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Unit 2605, Island Place Towar, 510 King’s Rd, North Point
Hong Kong

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1 review
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I have sent her so many questions through email and her contact page in her website for countless times and I have not received a single reply until now. What makes her reliable if she won't even answer emails?!

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she took my money and avoided mi to sendnd emails to her. Tara when yo read it please be brave and anser to me and to,the public that ...... I prefer when you do it on your Facebook page. Good bless you my ,,dear friend''

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People who can see other people future and can help to change surely can see their own. I only thought this kind of people only exist in third world country but I am wrong because of technology they can target people around the world. In India you will find mediums but they don't go and tell people about their fortune. All this online mediums , numerolgist are scammers and they all based in same part of the world and many of them using same address but different name but they all have one thing common no telephone number. I have received emails from two mediums but same address and just play with them when I have spare time last night I reply to both of them I will give them not only £ 79 pound but £79000 after win the lottery and also mention why they don't play the number by them self if they think they are winnings numbers and they have not reply to me. Only thing I can say is that believe in your self and it would be stupid to believe other people can tell your future and can change.

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Emailed tara twice and still see no refund services where very disappointing

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I have been collecting Tara's e=mails for a few years now. Over that time, if were to believe them, I have been: under the curse of a relative since I was a child; been the subject of intense jealousy from which only Tara can save me; the subject of incredible bad luck; about to come into significant amounts of money - this one is about every couple of months and urgent action is necessary (read more payment); I have continually disappointed Tara for either not opening the e-mails she so graciously sent me or not acting on them; the cause of her many sleepless nights as the spirits wake her to tell her to contact me and warn me of some dire circumstance that will befall me unless she perform some ancient, sacred, secret ritual; the cause of heavy books falling from tables only to open at MY page; and the list goes on. All the time there is this either vague (or even overt) threat of serious harm befalling me if her help is not immediately engaged to ward it off. If you collect these e-mails over say a period of three months you will see there is a clear pattern that is followed to the letter. Its all quite amusing after a while but at the beginning I truly believe it is very harmful for those who really are struggling in some area of their life. Interestingly, Tara has never 'promised' millions of dollars. She always indicates a very specific amount and not more than say a couple of hundred thousand. More usually it would be under $100000.
If you really want to part with your money on the vague promise of a life changing event, I have a spectacular bridge in Sydney I can sell you. If you reply within 7 days, I will even throw in tickets to the Sydney Opera House nearby. Oh and you can pay me by easy instalment!!!

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I was very skeptical of Tara after reading the reviews but she never told me I was going to win the lottery. She said that I would receive 13,000 then she told me I would receive 7,770. Here's exactly what happend. 2 months after I ignored that email I applied for a consolidation loan I was approved for 13,300, I did not take the whole amount I took 7,000 of it. I decided to pay the 29.95 to see what would happen and everything Tara described was going on in my life at that time. I was having a hard time at work, my sister and I were at odds and had been for years and my love life sucked and I had been feeling like I was destined to always have bad luck. Since Tara performed whatever ritual I do not have the problems I had at work anymore, I followed the directions and put the sage over my door and things are fine.

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Nothing has come true in the past few years that she has claimed I would like all my money back

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All In All For A buddy of mine she has been spot-on and made total sense

1 review
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I found out this was a scam by copying the text of one of the highlighted links in the email. Went back to my search engine and typed "Tara medium" and paste the link I copied, then hit search! Sure enough, my results had shown a post from 2011, someone who'd received the exact email from Tara Medium. Word for word. The only wording that was different, were the names. Afterwards, I used the same technique on a few other emails I'd gotten. Same thing! This is a major scam and I would not recommend any one to be fooled by this website. Dont believe me? Do what I did and you will find out for yourself.

1 review
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She helped me once to solve a specific issue. I remain indebted to her.
However no matter what medium I use I consider the descision making I do with the added information handed out is what I personally make of it. Most of the time I find it tooo difficult to put it in practise.

1 review
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I would like my reading please

1 review
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I have received e-mails from Tara, after requesting my free reading, for many years now. I have ordered from her maybe 7 or 8 times over the years. Quite frankly, I don't get it with some of the reviews I read here. I have never, ever had a problem with getting a refund from her if I felt what I got was not what I expected, not worth the money or just too general in nature. And I didn't even have to tell her why. I was always promptly sent my money back. so I really can't imagine what everyone who complains is doing wrong when they request their money back. It might be a good idea to state exactly what reading you bought, the date, order # and your name, as well as your e-mail address. That eliminates research time on her end as to who you are, what & when you ordered, etc. Think about it. And yes, she asks for money for her services. It's her business. It's what she does for a living. Would any of you give away what you do for a living, free, just because you had a talent for it? If she were to give out free visions of what she might feel or see or even advice for the problems you might have, her work day would never end and she would have no time for a job (which she would need while doing free readings)! Again, think about it! As far as the big claims of winning money, seeing money in your future, etc. go, you need to use better judgement in whether or not to respond to certain letters you might receive. These e-mails are simply draw letters, a tool used by many different businesses to draw new customers. They're not that hard to figure out by obvious signs like being too vague in detail or promising too much. Just read smart & think realistically as to what you really think a person can do for you. As far as Tara goes, I have never had her not refund my money immediately when asked, she has always replied personally to any email I have sent her & her perception of me, given that she has never seen or met me, knows nothing of my lifestyle or situations is dead set on almost 100 per cent. That's what tells me she is what she claims. I've learned how to spot the draw letters from the letters she directs specifically for me & order accordingly. I don't expect miracles or for her to solve my problems. That's my job. I feel elated that she can even remember who i am considering that this is a worldwide business & website. So for all the people out there who have slammed her for not making them millionaires --- She's not God! And for those looking for direction in a time of being lost or lacking hope --- Give her a chance & time to connect with you. If it doesn't work for you, then simply ask for a refund with your details and go somewhere else. She does send your money back. I hope this review helps better than any of the ones i read on here with making that choice. Terry

1 review
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Tara asks in her form for those who want a first free reading to say what there biggest wish is now my boyfriend passed away 2 months ago( I did not inform her that he passed away) and right now all I want is for him to be here. According to the reading Tara gave me she said that he will come back and my wish will come true sooner then I expect. So i'm a bit confused. I am not saying she is wrong, maybe I am interpreting things wrongly and because of the many bad reviews I have read I am not sure if I should trust her. Many of the other things she said made some sence. Something happening that made me make some bad decisions. Her evaluation of my personality was spot on. Overall good job, only thing that bothers me is her comment on my wish.

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The letters from Tara are obvious to anyone but a moron, are computer generated.
Her letters repeatedly say I have had either no luck, or bad luck. Actually, I feel I have
been extremely lucky both in business and my personal life. It was amusing to me to
read her fortune that I would come into money in June. I have never really believed
in luck. I think what we put out is what we get back. I try to stay positive and this type
of letter is designed to appeal to compulsive gamblers or people who always think
they are unlucky. It preys on the naive. I think it should be banned.

1 review
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Good Morning

I have subscribed to Tara for a while now and since inception it has been all about money. I have read some of the reviews and must say that as much as I believed and believed, nothing has happened. I have not become a millionaire nor won in any games and I don't foresee this ever happening. I have paid for a recent study to become a millionaire and then received a report and followed the guidelines only to end up to a point whereby I have to pay again before anything can happen. so I feel like I was mislead and requested a refund to no avail. stamped, mercy to the people that are running Tara......

Tip for consumers: be careful

1 review
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"Tara" is not real. I receive emails in Portuguese. Perfectly typed in another language? Hmm..I think these are all generated emails. How can one person send SO many emails to so many people at the same time? I am not that stupid...

1 review
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I have paid Tara 2 payments 1 for 19.95 this went to a UK account the other for 35.95 and this payment went to Hongkong it's not rocket sience the quick refund I had an email from Tara saying this would take 10 week to refund I won't hold my breath .I still keep getting email saying Wy haven't I heard from you so it's quite obvious this scam is being run from numerous places around the world with some very devious people praying on us less fortunate people let's hope they get all the bad karma they justly deserve

1 review
18 helpful votes

My luck has changed for worse , I'm about to lose my job , and my bank account has been hijacked by the IRS.

1 review
21 helpful votes

I've been dealing with Tara a while now and as long as we put the effort with her of wanting change and a new beginning everything she does works

1 review
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I really think alot Of you on here really have had bad experiences but to blame Tara for all your problems and not haing them come true well havent you ever thought that you need to put in the work too, ya you could win a lottery and be succesful but a psychic cant do that for you they can tell you what they see and what they think you should do but you still have Free Will remember that one? well that means that you have the choice to make your own decisions and improve your life she cant do that for you only you can and she will help you guide you along the way just as when you ask God for guidance and help He just doesnt throw it all at ya because u prayed for it, we can be succesful but you have to put in the time and effort as well, so nobody ever should put their total reliance on one person, I believe this Tara has a kind heart and does this out of the bottom of her heart because it is her calling, not all the time will she be spot on accurate and think how many people email and correespond with her, im am sure that alot of the emails that you say you recieve are from employees or other workers sending them out so im sure she is not always aware of everything going on, it is a busienss too and she has to make a livign as well, Does anyone actaully even understand how much time and effort it takes on Tara's part to actually delve into your life and see what changes if any you need to make, she cant possible help you all so just remember no just anyone can get what they want through someone else, so I must say Thank you Tara for being a friend even though I have never met you in person or anything like that and I dont even personally know you but i just uinderstand it all and hope that these people on here who feel they got a raw deal find some comfort in knowing that she did try to help and she cant change your path only you can and no lottery win or no amount of MONEY will change your path, it can help it is the icing on the cake but you really need to take the time and understand what you really want out of life, Hope that help with some of you, and if you dont believe in this stuff than keep your comments to yourself

1 review
10 helpful votes

Tara does spam with emails a bit, sometimes I would get 2 in a day. But, she has replied to any queries I have sent, always within the same day, and offers a 100% money back guarantee. Also, she has sent me free items (after the initial free reading), not every email has been asking for money. I have seen some of the results she has told me about, but I am yet to see some of the bigger predictions she has made come about.
Many people have said she shouldn't charge at all, but it does depend on the service. If she performs something which requires materials then I think she has a right to charge for those. However, it seems like this is what she does for a living, and just like everyone else she has bills to pay etc. and needs money to live on.
Since I have spoken to her through email, not just by entering details on the website, she has actually sent many fewer emails asking for money for a ritual (less than 1 a week), but she does send me freebie readings and such.

I feel that the service she gives can be overpriced, however if you believe in the power of positive thinking to bring about positivity, then it feels great to have someone in your corner helping you out when you feel down so that you don't start to bring about negativity.

1 review
20 helpful votes

I unsubscribed several months ago and I still keep getting money taken out of my account! I'm on disability and can't afford it. I've tried everything I can. Hopefully someone who reads this can help me somehow!

Davis A.
1 review
38 helpful votes

It's a SCAM! Tara said that my financial problem will disappear by February 25, and that never did happened. Don't waste your money on her fortune, people. To be honest, I wonder if she's real or fake? I wasted my money on some false predictions.

1 review
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This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Tara yesterday:
" I made a huge effort , loaning some money and sent you the payment of 29.95 today but since then, I haven't heard anything from you. I wonder what's going on? You promised me to:
I reserved
your Millionaire Entry Ticket
for Luck with Money
specially for you
but so far, no news!
I will very much appreciate an answer from you.
Thanks! "

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