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Review of Tara Medium

Tara Medium reviews

328 reviews
Unit 2605, Island Place Towar, 510 King’s Rd, North Point
Hong Kong

328 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

What goes around comes around. I asked for genuine help . But have found dishonesty with this lying cheating scam artists. Very well on your heads be it . My guides are not very happy with this so expect a visit from them . Some of them do not like it when you hurt people by ripping them off. Where ever you are around the world they will find you

1 review
0 helpful votes

Tara has been sending myself emails for a while only to not realise that she was sending my husband emails too , the only thing in her letters changed is the name apart from that they are copied letters stating exactly the same stuff . really tara what a low life

1 review
0 helpful votes

Has she told any of u your clarvoyaint yet? All of u are being told luck is in ur stars n stuff and bad thi go are trying to stop that,that is the natural forces of good and evil hardly a person, unless at some point u messed with something u didn't Know how to properly use like a Ouija board or tried to mess with the occult,when u do that u open doors u wouldn't know how to close with out the help of some one who knows what their doing and evil waits at those doors waiting to be let out by those who can't stop them, I just wanna know how generic her messages are, I speak of doors that can't be closed cuz I know I've opened a few of my own and I've delt with horrors in my life, my sons umbilical cord ripped out of the placenta while pregnant he is now brain damaged cuz of it, my moms drug addict alcoholic, use ur imagination on that one.....anyway her yearly nermerolgy for luck and money felt very generic till she said I'm clarvoyaint in all areas, trying to get $300 from me for some thing else some dated phsycic readings or some crap like that I don't have that kind of money TBH didn't even have the $40 for the numerology report and it took me a no th just to do that kinda wishing I didn't cuz its a run of the mill horoscope my father had his numerology done in person by a real numerologist and it wasn't vague at all it was very specific and right this....this feels like reading my horoscope out of a news paper

1 review
0 helpful votes

I, too, have been collecting the emails for quite some time and am amazed at the people who supposedly have it in for me and the amounts of money (very specific) that I am supposed to win, even though any lottery payouts here would not total those amounts...not even close. The best trick, though, was the email where "she" was told to contact someone whose birthdate plus and minus certain numbers would equal a secret number. Lo and behold, mine did! And so did the birthdate of everyone else I could think of. Scam all the way!

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

After writing my bad review about The above business/sajt, I received reply From her secretay confirming That my money will be refunded within 10 Working days. Šoon as That happens. Will write my final review about The above And applogize if if I was wrong. I hope to be proven to be wrong. Vesna

Tip for consumers: Dont be naive and believe as I have . There is no guarantee that you will be refunded at any time without any question asked .

1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm very interested in what she has to say and if she could help me because I need it.

1 review
6 helpful votes

yes I'd love to get to sit down with her , I would get rid of all her bull $#*!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

hi.. tara..

1 review
3 helpful votes

Are you really Tara medium

2 reviews
21 helpful votes

The emails she spams you with are laughable and, just like "Frank" her assistant; nothing but copy and pasted fakes. All you have to do is Google one of them to find out. Or you can sign up with a different email. She'll send you the exact same bull crap.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I have paid £79 for Dated Astral Reading on 21st June. I got a generalized reading for a year and for 3 months reading I checked and which is not at all helpful. after that i got many emails for different product and paid £99.95 in 3 installments starting from 1st July for Multi-chance Diamond Numbers and they are also useless.
I have requested today for the refund and hopefully they will look into this and refund my full amount.
Avijit Singh

1 review
10 helpful votes

U were being so honest and genuine about the reading and has 100%guranteed our money that if it does not work then u will surely refund. Big words!!!! Why dont u do it. How can u cheat and make money from this.

1 review
14 helpful votes

Tara the medium is a scam anything from the UK Nigeria or any internet things like that are scams I'm not saying there aren't real mediums out there as far as the reviews you have to look at the negative verse the positive these are all generated some ask why there are some good reviews that's because whether it's her or her staff they put them in there you'll see there's more negative then positive when you have the one saying they got money or refunds back excellent reading that's a scam as well a bogus review and as long as we're breathing and living we're all going to have hardship that's what life is if I asked everyone on here are you having rent mortgage car payment problems have you fought with your family members worst spouse no matter how close you are you're always going to have a bad day every now and again we all have our rough patches we all have bad days at work we're always going to lose somebody closest to us unfortunately again it's life so it's not hard to pull on somebody's heart Street if they're down and a hard place first and foremost no matter how hard life is or what you're going through you have to believe in God and yourself first

1 review
26 helpful votes

I always get her emails n she seems to know me all the way to the t and it's crazy what she knows but I did send money once and got no reply but my brother was murdered and I really need her help but I bought a card n it wouldn't let me pay her the second time n it was because it was going to the uk but I pray for someone to help me n all my pain n bad luck n I've been praying to God n not sure why I can't have one day of happiness because I'm a good person who is tired of pain n sadness please help God Tara or someone n pray for all others n wish I could help the world it's a sad place these days but I hope Tara can give me my answers I paid for n my blessing but I'll let yah know when or if she does or doesn't thank yah ange

1 review
8 helpful votes

She's been sending me emails for months I just erase it and move on its all bull$#*!

43 reviews
254 helpful votes

Very helpful to me helping me through my troubles.without the false promise of lottery winnings as such. Very professional non judgmental attitude.highly recomend certain readers.

1 review
4 helpful votes


1 review
10 helpful votes

I have sent her so many questions through email and her contact page in her website for countless times and I have not received a single reply until now. What makes her reliable if she won't even answer emails?!

1 review
2 helpful votes

she took my money and avoided mi to sendnd emails to her. Tara when yo read it please be brave and anser to me and to,the public that ...... I prefer when you do it on your Facebook page. Good bless you my ,,dear friend''

1 review
13 helpful votes

People who can see other people future and can help to change surely can see their own. I only thought this kind of people only exist in third world country but I am wrong because of technology they can target people around the world. In India you will find mediums but they don't go and tell people about their fortune. All this online mediums , numerolgist are scammers and they all based in same part of the world and many of them using same address but different name but they all have one thing common no telephone number. I have received emails from two mediums but same address and just play with them when I have spare time last night I reply to both of them I will give them not only £ 79 pound but £79000 after win the lottery and also mention why they don't play the number by them self if they think they are winnings numbers and they have not reply to me. Only thing I can say is that believe in your self and it would be stupid to believe other people can tell your future and can change.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Emailed tara twice and still see no refund services where very disappointing

1 review
25 helpful votes

I have been collecting Tara's e=mails for a few years now. Over that time, if were to believe them, I have been: under the curse of a relative since I was a child; been the subject of intense jealousy from which only Tara can save me; the subject of incredible bad luck; about to come into significant amounts of money - this one is about every couple of months and urgent action is necessary (read more payment); I have continually disappointed Tara for either not opening the e-mails she so graciously sent me or not acting on them; the cause of her many sleepless nights as the spirits wake her to tell her to contact me and warn me of some dire circumstance that will befall me unless she perform some ancient, sacred, secret ritual; the cause of heavy books falling from tables only to open at MY page; and the list goes on. All the time there is this either vague (or even overt) threat of serious harm befalling me if her help is not immediately engaged to ward it off. If you collect these e-mails over say a period of three months you will see there is a clear pattern that is followed to the letter. Its all quite amusing after a while but at the beginning I truly believe it is very harmful for those who really are struggling in some area of their life. Interestingly, Tara has never 'promised' millions of dollars. She always indicates a very specific amount and not more than say a couple of hundred thousand. More usually it would be under $100000.
If you really want to part with your money on the vague promise of a life changing event, I have a spectacular bridge in Sydney I can sell you. If you reply within 7 days, I will even throw in tickets to the Sydney Opera House nearby. Oh and you can pay me by easy instalment!!!

1 review
35 helpful votes

I was very skeptical of Tara after reading the reviews but she never told me I was going to win the lottery. She said that I would receive 13,000 then she told me I would receive 7,770. Here's exactly what happend. 2 months after I ignored that email I applied for a consolidation loan I was approved for 13,300, I did not take the whole amount I took 7,000 of it. I decided to pay the 29.95 to see what would happen and everything Tara described was going on in my life at that time. I was having a hard time at work, my sister and I were at odds and had been for years and my love life sucked and I had been feeling like I was destined to always have bad luck. Since Tara performed whatever ritual I do not have the problems I had at work anymore, I followed the directions and put the sage over my door and things are fine.

1 review
17 helpful votes

Nothing has come true in the past few years that she has claimed I would like all my money back

1 review
7 helpful votes

All In All For A buddy of mine she has been spot-on and made total sense

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