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154 reviews
400 Lafayette St, Fl 4
New York, NY 10003, US
Tel: 1-888-506-4101

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1 review
1 helpful vote

In July, my husband and I bought 4 tickets for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants game in Pittsburgh. We drove 5 hours, got a hotel, and spent Saturday night and Sunday in Pittsburgh. We arrived to the gate only to find our tickets were not good and we could not get into the game. The tickets had cost us right around $600. We called SeatGeek and they did provide replacement tickets, which I am happy about, but the fact remains that the tickets were not good and SeatGeek knew this. The replacement tickets we received were of lesser value than our original tickets, we were not offered to receive the difference back. Also, when we called to get the replacement tickets it only took giving our order number for the seats to be replaced;this tells me that SeatGeek was aware there was an issue with the seats prior to the game, but we were not contacted to change seats or given the opportunity to cancel. After this experience I will not use SeatGeek because after more closely reading the terms and conditions, SeatGeek does not guarantee the tickets.

Ask Courtney about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

I purchased tickets to the warrior vs grizzlies game for my sons birthday. I realized within an hour that we had my other sons graduation on the same day. I called and asked for a refund. Denied. I also asked for the tickets immediately where I could resell. Denied. I was told to call uber seats. They have also denied me. I will receive the tickets to sell two days before the game and now I log on today and it says the day before the game. This company is horrible. How am I suppose to sell tickets one day before the game!!! I will never purchase from this company again

Ask Lori about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

Used SeatGeek for the first time to purchase Stevie Nicks concert tickets. When we got to the gate, we were turned away because our tickets have already been used. With a calm head, I called SeatGeek and they took care of the situation immediately. Sometimes the seller of the tickets accidently double sells the seat on several ticket sites. Out of SeatGeek's control but it does happen. Customer service agent Jack in Portland quickly got me new tickets and we were in our new upgraded seats just as the concert started.

Ask David about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought tickets to two Alabama Football Games. Miss St and Chattanooga. Nothing went wrong at all. Print At Home Tickets Were Fine! I was nervous because after I purchased them, I saw all the neg reviews, but it was all good. 4 tickets total, all scanned, all allowed entry to the games. I will use seatgeek again.

Ask Mike about SeatGeek
1 review
0 helpful votes

Did not get the seats I paid for,. very disappointed. Wanted to sit close to the stage and paid for tickets near their,. and arrived at the show only to sit in an aisle near the back of the first section. Also the tickets were mailed to me.... I found that odd and wonder why they dont just use a cellphone to scan your tickets at the show,since they actually SCAN your tickets when you get to the show. I would not order from them again, and discourage anyone else from doing so. also the service fees are ridiculous. lame.

Ask chris about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased tickets twice in the past week from Seatgeek. Once, they canceled my tickets 10 hours later, right before game time. The second time they didn't deliver any tickets. Since they don't have a customer service number, there is no one to speak to. When they do finally answer an email, all they say is "sorry".

Ask A about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

SeatGeek are thieves. I purchased Bruno Mars tickets 5 days ago, not realizing general admission tickets were not for sale yet, and those prices are much more reasonable (I paid DOUBLE what the general admission tickets were. Absolutely ridiculous). After realizing THAT I WAS SCAMMED I wanted to cancel the tickets. I called and they stated that I was not able to get a refund. They said that I am stuck with them. They also did state that I could try and sell them once tickets are sold out. BUT, I will not even get a PDF version of my tickets (which I paid an additional $5 for an email delivery) until one week before the event. SEVEN DAYS PEOPLE. There is no way I can get to sell my tickets, and even get my money back for a concert that is OVER 9 MONTHS AWAY just SEVEN DAYS before the concert. I am highly upset, they do not care for the customers, and are just trying to make extra money off of their customers in any way possible.

I will NEVER purchase from SeatGeek again, and I highly recommend that no one ever does either! I wish I would have read the reviews before as well! And I see now, that I am not the only person dealing with the same issues.

I will ensure that everyone I know does not purchase from this site. Trust me, I will continue to request a refund, or at least the option to sell MY TICKETS that I have purchased.

One VERY UNHAPPY customer

Ask Ashley about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

Update 11/23/16: I have received my refund. Maria and Roxanne were very quick to help and we came to an agreement. Thank you for your assistance you two.

Update 11/21/16: I have been contacted by a manager and will be getting a refund. Once this transaction happens on my card, I will update my review.

I should have read the reviews ahead of time......

I purchased Bruno Mars tickets through SeatGeek as a recommendation through Philly D on YouTube! I price checked through Stubhub and Ticketmaster and decided to try SeatGeek. After I placed my order, I THEN checked the reviews and went into panic mode. If the company has MORE 1 star reviews than 5, I tend to steer clear. Mistake on my part.

I emailed the company within 15 minutes of my purchase asking for a cancellation/refund. I got an email back explaining terms and conditions as per usual, but said I could sell them. Since the concert isn't until next August, I figure I have 8/9 months to resell on THEIR website, I just needed to wait until I got my PDF version of the tickets. That is when I found out I wont get my "PDF" version of my tickets until a WEEK before the concert. Why would a company take your money but not give you product for ten months? Without working with the customer on any other options?

If you press purchase, they are yours. The company wont work with you, and throw the excuse of their terms and conditions as well as blaming the venue. If you can't do anything but take my money from me? What is the point? I wont be happy until I get the option for a refund, or my PDF tickets early so I have a CHOICE to sell them. Expecting someone else to pay nearly 500$ for 2 tickets 5 days before the concert is insane.

Ask Amber about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

Dont buy tickets from this site. I purchased NFL tickets, noticed after I bought them, they were still for sale. I contacted Seatgeek, by email of course because they dont have a phone number, and they assured me they contacted seller, tickets were good and the other posting would be removed. We arrived at the game, to find out our seats were indeed sold multiple times and had to re-purchase new tickets. I contacted Seatgeek, by email of course and they told me I would get a 120% refund within a week. Not only did I NOT even get responses from them after filing the complaint, I had to dispute with my credit card to get my refund. So NO 120% refund for bad tickets. I will never buy from them again! BUYER BEWARE!

Ask Leah about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

Do not buy any tickets from Seat Geek. They have absolutely no refund process in place like other third party searchable vendors (i.e. Orbitz). If you make a mistake or buy a ticket that you meant not to buy based off of MISLEADING INFORMATION showing INCORRECT NUMBER OF TICKETS at a certain price- they will do nothing for you. They will tell you to contact the vendor they got the ticket from and guess what the vendor has no customer service either. I called both parties multiple times and neither will help you. The other vendor they got the ticket from has no customer service line and a full voicemail that means you can't even leave a message. UNBELIEVABLY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE seat geek. Very unprofessional. Take notes from your counterparts like Orbitz. I WILL NEVER BUY TICKETS FROM YOU AGAIN.

Ask Brad about SeatGeek
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

My grandson bought seats to a Cowboy NFL for his father for a birthday present. The seats were purchased in September, but by November seats were selling at twice the price. When the family arrived at the Cowboy's stadium from SC, the seats were not there. I am sure Seat Geek double sold his tickets for the higher price and he and his family were left out in the cold since the stadium was sold out. Yes Seat Geek offered the money back, but his exciting fun time with his father was ruined. He was disappointed, embarrassed and sick. To add to this, there were about 5 other groups with the same problem and this was just at one gate. Bad form, Seat Geek, really bad form.

Ask Kathy about SeatGeek
1 review
0 helpful votes

After reading the negative reviews, I was hesitant about the order I placed. However, my experience could not have been better. Before receiving my tickets, I had a questions which I sent to customer service. They litterally answered me withing 3 minutes and gave me the exact info I needed. I had no problems using my tickets and the price was very good. I will definetely use them again.

Ask M about SeatGeek
1 review
0 helpful votes

Our seats to the play Hamilton were horrible. A large pillar was right in front of us. Seats were rated as excellent deal. Paid over $450 apiece. Seat obstruction was not printed on the tickets or any of the paperwork. Get your ratings correct.

Ask Steve about SeatGeek
1 review
4 helpful votes

Bought tickets to an even 3 months in advance. 1100$ worth totally.

1 month before the event - Customer Care emails that the tickets I received are not usable. They declare that the vendors / brokers behind the scene are to blame.

I accept the facts and request a full refund. Their buyer guarantee states I am eligible for one. Customer Care refuses to issue a cash refund and recommends that I go to my credit card issuer and file a dispute.

I'm surprised they get to live and tell another tale. So many reviews have been denied entry at events. I am thankful that I didnt have to endure that.

Ask Yolo about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

purchased tickets for 10-16-2016 Gwen Stefani concert at the Forum in LA and was told tickets from Seatgeek were invalid. went to the box office and was told my seats were sold twice and this happens all the time. I had to buy an additional set of tickets to get in, so wrong!! I also tried calling for help and was told I had to go directly to scorebig for help with double sold tickets. I called the 800 number for help for scorebig 1-877-726-7324. the recording on the voicemail states they don't help with invalid tickets.

Ask stacy about SeatGeek
1 review
0 helpful votes

bought tickets for NYC Broadway - Cirque du Soleil PARAMOUR ... could not have been easier ... great deal, NO issues/problems whatsoever ... would have NO hesitation to use again or recommend

Ask ernie about SeatGeek
1 review
4 helpful votes

Bought Austin F1 tickets from their site and turns out to be fake. Now they won't take any responsibility or refund. It was ~$300 per ticket. Now out of $1000+ and no body to go and ask?
Their buyer guarantee is false and this simply is a fraud company !

Ask Madhan about SeatGeek
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is a horrible company that will steal your money and give you nothing. I purchased 2 tickets to Adele concert. I never heard from SeatGeek again until I received an email 4 days before the event informing me that it had turned over the request to Scorebig, which is out of business. You guessed it, no tickets and no refund of $1,200 paid to SeatGeek. This company should be investigated for its fraudulent and deceptive practices.

Ask Kathy about SeatGeek
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I Purchased tickets for the Beyonce Formation Tour at Metlife stadium. Reading the reviews I was extremely nervous about my purchase. My tickets were delivered via fedex way before the concert date. My tickets were scanned and I walked in and enjoyed the show. I will definitely use again.

Ask Charmaine about SeatGeek
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I purchased tickets from Razor Gator through the Seat Geek website at 3pm on Saturday for a noon game on Sunday. The tickets were electronic tickets and after I didnt receive an email with the tickets for four hours I tried contacting Razor Gator and Seat Geek. I emailed Razor Gator twice, I emailed Seat Geek twice, I left two phone messages for Seat Geek, Razor Gator was closed and doesnt accept phone messages, I posted a comment on the Seat Geek facebook page because they dont allow visitor posts, I facebook messaged Razor Gator twice, and I facebook messaged Seat Geek. In these ten messages I emphasized I need these tickets emailed to me by 9am in order to print them in order to reach the game in time. Out of the ten messages I received one response saying Razor Gator would contact the seller when they open for business at 11am. Seat Geek emailed me at 10am saying they couldnt help me because the tickets were purchased through Razor Gator even though I purchased the tickets on their website. The tickets were emailed to me at 10:30am, too late for me to get to the game on time.

Fortunately, I purchased a different set of tickets from a competitor website. I wont name the competitor because this isnt an ad for a competitor; its an indictment on the exceptionally poor customer service by Razor Gator and Seat Geek. However, I will say that this competitor requires all electronic tickets to be available for instant download two days in advance of the event to avoid this predicament.

The poor service wasnt over just yet. I emailed Razor Gator again and asked for a refund because I wasnt delivered the tickets in time and on Sunday I received an email response that I would receive a refund. On Thursday I emailed Razor Gator again to see why I hadnt received a refund and I was told that no refund was processed, but this time it would get done. I asked for a receipt or screen shot to prove the refund was processed and I was told they wouldnt give me any proof the refund was processed, but this time they would do it. The one positive thing I have to say is that I did get a refund, albeit 10 days after the event that they couldnt deliver tickets for.

I emailed Razor Gator and Seat Geek and asked if I would get a discount off a future purchase because of this issue and both emails were ignored. I will reiterate do not buy from either of these websites.

Ask Scott about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

I purchased NFL tickets less than 3 months prior to the event as a gift. We received the tickets immediately in PDF format for over $320. When using the tickets, we were very disappointed to discover the seats were fraudulent. When calling seat geek, they were quick to put the blame on the third party,but reluctant to resolve the issue on their own accord. We needed to follow up and call several other parties in order to get the issue resolved and were extremely discouraged by the lack of accountability and integrity within seatgeek as a whole.

Ask Maggie about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

My husband purchased tickets from SEATGEEK. TWICE! He has not received any confirmation but there are 2 pending transactions on our credit card statement for $145 each from SEATGEEK. The purchases are not showing in his history when we log on and we have no way of knowing who the seller is. SEATGEEK needs to remedy this situation since our credit card statement is showing that THEY are taking our money REGARDLESS of who the alleged "seller" is!!!!!

Ask Mandi about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

Won't help
..sold bad tickets

Ask DENIS about SeatGeek
1 review
5 helpful votes

Paid for our tickets online and got an email with the ticket notification.
Today, on the day of the concert, my son goes to the concert and shows the ticket (online) and the staff at the SAP center tells him that the ticket is invalid!!!!
All his friends go to the concert and my son is heart broken. More than the money it is the emotional heartbreak Seat Geek has thrown at us.
Never use Seat Geek!!!!! They are the biggest fraud ever.
Wish I had read all the other reviews before we booked online.

They are not available to talk when you want as they are only available during certain times EST. I have emailed them and lets see how they are going to compensate for the emotional stress and lost money!!!

Ask Vinit about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am without my ticket which is on a FedEx truck a thousand miles from where I am for the event. They will not answer the phone so you have no choice but to email them. They eventually reply but did not do as requested so now I've spent hundreds on a ticket I don't have. Find another company to get your tickets through.

Ask Michael about SeatGeek

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Theresa B.
1 week ago
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Joe K.
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Kathi b.
A: They actually add a big amount of fees. Just an example:
Ticket price 943SGD
booking fee 263SGD!!!
delivery fee 11SGD (posting for two paper tickets can never be so much)
No words. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!
5 days, 7 hours ago
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