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It's a very interesting website highlighting the bad things internet trolls get up too. Like a wikipedia that exposes hard truths.

There is a lot written within this site in regards to Darren Lee Sayward who goes by the screen name Karl Davies. Karl Davies by the way is a British soap actor who portrayed Lyle Anderson in the TV series Kingdom. Previously he had portrayed Robert Sugden in the ITV soap Emmerdale.

Which it seems that what is written within here in regards to Darren, there is no counter posts of any sort mentioned in a way to deny what is written within this blog on the UK Muppets blog that Darren runs and moderates.

You have to give credit to what content is written within this blog. For what is written within this blog about bloggers as well as casters who stream off video social networking sites, they seem to run a mile or two away from.


Owner and moderator of the blog repetity breaches Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003

It is what it is, a blog website set up for twisted folk taking the mickey of vulnerable adults who stream off video social networking sites. A massive discussion going on within this site of 1 particular vulnerable adult with a learning disability who had the hand taken right out of him from the outset, As he has been the easiest of target to play on than other vulnerable adults that had been written about within this site, had been set up. Coached in some way to download child porn onto his computer, grassed up, that got him a conviction of being in possession and is being discredited, aggressively trolled and harassed in him being a pedophile all behind his back towards anyone who comes across the fella.


The blog is toxic, sick, one sided, twisted, full off slander, defamation, stupidity, used daily by idiots who are supposed to be mature but act like little children in what they're actually contributing to it. For example, a 28 year old from Carlow in Ireland calls me a "spastic" Something you would expect to be called from anyone within the age bracket of between 12 and 16 year olds.

Blog owner and moderator going by a screen name Karl Davies aka "Darren Lee Sayward" It's no secret as to who he is, all is needed is to Google his real world name and all there is to need to know will be revealed. He's a loose cannon, a sandwich short of a picnic, one clown short of a circus, a 46+ yr old pervert who has very specific interests in young teens ranging between 17 and 19 years old. Hence the blogs alternative nickname (UK Pedo Muppets) Had issued me a threat on Saturday night May 9th. In that he wrote...

"Ben Hunter, you are fxxxing tapped mate. Do you want me to Doxx you, and prove you are a serial moaner? Shall we play a game?"

All the while in him having issued that kind of threat, about a week earlier Saturday May 2nd. The rule of UK law section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 had been put to Darren, in which he took to publishing that out too on his blog without giving it a good thought in understanding it, in what he is doing is in breach of that act. And chooses to laugh in the face of the act.

This is a guy who sits on his blog up to 18 hours a day, doesn't speak or have a reasonable conversation within his wee chat box and unwilling to have a private conversation via email. Any private message exchanges that goes towards this guy Darren via using the contact messaging link located within his blog, never gets a response, but without having seeked permission and permission hadn't been granted or given, anything that anyone does send, maybe published without permission of any kind, regardless of what content of what any messages contains. All the guy is interested in is content for his blog, the blog contains filth about other people he calls "content" within his blog than anything "if any" regards himself within the blog. His wee bum chum going by the screen name of IrelandsPatriot aka Sean Cleary from Carlow. Republic of Ireland is no better. The IQ on Cleary is atrocious, who himself at the age of 23 had exposed himself on camera to an 80 or so year old pervert for £800, yet has the nerve to come off to anyone standing up for a vulnerable adult who has learning disability as being in his words a "pedophile sympathizer" Couldn't make it up.

On Sunday May 10th Darren made a lazy attempt to expose my location known as "doxing" The blog owner just can't help himself but keep shooting himself in the foot, after having been made aware of the section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. He took to doxing me because of the fact of me making a stand in sticking up for a vulnerable adult with a learning disability.

On Sunday 17th May Darren created a topic on his blog depicting me as what he calls it a "serial moaner" In this topic, he screen grabbed content from my facebook account, to use and publish within this topic without my consent. He doxed the location of the old address of where I used to live and has published my email address of which I use for professional purposes as well as personal. The topic also paints me as being sectarian, over a rap video taken from youtube that was put across into his chatroom. The video of the rap tune was in fact produced by Arveene Juthan & David Lievense and sung by a pair of rap/hip hop singers Liricí le Móglaí Bap & Mo Chara who are from a Nationalist background in Belfast, featuring DJ Provaí - KneeCap - Fenian C*nts - With the lyrics sung within the song that is mostly sung in the Gaelic/Irish language.

After me commenting in protest of how wrong he was in him attempting to dox my location of where Darren is thinking I was living at within the topic he created. I have tried highlighting that what he had written regards me is all wrong, but he wouldn't listen and has took to IP Banning me from posting any future comments on the topic and most likely I cannot comment on other topics either... As the location in which I used to live in which he doxed within the topic is in the BT13 area of Belfast, but 2 years ago I moved to the BT9 area of Belfast which means, I have trolled Darren good and proper. Though suppose that's what creeps do, in scouring people's facebook profiles to steal and use on their blogs without confirmation as well as seeking approval to use it within a blog. The content which led Darren to believe I was living in Acton street came from a parody post that I posted on Facebook, after the suggestion from Donald Trump that injecting disinfectant is a cure for Covid-19... Of which the post I created as a means to troll the local hoods of the area... The post of which read "30ml bags of Domestos going for a fiver. Best place to meet is the entry between Acton Street and Dewey Street between 6pm and 9pm. It's a lot better than Heroin and spice combined. 100% effective in the cure of Covid-19" Domestos of which if unheard off outside the UK is a commodity within the UK of a strong bleach disinfectant.

The topic also depicts me as harassing some woman on Facebook over a report I had made to Facebook in 2018, that Facebook is permitting and breaking it's own TOS in regards to continuing in permitting the woman selling a regulated product "cigarettes" within its marketplace. Of which a review is also written within my profile on Sitejabber.

Two screenshots has been taken from my Facebook profile and used without my consent on his blog that is work related to the work I do as a Key worker.

On May 26th, Darren still continues to screencap live video from the person with a learning disability whom he continues to be showing great interest in and had published out on a new topic within his blog as if the dispute of what I have trying to put across to him has went in one ear and out the other. Still highlighting the vulnerable adult with a learning disability of the conviction he had got within the topic. The topic of which highlights of the vulnerable adult with a learning disability of "Breaking the law" over having a bit of a family gathering which clearly show's the vulnerable adult adhering to social distancing during his family gathering.

From registering a government gateway account to registering as self employed. Both options in which it should be straight forward is far from it. Particularly when registering as being self employed. The experience I have had when eventually registering for an account via getting hold of a government gateway user ID, the same government gateway user ID cannot be used when registering as being self employed. As when registering as being self employed requires another registration of another gateway user ID, to which for some reason when completing a registration of being self employed after completing registration of receiving another user ID and submitting the form online in declaring one self as being self employed, the user ID in registering as being self employed doesn't work, leaving a question mark over your head as to whether the online application in declaring one self as being self employed has been successfully submitted. This is when it comes into it being a complicated process. So not only have I got 2 user ID's, one of which works when logging in which is the one in creating a user account, with the other not working, the one that involves registering to declare myself as being self employed. Why is one not able to declare myself as being self employed using the user ID when first registering an account without having to register for another user ID when registering and declaring myself as being self employed? For as I see it, when registering in declaring myself as being self employed, it requires another registration before proceeding to fill out an online form in registering and declaring myself as being self employed but no option is given in using the user ID when first creating an account in logging in with the user ID that had been received when registering for a new account.


It's full of ignorance. From stubbornness, sleezers, creepers, crackerjacks, immature nutcases and anything else along them lines that anyone who is decent, professional, friendly and laid back ect. There was this one 40 year old from the republic of Ireland who even refused to speak because I hadn't uploaded a profile picture of myself on my profile, then you have people calling you a paedophile because of no profile picture on your profile. It is that kind of site in which there is no boundaries of respect to other users. Then you have foreigners messaging you and sending friend requests, even sending nude images and bizarre links into your inbox that you wouldn't even consider clicking had getting that sort of material in your email spam box..


Firstly I just want to highlight that McDonald's has a policy to not deliver to or near schools and the driver is expected by McDonald's to cancel the delivery by choosing "other" followed by leaving a custom note to which the option to leave a custom note doesn't appear for to leave one as it did on the old version of the driver app. For on the older version of the app there was an option to either put in a custom note stating it as a "failed delivery" but how is a driver supposed to put in a custom note stating it as a "school delivery" when the option to do so isn't available to the driver to put in? On the other hand when a driver is looking after customer satisfaction by cancelling orders on the door steps of any customer of McDonald's over the beverage that comes in a paper cup that spills during transport from an outlet to the customers front door. Partially or at times totally spoiling the entire order that the customer ordered. It's only right that the customer shouldn't have to be paying for it. The driver then gets threatened with dismissal for misuse of the service. This brings in disrepute of the policy McDonald's has in place to expect drivers to not deliver too or near schools by cancelling the order as doing so will also be looked upon by Uber Eats as being in breach of use of service of the Uber driver app and looked upon by Uber Eats as being in breach of the use of service of the Uber driver app which will see the driver unfairly dismissed from carrying on delivering for Uber Eats!

The same applies when accepting a ping, it doesn't state what restaurant the driver is being pinged to go too until it is actually accepted. If it is too far away for the driver to go to depending where any driver is at when receiving a ping to pick up from somewhere that is too far for the driver to go to. Cancelling that and choosing the pre-laid out options as it being too far away to travel too, will also be looked upon by Uber Eats as misuse of the driver app. And again, the threats come rolling out onto the driver of dismissal.

Secondly, I tried to update my uber driver profile by uploading an updated document of my photographic ID The photographic ID I tried to upload twice is that of an electoral ID card but twice they have rejected it. It clearly states on what documents Uber accepts as photographic ID. Being a passport- Driving Licence (from any country)- EU Citizen/Identity Card (OR OTHER PHOTO ID) An electoral ID card falls under that category as (other photo ID) An electoral ID card I can tell you is the next best thing to providing a valid passport. An electoral ID card is an acceptable form of ID when opening a bank account, buying alcohol, proof of identity in claiming unemployment benefit, proof of identity when showing it to a police officer and so on, and most definitely proof of identity in order to vote and that no one is able to vote in the general and local elections without having one. As having an electoral ID card means that anyone who is carrying such a card is in fact registered within the local government database to be eligible to vote in the local and general elections. An electoral ID card is also one of the few identity documents accepted by Deliveroo As with Just Eat and the third party background check Just Eat uses to carry out a background check before taking on delivery drivers which to me I find it really weird as to why Uber Eats as I know of has no problems in rejecting it. I have asked why but all I got was a response of copy and pasted text telling me what I don't already know of what documents are accepted.


A lengthy review regards my experience of being a cyclist courier with Deliveroo and how it is today.

All seemed to be brilliant when I started delivering back in summer 2016, we were paid by the hour, it wasn't minimum wage but still it was a stable means of income. The downside is that it is no where near as flexible such as what Uber Eats is than it makes itself out to be. What I mean by that is that in order to go out delivering for Deliveroo, there is this schedule. And riders are having to apply for shifts on this schedule to then be approved on this schedule for what hours any rider puts themselves down for so for example. I may apply for say 30 hours on any given week when a new schedule gets published each week. Usually on a Monday. I would maybe be approved to go out delivering for 20 out of them 30 hours I had put myself down for. That's what I mean in it not having that flexibility that Deliveroo are making itself out to be.

Various changes have been rolled out over this past couple of years and people may have read that riders are not classed as employees. But 10 million pound worth of shares have been split between employees of Deliveroo meaning since riders are not classed as employees they aren't and don't get an entitlement to a share of that pot, and it is the riders that put the most effort in providing that service to delivering to customers than those employees who are sitting in an office facing a computer screen or whatever. A new payment system has been implemented for riders working in the front line in delivering for Deliveroo. The pay structure ranges from around £3.80 to £6 per DROP according to distance to where the takeaway is destined to the customer. £3.80 or so for short distances of less than a mile and £6 for distances of up to 3 miles but no less than 2 and a half miles and unlike the old system to which riders were paid by the hour, there is a risk factor in that meaning since riders are only paid by the drop today, if there is nothing to pick up to deliver over the course of an hour for example, you don't earn anything.

Rider support for cyclist couriers is nonsense. Many occasion I have phoned up, they barely understand what I am saying to them and It feels like they are reading from a script most of the time. They can barely understand the number "0" and "2" Deliveroo's Rider support are the very people who have never even been on the front line in delivering themselves therefore, will never know how it is or understand what any given rider phone's up about to them.

Current riders are encouraged to recruit new riders using their own unique referral code for a cash bonus. £50 for the new rider who completes a set amount of deliveries and £100 - £250 for the rider who referred the new rider. In doing so they do risk being tossed to one side after a while in favour of Deliveroo using new riders that have signed up to deliver for them. This would reflect in the availability of hours Deliveroo would make available to the rider, eventually on the schedule to any rider who has been delivering for Deliveroo for a while would see all hours on any day of the week as "FULL".

Boycotting. Deliveroo Ireland have been issuing warnings to restaurants in the republic of Ireland currently using the Deliveroo service of raising the commission rates from 30% to 35% while using the Uber Eats service at the same time (source -


They're always offended by words on a screen, ashamed of nothing regards letting their users sell duty free cigarettes by the carton load imported from mainland Europe on the Facebook marketplace.

Moderators of the site are good at turning humorous comments made by users responding to news stories on media outlet pages in making out that the comment made is in their eyes promoting "hate speech" All the while, they are permitting users of the site in selling regulated products such as cigarettes that have been imported from mainland Europe (TAX FREE) for the seller to profit from for their own gains.

Apparently it is OK with facebook allowing this to happen as shown by the screenshot of the report that had been made over a month ago "15th November 2018" in relation to this seller selling imported tax free cigarettes. While a comment I had made got taken down from a media outlet not even 2 days after I had made it.

If that's not a joke, I don't know what is..


Used to be decent but now, greatest majority of jobs are part time and nowadays, employers expect too much for the easiest of jobs they advertise for, On top of that, there seems to be ton loads of jobs with zero hour contracts and no guaranteed hours. Could do with major improvement with hours being advertised and in coming out with alot more full time hour jobs and less part time hours.


Having getting fed up with PowerNI electric prices and Airtricity is no better. I find this electric provider alot fairer than the other 2 providers. Switching is easy but the topping up online option on the site could be better, Sure what can you expect from a smaller competitor and it's still by far cheaper than the other 2.


Cheap gas to heat your home. Hated Airtricity, It might be a little higher if your outside the greater Belfast area but since I live within the greater Belfast Area, I been enjoying reasonable priced gas for 2 years straight now. I think Airtricity is a bit greedy in there pricing, even when the gas prices go down, they're kind of slow if your even lucky to even get a price drop from time to time from them.


I have not come across anything I dislike about this one. It's clean, unlike "Vaughnlive" easy to navigate around and I have not a single dispute with any of the staff and the staff don't go around user channels to impose judgment or talk crap behind caster's backs on some other channel like what I had actually caught Miss Scruffy doing that time she randomly threw an accusation at me and wouldn't be understanding enough to what I was saying to her.

Anyone looking a site to broadcast on, I would recommend a great deal more than that Vaughnlive.


While all is honky dory for anyone outside the UK, Those who live in the UK are being pestered on a daily basis by TV licence goons going round people's door's, thumping windows as well as your front door and threatening them with a £1000 fine or prison or both because you don't have a TV licence. The price the BBC expects you to pay for even owning a TV, whether you watch live TV or not is £145.50. Your having to pay that on a yearly basis. Even if you only use a telly for playing video games from a console, your still expected to buy a licence. Yes, I know, that is why I titled this review as a joke, because no doubt, many of people who don't live in the UK will be reading this will be literally rofl, but it is right, the BBC are nothing but bullies, if you don't have a licence in owning a telly, your actually breaking the law..


Take into account that this is supposed to be an adult rated streaming website, adult rated up to a point to this particular staff member say's it is not a site for adults. I had been accused of streaming porn onto the site by a Miss Scruffy. I have never streamed anything at all on the site. I done a test stream with adobes streaming app as I was thinking about taking up streaming on the site. This all started though with the username I was using, the username I was using "ben_the_bastard" now it's no one else's business in calling myself a bastard, certainly wasn't offending to anyone. It beggars believe that given it is supposed to be an adult streaming website I had my account on the site closed over the username I was using, all for doing the community within this site a favour by reporting inappropriate content for review. To even be treated and accused off in such a manner as this and not even have broken any TOS or offended any other users of this site is an insult in itself. I have been left baffled as to who is really running the site. Mark Vaughn or this Miss Scruffy but even when I had specifically requested in exchange of emails between myself and Miss Scruffy to talk personally to Mark Vaughn, it seems any and all emails you send, Miss Scruffy get's hold of all emails before Mark Vaughn gets to see them, if he gets to see any of it at all. From my experience, I don't think Mark Vaughn gets to see the light of day of any emails that does get sent forward by anybody.

Followed up,

Then there is that VIP thing, to put it bluntly it is being forced onto people, particularly guest users, to sign up and spend money on the site to prevent yourself from viewing live video without adds and even when your not signed in and viewing as a guest, even with add blocker installed on your browser, there are custom adds put onto the flash video player so either way, your seeing an add of some sort. But why even bother signing up to contribute any sort of money to this site in viewing it add free, when the so called director of the site doesn't take heed and take you seriously enough in protesting your innocence of issues of accusations that is being thrown out by this director of this site. To then ban and close accounts at her own will as she see's fit. It would be money wasted, leaving you feeling like a right idiot in showing support for this site in which at the end of the day, goes very much unappreciated..

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