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I placed an order for a pair of AIR MAX PLUS HYPER BLUE 2018 for $319 on 23 DEC 21. The order was cancelled on 27 DEC 21 without any reason provided and the FlightClub email stated: "A warning was sent to the seller". It stated I would receive the refund.
I sent an email to support and was told the Seller cancelled the order and I could just place the order again. I replied "the price increased $430 in 3 days to $750" and stated I would not buy them again for that price. It went back and forth with Mateo L. (Flight Club Support).

I received the refund, but zero accountability with the Seller. The Seller obviously saw the average price drastically increase and cancelled the order to make more money. Flight Club let him get away with this.

I guess i should feel lucky the Support responded to me and issued a refund to my card (based on some of the other reviews I read here).

I have another order that is still confirmed, but not shipped (been 2 weeks) and I think it will end up the same way.

Tip for consumers:
Use STOCKX, they are reliable.


I cannot get my refund even after 4 emails with customer service. Their "Live Chat" option has not been active for the last 7+ days, and you cannot call them. You are left with sending a message and waiting 24 hours (their timeline), but it has been 48 hours + the last two correspondences.
The last representative "Sergej" did not read the previous messages and told me to cancel it when it was already cancelled on 26 AUG 21. I had good experiences with getting refunds for the Zoll and additional DHL charges for the first 3 items, but nothing was coming in and I was tired of contacting them for refunds of Zoll and service fees (since it is difficult to speak with anyone competent now).

*** Bottom Line: Avoid I have pending order thru the US site, but Amazon is faster more reliable, without the additional hassles of Zoll and DHL Fees when something arrives. Not one of my boxes arrived at the house. I had to go to the DHL service center to pick it up once they delivered a slip.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid this site!


They say they have free returns, but when we tried to return one of the ordered items, we could not get a free USPS return label. After a little angst, they firmly stated the "UPS Ground label" they provided would work. Well, it didn't. However, when I called them back they quickly resolved the issue with the free return to my satisfaction.


The Pro Football Hall of Fame online shop carries all of the same NFL Team gear as the NFL and team shops. HOWEVER, unlike NFL shops that are fulfilled by Fanat1c$, the HoF Shop ships directly via USPS for APO / CMR / FPO addresses.

What does this mean to military overseas? USPS priority goes thru Chicago and then takes 7-10 days for Germany bases.

The other originates in UPS or FedEx and is switched to USPS, resulting in Space Available Mail (SAM) and 6 weeks to be delivered.

You may not get the 10% military discount (still working this) via ID me, but I can live with this if I don't have to wait 6 weeks or ship it to a friend in the states for them to pay to send it to me. In other words, it equals out and less hassle.


Order # 365-1202-9874:
I wrote a review about in August 2016 that reflected the poor customer service and impacts on Military serving overseas.
*** I did not order from anything related / operated by Fanatics for 3 years because of the last incident.
I placed an order for two jerseys and had them sent to my father in Ohio so he could send them USPS Priority Mail. It took 4 days for him to receive the jerseys and 9 more days to reach my military APO address. This was done to avoid the "6 Week" shipping because they originate with FEDEX and then transfer to USPS, resulting in Space Available Mail and 6 weeks in transit.
The jerseys arrived today, everything appeared good until my son tried on his Beckham jersey and it was too big. I noticed it was a "LARGE" and we ordered a "MEDIUM". The packaging and the tags were M, but the actual shirt size in the lower left side was a L and it was the same size as one of my older jerseys.
I called customer service and China sent out the replacement in "M". However, she then told me that since I was overseas, I would have to pay for the return shipping. I could not believe what I heard, became upset and asked her why should I pay return shipping for your company's mistake? I asked for a supervisor and spoke with Kayla.
I argued with her about paying the return shipping and quoted my previous run in and dissatisfaction with Fanatics. Told she I would not pay to return the jersey and I should be able to keep it since they messed up and then tried to make me pay return shipping. She then told me she would refund the cost of the return shipping (only because I was upset and mentioned online reviews ie Sitejabber).
She then refunded the shipping on the original order (to my Dad's house in Ohio) for $13.99. I had to argue with her because it cost my Dad $14.35 to mail it to me at my APO address and now he had to do it again. She then returned $12.00 more to my card. We just lost $2.35. I was told to send a copy of the USPS receipt if it cost more than $13.99.

***I purposely wait until I am in Ohio to buy my Browns gear or my family goes to $#*!s or the HOF Shop and then ships it to me.


***UPDATE****: After fully reviewing the "Return Label" I was sent, it was for FEDEX OR USPS and a "free return". To bad the supervisor did not even know this when she had the customer service rep send it to me. Bottom Line is I DID NOT have to pay for the return shipping of the item. They returned the original shipping costs and most of what my father had to pay to ship it to me. They shipped the new jersey expedited and did not charge shipping this time.

*** Still not buying from a Fanatics fulfilled Team Shop again, always a headache and always have to argue to get them to "Do the right thing" in regards to customer service.

***Update - They refunded the full amount of the jersey after it was received and processed. Think it was not intended to happen based on conversations with CS


Reading thru the Reviews, it appears that we were fortunate. If anyone notices that Forever21 representatives do not reveiw this site or resond in the threads in attempts to correct issues like many companies do.

Our journey began with ordering a pair of boots that my wife needed for an Event. They were unique and inexpensive, so she bought them. The first package arrived on time as promised to our Military APO address in Germany. However, the box the boots were in (manufacturer box) was damaged along with one of the boots.

My wife called customer service and they agreed to ship a replacement, but made us fill out an Affidavit form and send pictures. They then refunded the cost of the original boots and shipping. The customer service rep was rude to my wife, but she was able to get them to do the right thing.

Fast forward two weeks. The replacement order was promised on their Website to arrive by 11 March 17. We waited a couple of extra days to be sure it wasn't delayed in transit via USPS Priority Mail.

My wife called on 17 March and spoke with a "Rickie", whom was physically located in the Philippenes. My wife asked for a refund of the USPS Prioirty shipping costs on the order since Forever21 failed to deliver as advertised. She was combative and rude to my wife and when she asked for a Supervisor, she placed her on hold and then handed the phone to me. Rickie returned to the phone and said that the Supervisors were on other calls, expecting us to hang up, give up or whatever.

At this time I asked her name and where she was located. I asked if this call was being recorded. To which she stated "yes". I then asked if the Supervisor could return international calls and she answered "yes". She placed me on hold and then returned and took my direct dial number. She then asked for our house number and told her the number I provided was my mobile phone. It was then that I asked if there was a Problem with the Supervisor calling me on the provided number... silence. Then I received a yes. I then began to recap the notes for the Supervisor so he/she knew the nature of the call before they contacted me.

This was where it became interesting. Rickie began to argue with me on the details of what is says on their Website and tried to talk over me. I politely reminded her that I was the customer and that she should please let me speak. I also restated that the call was being recorded and I was being polite and expected the same. It was then that she crossed the same lines with me that had infuriated my wife a few minutes before. I told her that a 1 day to return my call was unexceptable and they had 2.5 hours to have a Supervisor contact me as it was getting late in Germany. I asked her if I was asking to much from a customer Service Center. Silence. Then I dicated the conversation and told her 2.5 hours or I call back.

All this Frustration over rude People and poor customer Service over $13.50 for a shipping refund.

This is small compared to the other Reviews. When I showed my wife this site, she stated she would have never ordered from Forever 21 if she had checked here first.


UPDATE (22 AUG 16): The second part of my original complaint and post was that has a responsibility to PROPERLY annotate in their shipping to military APO and State Department addresses overseas they ship FEDEX, which goes thru New Jersey as Space Available Mail and will take the full 6 weeks to arrive. This could also raise the awareness of the issue to higher level management so they could change their shipping policies and procedures for military overseas.



I placed two orders with 21 and 22 June 2016 for NBA and NHL Championship gear primarily for my children. The shipping address is a military APO address in Germany. I looked at their site for shipping and it indicated FEDEX, which is sent USPS at the exchange points either in New Jersey (6 weeks USPS SAM) or thru Chicago / Detroit (7-10 days USPS Priority Mail).

I am deployed in Kuwait and the last two experiences I had with online vendors using FEDEX to USPS resulted in positive experiences and 7-10 day delivery from the shipping date. I did not have reliable access to call and verify shipping methods with (normally most customer services do not know the answers outside of Supervisors or Managers anyway). I placed the order when Fanatics stated 2-4 weeks for delivery in good faith.

First, they shipped the two orders in "EIGHT" different packages. When I checked the online FEDEX tracking numbers on 13 July, it stated varying delivery dates from 10-13 August. My family departs on vacation without me (again, I am deployed) on 05 August. Now I have to explain to my children why they will not have their items before they depart that I promised them.

I set up online tracking with FEDEX. I then called their 24 hour Customer Service at *******679 at 0352 AM on 13 July 16 and spoke with a "John". I asked for a supervisor and told him I did not want to become upset with him since I already knew it was out of his control and a Supervisor or Manager was the only one that could make changes in their website on shipping comments, re-ship my order straight USPS, etc.

John told me the supervisors and managers do not start work until 0800 EST and I tried to give him my email address so a manager could contact me. However, he asked me to explain the issue. I did, and then he told me in a rather cocky way that doesn't control anything that happens after they turn the shipment over to FEDEX. I then started explaining why this was unacceptable. He interrupted me and told me not to curse at him, which made me even angrier, which is why I wanted a manager in the first place. He tried to speak over me and I eventually hung up and will wait to call back after 0800 EST.

My intent is twofold: Have my order reshipped in one box via USPS to the APO box in Germany since there is still time for it to get there. And two, to inform management they have a responsibility to PROPERLY annotate in their shipping to military APO and State Department addresses overseas they ship FEDEX, which goes thru New Jersey as Space Available Mail and will take the full 6 weeks to arrive. This could also raise the awareness of the issue to higher level management so they could change their shipping policies and procedures for military overseas.

I have received three emails asking me to rate my orders at in the last week featuring their Vice President of Operations, Lonnie Phillips name. I would love to discuss their shipping policies and staff with him, but that will most likely never happen.

UPDATE: contacted me shortly after I posted the original review and worked this out to an agreeable level of satisfaction.

Chastity S. – Fanatics Rep

Hello Steve. Thank you for your feedback! I am very sorry that your packages have not yet been delivered, and that the packages will not be delivered by August 5th. Unfortunately, reshipping the items is not going to be the best resolution. Alot of the items are no longer in stock and it will still take 4 weeks or more for the packages to be delivered. We do not have any faster delivery options to APO addresses at this time. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you. Sincerely, Karmen

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