed.

New Reviewer

I have ordered 12 photo books from picaboo after my daughter's wedding. I customized the books on the cover and the actual photos depending on the recipient. 2 of the books were switched (inside of one book with the cover of another, and one book had a photo that only downloaded 1/3 of the photo). I have spent probably 6-8 hours on the phone and "live chat" with them trying to remedy their mistake... obviously it has been difficult. I offered to return the books, and they said it would take 6 weeks for them to even review/decide! If the books are done correctly, the cover and quality are nice... I just wouldn't take the chance again, and will probably have to "eat" the cost of these and make them with another company.

New Reviewer

They were offering vouchers for $80 credit for $25. I purchased 3 of them, only to find out that they were charging exorbitant amounts for shipping that made the voucher not worth it AT ALL. I requested a refund for my $75, which took forever to process through customer online chat, and then six weeks later it still hasn't been issues. I'm back in communication with customer care and I've disputed the charge with my credit card company. All in all I've probably wasted 3 hours on this terrible company and will NEVER use them or recommend them to anyone.

New Reviewer

I ordered a photo panel (8x10) from Picaboo. Received with the head of one of the subjects chopped off. Complained, was told it was a problem with their site which does not properly allow to judge borders and to reorder, and pay to be reimbursed. I ordered a second time, allowing for the "invisible" border. I received a damaged photo panel 2 weeks later. I complained two weeks ago. I have not heard back from their "customer service". I would not recommend Picaboo to anyone! I have thrown away both money and time and still don't have the product. This company deserves a zero rating.

New Reviewer

Okay- I meant to do this a while ago. But I forgot and I promised I would. Picaboo was great to me. I decided that I wanted to make a photo book in order to propose to my now fiancé last August and I put in the order too late. I called Picaboo and they promised they would do anything they could to make sure that the book arrived on time for my proposal date. The book was rushed and arrived early! My soon to be wife loves the book and has it prominently displayed. The binding is great, the photos came out very well and the website was very easy to use! I realize upon looking here that there are a lot of negative reviews. But that was not at all my experience. If anyone from Picaboo is reading this... Thank you! You really helped me make an excellent memory that can be passed down :)

New Reviewer

Listento the warnings and do NOT order from Picaboo. They are horrible! The technology is clunky and it took days for me to complete a simple photo book. I would've stopped halfway through but I was already livid at the amount of time I had invested. I purchased a living social deal that gave me $50 for $15 and their product isn't even worth that much. Horrible, horrible, horrible!

New Reviewer

I purchased a book from Picaboo via an Amazon voucher. The ordering process is tedious and time consuming, and unfortunately voucher orders default to an automatic upgrade. Customers need to be alerted to such upgrades or given the option to upgrade. The customer service department is not very helpful and they are not interested in maintaining customer relations.
Very unfortunate indeed.

New Reviewer

I have been an used Picaboo to produce 7+ books. I've had one problem with a book before it was fixed with no questions asked. Well, there was a problem with a previous uploaded book being printed instead of the one that I had uploaded. They claimed it was my fault and refuse to fix the problem! I WILL NEVER USE PICABOO AGAIN!

New Reviewer

Bought cards through Groupon so wanted to use for Christmas cards. Once I paid for it- I was all in :( First- it would not save any of my projects correctly. After literally hours working on what should have taken a fraction of the time, I ordered what I assumed were the cards I had decided upon. Like other customers, it took way longer to get the cards- only to find they were my first draft!! They were cropped horribly, and looked so cheap. I corresponded with Picaboo through their Live Chat. I was asked to send a photo of the cards I received. I did so (their instructions were difficult at best to understand) and Picaboo agreed to refund my money- once I mailed the cards back.
Sure they refunded my money- but not for P&H to send the WRONG cards back. I ended up going to Walgreen's- cards were ready in an hour and looked amazing!
Groupon was wonderful as well- they could not apologize enough and sent me a full refund- no questions asked.

New Reviewer

I have been using Picaboo for months and can only say great things about them. Customer service top notch!!! I had expired groupons and they still helped me out and extended them and even after the extended time was over they honored what they promised. The quality of the books are great. I have recommended them to all friends and family. Just a wonderful company with great customer service. They truly stand by their word and are very prompt at taking care of your needs. I would give them a 10 out of 5 if that that was an option. :)

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I had guaranteed delivery by 12/24 and did not receive my package. I think contacted them and requested a new package and they sent it to the wrong address. I contacted them for the third time and they refused to refund my money! I would never order from this site again.

New Reviewer

I made a 140 pg photo book, spent 6 months putting it together with clunky software. I bought two identical books printed and paid $160 (with buy one get one free coupon) Yet the quality was so bad! Photos were dark and colors muted. Printing did no justice to my amazing photos and hours of scrapbooking. I was heart broken. 4 emails of complaint latter, they sent me an email asking me to brighten all the photos, purchase two books again but without coupon this time, pay for shipping and tax, and they would reimburse me for books (but not tax and shipping). Really? How presumptious to think I just have $320+ extra bucks laying around and want to tie my money in their administrative reimbursement mess. This is the second time my Picaboo book failed expectations. Never again. Not worth it, even if the books were free. I'd rather pay full price and get good quality printing.

New Reviewer

I ordered holiday cards from this company for Thursday delivery. I talked to someone on Thursday and they stated Friday. I talked to someone on Friday and they said Saturday. They arrived late in the day on Monday. They state quick production times to get your business knowing they can not meet those time frames and then lie to you about it.

Don't take my word for it. Check the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gives Picaboo an F!

New Reviewer

I ordered a photo book of pictures from my daughters wedding. The book was very time consuming and took several days to complete. The website was fairly easy to navigate. I ordered the book on Monday after Thanksgiving and used their promotional code to buy one get two free. The book arrived as scheduled. One book only. The book I did receive has the wedding date chopped off at the bottom. There is a photo page included by picaboo of the cover which shows the date placement correct. They sent another one but it's the same mistake. This company has terrible customer service and when I posted the book on their Facebook page it was promptly removed by picaboo. This is not a professional company. I would not use them again and would not recommend them.

New Reviewer

I read a lot of reviews and worried a little when I decided to use them to build my photobook - but I wanted access to all the "shared" materials for my Disney book. The tool to build the books is online now and I found it easy to use. You could select to hide pictures you've already used or it automatically put a checkmark on pictures you'd used. It let me know when my pictures were too low resolution and it was easy to upload a large number of photos.
The book shipped within days of ordering - NYE was during the wait period. The book was delivered within 3 days and was well packaged.
I have no complaints about the quality of the product. I had some pictures that were grainy and fuzzy - which was my fault for using a phone instead of a camera. I would order from them again - and the buy one get one free was a good deal.

New Reviewer

Just horrible customer service with no accountability to their customer. Trust the other comments and just pick another company. With a gift this personalized, it is worth it to pick someone with better customer support. December 27 and still without Christmas presents or responses from my multiple emails to them. Just a sad company. Stay away.

New Reviewer

Very bad experience with Christmas cards. They did not arrive when promised & the company would not refund my money. They are now projected to arrive on January 6th when they were promised by the 23rd at the latest. Do not use this company! Customer service is terrible. The representative argued with me & would not offer any apologies for the delay. I will never order from this company again!

New Reviewer

Beyond horrible customer service experience. First holiday card arrived with major error by printers...explained by picaboo as a technical glitch. Redid the card, was promised overnight shipping. 2 weeks late, yet to receive the card. Customer service simply said it was a "minor snafu" & there was nothing they could do. Now I have no holiday cards & picaboo was not helpful or sympathetic. Will NEVER use picaboo again.

New Reviewer

Order 4 calendars from Picaboo in first week of December. Arrived two weeks later. Books were out of order, photos also out of order. Called, had to send photos of mistakes they made. Did so by December 15. Was told that they would ship new ones and would arrive by the 24 th for Christmas presents. Have a confirmed email from them! Ha, checked tracking for UPS. Looks like arrival to be 26 or 27th. .
Not happy at all. Never again

New Reviewer

Spent days designing the perfect Christmas cards. Spent extra money for the 'Premium' cards and personalized envelopes. Ordered overnight shipping. DAYS later, received the cards - and blank envelopes. When I spoke to customer service, they claimed the error with the envelopes not being printed was due to 'an internal bug' and had now been fixed, but the soonest they could get the printed envelopes to me would be New Years. Some good that does for Christmas cards. They also claimed they could not issue a partial refund, as the printed envelopes (which I didn't receive!) were 'included' in the cost of the premium cards. SCAM ARTISTS! I'll never order from them again!

New Reviewer

Ordered our Christmas cards through this site. Worst experience ever. I was told 4-7 days to print the cards and I ordered rush delivery. 10 days later, the cards are still "being processed". I will never use them again for anything.

New Reviewer

This was the single worst shopping experience (online or otherwise) this entire holiday season. We spend $1000's of dollars every holiday, and the $100 I spent at Picaboo will never be forgotten as the worst money spent. I have complained to the company and never heard back.
The online experience was difficult and frustrating. The quality of the items I purchased is literally childish and laughable. The look like something you might try doing on your own at home if you had never made photos ever in your whole life. And the customer support was ridiculous - I never ever heard back from them.

New Reviewer

I'm so unhappy with them! I ordered Christmas cards from them because I got a deal from Amazon. Such a mistake! I had such trouble placing the order. Then realized I needed to upgrade the shipping so I live chated with customer service. After waiting for sooooo long, I upgraded to overnight shipping, but she never put it in so now I'm not going to get my cards by Christmas. Since it was never put in the system, there's "nothing they can do." How can I send out Christmas cards after Christmas? Thanks for nothing Picaboo!!

New Reviewer

I placed my order on December 1st. I ordered 5-7 days shipping. It is now December 16th and I still haven't received anything in the mail. To make matters worse I have sent 2 separate emails with my concerns to their customer service department and have never heard back. Also, when I received my shipping confirmation I was supposed to be able to "Track" my order under my order details for my account, I tried many times and have NEVER been able to view the tracking of my package! This site is completely unreliable! I thought since I was ordering so early I would have plenty of time to mail out my Christmas cards before Christmas but at this rate I might just have to call my bank and dispute the charges because it sure doesn't seem like I'll be receiving any order. STAY AWAY!!! I've had WAY better experiences with shutterfly, tiny prints, and cardstock. Try one of those instead!

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 calendars for Christmas gifts with photos of my boys. one of the calendars - the pages were not even bound into the wire binding - the page fell out. called and waited for 11 minutes and then they hung up on me! on line chat - they wanted me to take photos of their broken product and send it to them in order for them to reprocess the order and send me a new one! TERRIBLE PRODUCT AND TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

New Reviewer

I purchased a deal to receive $100 worth of product for $35 from a popular coupon site. When I received my product, it was cropped incorrectly. I contacted Picaboo, who said it was their fault, they had a programming error, and they were unable to fix it until further notice. I was told to re-order my project and basically "guess" where the crop lines were supposed to be. I was also told in order to receive my refund, I needed to Purchase the entire order, and then I would receive a refund in 3-7 days. So..what they want is for me to spend $100 to repurchase my products. Spending an additional $100 on something I only paid $35 for in the first place!
I do not have the funds in the bank for this (it is Christmas time, after all), but they said there was nothing else they could do. They couldn't just credit my account, or give me a one time use coupon code...nothing...just spend the additional $100 or get nothing.
I will never ever ever use this site again.

New Reviewer

Had an AmazonLocal voucher and tried to create A VERY SIMPLE photobook on the night the voucher expired, with hours to spare. Ha. Redid the thing about 5 times, getting hung up each time and losing my photos. Plus, the layouts didn't accommodate the photos AT ALL; forget about leaving the layout to them unless you want sideway photos with heads cut off. HOURS wasted. Couldn't complete it in time so lost my money, which I'm guessing Picaboo counts on when it runs promotions. Site is UNBELIEVABLY user-UNfriendly. Don't waste your time or money like I did.

New Reviewer

I ordered their photo cards and a portion of my name was cut off. I contacted customer support and asked if they could reprint because when I previewed the card online, it did not show my name was going to be cut off. They refused to reprint. They offered a 50% discount towards a new purchase instead. Needless to say, I declined their offer. This was my FIRST and LAST time using I will send out those cards to my friends and family with an advisory NEVER to use this company!!! Complete waste of my money!!!!

New Reviewer

Horrible experience ordering Holiday cards. When I placed the order, the only estimate I received was 2-7 days delivery. I finally got the confirmation email 3 hours after I placed the order with a delivery date of 14 days. The email said I had half an hour to cancel my order through a provided link. When I tried to cancel, it said it was in production and could not be cancelled. When I finally got through to someone in support, they said it could only be cancelled 30 minutes after the order was placed 3 earlier! I told him I wouldn't have known to cancel then since the 14th day estimate was only provided in the email and the email said I have 30 minutes to cancel, presumably from the time I received it. They didn't give an inch. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I should have stuck to tinyprints!

New Reviewer

I was almost finished with a photobook project to give to my parents for their 40th anniversary. The book was made up mostly of photos of my 2 year-old twins' lives to date. Picoboo had a promotion, which is why I started the project. I had internet issues the last night of the project and couldn't complete the order. I contacted them the next day to ask if I could still complete my purchase with the promotion. I was told no, and the hours of work I spent on the photobook has now all gone to waste as I cannot afford their regular prices. They should honor their promotions based on when the project started and especially since I wanted to finish the project and pay them the very next day. Not good customer service.

New Reviewer

I bought 80 cards from this site in early October. They shorted me 20 envelopes. I tried to contacted them via their live chat during regular business hours when this was discovered, and they didn't respond. When I emailed them (they claim you'll get a response within 24-48 hours), I didn't get a response for 5 days & the response said they'd print more cards and mail them within 7 days when I told them in my email I planned on having the cards mailed out before they even responded. I then tried live chatting them again. They said printing new cards was the best answer & I'd get them in 7 days. I again asked that they overnight the envelopes to me or reimburse me for the cost of buying the envelopes. They didn't even respond to this, just sent me a transcript of the conversation. Is that how you deal with your mistakes? Ignoring them?? I will NEVER work with this company again! I don't know how they can stay in business treating their customers that way!

New Reviewer

Worst experience ever with this website. I have ordered plenty of cards/invitations etc from other sites like Tiny Prints, etc. and Picaboo is one of the most UNuser friendly website ever. When i finally finsihed my card i ordered it and it was shipped to my house it was the wrong card!!!!! I have been waiting for a week for customer service to get back to me and they still just saying i am in the que....

New Reviewer

Ugh. Spent hours creating a photo book that was just 54 pages. When trying to add it to the cart to order it, it gets stuck on the 'Preparing for Upload' stage for hours and hours. Even left it on overnight and still hadn't uploaded. On top of that, the darn page doesn't sync so I can't even order it from my desktop. So I redid the whole photo book again, and same problem. Picaboo's Support team doesn't really know what they're talking about. They aren't knowledgeable and all they tell me to do is check my internet speed (which is fast enough) and doesn't provide any solutions. DO NOT ever order from here.

New Reviewer

I loved everything about the process. It was extemely user friendly and intuitive. Yes, it takes a while to upload the photos and there is a limit to the number you can upload for the entire book (200) but I just set it to upload and went and did something else for an hour and a half. Came back and the tools to customize the book was a dream. Every option I hunted for I found. And the books came in less than a week. I would DEFINITELY order from them again. Amazing.

New Reviewer

Found a good "deal" and spent hours creating a book on Picaboo's difficult website. ( I have made many books on another website.) When I received it, it had a rear blank page, but not a front one. It was very UNPROFESSIONAL looking. I called to ask about it, and the guy told me that's how they make them. I asked him why, and he said because it would cost money to add it. I asked how much, and he answered that he wasn't sure because that was another department. I asked to talk to that department and he said they didn't receive calls. Save your time and money and create your books elsewhere.

New Reviewer

I had multiple issues with this site: 1) I had placed three orders and immediately canceled two, but for some reason, only one had registered in their system. 2) I had bought a Groupon and was unable to get my book uploaded before the Groupon expired [I think the site was bogged down because it was the day the Groupon was expiring]. 3) Rather than only getting the $20 off that I had paid for the Groupon, I decided to use their BOGO code to get an extra copy of my photobook with lay-flat pages.

I had contacted their chat helpline, and was so frustrated by the end - the guy I was corresponding with repeatedly told me that once the book was in production, they couldn't do anything except offer me a 50% off coupon on my next order. This was extremely frustrating for me considering I had CANCELED the second order and had basically chosen to EAT the $20 I paid for the Groupon. After going around in circles with this guy for almost 45 minutes, I gave up and sent him the link to this site, telling him I obviously should have done more research before buying the Groupon. A little bit later I checked my bank account, and all three books were pending, the one I actually purchased, as well as the two I had canceled. I immediately called their 1-888-374-7771 number that was listed on my bank account, and couldn't believe the quality of service I was getting in contrast with what I had received online. Scott, the gentleman on the other end, asked questions only to find out how best to help me, and offered EXCELLENT customer service. At the end of the call, he had solved each of my issues, and I couldn't be more satisfied. He also said he would look through the chat conversation and find out what the problem was that I wasn't being taken care of.

This is now one of my favorite companies (thank you, Scott!!) and I am hoping that the books I receive reflect the same level of excellence. I'll keep you posted!

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This is the most USER-UNFRIENDLY website I have used in over a decade or more! I cannot believe I wasted hours and hours trying to create a photo book. After hours of laboring on the first book, I found out that the photos that I edited had not even loaded. I spend more hours reloading and editing everything, and just when I thought I had the perfect book, the page went blank. I am so frustrated with Picaboo. Please save yourself the trouble, and find another site!!!

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I bought an $18 voucher from wagjag and ordered my photobook. First of all, the website is non-user friendly, it took me 2 hrs to finish uploading and editing photos. Then when I placed my order, I had to pay an additional $12+tax for shipping. I carefully reviewed all the photos and make sure they are not in the "crop zone" or to be cropped when it is printed. When I received my order, the photos were cropped unevenly leaving a white rim on the edge of each photo. I was completely dissatisfied but their response was "while content in this zone may be cropped, there is no guarantee that all of it will be." and they claim themselves to be 100% satisfaction guarantee, give me a break. Don't fall for this deal and I could just order a nicer one from superstore, walmart or elsewhere at a cheaper cost.

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I bought a coupon from houstonlocal, and like many others their website doesn't work. It took me over 2 hours to make the book, as compared to Shutterfly, it usually only takes 30-45 minutes. I tried to upload my book to order it and after 2 days of trying and remaking my book twice I just gave up!!!!!!!!!!!! So they scammed me out of $10 because you can't get "something for nearly nothing". Just use Shutterfly when they have a discount offer. Their books are excellent quality and their website is user friendly.

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the offers are for products they don't even have to offer on their website, so you do their 10 page book, instead of the 20 page book, so as not to go over your voucher, the book offered was 8x8, NOT what the voucher stated! Then, website absolutely TERRIBLE, and I do this every day! So, in the end, ordered 1/2 of what the groupon offered from picaboo, took me 1/2 hr. to even get the book to the shopping cart! (kept taking me back to my projects when I selected "order"! Then, groupon said "+FREE SHIPPING"...but they charged me 7.99 shipping!!! Get this, they said I was being charged shipping because I ordered lay flat pages instead of original pages...LIKE THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH SHIPPING!!! Groupon or not, seriously, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY...WILL BE BACK WHEN I RECIEVE MY BOOKS...IM SURE THEY WILL BE AS GOOD AS THE WEBSITE AND THE CUSTOMER CARE PEOPLE!!! WHAT A JOKE AND SCAM!