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Review of Tara Medium

Tara Medium reviews

323 reviews
Unit 2605, Island Place Towar, 510 King’s Rd, North Point
Hong Kong

323 Reviews From Our Community

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23 reviews
20 helpful votes

The letters from Tara are obvious to anyone but a moron, are computer generated.
Her letters repeatedly say I have had either no luck, or bad luck. Actually, I feel I have
been extremely lucky both in business and my personal life. It was amusing to me to
read her fortune that I would come into money in June. I have never really believed
in luck. I think what we put out is what we get back. I try to stay positive and this type
of letter is designed to appeal to compulsive gamblers or people who always think
they are unlucky. It preys on the naive. I think it should be banned.

Ask Audrey about Tara Medium
1 review
15 helpful votes

Good Morning

I have subscribed to Tara for a while now and since inception it has been all about money. I have read some of the reviews and must say that as much as I believed and believed, nothing has happened. I have not become a millionaire nor won in any games and I don't foresee this ever happening. I have paid for a recent study to become a millionaire and then received a report and followed the guidelines only to end up to a point whereby I have to pay again before anything can happen. so I feel like I was mislead and requested a refund to no avail. stamped, mercy to the people that are running Tara......

Tip for consumers: be careful

Ask Kamesh about Tara Medium
1 review
25 helpful votes

"Tara" is not real. I receive emails in Portuguese. Perfectly typed in another language? Hmm..I think these are all generated emails. How can one person send SO many emails to so many people at the same time? I am not that stupid...

Ask Anonymous about Tara Medium
1 review
19 helpful votes

I have paid Tara 2 payments 1 for 19.95 this went to a UK account the other for 35.95 and this payment went to Hongkong it's not rocket sience the quick refund I had an email from Tara saying this would take 10 week to refund I won't hold my breath .I still keep getting email saying Wy haven't I heard from you so it's quite obvious this scam is being run from numerous places around the world with some very devious people praying on us less fortunate people let's hope they get all the bad karma they justly deserve

Ask Barry about Tara Medium
1 review
18 helpful votes

My luck has changed for worse , I'm about to lose my job , and my bank account has been hijacked by the IRS.

Ask charles about Tara Medium
1 review
20 helpful votes

I've been dealing with Tara a while now and as long as we put the effort with her of wanting change and a new beginning everything she does works

Ask Penny about Tara Medium
1 review
12 helpful votes

I really think alot Of you on here really have had bad experiences but to blame Tara for all your problems and not haing them come true well havent you ever thought that you need to put in the work too, ya you could win a lottery and be succesful but a psychic cant do that for you they can tell you what they see and what they think you should do but you still have Free Will remember that one? well that means that you have the choice to make your own decisions and improve your life she cant do that for you only you can and she will help you guide you along the way just as when you ask God for guidance and help He just doesnt throw it all at ya because u prayed for it, we can be succesful but you have to put in the time and effort as well, so nobody ever should put their total reliance on one person, I believe this Tara has a kind heart and does this out of the bottom of her heart because it is her calling, not all the time will she be spot on accurate and think how many people email and correespond with her, im am sure that alot of the emails that you say you recieve are from employees or other workers sending them out so im sure she is not always aware of everything going on, it is a busienss too and she has to make a livign as well, Does anyone actaully even understand how much time and effort it takes on Tara's part to actually delve into your life and see what changes if any you need to make, she cant possible help you all so just remember no just anyone can get what they want through someone else, so I must say Thank you Tara for being a friend even though I have never met you in person or anything like that and I dont even personally know you but i just uinderstand it all and hope that these people on here who feel they got a raw deal find some comfort in knowing that she did try to help and she cant change your path only you can and no lottery win or no amount of MONEY will change your path, it can help it is the icing on the cake but you really need to take the time and understand what you really want out of life, Hope that help with some of you, and if you dont believe in this stuff than keep your comments to yourself

Ask Greg about Tara Medium
1 review
10 helpful votes

Tara does spam with emails a bit, sometimes I would get 2 in a day. But, she has replied to any queries I have sent, always within the same day, and offers a 100% money back guarantee. Also, she has sent me free items (after the initial free reading), not every email has been asking for money. I have seen some of the results she has told me about, but I am yet to see some of the bigger predictions she has made come about.
Many people have said she shouldn't charge at all, but it does depend on the service. If she performs something which requires materials then I think she has a right to charge for those. However, it seems like this is what she does for a living, and just like everyone else she has bills to pay etc. and needs money to live on.
Since I have spoken to her through email, not just by entering details on the website, she has actually sent many fewer emails asking for money for a ritual (less than 1 a week), but she does send me freebie readings and such.

I feel that the service she gives can be overpriced, however if you believe in the power of positive thinking to bring about positivity, then it feels great to have someone in your corner helping you out when you feel down so that you don't start to bring about negativity.

Ask Harley about Tara Medium
1 review
18 helpful votes

I unsubscribed several months ago and I still keep getting money taken out of my account! I'm on disability and can't afford it. I've tried everything I can. Hopefully someone who reads this can help me somehow!

Ask Leigh about Tara Medium
1 review
37 helpful votes

It's a SCAM! Tara said that my financial problem will disappear by February 25, and that never did happened. Don't waste your money on her fortune, people. To be honest, I wonder if she's real or fake? I wasted my money on some false predictions.

Ask Davis about Tara Medium
1 review
35 helpful votes

This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Tara yesterday:
" I made a huge effort , loaning some money and sent you the payment of 29.95 today but since then, I haven't heard anything from you. I wonder what's going on? You promised me to:
I reserved
your Millionaire Entry Ticket
for Luck with Money
specially for you
but so far, no news!
I will very much appreciate an answer from you.
Thanks! "

Ask Marie about Tara Medium
1 review
17 helpful votes

It's very obvious that Tara really isn't a "who" but a "what". Once a person provides thier "intimate" (time of birth?) info? It's not too difficult to program a computer to find out exactly who you are, and cross check with a high degree of accuracy the "issues" in ones life. Ever notice that it asks about the topics that society commonly worries about? Money? Love? Health?

Cross referencing your potential "profile" with numerous "astrology" charts and other software- boy I bet I could sell u a $7 amulet for $35 also!

This virtual "friend" plays to your vulnerabilities. I typed in my first name, plus a sentence for my second... Guess what? No one has caught it!

If you want to put your faith somewhere; remember that your Guardian Angels are always with you, and love you with divine purity. There is NOTHING that would change our Fathers love. Don't fall for the hellfire and damnation either- that's JUST AS BAD- in Divinty, there is no room for anything but peace and love. It's that simple. It's free.

Ask Maxi about Tara Medium
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

I received an email on free guidance or advice. I strongly believe that these emails are generated by some Computer/Server & not an individual who has Powers to lead us towards money or better life.In an emotional email, I was asked to pay some dollars online to perform "secret ritual of astral protection" else the consequences would be "very damaging". I was told that a lot of money will be received after the great date i.e. 15.12.15. After this, I started receiving more emails to perform some other ritual, asking for many more dollars. Like a fool, I paid that amount too. Emails were being sent from 3 different id's. Not satisfied with getting money twice, this email id started troubling me again for money 3rd time & I blocked the id. Please do not get fooled. I have lost money but you can save your money.

Tip for consumers: Once you pay, be ready to keep paying. There seems to be no end to requests for sending dollars. Post the review, I received a msg from a person called Frank, assistant/representative of Tara-medium requesting me to send a private msg to Tara. I tried send a mail to 4 different id's that Tara has been communicating but there was no response. I also tried to contact through the website but was informed that my email id does not exist in their records ?? Not sure who can help in getting my refund

Ask wilson about Tara Medium
1 review
14 helpful votes

Waste of money does not come threw with stuff that she promises.has no idea what she is talking about. 1 is too high of a rating this is a scam

Ask jennifer about Tara Medium
5 reviews
8 helpful votes

It is improper to charge for some of these types of magick. Although the skills it requires may be prrsent, the reasoning is the most important part. The pursuit of wealth in this manner is wrong.

Ask Pan about Tara Medium
1 review
19 helpful votes

I personally believe tara has some skill, as she has known things nobody would guess or know. I'd like to say it's coincidence but not many people would have my past and problems. However, it's when it comes to the things requiring payment that seem to be either fake or don't work. Even when I truly believed she could help. My advice is she draws you in with her skill to then take money from you. Maybe she should do real work and we would pay for it.

Ask Graham about Tara Medium
1 review
16 helpful votes

Had numerous emails saying I will "win big" and asking for a fee. I'm good thanks! Also, has anyone else noticed all of the positive reviews all read the same as her emails? Just saying...

Ask Georga about Tara Medium
39 reviews
69 helpful votes

All these people do is a thing called 'cold reading' or just be as vague as possible and let you fill in the blanks. Seriously. Don't do it, people.

Ask veronica about Tara Medium
4 reviews
19 helpful votes

have received emails for years from her. recently i paid for a report which i never received but i got more offers for the same report. I admit i got the offer for a much lower price but yet i didnt receive it.Also she said she did a Special ritual for me to find out my real problem is but never gives me what she "sees" in the thing. But wants me to order another report. I admit she had me going, so thank you SiteJabber for posting reviews ! Wont go to hers again!

Tip for consumers: Since I wrote this,i did get my refund. I have still choose to stay in touch with Tara,she has been correct in somethings but she can't always be right, like the rest of us! Anyway I have had purchases of items and no longer had trouble getting them and a payment plan of 3 months. But I have to say that it still remains my opinion that it's just more and more money wanted,and I would say use your own judgement , and if u really don't have the money to spend then don't put yourself behind on coun

Ask Glenda about Tara Medium
1 review
41 helpful votes

Hi..this woman goes out of her of charge and has made numerous attempts at contacting me..I was very skeptical because of scams from other psychics..Tara has confirmed so much of what others have said..and her fees are minimal compared to other bogus readers.Tara has always been polite and courteous and has never pressured me or harrassed me in any way..Even after my initial read..she continues to give me support..for free..She is a godsend..more psychics need to be like her...shr is lovely

Ask donna about Tara Medium
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am so glad all of you have posted reviews - I have had actual readings from psychics and they have been relatively good - this Tara person/computer reading(s) sound like a rip-off.
I'm glad I have already unsubscribed and didn't waste my money.
There are gifted people in this world that can "see" things differently, but this person evidently asks more questions to gain insight into your world then derives their answers and advice from you. That doesn't sound like a psychic to me!
I wish for all of you that are seeking answers the best the world can bring you.
Be well and look locally for someone that is gifted for the answers that you seek...

Ask Kat about Tara Medium
1 review
14 helpful votes

Lies, Lies

Ask Rachel about Tara Medium
1 review
18 helpful votes

I just dont like the fact that she attempts to charge in every email. She should just be more specific in one email or stop trying to provide a sample of advice to tell someone something they already know. That gives psychics a bad reputation and you shouldn't play or tease with people's lives in that way. That's why they seek help in the first place. TOO BE HELPED NOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!

Ask Ebony about Tara Medium
2 reviews
30 helpful votes

YES I PAID HER BUT HAVE NOT HAD ANY REPLY FROM HER,actually shes very good but as im not working i carnt afford to pay her,

Ask L about Tara Medium
1 review
50 helpful votes

It was seven years ago when she gave me a free reading. Her prediction came true. It was about a family matter. She did not charge me because it was free. I could not find her again untill now. She showed sincerity and great concern and was the best reading I had. Those that disbelief her and give her bad ratings are just immature and very deceiving. She is an angel.

Ask Patricia about Tara Medium

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3 weeks, 2 days ago
A: Hello Sandra, I'm Frank, Tara's secretary. The refund was done today, as requested. Please do check your inbox. For further questions and in order to have a quicker reply, I do invite to contact Tara by private email or by using the site's contact page :
Frank, Tara's secretary
3 weeks ago
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