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23 years working in the Medical Field as a CNA ( Nursing), Customer Service & while advocating for the Disabled and other vulnerable populations. I'm actually a JACK of many trades.

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These fools took $45 of my money and dont want to turn on my service. So I am sitting here, HAVE PAID for a months worth of service, I cant use. SMH.

When I first went with Xfinity prepaid services they wanted me to buy a router, so bought it. They requested that if I wanted services that I put up an $80 deposit, so I did it!
Xfinity: "To continue every month, we require $45." AND I PAID IT! Set up the router- call customer service. While setting up the router, the female I was talking to even gave be extra mgs.

Problems: Could not adjust port controls to operate VOIP system that I utilize for MY BUISNESS and the links customer service emailed to me would not even allow me to set a profile. Through THEIR APP, the devices that are suppose to show up in my system were not showing. THESE ARE ALL RED FLAGS.

Reach out to customer service support: Reset the router... Well. Apparently you sell defective equipment. Why sell customers defective equipment?

Speeds are so slow, internet goes in and out storms or not... Reset the Router.

Chat Bots: Reset the router
Customer service (person): Reset the Router
Xfinity App: Let's reset your router
They want you to text, chat and call customer service/ support; the main ones that control your access to the services. I pay my Bill's because I dont want to be ($%#@!) with. I'm tired of the scams, fighting, arguing and debates. If you say you sale a service and you require, $X amount of money? Dont take my money and then fail to render due service. You are a crook!

On THEIR end: according to their website, my services are on as of right now.
Meanwhile, on my end, my devices are not connected or there IS NO SERVICE.

I have SCREENSHOTS of Customer service regarding my account saying I have a connection according to their site. No connection accordingto Laptop and also the sudden change they made to the status of my connect after I reached out to them on Facebook? For me, that means they are in full control and knowledgeable of what they are doing. Its deliberate. Then when you try and navigate through website to access account, Change or modify, terminate account, contact customer support... IP address blacklisted: Looping pages, broken pages etc, locked out of account. And this is the 2nd time I have paid for service and delayed or not receiving.

I have tried explaining to these people that I used this for my schooling and run a buisness from home and that just doesn't matter. I told a customer service support that I wanted to SHUT IT OFF SERVICES FOR GOOD AND DISSOLVE/ TERMINATE MY ACCOUNT. Sent in request on their website yestarday... No phone call and today...

Tip for consumers:
These fools know exactly what they do and pray on the poor.

Products used:
Xfinity prepaid services. BOUGHT a router from Xfinity


I had a slip and fall at a Walmart in Lake Charles, LA and sadly, I got hurt.

This company threw everything including the kitchen sink, went down the street and grabbed a garage can and threw that too, AT ME, to keep me from filing a Personal Injury claim against them.

Tactics include: harassing behaviors; bombarding you with emails, phone calls and letters as to wear you got unto the point that you will give in to them. Slandering me to the attorney I retained causing my attorney to drop me. They tamper with and destroy evidence (video) withholding and unto altering images. After the attorney I retained dropped me, from that point on, I could not find another attorney nor legal assistance from Louisiana BAR and Legal Aide. They also thwarted my questions being answered in Louisiana Legal Forums. The Big One is how they got a U.S. Dostrict Court Judge to Dismiss my case and by false means. A local Jusge here sent me 2 separate documents with 2 separate dates as to discredit me. Court documents are public documents, so they mean to make me a public disgrace and look incompetent. I was denied my day in court. They put a cherry on top; that Hospital Bill went on my CREDIT.

I promise, I had no idea this company was that dmned dirty until I had a slip and fall in this store. However prior, I endured incidences of profiling while shopping, that lead me to report them previously. One of their plane clothes undercovers- walking around me and my children in the store with his hands on his pistol at the same location. I saw that man 3 or 4 times in different parts of the store, Were in Wally World!
And hasn't picked up anything. Those matters were never addressed.

4/20 I slipped on kitty litter spilled on the floor (clumping litter) that came from a pallet display in the isles in front of the Pharmacy of the store. A pallet of several 10lb bags sitting on a wooden, Health & beauty section of the store whose contents had a leak.

Note: Usually when they have bagged products, they are usually put outside the gardening center like mulch, soils etc. especially if it is a products who's contents could cause fall risks.

I got bombarded with phone calls, letters and emails from Walmart Claims.
After their first 2 calls I decided to cut communication. I'm glad I took my Lady I took care of, advice and saught an attorney. Dealing with Walmart Claims Services WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY IS DANGEROUS. I reached out to the Louisiana BAR Association and through google searches and acquired an attorney. I filled out forms and shared my statement and heard nothing from my attorney for a week. I felt uneasy and that something was wrong and that attorney was going to have bad news and I was right.
I will, say it like this... I know CODE TALK.

Walmart Claims sent this man a picture and not the video and had altered the image so the substance I slipped in couldn't be seen. They also threatened him with the Merchants Law if he filed on my behalf. "Now you say you slipped on Sand in the store?" The attorney asked. Our last conversation his entire tone, words etc had changed against me. Dismissive, directing me to take unattainable legal remedy. Talking about changing laws. SMH. He tried to catch me up in a lie and called to terminate services. Before that attorney- I was able to speak and contact an attorney, after Morris and Bart- No help from Louisiana BAR, No returned phone calls, no assistance from Legal Aide- NOTHING.

SO FOR GET IT! I filed the suit against them in the U.S. District Court in Northwest Louisiana- MYSELF. I filed documents, recieved letters from court that it was filed.
Requested a Jury Trial and sent Summons out within a timely manner.

Months went by and I heard nothing. Here comes that feeling again... After 7 hurricanes and snow storm, I got 2 dismissed case letters with 2 DIFFERENT dates of dismissal, they were running out the Statute of limitations for the case.

I felt hurt and cheated. I didnt know this company would RESULT TO THAT! They go after your livelihood and rep. Think about where your mind has to be that you result to those measures. That sure doesnt exempt those that jumped on the bandwagon either.

What I learned... I know now where atleast 1 crooked@$$ judge is. But that isnt new. I dont get, how you can do someone so filthy that has never done anything to you.
Walmart Claims Services, Inc, retaliated against me for standing up for myself- Disabled and all.

WELP! We reap what we sow! In the name of the Alpha & Omega, I hope yall get it back X's 100,000 for how you did me and all other customers AND EMPLOYEES you all have abused and abuse. Let you see how unfairness and helplessness feels.

Atleast, to an extent via The CODE Talk, man those fools knew I wasn't lying. They knew I fell and got hurt. They knew I wasn't lying.


Care.com retaliated against me behind an article I screenshot and sent to them on Facebook. It was an article of an agent THAT WORKED FOR THEM: THEY HIRED, who tried to solicit sex or BUY a less than 10 year old girl. IT MADE THE NEWS! After the article, I did not want to sign back up. They blacklisted my phone IP and was denied access to the site VIA my phone so I had to terminated my account on my laptop.

1. GREED- You hire anyone
2. BACKGROUND CHECKS- Not enough and not extensively
3. ADULT SURVIVOR OF CHILD RAPE- I AM an adult survivor of childhood rape. I was 9 years old when it happened to me. So I take this SERIOUSLY. NO CHILD DESERVES ABUSE IN ANY FORM. You dont know what the next person has been through.

When you REFUSE to address an issue of this magnitude and instead remedy to denial it doesn't say nothing but evil about your character.

I hope yall are SHUT DOWN, go bankrupt, never recover, everything you have comes to nothing In the name of Jesus.

Tip for consumers:

Products used:
Sitter/ Nanny Services


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