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Always on a daily quest to live a peaceful, helpful, truth filled existence.

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Former award winning Fast Food Attendant. Former Bookstore Assistant LACC District. Former award winning Sales and Services Associate for the USPS. Former Mystery Shopper. Caregiver.


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Verified purchase

We ordered 1 leg/thigh combo X crispy and 1 breast/wing combo X crispy.

We told the employee, who we could barely hear at the drive thru speaker, that we didn't want the drinks.

Without us asking for a substitution, the employee offered a small side for each combo in lieu of a drink.

We ordered green beans and mac and cheese for the sides for both. We didn't expect the extra side and we were pleased.

We were charged $14.88.

We were handed our bag and told honey, butter and utensils were in the bag.

We thanked them and drove home.

It rained this evening and some of the streets were flooded so we were happy to make it there and home safely.

We got comfortable and about 10 minutes after arriving home, we looked in the bag and there were no utensils, honey or butter, just napkins.

In our food boxes we had our 2 sides, 2 biscuits and 2 LEGS & 2 THIGHS. My spouse had ordered the breast and wing and was quite upset, which made me twice as upset for KFC getting such a simple order so wrong and upsetting my spouse, who is also under my care as his caregiver.

I called the store. Their phone rang 15-20 times, stopped ringing, but we were still connected. Hung up, called back 8 times and got a busy signal every time.

Tried the biscuit and it was dry and hard.

By this time I had lost my appetite and wished for dogs or some animal to feed this food to.

Decided to reach them through the customer survey.

By the time I got to the part where they ask you to be specific about your experience, I was allowed to enter lots of characters only to receive a 1200 character maximum AFTER trying to go to the next page. I kept taking out more and more characters and hitting next for about 10 minutes only to receive a " session has timed out" message which then forces you to take the survey over.

I cook every day. I enjoy cooking. When we go out for food, it's supposed to be a treat, not a trick.

Verified purchase
• Updated review

Yesterday, we used our Kohl's coupons to make an online purchase.

Our purchase was delivered approximately 24 hours later.

We are very pleased with this level of customer service from Kohl's.

Tip for consumers:
I've made a total of 3 purchases from Kohl's online.
3 we're excellent and 1 was not.
I may consider using Kohl's online again in the future.

Products used:
2, 80 ounce bottles of Bissell rug shampoo.

"Unexpected, and Appreciated"
Verified purchase
• Previous review

Yesterday, I received 2 $10 Kohl's Cash Coupons in the mail. I believe I received these coupons from Kohl's to make up for my recent online experience attempting to purchase yoga mat straps.

Tip for consumers:
I don't like the fact that I can complete a purchase for a product online Kohl's claims to have available to only find out a week later, that the product is actually out of stock.

Products used:
I received the yoga mats I ordered without a problem and I am satisfied with the purchases of the yoga mats.

Verified purchase
• Previous review

Around September 15, I ordered a yoga mat from Kohl's online. I received the yoga mat.

On September 21,2021, I ordered a yoga mat and a 4 pack of yoga mat straps.

Around September 24th, I received the yoga mat but not the straps.

The following day, I contacted a representative of Kohl's via their online chat. I was informed the straps are in the fulfillment process.

Yesterday, September 30th, I received an email from Kohl's, stating my order is cancelled because the straps are not available.

Immediately, I go to the Kohl's website, look up the same straps, and the website reads "Only 6 left!".

This morning, October 01,2021, I spoke with a Kohl's customer service representative and I was told, "Sometimes what we have in inventory doesn't match with the items for sale online and we're very sorry for your inconvenience. You'll be receiving a refund in a few days (vague)."

I reply, "Well I still need the yoga straps so when Kohl's restocks these straps, could they just be sent to me?"

Kohl's replies, "We will issue you a refund and you can reorder them when they're in stock."

I replied, "Well how will I know you have them in stock, when your website CURRENTLY states, there are 6 left."

All the representative could say was, "We're very sorry."

Therefore, I am submitting this review to let everyone know:

Kohl's is Very Sorry

These yoga mats and straps were my very first time ever purchasing ANYTHING from Kohl's.

I don't need the potential future possibility of stress and aggravation, so I will not be dealing with Kohl's for ANYTHING in the future.

I suspect there may be thievery in the stock department.

Tip for consumers:
You can purchase an item, but you might not get it because Kohl's has inventory problems.

Products used:
Yoga Mat

Verified purchase
• Updated review

This is one of multiple updates, for my review titled "Absolutely NO Assurance with Asurion" which began 08/26/2021 here on Sitejabber.

Products used:
Protection Plan

"Checks Received"
Verified purchase
• Previous review

On 09/13/2021, we received the $299.99 check via FedEx from Asurion.
On 09/13/2021, we received the $75.00 check via USPS from Asurion.

*****We still have the phone and Asurion is yet to ask us to send it back to them*******

The amount of $299.99 was all we ever expected to get from Asurion when we filed our claim 06/30/2021.

The $54.99 and the $75.00 are Asurions attempt at getting me to possibly post a positive review of their company?

Or to not file lawsuits against Asurion and Amazon?

Or perhaps to not report both companies to the FTC?

I plan to make time, to make sure what these companies are doing, is stopped.

I don't know if my efforts will result in other victims receiving any compensation for their Asurion ordeals, but I hope, very soon, Asurion loses the ability to sell anything to anyone.

Products used:
Protection Plan

• Previous review

As of today, 09/09/2021 12:51pm PST, Asurion refunded us the purchase price of the protection plan we purchased in November 2019 for our Umidigi S3 Pro phone.

Asurion also claims to be sending us the $75 check for a battery plus installation, we've been told it's been sent.

Asurion also claims to be sending us a $299.99 check for the purchase price of the phone. I asked for it to be sent with tracking and to notify me of the tracking number when one is generated.

And, we are still in possession of the phone.

In the beginning of this issue, we only expected the $299.99.

For an extra $125, I think, Asurion thinks, this will remedy my situation.

The thing is, I can't stop thinking, imagining how many other people Asurion has done this too?

Not only am I a caregiver, but I have ALWAYS been helpful and empathetic.

I seek justice for all.

Products used:
Protection Plan

"This Is Far From Over"
Verified purchase
• Previous review

I'm attaching the entire email I received early this morning from an "Amazon Ambassador" from Asurion.

It states the device is not functioning.

Another lie.

In my reply to this email, I told them they are liars.

We were able to use the phone, even though the battery was swollen, the battery was still connected and holding a charge just like always.

The last time we used the phone was to factory reset it prior to shipment.

The phone was almost fully charged when it was shipped to them and if anyone tried to turn the phone on, it would have.

In my update titled "The Next Steps", I put an incorrect date in this statement:

On 09/27/2021, I cancelled that protection plan because it was on that date the "gotchas", "gimmicks" and "grief" from Asurion, began.

The correct date is 08/27/2021.

Products used:
Protection Plan

"Gotchas, Gimmicks & Grief"
Verified purchase
• Previous review

I am attaching a screenshot from someone's YouTube video of an Umidigi S3 Pro unboxing, showing the back of the phone with the back camera cover intact.

This is how the back of our phone looked even after the battery swelled and opened the back cover on the left side. The back camera cover remained intact.

I've attached 3 photos taken by Asurion of my phone while it was in their possession.

The last two photos show all the contents of the pink ziplock sack, my phone was returned in by Asurion.

I told them what I would do if my phone was returned in pieces.

The only things wrong with my phone prior to shipping to Asurion were the swollen battery and the loosened back cover.

Why was the back camera cover removed?

That is not necessary to remove the battery.


I received an email from Asurion approximately 6:15 am PST today 09/07/21.

In the email Asurion is promising 2 check reimbursements are going to be sent to me and that I should receive them in approximately 10 days excluding holidays...

I copied a line from the email sent to me...
This is what they had the audacity to say to me:

"Please know that the situation that had happened is entirely not your fault..."

Let's just say, I began my reply with...

"How DARE you."

I have never done or said anything to Asurion to make them think I bore ANY responsibility for ANY of this, so why would they toss that statement in there?

Tip for consumers:
Take detailed pictures of your item before sending your product in.
Make sure you have the necessary identifying information about your item for your personal records.

Products used:
Protection Plan

The Run Around
• Previous review

Yesterday I bought an electric shaver. I was asked if I wanted to add the $8 protection plan and I couldn't get "No" out of my mouth fast enough.

Tonight's Amazon email informed me that the Amazon representative who agreed to refund my phone 8 days ago did so improperly and Amazon will be sure to train their employees as needed.

Amazon intends to get Asurion to issue my refund and asked us to allow Amazon 1-3 business days to reach a resolution with us, with Asurion.

We agreed to accept the payment and are aware that Asurion has to issue it in the form of a check.

Amazon has been notified, to inform Asurion, of our wish to have the check mailed to us in an envelope with tracking and that we be given the tracking number when one has been generated.

I suppose now we wait for a return label from Asurion to send back our phone that we received in the mail yesterday from Asurion.

I found it suspect, that on the service label on the bag the phone came in, it appears to mean "Damaged" "Device".

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the device itself. In fact, even though the battery had swelled and forced the back of the phone loose, the phone still came on, stayed on and worked like normal.

Our phone had been in their possession since 08/11/2021 and on 08/27/2021 we were told the lie that the phone was an S1 and not an S3.

Tip for consumers:
Have evidence.
Be thorough.

Products used:
Protection Plan

The Next Steps
• Previous review

I started this claim with Asurion, over the phone on July 30,2021.

Since 08/27/2021 this issue has affected my mental and emotional state which has led to triggering a chronic condition.

The way they conduct their business is absolutely tragic.

Even after I get my reimbursement, I'm left traumatized.

We all have been.

If you have gone through a similar experience with Asurion, do you find yourself replaying events to anyone who will listen?

Finding yourself repeating the same things about your experience, to the same people, even after they remind you that you've already told them?

Trying to figure out how this happened, why it's happening and what to unexpectedly expect from them next?

I've been going through my emails and I wanted to post these images with this update.

On August 13,2021, before I doubted the integrity of Asurion, I purchased another phone from Amazon and an Asurion Protection Plan for it.

On 09/27/2021, I cancelled that protection plan because it was on that date the "gotchas", "gimmicks" and "grief" from Asurion, began.


I suppose that now, there will be no $75 reimbursement check from Asurion for a phone battery, due to the fact, at 12:10am 09/03/2021, today, I get an email from Amazon stating Amazon is unable to issue a refund because 30 days had passed since my phone was purchased.

Amazon told me this already 08/28/2021 and knowing this, at that time, told me they can refund my phone, they just needed me to return the phone to Amazon

Amazon informed me of their intentions to get Asurion to reach out to me and issue the refund.

My phone is scheduled to arrive at my home by 10:30am today from Asurion.

I suppose now, Asurion will email me a return label, to mail the phone to them after I accept their offer.

Well, I suppose Asurion does honor their protection plans, you just have to know how to navigate their process.

Take pictures of all views and features of your item(s), send them the documents they require to process the claim.

Be prepared to write emails to CEO's, document your experience on SITEJABBER, experience a lengthy bout of stress, anxiety and depression, develop insomnia, lose energy and stress eat.

Products used:
Protection Plan

"Still Waiting"
• Previous review

In the early morning hours of September 01,2021, I called Asurion to get a tracking number for the package my phone is to be returned to me in.

The Asurion representative informed me it had not yet been mailed.

I asked the representative if Asurion could contact me by phone when it has been mailed so that I can track the shipment.

The representative told me, "It's better if you call back."

I intend to call again Friday morning 09/03/2021, and every day thereafter, until I get my tracking number.

I would like to share these two screenshots I captured during my research, in the hopes this will help you and those you know, to make informed decisions.

Approximately 12:04 am PST 09/02/2021 I received an email from Amazon. I am including a portion of the email in a photo.
I sent my email to Andrew Jassy, the current CEO of Amazon, so why would they say Jeff Bezos received my email?

I don't believe Jeff Bezos nor Andrew Jassy are yet aware of my email.


Received a call from Asurion today.

Asurion called to give me the tracking number and It appears to be valid.

According to the Asurion "representative", UPS wouldn't accept my phone with the swollen battery so my phone will be mailed to me without the battery for safety reasons.

I reluctantly agreed, seeing that I was able to mail my phone with the battery swollen via UPS to Asurion.

Told by Asurion "representative" UPS packages Asurions shipments and that is when UPS discovered the swollen battery.

I have agreed to receive the phone without it's battery.

I'm hoping Amazon will accept my phone for reimbursement without a battery.

I will contact Amazon to find out.

If the battery is required, Asurion says they are sending me a check for $75 to cover the cost of a battery and installation.

I find it very interesting that yesterday, an Asurion "representative" told me, "it's best if I call back", to inquire about a tracking number, when I asked if I could receive a call when there was a tracking number for my package.

Then I get a call from Asurion today.

Between yesterday and today, I notified the Asurion CEO of my intent to sue if MY phone was not returned to me.

I also posted an update on SITEJABBER about my phone call with the Asurion "representative" yesterday.

All throughout this process, first Asurion comes at me as if they "can't possibly" do something, then I send an email, post a review, update my review and then...

"Good news!", they say,..."upper management" has approved this and approved that.

Products used:
Protection Plan

Not Over Yet
• Previous review

I don't know if the email I sent in the early morning hours of 08/27/2021 to Kevin Taweel, CEO of Asurion had anything to do with the phone call I received approximately 11am PST.

On 08/27/2021 I received a phone call from an Asurion "supervisor", that's how they announced themselves, no way to confirm it.

I received the phone call on the new phone I recently purchased to replace the broken phone I mailed to Asurion, we kept the same number.

They had to have gotten that number from the piece of paper I mailed with the broken phone on which I had written all the important phone information such as the IMEI number, the Build number and the telephone number of that phone.

I wasn't home when I received the phone call from Asurion. I had actually left the phone I contacted Asurion with, at home on the charger as we attended an appointment nearby.

Once again, Asurion was telling me the phone was an S1 and not an S3, and Asurion was returning my broken phone to me.

They offered to refund the full price I paid for the protection plan for the phone.

This would then mean, our business would be concluded.

I had the feeling, since 08/26/2021, that Asurion was in a rush to do as they call "cancel" the claim.

We agreed to accept the refund and the return of our phone and agreed to cancel the claim.

I had the distinct feeling, Asurion was recording my call and happy to have gotten me agreeing to verbally cancel the claim.

3 hours later, I wanted to receive an email from Asurion, stating specifically their "technicians" findings as it was relayed to me, stating my Umidigi phone was actually an S1 instead of an S3.

The Asurion representative put me on hold, claimed to have a "supervisor" present and stated they were unable to oblige this request.

And why could they not oblige my request?

Because the claim had been cancelled.

I contacted Amazon. After an online chat with 2 representatives and a verbal phone conversation with a 3rd Amazon representative, Amazon had agreed in writing to look into the matter further and agreed to refund the full price of the phone. I will be sending my broken phone to Amazon to complete the issue.

Now, I am hoping Asurion returns to me, my broken phone, in the exact condition in which I mailed it to them.

I'll be able to know if it is my phone as we had placed a protective screen on top of the phones screen in November 2019 and there is damage to the protective screen. Also, my photographic memory of my phone is sharply in focus, still.

I let Amazon know, that now that they are aware of the shady business practices from Asurion, Amazon should no longer allow Asurion to sell protection plans to anyone for anything.

In my personal opinion, Asurion needs to be investigated.

This has been yet another of life's traumatic experiences.

I have attached a photo of Asurions vague denial email.

Approximately 1:30pm PST 08/28/2021, I received a phone call from Asurion.

It was the "supervisor" who offered the plan price refund and the return of my phone.

She says to me, "Good news! "upper management" has approved a full refund for the purchase price of your phone!"

I told her, "I did what Asurion suggested and I went to the seller. I bought my phone from a seller on Amazon, so I contacted Amazon. Amazon has already agreed to a full refund for the price of the phone including the tax, and I'll be getting my refund from Amazon. All I want from Asurion, is to expeditiously return MY phone, not a different phone, MY phone."

I'm supposed to trust Asurion now?

What happened to the denial of the claim because it wasn't the phone model covered in the plan?

Why are they suddenly ready to do what they originally promised to do?

"You never get a second chance, to make a first impression."

Probably read this sitejabber review.

I suppose they thought this offer would make me whole.

We had absolutely no reason to doubt the integrity of Asurion before filing this claim.

I expeditiously provided Asurion with everything they asked of me to successfully process my claim and Asurion blindsided me with gaslighting.

The trust is gone. What they are putting me through is unacceptable and I am convinced that over the decades, Asurion has left many, many victims in their wake.

Tip for consumers:
If and when you ever hear anyone mention the name Asurion and are considering paying for what they "offer", tell them about my experience.

Document as much as you can when dealing with Asurion.

They always say "This call is being recorded....." I suggest recording their calls, just in case you need proof of what Asurion tells you over the phone.

Peace and Blessings.

Products used:
Protection Plan

Absolutely NO Assurance with Asurion
• Previous review

Filed claim over the phone 07/30/2021, for a broken phone back and swollen battery.
Protection plan expires 11/2021.

Gave my bank card information over the phone to pay approximately $54 for refund of price of phone, for an unknown reason, that transaction isn't appearing in my bank account, anywhere, and they haven't told me they didn't get it, but after today, I hope they don't go in my account and take my money one month later.

Their Asurion technician near me, was too far to travel to and assured I can get a refund for the price of the phone by check.

I was e-mailed a return label. Before sending the phone to Smyrna, TN, I wrote the phones IMEI # and other phone information on a piece of blank paper, took pictures of the front of the phone along with the packaging and a side view of the phone to show the damage, but not the back of the phone. Never told me to take pictures of the phone before sending, either.
Received emails from Asurion, asking for receipt of phone purchase and plan purchase and I complied... Twice.

Today 08/26/2021, I received an email, that my claim was denied. I immediately called Asurion, spoke to a representative, who tells me that my claim is denied because the IMEI number, doesn't match the phone. I didn't even know what the heck that meant.

Asurion accused me of sending in a different UMIDIGI phone then the phone purchased with the plan. I feel blindsided and absolutely victimized by Asurion at this point.

I have 5 other Asurion protection plans and I hope they expire without anything going wrong with my product.

They told me the plan covers an S3 Pro, and my phone they received was an S1.
I replied, "So the company that you attach your protection plan to, advertised a S3, I believed I was sent an S3 because that's what it says it is in the "About Phone" information in the setting of the phone but you "discover" it's a S1, or so you say, and now Asurion won't pay my claim?"

They are going to send me back my broken phone.

One week after I filed this claim, I bought another phone off Amazon, it offered the Asurion Protection Plan, and... just like I always do... I bought it. I am SO very disappointed. In the future, I will just buy the product and take my chances, that it will work well for a few years, without extra insurance of any kind.

Asurion needs to go out of business because I believe they aren't legitimate.
After I post this, I am going to see about getting my money back for this most recent plan I purchased.

Update: 4:50 pm 08/26/2021. Successfully began refund process. The Amazon site claims I will receive my refund within 7 business days... we'll see...

Save your money.

I tapped one star because I don't have the choice of 0 stars.

I ended my conversation today with the representative by saying..."Now that you KNOW you are in league with saboteurs, enjoy your job, bye."

Tip for consumers:
There's a female representative, that I have spoken to, every time I call the *******924 number, who sounds like the same person.... speaking calmly...... sounding helpful.....

Don't.... you.....

Products used:
Asurion Protection Plan for a mobile device.

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