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I have been almost exclusively going to Great Clips the past seventeen years, greatly enjoying the company's low prices.
On February 23, 2017, at approximately 9:25 a.m., I arrived at the company's 342 South Twin Oaks Valley RD, San Marcos, CA 92078, establishment for a haircut. Employee M. checked me in. At approximately 10:00 a.m., as another checked-in customer and I waited, Employee K. checked-in, animatedly spoke to, and focused on a customer on a first name basis. However, as my turn was next, Employee K. focused on her acquaintance, disregarded my name on her monitor, and invited her acquaintance to her chair, "You can go next, he [I] doesn't mind". K did not asked if I minded or not minded. The acquaintance asked, "Are you sure?". K replied, "Go ahead". Tactfully, I did not mention that I was next. However, as a result of K's preferential treatment for a late check-in customer, I waited an additional ten minutes while the customer behind me waited an additional 20 minutes. Reflecting on K's behavior, I find that K's blatant preferential treatment for an acquaintance over two earlier checked-in customers is highly unfair and not businesslike.
On the same day, February 23, 2017, I faxed Great Clips Corporate and asked "What can be done so that [Employee] Kxx does not repeat her favoritism toward one customer over other customers who had checked-in before her favorite customer?" No response from the company. On March 6, 2017, I re-faxed Great Clips Corporate and repeated my question. As of today, no response from the company.




Unaware, TaxAct Online had downgraded me from Premium filing (1040 with capital gains) to a simpler Plus filing (1040 with Schedule A and associated forms) for tax year 2016. I had been using TaxAct Online for at least 10 years. However, this year, TaxAct Online deleted my repeat-customer-guaranteed and locked-in $26.95 filing fee for Premium filing and charged me $40 for a simpler Plus filing. I had previously paid $16.95 or less for its Plus filing before using only once its Premium filing. I immediately telephoned TaxAct Online and reported the pricing discrepancy; the customer service representative lowered the Plus filing fee to $35, still above $16.95. After a day, I received a customer service representative emailed response; she lowered the Plus filing fee to $26.95, the previously guaranteed and lock-in Premium filing fee though I was using a simpler and less expensive Plus filing service. Since the higher pricing snafu is TaxAct Online mistake, "No, Thank you, TaxAct". Via an online search, I found many inexpensive filing services or free filing services with ads. One online filing service have no ads and offered everything that I needed at $0 cost. The only disadvantage at this competitor's filing service is that this year's tax data and info is not transferable to next year's filing. However, after completing TaxAct Online data input this year but surprised by TaxAct high regular pricing for a simple product, re-entering data on a competitor's online filing service is no biggie. Until TaxAct Online gets its act together, I would, and recommend that you, avoid TaxAct Online.

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