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I ordered a cigarette holder on 6/3/21, on Ebay.com, and the order supposedly shipped on 6/7/21, though there has been no movement on the order since 6/7/21. According to USPS.com, USPS never actually received the order. I was contacted by the store seller, on 6/14/21, after repeatedly reaching out to them in order to be refunded for my order of a cigarette holder which never arrived. They claimed that they did not receive my first message, even though it looks as if the message went through just fine on my end, and I have a copy of the message in my messages within Ebay. They also claimed they would issue me a refund, though after checking my account, I don't see that a refund has been processed. I feel as if I am now being given the run around by this seller and I would appreciate it if the Better Business Bureau would intervene and help me to receive a refund for this order, as I honestly do not believe that this seller intends to refund my money without intervention. I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, so we'll see what happens there. Also, the seller also claimed that USPS lost my order, so, the order is definitely not going to arrive.

Yet after the seller stated, in a message sent to me via Ebay, that USPS had supposedly lost my order, they still refuse to refund my money. Initially they were going to issue a refund to me for the order USPS supposedly "lost," though after they saw that I left a negative review for them on their seller profile on Ebay, since their communication was so very poor and since they were just very rude in their messages to me, they informed me that they were no longer going to issue a refund to me for the lost order. This is most unprofessional, to initially state that you are going to issue a refund to a customer, and then to deny a customer a refund because they left you a bad review. They also claimed they were denying me a refund because my communication was not good. Which is ridiculous, all of my messages were very clear. They are denying me a refund because I left them a bad review, plain and simple. You don't get to violate the terms of a sales agreement simply because a customer leaves you a negative review. If every seller did this then Ebay would have a very bad reputation and customers would quit using their services and Ebay would go out of business.

To make matters worse, when I try to get assistance through Ebay, I am also unable to get assistance as I keep getting a message that a tracking number has been provided, and therefore since the seller has provided a tracking number, Ebay will not intervene. Ebay really needs to make it easier to handle disputes. Simply because a tracking number has been provided, this does not mean that the order has not been lost and that a buyer will not be in need of further intervention from Ebay. Of course, I found no number for Ebay, so, I cannot even contact Ebay via a customer service number. Ebay also does not provide an email address, so, I cannot email them either. I have no other recourse but to open a Better Business Bureau Complaint if I ever want to receive a refund. Ebay really needs to revise their intervention process. As it stands, a seller can simply stall and manipulate the system and there is no real recourse that a customer has. All a seller has to do is to simply provide a tracking number and there is nothing a customer can do in order to receive a refund in the event their order is lost and the seller refuses to do the right thing and to issue a refund. Ebay makes it too easy for sellers to work the system.

This is not really about the money, $6.84 is not a large sum of money. Though this is about the principle of the matter. This is about Ebay making it easy for sellers to work the system and how incredibly difficult it is to make a dispute through Ebay. This is about the many sellers on Ebay who take advantage of people. It's wrong, just plain and simple.


This is a review of the Blairsville, GA Wal-Mart. Store Number: 2257. Just an all around horrible Wal-Mart. The pharmacy is not exactly run by professionals. The cashiers are incredibly rude. No matter what time of the day you visit, there are lines backed up and there are never enough cashiers to assist. This Wal-Mart also doesn't keep a good stock of many items. Their produce is so awful I started buying produce at local produce markets rather than waste any more money on produce here which is likely to go bad so quickly you end up completely trashing produce you paid good money for. I needed to pick up a prescription for my mother recently, otherwise I never would have stepped foot into this place after the bad experiences I have had here in the past. I have been harassed by male employees at this Wal-Mart as well now, on multiple occasions, and had to be very watchful and defensive in order to not have the harassment escalate. A woman shouldn't feel as if she can't shop without having to guard her personal space to the point where it's just ridiculous, and have to be so defensive in order to keep from being harassed by the male employees who work here. Though it's been this way for years. Recently, a friend of mine told me how rude some of the pharmacy employees are, and how badly they've treated her as well. If you ask the locals about this Wal-Mart, you'll find out pretty soon what kind of reputation they have, and it's bad. Even the employees complain about working here and don't like working here, and it shows. I will not be back and I definitely do not recommend this Wal-Mart. Especially if you're a woman hoping to shop in peace and who is hoping to be treated with some basic decency, look elsewhere, because this store is not respectful toward women. The turn over rate here is very high and the management here has been been very bad for years so that probably has a lot to do with that and the generally poor way that the customers are treated here. I have also had similar experiences at another local Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart just generally has a bad reputation for a reason. Their stores and customer service have gone downhill for many years now.


I have been transferring funds through PayPal for several years now. Since 2017 I have transferred fairly large amounts to the same individual, as in $650 to $750 at a time every single month using PayPal. And suddenly, I transferred $840 (not much more than I normally transfer each month), to the same individual I always send funds to every month, and PayPal flagged the transaction as suspicious. That is odd and poor customer service. Especially since I have a long history of sending similar amounts of money to the same individual, and suddenly they want to flag my transfer even though there is literally nothing unusual about the transfer whatsoever? This doesn't make sense, and of course, since PayPal flagged the transfer they have placed a hold on the funds so that the individual I sent the funds to can't even access these funds. I spent some real time trying to locate a number to call a customer service representative with PayPal and trying to get through to a representative only to be given a standard, generic response, that all transfers may take 5-7 business days. Well, after I pressed the representative for more information it turned out that they had flagged the transfer. PayPal didn't notify me that they flagged the transfer either, they just left me completely in the dark as to why it has now been 7 days since I completed a normal transfer and yet PayPal still hasn't released the funds.
The customer service was not great though the customer service is often poor with PayPal. Recently, a friend told me that she has had issues with her PayPal account as well. And from what I am reading online, other people have had issues with PayPal unnecessarily flagging transfers as well and placing lengthy holds on their funds. With all of this hassle trying to simply complete a routine transfer through PayPal, it's not worth it. I'd rather transfer funds virtually any other way. I ordered checks to avoid using PayPal to transfer funds in the future and if you're looking for a hassle free way to transfer funds, Venmo is a much better alternative. This is what happens when a corporation tries to make too many of their processes automated. An automated system will make errors that a human representative will not make. I guarantee you that PayPal's automated system flagged this transaction I am referring to and if a human representative had viewed the same transaction they would have approved it and a hold would not have been placed on my funds. If you try to send a message to PayPal, you also have to first go through their automated system which is often useless and frustrating to communicate with. PayPal wants to cut corners and save money by replacing human assistants with automated systems and the customer service has greatly declined as a result. So PayPal saves money, at the expense of the consumer.


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