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Review of SafeCart

SafeCart reviews

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117 reviews
Categories: Software
1205 - 4464 Markham Street
Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8, Canada
Tel: 1-855-432-0727
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117 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I neither asked for or requested you or your program. The only way you got my cc # is scamming it when I paid my phone bill. I never ever gave you my CC to used is asking for something I neither wanted of requested...Please refund the $41.90 you stole from my account . Your ref. # was TRBOCLNPC 855-432-07

Ask Frazer about SafeCart
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Upgraded to a new Dell computer with Windows 10 (ugh). Included is a driver's program which claims to be a partner with Microsoft (doubt it). Immediately, it's telling me I need to upgrade my drivers as three were not up to date. Took weeks to overcome the learning curve for Windows 10. Thought I was having trouble with the RW drive, so bit on the driver scam. They immediately billed me for 2016 costs plus $10.00 more for next year. When I tried to hit the red fix drivers icon, it just kept asking for more money. Wrote to their tech service dept. and never received a reply. Called their 877 number and got a guy from India who was unintelligible and just wanted more credit card information. Microsoft provides free driver upgrades and there is no need for this service. Removed the Safecart app and sometimes still get warnings that drivers are out of date.

Ask George about SafeCart
1 review
2 helpful votes

Absolutely no problem with SafeCart. Their client AVG has the worst customer service I have encountered all my years of dealing with firms on the internet. Many have used free AVG anti-virus products and never dealt with their customer service, fine. Just never ever buy anything from them and have a problem. On 09/14/2016 we were up-sold their "Ultimate" product which consumed 1.6 kb of memory resulting in poor performance. That same day we called and asked that it be uninstalled and the charge be reversed. No they said, we don't give refunds although they advertise a 30 day satisfaction policy. On 09/27/2016 they finally reversed the $99.99 charge after 5+ email exchanges and 4+ phone calls and numerous representatives the last one starting with we'll refund 50% of the charge. This overseas company's customer service does not merit the millions they make from U.S. consumers each year. Find another anti-virus program we surely did, I wouldn't even use their products if they were all "free". Free just means an opportunity to up-sell you with something you may not need and may not be able to use.

Ask tom about SafeCart
1 review
1 helpful vote

I noticed a repeated charge (3 times on the same day) to some Co. named "Safe Cart". But it was going through my Pay Pal account without my authorization. I called Pay Pal. The female answering the phone told me "oh you know how sometimes you hit a little button at the bottom of the page by accident, that's probably what happened" ! NO MAMMMN...THAT'S WHY I USE PAY PAL, TO PREVENT THESE VERY THINGS. BUT NOW THEY ARE THE ONES STEALING FROM US.. LOOKING BACK THEY'VE WITH DREW SEVERAL MONTHS AT $9.97, AND WE JUST DIDN'T CATCH IT. AWAY WITH PAY PAL NOW ! THEY ASSURED ME THEY HAD CANCELLED MY MEMBERSHIP....membership in WHAT ? I received NOTHING in exchange for my $9.97 each month, nor was I sent any information on how to use anything they wold as "SAFE CART" !!! HIGHLY ILLEGAL...........SHAMEFUL THIEVES !

Ask KJ about SafeCart
1 review
1 helpful vote

I got suckered into the 19.95 subscription model with a initial purchase of 3.95.
Called 1-855-432-0727 immediately upon billing of 19.95, and 5 minutes later I got the refund into my paypal account.

Ask akin about SafeCart
1 review
6 helpful votes

After reading all the reviews I was really starting to get nervous about getting a refund. I hope this helps someone else...I called 855-220-7908, stayed on hold about 5 minutes then when someone came on the line I could actually understand them!!!! I told them I was requesting a refund and to cancel all future subscriptions. They ask me why, told them I no longer needed their help and that was it. Refund hit my checking account 3 business days later. BUT I will still keep an open eye on my account for any future billings from them

Ask Katrena about SafeCart
1 review
1 helpful vote

I din't like it because it is almost impossible to cancel automatic charges. I am still fighting this auto magic chart. Stay away.

Ask Luz about SafeCart
1 review
4 helpful votes

Contacted me via a pop-up full screen message (claiming to represent MSN) which I could not delete saying I had big trouble with hacking, malware, etc. and threatening to "close my MSN account". I foolishly signed on (5/24/16) at a cost of $400 (debited from my bank). After 1 day of investigation I decided to cancel and ask for a refund (well within the 14 day grace period they advertise). To this date (6/24/16) I have received no refund despite repeated assurances by KE IT that the refund had been sent. Stay away from KE IT SafeCart!

Ask Joseph about SafeCart
1 review
6 helpful votes

Got a pop up screen that told me something was wrong with my computer. Clicked on the ad and was taken to SafeCart. Paid money to have computer fixed. 3 months later Safecart calls and says my computer needs attention and in order to fix it I needed to pay more money. When asked why the money paid last time didn't help and catch the problem I was told "...that wasn't covered..." Three months later I get another call telling my that "my computer has been hacked this time....I need to take action".... Yet again when asked why the money paid twice before didn't help me was told "it doesn't cover this type of thing " What do you three 2.5 months later another call. These people were able to pull up account information from the computer and actually see usernames and passwords for various accounts.

No happy and would suggest to stay away. Seems like a scam.

Ask L about SafeCart
1 review
1 helpful vote

I thought I had connected to Canon Printer Support instead they changed me 1 pc for 1 time! It was to be 2 years for 1 pc! I should have known better but I let them get me on this one!!

Ask James about SafeCart
1 review
9 helpful votes

This Company is only a front for Several Companies under different names. I ordered a driver update online. They passed me off to 2 other companies. I started @ $29.90 and ended @ $249.90. I traced all these front companies to Quebec Canada. Canadian Zip Code H4M 2Z2 I guess I should be pissed but you live and learn. They operate like off-shore accounts but in Canada!! TRUE HEADQUARTERS: System Corporation, 7975 Place Robert-Joncas, Saint-Laurent, QC Canada Telephone: 1-514-339-1067

Ask Shannon about SafeCart
1 review
2 helpful votes

A red screen pop up re Malware happened on 13 Dec 2015. I purchased the products then ,48.41 d+290.87to delete the malware and install a new firewall to prevent another similar case
However, on the 24/01/2016 a blue pop up occurred re Malware and I could not reach your firm and required another company to do a new firewall and to maintain my computer.costing 365.50. I am very disappointed in your Safecart maintenance plan....

Ask Bert about SafeCart
1 review
7 helpful votes

Purchased Totalcare 30th Nowember (yesterday). Download very quick as was the first scan (3091 problem area's). cleaned as per instructions, all ok(ish). Had a funny feeling this AM. looked for reviews on line. Amazed at the problems etc. decided this was not for me, contacted SafeCart at 1310hrs today, asked for a refund, no problem. At 1315hrs refund completed.

Ask Glen about SafeCart
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been trying to renew my subscription for two months now! They said 24/7 but all I get is a busy signal. no response with e-mail either. I have had pcbooster for 2 yrs-this yr to renew has been a pain.

Ask Anne about SafeCart
1 review
7 helpful votes

Paid for 6 month trial at which point i called to say i did not want the monthly product--though they promised i could cancel even when i called they said they would cancel, they continue to charge my credit card. Scary... not worth it. beware all

Ask lynn about SafeCart
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was charge twice for the

Ask MIHAI about SafeCart
1 review
11 helpful votes

So much for paying for licence and having help to clear errors I got a guy who sounded Indian and all he was interested in was charging me a further £175 I found it difficult to understand the talk about the computer but he made sure I heard how much money he wanted as he printed it for me.
The whole thing made me very angry as I was initially told it would take just 5 minutes to clear computer but some 40 minutes later I was still being urged to spend lots more money

Ask Gloria about SafeCart
1 review
13 helpful votes

Liars I $#*!ing hate them for ruining my computer and stealing my money. $#*!ing money hungry cows. Go $#*! yourselves Safecart. People do not buy fome Safecart they are a fake company. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SCAMMERS AND LIARS. Their staff are not friendly when you speak with them. They put up false advertisement with their products, beware do not not buy from them. I REGRET PURCHASING FROM THEM AND WISHED I COULD HAVE DONE SOME RESEARCH FIRST BEFORE I BUY FROM THESE BUNCH OF ROBBERS!

Ask Lana about SafeCart
1 review
15 helpful votes

These guys are nothing but LIARS and ROBBERS. First they make you believe that you have some sort of virus on your computer so they can make you buy their sh*t which is all lies they would work on your computer but instead of fixing anything they stuff it up. They told me i could buy $275 for antivirus for my computer for 6 years and it was bullsh*t. They stole my money they damaged my computer and they are such liars. Please people do not buy from these guys. Its all a SCAM. They're from India they told me they were from USA i rang to ask for my refund and they said they are located in India. They are such fcking LIARS. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM THEY WILL ONLY STEAL YOUR MONEY PEOPLE! They're hungry pigs stealing from people. THESE A**HOLES ARE FAKE WITH THEIR PRODUCTS! They make up $#*!ing excuses when you ring them for a refund and they are not very polite. Their customer service is worse they are VERY RUDE dealing with customers $#*!ing UNPROFESSIONAL! LIARS.

Ask Lana about SafeCart
1 review
11 helpful votes

$299.99 and there junk will not install on my computer. I did a charge back on them but my moron bank, umqua bank reversed the decision and overdrew my account. Now im stuck. Visa protection on my visa debit card is no good.

Ask joseph about SafeCart
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Every time I call them (which is every two days!) the say they'll fix my computer, but NOW I'm finding my photos, some documents and different things I had ARE GONE!!! They are no where to be found!
The reps are in India and take hold of your computer VERTUALLY! They take 24 hours to get anything done, so it's annoying!!!

Ask Laurie about SafeCart
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hello ...

after successfully downloaded and repaired the pst file and opened ... emails could not be viewed and in each email written"Register to View Content." ... what does it mean ? how?

Ask Subhi about SafeCart
1 review
9 helpful votes

I tried to cancel my membership and they told me they were having technical difficulties so my card was charged agon. You can only contact them by email. I took pictures and canceled my card. So inconvienant 30$ later

Ask loreen about SafeCart
1 review
2 helpful votes

you charged my credit card 39,95 where's the 10.00 discount coupon
ronald perkins SPFT-U2708150053-48FEH

Ask ronald about SafeCart
1 review
6 helpful votes

The day before yesterday when I turned my computer on there was two programs running and my keyboard was messed up so I could not send an email to the one that wanted to fix it for $9.95, so I called them (this was Reg Pro Cure) and ended up costing me over $1000.00 to get it fixed. It turned out that this was a company in New Delhi India called Cyber PC Experts. The only thing expert about this company was getting money out of me. I called my C/C and they are getting my money back.
Yesterday when I turned my computer on more trouble, so I looked up Comodo Anti Virus and ended up with Safe Cart. They fixed my computer for $250.00 for lifetime service and $50.00 for the second computer. This morning when I turned my computer on PC Cleaner Plus came up so I called Safe Cart and they fixed it in just a few minutes. Very good people to deal with I would recommend to anyone that gets there computer messed up by those scoundrels that have nothing to do but spend there time wasting someone elses time and money. Why can`t some smart computer guru figure how to trace these rascals and put them away in some rat hole of a jail like Alkatrash.

Tip for consumers: Very good people to deal with.

Ask George about SafeCart

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