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So I feel like I should be giving this a five star to rave about a site and a company I love just because of them having a response to an inquiry I had that caused me to just fall in love with the way they work! I haven't yet ordered from them (But I plan to if this works out!).

So i have an old Thermaltake Armor Revo VO200M6W2N Snow Edition SECC ATX Full Tower Computer Case that's got a fan on the side of the case that's always made a clicking noise and clipped against the metal grate on the case. That fan is finally failing and needs replaced.

I decided I would like to order a new Noctua NF-A20 PWM, 4-Pin Premium Quiet Fan (200mm, Brown) to replace the old fan. The issue I found is that the Noctua fan does not have any compatibility reviews for my particular case, and apparently there's really no standard configuration between computer parts companies for the 200mm fans as far as how they mount on a case (and of course dimensions and space in the case make a difference too) I need to replace the one on my case and I don't want to replace it with the fan that's already failed. I looked into two other companies that have the size fan I wanted and reviews for the other companies stated they were better off going with Noctua fans.

As my case wasn't listed I contacted the company to check if they had anything on my case. Instead of providing information they sent an email offering to send me one free of charge so I can give them the information on if it's compatible and give them the review for their fan with my case.

I haven't even ordered yet and I'm excited to find if I get the fan, and to be able to provide them the information on if the fan is actually compatible or if it is one that won't fit the case.


Big lotro fan, love the game and the way it plays. They've gone F2P with the chance to buy 'modules' or quest zones and expansion packs in the game. While not a mainstream MMO it's still a solid one. The graphics are a little dated since they tried to go a little more realistic with the setting (even though the characters themselves are more cartoonish). The game didn't seem to age well but it's one I enjoy going back to off and on to explore and find what they've changed.


*Disclaimer, I have not used GOG is almost a year, so I am not giving a full 5 star review, I will update my review when I've checked my account again this week.*

I've placed multiple orders with GOG and had no issues with downloads or getting any of the DRM free games to work on my computer. I've been running a windows 8 / windows 10 computer and all of the games I've ordered have downloaded and played without a hitch. I do have some games I have not yet attempted to install that are part of their 'free' games on gog.

One thing I did notice was that some games (Like starwars battlegrounds) do show that they're still multiplayer capable, however the servers for that game were shut down by the origin company. So while that was at one time an online game it no longer has multiplayer support. I think with games like that they should update the site to show the game lost it's multiplayer options so anyone looking to purchase those games won't assume there are servers for them still. So while prices and games have been great so far for me, I know that some things like online games still need a bit of research before purchasing since things that start off 'single or multiplayer' can sometimes change to single player only and gog hasn't kept up.


I had an order for the 'Founder' edition of NWO from PWE. The founder edition came with little items from their other games - now, I redeemed them and had been playing PWE for a while before leaving it due to issues with net connections and falling out of it for other games I could play offline. When I was finally able to return to PWE I found all the items I had from my founder edition from NWO that were redeemed with this game were gone, and my account had been wiped. No warning emails or anything from them, just all my leveled characters gone along with my items. No response from their CS when I contacted in to find out what could be done to recover my stuff. Sadly I couldn't remember the names of each character either since I chose more unique names for this game so everything was fully lost. I did verify my account information since it was the same as my NWO account as well since it's all the same company.

Shady that they'd delete something that's a paid item from them from a pack that cost well over 200$ in total. I was given my pack as a gift from some friends who pooled together to get it for me for a birthday/Christmas present combined so I was pretty annoyed to find out I lost a lot of items that came with the pack.


Gave up on this company and it's games for the moment. Some of them were pretty decent and I enjoyed the games, however I've found that with their games there's a lot to be desired as far as the hard cash grab they make for everything. Really irritated me and caused me to move away from this company & the games I enjoyed. Though I may try them again I'll be careful about anything purchased from them.


The game overall has been great though they've changed hands at least once, possibly more. Graphics are a little dated but that's to be expected from a game like this when it's been out for a few years. Community overall is decent, though you'll always run into a few trolls and people that're just unpleasant to be around.


I noticed most of the reviews were really low for a lot of sites because it's primarily the negative reviews or experiences that are posted up. After posting a positive review I noticed that they state that they do a lot to filter the posts on site. I would be curious how much actually gets filtered and the reason for it - as well as to actually see those filtered reviews, even with a warning.

Be cautious when trusting in just site reviews like Yelp and Jabber or Google, sometimes things are wrongly promoted or filtered due to automated systems, or paid promotions!

I'd really love it if they actually included photos that're uploaded with a review rather than just using it as 'proof of purchase' and never actually letting people see what we're talking about in a review.


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