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About Me

I'm just a guy who is would love to bring justice for the scammed victims. I hate scammers. They always target the weak, the wounded and the lonely. They are like wolves in sheep's clothing and they need to be stopped! I will also let you hear my voice about all the things on the internet that annoy me so much, if I'll deem it's worthy to write about them.

How I Can Help

I have quite some experience with scammers and spammers. It happened in the past that I lost quite some money to learn my lessons the hard way :// And I hate annoying things on the internet, I want to donate to you my brick of frustration in the wall of absurdity and help build it together towards a saner shape.

7 Reviews by MrBee

Ok this is crazy, I was all excited today because finally I thought I have found a goldmine for online deals. But after spending quite some time with the site, now I think this one simply cannot be legit.
First of all, it offers lots and lots of rare and expensive products at unbelievably low prices, on top of that it seems they have unlimited quantities of everything. After I registered to the site no confirmation/ativation e-mail was needed to start using the site and no confirmation/activation email was sent from them either.

They claim free shipping for orders that exceed 35€. They are supposedly located in the USA, they don't specify is oversea shipping is free, but when you create and account, for example entering my European country, and you add itmes in your cart, on the shipping calcutator, it seems the shipping price is zero if you exceed 35€, the odd thing is that also the weight of the package says it's zero lbs. But their site is clearly optimized for European customers too, and you can change the displayed currency to Euro without a hassle. I've done some online shopping in the US in the past, and I know a lot of their online stores ship within US only. Those who ship internationally, they will have it specified, and I never heard them offering free shipping overseas. Also they only accept credit card and bank transfer payment, no paypal.

On the bottom of the page they have some outrageous claims too good and generic to be true:

- Free shipping over €35.78
- Guaranteed ship within 5-7 business days
- Up to 30 days refund. Guarantee!
- Change your product quickly through express delivery

All these claims are written in links that do no activate when clicked on.

Also they have a facebook, twitter and instagram icons (links) that only take you to the main page for each of these sites, in other words, they do NOT have any facebook page, any twitter account or instagram account of their site or business activity. Also the credit card icons links and the their (trust service) Alicepaymentvipservice.com link does not activate when clicked on.

Also by finding a specific rare item by chance on their page, I copied and googled the exact same item name and found some other websites selling the same item with the same pictures at the same price. 100% sites of the same scammers, they also feature facebook twitter and instagram links at the bottom of the paga, that only take you to the main pages of these sites, such as facebook.com, twitter.com and instagram.com.
I have no doubt at this point this site just cannot be legit.

How is it possible, I ask myself just a logical question... How is it possible that someone selling a rare and expensive item at a low price can give you unlimited quantities? When you see the picture of the item and his hands showing him opening this vintage box and showing you the contents inside... and I can still order, say, like 10 pieces without any hassle?

Hmmm... Ohhh, I don't know how to rate this site, since I didn't attempt any purchase, but I am tempted to try. There is also an option to contact them via a contact message form, no phone numbers or anything. I am tempted to contact them, but what could I ask? I want they prove me they are legit, but how? And I know they aren't anyway, they can't be right? The prices are so good but this is unreal, and with all the red flags!... Seems that the site is relatively new, created 24th of June 2020 and the assortment they ahve is huge, it's like amazon, immense. I think the website takes item long gone assortment listings from amazon.com. First google search I made about this site told me it's a scam site straight out, but it was just one site (this one https://scamzeroed.com/homdecoz-com-review-is-it-a-scam/) other than that the site seems to be extremely unknown on the internet and that is a suspicious thing in itself.

Other than that
This site says it's probably suspicious: https://uiliu.com/homdecoz-com
scamrate.com says it's probably safe: https://www.scamrate.com/check/homdecoz.com/
Then there is my review that I published, wich is an outdated version of this one (because I cannot edit it) on https://www.signal-arnaques.com/en/scam/view/263781

If you know more about this site, please type in the comments below if you have any experience in dealing with homdecoz.com.
I am still curious at this point, but I don't want to throw any money away just to test them out ;)

Tip for consumers: It's a large "webstore" with many many red flags. Suspicious website functionality such as links you can't click on them at the bottom of the page and links to a supposedly non-existant facebook page, twitter, instagram profile. They offer free shipping for orders above 35.78 EUR. Does not specify if only USA or Worldwide. It seems when your cart has more than 35.78 eur of items the shipping costs is zero. No explanation about any of that. Their FAQ is a bit weird and so is their About Us page.

The Grammarly free browser extension is very useful for the English learner. I mean, I know English language quite well, but I still want to perfect my grammar further. Like learning how to write words the right way, the double letters, commas, and so on. So far Grammarly helped me a lot with all that but sometimes it wants to teach me wrong. I really hate it when tries to instill self-doubt in me, making me question the things that I've learned and already know. At times It gives bad, wrong, straight up erroneous suggestions about how to construct sentences and word combinations. That may help in some instances but is totally not helpful in others. In the long run, Grammarly will teach you how to write words correctly but will confuse the hell out of you about how to construct your sentences and sometimes will even try to deceive you into thinking you made an error, when in fact "he" made one. Grammarly must be some kind of hypocrite, and an evil one at that. But I want to go into details here; It really pisses me off when I'm writing something that I know that is right and Grammarly tells me that is wrong. As I said, sometimes it seems like it wants to instill self-doubt in me...
Besides the fact that I'm already using Grammarly, apparently, I still need to get upset by it, first, the program telling me there is a problem that I'm already skeptical about, or even know there is no problem at all, then, by googling it, I find out there is actually no problem at all. It's just Grammarly that wants to annoy me. To make me waste time and nerves. In the long run yes is very useful, but also so very harmful to your knowledge and nerves. But I still love it more than I hate it and I will continue using it, I'm sure it only needs some fine tuning.
I'll be short, I just wanted to say that I hate rotten tomatoes (horror) movie review site which is composed by allegedly horror movie expert veterans, who for the most part have absolutely not a clue what good horror movie looks like, or a bad one for that matter. They have absolutely no credibility, zero zilch, nada when it comes to horror movie opinions. I can't even consider seriously anything they say. And so in the world of horror movies, they shouldn't even have a say. Nobody should listen to them, they are pure trash to avoid like the plague. Apart from a tiny few exceptions of reviewers whom I agree with, each time I read their review previews makes me want to punch the wall and grab my machete and go for a walk around Camp Crystal Lake searching for new blood... Ironically, they don't know it yet, but the rotten tomatoes are all waiting for them.

Tip for consumers: Avoid this site and its so-called expert reviewers like the plague, maybe you too will find some horror movie gems, that you will be proud of and won't fall for the senseless hype these guys are putting out... Rotten Tomatoes when it comes to horror is pure BS.

I wanted to write a review about Hulu, I really wanted but I couldn't, and I still can't. I'm sorry, but I'm not from the USA so I'm not allowed to witness the magnificency the service that Hulu has to offer. And since the internet is becoming more user-unfriendly by the day, due to policies, limitations and other stuff, I decided why not; I will write about how I see Hulu. Hulu is now sadly, everywhere on the internet, you can "see" its videos under most news articles and such. But it's all USA-restricted, while the internet is still a worldwide thing as far as I know. So, dear Hulu, become a worldwide service or get the f*ck off my worldwide internet pages!

Oh and lastly, if you want to actually use Hulu, you have to go live in the USA or get a VPN... but I'm afraid a VPN alone will not be enough to register, since I read you can only register with your credit card or PayPal address, that belongs to a resident from the USA. I wouldn't be surprised the least if somebody would actually go through the hassle of getting a fake credit card just to be able to register. Hulu in my eyes is a parasite of the internet, with such limitations and should be either expanded or forgotten.
For the average internet user, spamcop is too complex with all those complex instructions is definitely user-unfriendly. I got tons of Canadian pharmacy viagra spam or as they call it unsolicited email and whenever I forward the spam to them I get an error message that no spam was found, well genius, with an email address like *******@mail.com sending you VIAGRA spam, what else can it be? I never approved to have sent said spam emails to my address. While tired of the $#*! and trying to report the spam, I found out I already used this service once in the past, since I already had an account. I suddenly remembered I got the same erroneous results back that time too. So basically, I really do not like the site and I don't intend to use it ever again. I'll give it 2 stars for the benefit of a doubt, that once learned it's efficient, but I don't intend to dedicate myself so much to figure out something made so user-unfriendly. It kinda repells me.
I've been their paying member for years and never gained anything from it, literally, except two long-distance (from the other side of the world kind of) facebook friends. I can't believe how angry the site makes me every time I visit it.
The badoo features I absolutely despise are:

- The pathetic limitations they impose on you,
- Basically, they are pleading for financial gain at every turn,
- Dirty tricks such as fake profiles, spamming your friends via e-mail after your free trial, fake notifications you get when you are about to stop paying them or just to lure you back in after a period of you not paying them.
- Pathetic pleadings to rate their site almost every time
- Profile photo ratings are great to take away your self-esteem!
- Most users there are just awful to communicate with!
- The pretty ones usually ignore you,
- The kind-of-pretty ones never or rarely message you back,
- The ones you don't want to communicate with can sometimes annoy you hard,
- If you don't meet people's criteria, then you cant message them unless you are a premium member, that is also so much bull$#*!.

Its a colossal waste of:
- money
- time
- energy
- soul

A few days ago I had a nice chat with someone who just stopped writing back, because they don't have the balls to tell you, I'm seeing someone else, or I don't feel a spark between us or nothing they just have a nice chat with you, being formally cordial and even cool, but ultimately abandoning you without a word, and you still hope to meet them, This happens so quite often. It's called ghosting and seems like it's a trend in online dating now:/

I think it should've been shut down a long time ago because it's only getting worse and worse. Online dating, in general, today can be summarized in one word and this word is scam. On a side note there are also many of cheating married people.

It kills the love, it kills the humanity in one's heart, it's just wrong and awful!
And nobody cares. Badoo is becoming more and more artificial and greedy by the day and its literally giving you less and less chance to meet anyone and discover genuine chemistry based on and an intellectual level. In my opinion Its a total disaster.
This is my experience with the site fungerund.com. It's a story but it's also a review and is my gift for them. It's a long story, so if you don't feel like reading it, you can skip to the bottom an just read the TLDR section (Too Long Didn't Read)

So I was looking for a free e-book, you know like scribd.com has, you just join a free membership trial period and you are allowed to read e-books, as I did in the past. I found this site called fungerund.com they claimed if I join their free trial membership for 5 days I can have access to unlimited e-books, games, movies, and music. And I said, OK, sound good to me. Then I proceeded to sign up, giving all my credentials including credit card number and everything. The same method that scribd has.
I saw not much of a problem in that and then I went to their main page, I attached a photo to this review of their deceptive claim, it said "The largest movie collection on the Internet" and I thought ok there are a few gems that I've been searching and was unable to find, perhaps I could find them in "the largest movie collection on the internet", yeah right?
Next, I logged into the site, a pop-up bar on the top asked me to confirm my email. I said ok, I'll do that later and decided to browse their content. Rember they said unlimited movie collection? I went to the movies section, browsing under horror category because I'm a big horror movie fan among other things. I expected to find some interesting stuff, but the real horror happened when I witnessed the site content. They only have like 50 horror movies and all of them were very low budget and totally unknown. And I have a very broad knowledge of good horror movie titles. So they were unknown in a bad way, of course, these movies that no horror fan would ever want to watch, I reckon.
Then I saw a cover of a movie called The Ritual, I know it's quite a new movie and very well rated too. I clicked on it, there is no year of release to be seen, I click on watch it now button and the movie starts, it was another The Ritual movie. An unknown on from 2007. Ok, I had it enough at this point. I decided to cancel my free membership right away, and they didn'0t even asked me why. Meanwhile, I went to google for fugerund.com as a potential scam. I found out that many sites have given it a low trust rating, somewhere around 22%. Not good. But that's not all. The confirmation email they were supposed to send me never reached my inbox, and I even clicked on the resend confirmational email button many times. Even after I canceled I got no mail. This is very suspicious and I was a fool not to check the validity of the site before I entered my credentials.

I wanted to attach a screenshot of their appalling horror movie collection, but I just can't, since I canceled my free membership trial. I just cant access their movie menu anymore, as soon as I click on it, I get a big white pop up box on a dark background, saying "Welcome back! Confirm your Premium Membership* * Your membership will rebill at 7.95 per month." How nice, I can at least attach this screenshot! One last screen I'm going to attach is about my account information saying that my membership is still active right now. I tried to go through the cancelation process again and it finally said "Your premium account has already been canceled. No recurring charges will be applied to your account." I really hope so!

I also read another's review of the site that said that fake movies on youtube had led people directly to fungerund.com. Another weird thing, on the photo I've attached on their front site they say $17.95 per month, but inside their site, they say 7.95$ per month. Also I don't know why on the second screenshot there are 2 music icons, one has black headphones, one has green ones and both say "music" It looks like a mistake, again weird.

On a final note, they might be using my credit card credentials in the future, I'll be monitoring my transactions closely. But it's most likely, that they just hope for people to forget about the trial period and automatically get billed 7.95$ for the next month. I know a lot of sites do this dirty trick since they themselves state so beforehand. Finishing this story/review and still got no confirmational email from them... Stay away from this site folks!


TLDR; Fungerund.com is a site full of red flags such as deceptive claims to offer unlimited movies, music, books and even games, has nothing of value or quality to offer really, it is indeed some kind of scam. Most likely the classic "Oh your free trial period is over, now you're getting billed!" type of scam. It also has low trust rating, around 22% on most scam verifying sites and also people say the fake movies on youtube lead them directly on fungerund.com - Stay away from this site folks!

Tip for consumers: Don't be a fool like me, always check for the validity of a site before you enter your credentials, especially credit card numbers and such!

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