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I now give "PC Reviver, River Soft, cleverbridge" a FIVE STAR RATING ON THEIR REFUND and CUSTOMER SERVICE ~ 'River Soft' refunded their Debit $ Amount ~ Deposited back into my Bank Account on Thursday, 3 June 2021, and 'River Soft' Cancelled that Unauthorised (by me) Annual 'PC Reviver' Debit.

As to current date (Tuesday, 1 June 2021) PC Reviver (Reviver Soft cleverbridge) Responded immediately via e-mail late that same day Friday, 28 May 2021 into Officially REFUNDING the Debit Amount in 5 to 7 Working Days from the 28 May 2021 and Cancelled the their 'Subscription' ~ Upon receiving the Refund into my Bank Account ~ I will Post an Up-dated Comment.

Mid 2020 - I purchased "PC Reviver" (listed Apps Installed as "Corel Corporation"?) for $50.59c (AUD$) to get my new PC Laptop working faster than manual typing speed on the Internet - PC Reviver being 100% useless. I purchased for Life "Clean My PC" - Worked wonders at speeding up my Internet use. PC Reviver (cleverbridge) suddenly deducted $65.99c out of my Account last night (27 May 2021) - E-mails sent to cleverbridge in Germany and got my Bank onto it. Uninstalled PC Reviver.

Tip for consumers:
Block Em Out!

Products used:
PC Reviver Software with 5-items total 99.04 MB.


I require a consistant supply of the 3M Nexcare Micropre 25.4mm X 9.14m Medical Tape, to which I purchase in bulk and must search pharmacies in the East Sydney area. As quoted (Complaint #USLN-C2R5BM*******455030313 - 6 May 2021 at 12:48 PM) to me by Mr PAUL CALOW, the Customer Service Representative in 3M Marketing & Sales Operations for 3M Australia Pty Ltd, the manufacture and supplier to pharmacies of the said 3M Nexcare Medical Tape Rolls ~ Faulty 3M Products are only Refunded by the Seller.

I bulked purchased four (4) said 3M Medical Tape Rolls about 3 weeks ago from the local to Kings Cross Centre Pharmacy, but did not have the purchase receipt. One of those 3M Tape Rolls being faulty; almost impossible to find the Start Tape End and once done so, only stuck solid together and peeled off in thin narrow strips and would break off, thus making the Tape Roll unusable - Not the first time finding such faulty 3M Australia Medical Tapes and the faulty number are nearling a dozen over the past two-years.

I paid a return visit to Kings Cross Centre Pharmacy with the said mentioned faulty '3M Nexcare Micropore 25.4 X 9.14m Medical Tape Roll' that I had bulked purchased (4-Rolls) about 3-weeks ago and spoke in person to "Adrian" the Manager from 05:40 PM to 05:50:41 PM this evening (06/05/2021).

I quoted PAUL CATLOW advice to Adrian that the purchase store does the refunds and not the supplier 3M Australia Pty Ltd - even though ADRIAN stated to me, two afternoons ago that I must send the faulty item to you (3M) to receive the purchase refund ($3.99c).

ADRIAN stated to me, that I must have the Purchase Receipt for that faulty 3M Medical Tape and I had to return that item within 7-Days from date of purchase, otherwise I receive no refund.

Note that I had purchased four (4) such 3M Tape Rolls at the time of purchase. Therefore, I was required to open all four 3M Medical Tape Rolls and test them immediately following purchase, or within that 7-Days to obtain a refund for any faulty 3M Tape Rolls. As I have experienced over the five-years of continue purchase and use of the 3M Nexcare are not 100% full quality control for such a Medical grade item.

I presented the faulty 3M Nexcare Medical Tape Roll to ADRIAN, who exhibited resistance to refunding my money; considering the hundreds of dollars I spent at that pharmacy on health products throughout the 2020 to 2021 years.

I also conveyed your advice to ADRIAN that he must inform 3M of any faults with your products that he, ADRIAN sells to Customers – ADRIAN's response was gaping at me in silence for a few seconds and nothing further from him on that matter.

ADRIAN finally refunded me $4 ($3.99c) purchase price of that faulty 3M Medical Tape that I displayed to him. ADRIAN required that I sign a copy of the refund receipt at 05:51:41 PM (KCCP Receipt: 157682).

Just before he ordered the Blond Lady Pharmacy Staffer to "Give him the refund and get him to sign the receipt" - ADRIAN states to me, again, that I must have the Purchase Receipt of that faulty 3M Tape and he questioned me to give him the Date and Time of that purchase, adding, I quote ADRIAN, "Do you want to meet my Lawyer?"

I will contact the relevant Government Retail Departments regarding this Medical Product 'Buck Passing Refunding Faulty Products' situation for legal standings and my own information interest.

Tip for consumers:
When purchasing such $3.99c items in bulk, one seemingly according that Pharmacy Manager must now be required to open ALL items and test those 3M Australia Pty Ltd Nexcare Micropre 25.4mm X 9.14m LONG Medical Tape Rolls by peeling off the sticky Medical Tapes to see if not faulty and do keep the Purchase Receipt as the Customer Seven (7) Days from Purchase Date to Return any Faulty Rolls to 'Kings Cross Centre Pharmacy, 82-94 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, NSW 2011' for a Refund ~ If lucky.

Products used:
3M Nexcare Micropre 25.4mm X 9.14m Medical Tape.


From: <*******>
Date: Thursday, 6 May 2021 at 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint #USLN-C2R5BM*******455030313

Hello Max,

Thank you for your email to us, and we are very sorry to learn of your recent experience with our 3M Nexcare Micropore tapes not performing as expected. We will refer this over to our 3M management.

Please return any affected and / or faulty Nexcare products to the original store of purchase for replacement or refund, in accordance within your rights under current Australian Consumer Law.
The proof of purchase may even be in the form of a bank statement entry, as no physical hardcopy printed paper receipt is required.

Very sorry 3M are unable to provide any refunds as our products are sold via 3M's distributors, as we do not sell directly to the public.

These stores will let 3M know through their Sales Teams of any issues or concerns they may be aware of regarding any of our products.

Should you require any further information about our 3M Nexcare Tapes range at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at 3M Australia.

Thank you again Max for alerting us to this situation with this faulty 3M Nexcare product, as we do need to know when this happens, and that any product of ours has failed you and does not meet our normally very high performance standards.

Kind regards,

Paul Calow - Customer Service Representative

3M Marketing & Sales Operations - 3M Australia Pty Ltd, Building A, 1 Rivett Road | North Ryde, NSW 2113 Australia
Office: 136 136
Product ******* |
3M Australia Building A, 1 Rivett Road NORTH RYDE NSW 2113 Locked Bag 19 NORTH RYDE NSW 1670

Tip for consumers:
First CHECK from 3M if they Sell to you (claims they do not sell to the public, only to Sellers) if they honour Refund for Faulty Products.

Products used:
Nexcare Micropre 25.4mm X 9.14m Tapes - Bulk Purchased.


I'm an Australian, living in Australia and a long-term Abe Books AUSTRALIA Account Customer, who a day ago at midnight purchased (paid using my Bank Credit Card) ~ two (2) second-hand books:

One book from an Australian Abe Book Seller (Tasmania), advertising the Book in Australian Dollars, with Free Shipping (current Abe Books Sale pitch) and,

One book from a New Zealand Abe Book Seller (Auckland, NZ) priced in NZ Dollars. Both said mentioned Abe Books Australia Websites immediately Disappeared upon when ‘Clicking & Sending To' the Abe Books Australia Account "My Basket & Purchase" along with the AUD$ & NZ$ Book Prices ~ Now All in USA Dollar Amounts, including Shipping Costs.

I e-mailed Abe Books Customer Support ~ "Ra'eesah L" from 'The AbeBooks Team' (******* - mailed-by: Signed by: ~ "Ra'eesah L" e-mail replied at 08:28 AM today (08/05/2021) ~ "Ra'eesah L" and ‘Abe Books Customer Service' REPLY is an insult! I quote below from:

"... I'm sorry to hear that your credit card company charged a additional fees for order transactions... You can avoid International Transaction Fees by limiting your purchases to booksellers within your own country... Please be assured that this fee, called a Foreign Transaction Fee, International Transaction Fee, or similar, is not charged by AbeBooks."

During my previous Abe Books (Australia Account) and all O/S Purchases, my Bank Credit Card charged me, just under $2.00c (Australian Dollars) Transaction Fees per individual Abe Books Purchases, immediately following those Payments being completed.

The confusing mystery regarding Abe Books Australia Price Currency Conversion sudden incident where upon purchasing the AUD$ & NZ$ Seller Book Price is changed into USD $ Prices gives *Abe Books (& Jeff Bezos) Price MARKED-UPS Abe Books (Australia) Bill TOTAL: AUD $56.07c (USA $43.10c).

*Todays (2:45PM Friday 7 MAY 2021) Google Search Currency Conversion from AUD$ & NZ$ into USA$ Rates ~ Abe Books (& Jeff Bezos) are making $1.28477c per $1 Australian on the mark-up in Selling price to USA Dollars purchase Invoice to Abe Customers; and I would get a 21% Discount on the NZ Seller Book from Converting NZ$ to AUD$, but not so, as Abe Books instantly converted that NZ $ into the USA $ Exchange Rate. Abe Books CONVERT $ could be a higher rate in marking up to USA $ amount from the Google Search current detail.

'Abe Books' & 'AbeBooks Inquiry ARN - 62591757' & 'Ra'eesah L' & 'Abe Books Customer Service Care' are an "insult" to a now and once loyal consistent Abe Books Australia Account Customer.

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