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Coach-Outlet reviews

39 reviews
Categories: Belts, Handbags, Shoes
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39 Reviews for Coach-Outlet

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New Reviewer

They got me!!!! Placed an order on Friday, quickly received the confirmation email with shotty English grammar, and from an off the wall email address. I have attempted to contact them back several times, the email address is no longer valid and the phone number on the site is also invalid. Sent an email through the "contact us" link on the site and demanded my money back immediately, of course till no response at all. Coach has never and will never be selling out of Beijing people so avoid the scam and pay the extra for the real thing so you're not wasting your money. Thank god my back is good about things like this and immediately gave me my money back and filed a complaint for me.


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New Reviewer


Don't believe me? Check on Coach's website under "counterfeit education". In that section, they list all the websites that are authorized to sell legitimate Coach merchandise online.

You're welcome.

New Reviewer

I wish I woulda seen this site before placing the order! I coulda bought this bag on the corner of any NYC block for less and better quality. My whole experience was bad. They had no problem taking my money ASAP but provided no tracking information until I sent several messages to the company and to the company that debited my account. (There not the same, which screams scam) the quality of this bag is pretty bad. Fake, cheap metal "coach" keychain attached. It wasn't even delivered in a box but more of a plastic wrap and some tape. Very disappointed. I have bought authentic coach from the outlets for about what I paid for this bag. Never again!!

New Reviewer

Order a purse Feb 13, 2014, still haven't received it. They wont answer my emails, no phone number, and now I read all this!!! I knew I shouldn't have ordered from this site. Remember: If it seems to good to be true, it always is!!! Boy do I feel dumb!

New Reviewer

Sorry to say it people but the site is back up and running! It is under
Stay away it is obviously a scam site selling fake Coach stuff.There are many misprints and their English is awful! Just figured I would put it on here. Always remember if its cheap its fake if its fake its junk!

New Reviewer

This counterfeit Coach site has finally been shut down. Hurrah!

New Reviewer

If you notice the coach logo on the left corner it says coach, then under it leatherwear, then under that it says 1941. the orignal coach online store has 1941 under it. it doesn't say leatherwear anywhere. I had a friend shop at this store. Purchased over $300 worth of stuff. ALL OF IT WAS FAKE!!!

New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE! I recently experienced a very bad situation with this company. Originally I thought the merchandise I ordered was the authentic and I thought I was ordering it from the US. Once I received an order confirmation, I realized the company was based out of Beijing! I had done some research on them and there was not one positive review! It seems that these people have been scamming people for quite some time! I requested they cancel my order several times and they would either kick back my email or write back days later that they were on vacation and/or had already shipped the merchandise- BOLOGNA! They were just stalling me and the merchandise I ordered was sold out and they wanted me to select a replacement instead of returning my money! I called my bank and told them of these charges from what appears to be a Fraudulent Company. Thank God my bank had already been aware of this company and are further investigating them- the bank was kind enough to refund all monies that this Fraudulent company had charged me! In addition to all this, the merchandise (if you are ever going to receive it) is counterfeit and not manufactured by COACH! Please do not buy from these people and if you already have, please call your Bank to resolve this issue and get refunded your money. Good Luck!

New Reviewer

Thank you! so much you saved me I was going to purchase a bag and wallet good thing I came across this and read all the comments. I really do appreciate it now I know I'll just be better off going to an outlet store instead.

New Reviewer

Thanks. You saved me. The site looks fake and though the bags look great, I was still suspicious! Your reviews made me rescind my decision.

New Reviewer

Should have listened to that little warning in my head as I hit purchase. My first item was out of stock after I ordered it. When they notified me to pick another, I did but then the shipping was $30 instead of $20. When I questioned it and where it was coming from and not to ship/cancel the order, I got a run around--no answer. When I questioned the charge on my CC, asking if they were the merchant "PUTIAN RED SKY TRADING CO", al I got was "what is the transaction number"? I called my CC company to not pay. Definitely a deal too good to be true. STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

i purchaded 2 bags one of the zippers was broke and the threadind on the handle was comming apart they should be ashamed to sell such poor quality items! they should be turned in!

New Reviewer

Don't feel so bad...I'm a dumb ass too. I spent $172.00 which is an expensive mistake. I'll never buy anything else out of the USA. I ordered 3 purses and the minute I received them I knew I had been had. I almost shipped them back to them but I was not willing to pay an arm and a leg to do it and get taken for even more money. Yes, I am pissed off. Hopefully, someone else will read these reviews and not make the same mistakes we have made. I'm just going to chalk it up to an expensive lesson well learned.

New Reviewer

This is a fake website that sends fake merchandise from CHINA...Do not order anything from them. You will get no confirmation and have to cancell your credit card and the product is fake sent from CHINA...

New Reviewer

I bought a coach breifcase a few years ago. Sent it back feeling the handle needed replacment, the metal bar across the top was broken and the fluting (edging) around the case was worn out. Spent $25 to have it sent to coach and they sent it back stating it was good enough for them it should be good enough for me. Six months later sent I it back again but though the store and it came back the same again. This is my third case I have bought from them and it's my LAST. The other times I sent them back they at least provided a ne handle. GOING OUT OF BUSSINESS IS A GO OPTION FOR COACH!!!!! :(~~~~~~~~~

New Reviewer

I ordered a purse that my wife said to buy. what I got was trash that was the wrong color and size. i emailed them 4 times and got no reply.

New Reviewer


Apprentice Reviewer

After reading everyone elses reviews on this site I will never order anything from them.

New Reviewer

I am SO glad I checked here first. I almost spent a little over $200 on that site!!! ("Spend $160.00-no tax & free ship")! I noticed a few misspelled words and bad grammar, just before I went to I quick changed all my contact info and googled "Coach Outlet Online - Reviews", and got this site.

New Reviewer

This Coach-outlet website is very unethical and should not be trusted. The products are poor quality and fake. The business knowingly is shipping fraudulent product to unsuspecting clients. They have not refunded my credit card despite my repeated requests to do so. Stay away and share with others to refrain from this website!

New Reviewer

OMG...SOOOOOO pissed off.......$180 was taken off my card and they didnt even send me the right stuff and it is sooooo horribly fake it is unreal. And I can't even send it back to get my money do I feel dumb....JERKS!!!!

New Reviewer

DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!! i wish i would have seen these reviews before i ever ordered it took a month to get my purse and then when i got it it was the wrong color and the label was sewn on crooked gee thanks for the great product NOT! sorry i wasted my money another hundred and i could have purchased a real one from the store.

New Reviewer

I ordered from the site and realized the purses are ABSOLUTELY fake after I received them in the mail. They arent answering emails for me to be able to return the products (even though they advertise 100% authentic and satisfaction guaranteed). There is NO phone number to call. EVEN WORSE- the purses are even different from what I ordered, not even knockoffs that look exactly like the pics. AWFUL. STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

I ordered a "Coach" Bag that I never received and although I emailed them several times I NEVER heard back from them.. Buyers Beware!

New Reviewer

Don't fall for this! They sell fake coach bags from China. After placing my order, I thought it was odd that payment was sent to a Chinese email account. I tried canceling my order within hours of placing it. They didn't respond and when I contacted Paypal, they finally responded. They said that their site was down and they already mailed out all their orders. After many attempts at getting a refund through Paypal, I finally contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. They will file a chargeback to the company and it will be credited back to my card. You can do this through your credit card company or try to get resolution from Paypal.

New Reviewer

Do your self a favor don't buy a bag from this company I purchased one from the website which looks like an authentic coach website only after I purchased did I receive an email from a third party billing company shortly after that I received a e-mail from someone named zheng (the owner of this co.) stating to send them a picture of the bag I ordered or my order would not be shipped I immediately emailed back and ask them to cancell my order and refund my money which
was charged immmediately to my account they emailed me back stating the only wanted to be sure of the merchandise I ordered I again emailed them requesting a refund , no reply, I emailed them again and the email address was no longer valid
had to call the bank and cancell my card a lesson well learned

New Reviewer

oh yeah the minute i received my wallet that i order, then checked where it come from...chinese symbols.. i knew it was fake. After a month zipper got broken, I even asked them if this is authentic they says yes! No wonder they are so cheap. Beware of imitations.

New Reviewer

Yay, glad I stopped in here before I ordered! I was extremely skeptical when I couldn't find anything I was looking for that Coach had emailed me about from their Outlet stores in the Outlet Malls.

I just didn't want to drive an hour to get to their malls, thought this would be easier. When the prices were a bit cheaper, I had filled my basket - when I was having so much trouble with the cart, the red flags started in my head. That's when I began to have mega-doubts . . thanks everyone and sorry you had to go through it - fakes are SO not worth it when you can spend just a few more dollars to get the authentic ones at the REAL Coach Outlet stores! they are SUCH a bargain if you've never been to one - worth the DRIVE!

New Reviewer

It's a total rip-off the bags are complete fakes I got stuck for $140.00 and got a cheep fake coach bag and wallet ... I could kick myself. The web sight is gone and I have no return address ..... China crap !!!!

New Reviewer

I have placed my order over 8 days ago and I have not heard anything from these people at all, they will not return any of my E-mails and I have not received my Two pair of Coach boots, I wish I would have looked at this Web sight before ordering. Hopefully I can get my Boots or my Money Back!!!

New Reviewer

Liars. Fraud. Completely fake. Don't waste your money. Total rip off. Wish I had read the other reviews before they got my money!

Apprentice Reviewer

They overcharged me by 12 bucks not so bad but now the site is down and I don't know if I will even get my fake coach stuff..don't care if it's fake as long it's worth the 60 bucks a pop and 30 for wallets..why did't I come here 1st???!!!
I am so screwed aren't I??? :( $!@#%&* 180 bucks down the drain..hope they don't try to take more money

New Reviewer

Everyone out there......PLEASE do yourself a favor and DO NOT order anything from this site. Everything is FAKE; made in china or japan. I was gullible enough to order two handbags and one wallet before reading comments on this site. These people are from Asia and the whole site is a sham. When I asked to return my items I was told to pay some pay pal account of theirs a 25% restock fee when they could have automatically deducted that amount from my refund. I am offering this word of warning DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a bag and a wallet. i got the wallet but not the bag. and also they are not what its looked like in the picture. The picture is original but they will sent you a fake one. very disappointed. I tried to email them but no responds.

New Reviewer

I have had an awful experience with these people! I placed an order for two "coach" purses after much thought and delay (now I know I should have trusted my instinct). I am Canadian and 3 days after my order I received 2 charges for $141.00 on my Visa. My 2 purses cost this amount but only 1 time! When I contacted they were VERY rude. Stating they only took out one charge of that amount, that I need to take this up with my bank. I proceeded to tell them I was looking at my charges as we were "speaking" they then basically told me I was "stupid" and not getting the fact they only took out one amount of 141.00???
I asked them to call me so we could discuss over the phone and they said they only dealt with customers via email (this I belive is because they can't communicate in English).
At the end I asked for them to refund my amount - both amounts and cancel my order. They stated it would take up to 10 business days and they would put a request in for a credit to my account for the one charge.
Many days later and several calls, faxes and email to my bank I am still out almost $300.00 in total - no purses on the way and now the web site is no longer working (2 days after all my crap they go off line!!!!)
Hope I can help someone not to go through what I am still going through

New Reviewer

FAKE!!! I received a "coach" wallet and it was so FAKE. They promised me my money back and I never received it even thought they promiseD me it was sent. DO NOT SHOP HERE, THEY ARE IN CHINA.

New Reviewer

Place my order over 9 days ago, They already chrged my credit card however they are unable to provide me with a tracking number, everytime I asked for a tracking number I am told they need 3 more days.....So much for Öur orders are processed on a daily basis and shipped out within 2 days"....It will be the last time I ever buy anything from them.

New Reviewer

They do not stand behin their claim of 100% guarantee or full refund. The bags are fake and poorly made

New Reviewer

I have bought 2 pairs of sunglasses after I received an email from their customer service saying they are 100% authentic. They are ABSOLUTELY FAKE, even the hardcase is fake. I can't return them although they claim you can! they are made in China. I learned my lesson and next buy I'll go to the store and pay more but at least I know I have an authentic pair

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