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New Reviewer

Dresslink is a freaking scam, i ordered and payed, i waited for more than 1 month and i email them, and they amazing answer was "its not in stock, will refund soon" and they didnt email back again! I HATE DRESSLINK never again buying there

New Reviewer

My order has been stuck on processing for a long time now, Ive emailed them 3 times and they are not replying to any of them. Ive paid $62 and they wont ship anything out to me.
I paid through a debit card so theres not much i can do. I HATE DRESSLINK. I WANT A REFUND.

New Reviewer

I placed an order from this site and paid via PayPal. After 2 weeks of saying "processing" I searched reviews and did not like what I saw. Main concern was they put off answering you until you reached the 45 days dispute window through PayPal so that you had no recourse. Many complaints of not receiving items or not receiving right product/full order. I put a dispute in through PayPal and basically told the company that I did put it in and I read the reviews and they can either ship my items immediately (and that if they weren't received in the dispute window I was going to finish processing it) or refund me immediately. What do you know..... the next day I had an it shipped email. The product arrived today. It is what we ordered. Quality is what I would expect (not the best... cheap price=cheap product... the one shirt in the photo shows a girl wearing it with jeans... it's beyond see through, could never wear it alone). Basically, I do not think I would have received my product or money had I not filed a dispute and threatened action. And I wouldn't waste my money on their product.

New Reviewer

I was very reluctant to buy from Dresslink after reading so many bad reviews!! But I went ahead and did it anyway - I couldn't resist such cheap prices.

I chose the FedEx 3-7 day delivery option (with tracking number, to the UK), which was only about 30p more than the cheapest China option. I'll admit I was worried it would take 2 months to arrive or not turn up at all but I received a parcel containing all 8 items I'd ordered within about 5-6 days (with no customs charges, phew!).
They packed everything into a tiny box so it was all very creased when I took it out but that is easily remedied.

I chose size L for 4 items as I'm a UK size 10-12 and I also bought 3 "One Size fits all" pieces - everything fit!!! Surprised but pleased.

A lot of the materials are rough and even scratchy against the skin but as most items cost less than £5, I shouldn't really expect anything better. The buttons on the blouse and pants I ordered are incredibly cheap and tacky but luckily they're easy to replace.

Both blouses are very sheer despite them looking opaque in the pictures - out of all the items, they're my least favourite things I bought and I don't think I would buy any tops from there again.

The item I'm most happy with is a maxi dress (with belt). It's really really great and only cost ~£7, if it was in any high street store it would be at least £20 and probably more than that.

I'm 5'3 and aside from one of the tops, everything is a great length on me - maxi dress, skater skirt and pants included. Usually things are a little bit long.

Again I will reiterate: the materials are very cheap quality!!
The seams on the blouses and some other things are fairly poor (which makes the ends of the blouses a little bit odd?? I would only wear them tucked in to things).

I didn't buy any shoes even though there were a few pairs I really wanted because I'd heard so many awful things about the quality of them - I didn't want to risk it especially as the postal charges are based on weight so shoes would bump the price up to a ridiculous amount.

Overall, can't complain too much, considering the price.
8 items for £40 (£30 on clothes and £11 delivery).
I might order from there again but I would definitely choose my items more carefully.

It's the second China based online store I've bought from and because everything's cheaper, everything is poorer quality so I'd rather spend a little bit more money on the site I know has good quality clothes.

New Reviewer

This is the most reliable China-based retail site I have used. I ordered from them 3 times and received all my packages in relatively good time (within the estimated time frame) and in good condition. I can't say all the products were of good quality, but you get what you pay for. I've had terrible experiences with other similar sites where my package has somehow gone missing and customer service won't do anything about it despite pretending to. I see that some people have had this problem with this site. I have not had any problems and will continue to purchase.

New Reviewer

I ordered from dress link a couple months ago and i received my jacket in a reasonable 3 days without any problems

New Reviewer

We ordered goods which never arrived. 23 e Mails later and repeatably told "Don't worry we will solve the problem". Paid by Paypal, so no refund as the order has timed out (which is why they keep promising to resolve the issue).

They are a ripoff company, running a world wide scam. "Buyer beware"

New Reviewer

I placed an order October 24th 2013 and have yet to receive it. Every time I contact them, I am told to wait 7 more days and it's very close-this has happened at least five times. When I first contacted them I was told that shipping around the holidays can be longer, but three months, when is placed the order before Halloween? When I ask for a tracking number I was told that I had to pay an extra $1.28 when I made the purchase. If I were a business owner and had a customer wait three months to receive their order I would gladly provide them with a tracking number to help with the inconvenience. I have also asked several times for a refund and am told to just wait 5 more days and if the package doesn't arrive then we can come to a resolution together. Now, because I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited longer then 45 days, paypal will not let me open up a case to get my money back. I order internationally all of the time and have never had anything take this long. In fact, one time I ordered something that I hadn't received after a month and the company (a different company), just resent it on their dime. I will NEVER be ordering from here again and I do not recommend anyone shop here as you may or may not receive your order. I am just glad I didn't spend more then thirty bucks.

New Reviewer

Terrible service. They sent me an incomplete order. After talking to them about it, they said it was because the item was out of stock. They never notified me of this change and still charged me the full amount for 12 items although they only sent 10. They said they'd "refund you total payment including shipping fee of the item or you can used the refund for next order" like a previous reviewer said. I would not want to reorder or shop there ever again! They told me this exact thing the 3 times I've contacted them about this issue and they still have not refunded me. I am thoroughly disappointed with this company. Do not buy from them! There service is terrible and they'll scam you. We are only a few of a large group of people who have been scammed.

New Reviewer

I llove dresslink products are of good quality, cheap super nice and also definitely I'll keep buying there.

New Reviewer

Bad bad bad..I ordered $107.00 worth of items, never came. Emailed them and they said the order was returned to them and did I want it reshipped. I said yes but with some sort of traceable shipping method such as fedex. They said " how about we refund your money and you reorder". why would I want to reorder?? Why can't they just resend it?? After many emails back and forth I said forget it, refund my money. What a hassle, do not recommend!!!!

New Reviewer
10/27/13 has the bad support team. If you place an order with this site, you always sad. I placed an order a week ago, but they send it to the wrong country, not my country, so far away. I contact them immediately after I know their mistake. I sent them an email, but no response to me. I call them via phone line, but they don't have any human operator. Their automatic phone voice is in Chinese, not any English word. It cause me to cannot reach them anyway. So my order with be shipped to whom in other country and when will I receive my order. So sad to shopping with this site. TERRIBLE SHOPPING SITE!!!

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