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156 reviews
Categories: Art, Fashion, Social Network
808 Brannan St.
San Francisco, California, USA
Tel: 6875467862
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156 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
2 helpful votes

Having had several accounts over the past years, each one has become progressively featureless. More accurately features being removed. After having ANOTHER of my accounts closed for no reason (though claiming to be a content policy infraction) and without warning, I started another account. As you can imagine, I am acutely aware of their content policies. However, when creating an account this time, it appears that the descriptions of the pins, the source board, the number of likes and the number of pins have all been removed. All you get now is a picture. It's fricking annoying to say the least, missing information that I used to find very useful. So, now on my home feed, I can't review pins and click on the ones that I might find interesting without actually clicking on it to determine if it is of interest to me. That is about as stupid as I can imagine. What is this turning into, Google Images? I WISH there was a viable alternative to Pinterest and I'd be on it like white on rice. Coupled with the implanted ads (which you can't readily see anymore) and the suggested for you crap that doesn't actually apply, this is one broken platform. It is no longer in the best interest of the end user. It is merely another advertising platform in which they coral users into viewing products they don't care about. Somebody with the bucks and the brains needs to create a Pinterest killer!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I've done as much research into this company as humanly possible because everything they've done for the past year or so has not made sense. They've blatantly run off their user base, flooded the AppStore and Google Play with the most ridiculous fake reviews and implemented changes in increments to batches of customers at a time. I've learned who a major investor is and a lot has fallen into place. From reading employee reviews things are really going down fast. Find something else to do with your time. This is a duplicitous, deceitful operation.

1 review
3 helpful votes

You're losing people with all of your changes. I've overheard so many people talking about how they used to literally spend hrs on it & now no longer even use it. The "picked for you", the pins that are actually ads, now we can no longer even see the pins due to the white circles. Please review & remove at least some of your changes before you lose all of your faithful followers.

1 review
0 helpful votes

The related ideas update puts this large circle over everything and you can't see the pins on a phone. One of their last updates puts their logo so large on photos you can't see them. All these updates make it less and less convenient and more annoying every time. Why can't they stop while they are ahead, and maybe just work on their horrible algorithms that continuously suggest things you've already pinned.

1 review
0 helpful votes

unable to submit requests to access special topics of interest. very poorly done Unable to type in requests, when you do pinterest format goes to different topic. Cake central not as aggravating as pinterest.

Landon T.
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Create a category and start pinning everything interesting that falls into it for you. Its just that simple. Save just a beatiful photo, or a great design you might use later when you got some spare money. The only thing you need an invite to join =/

1 review
0 helpful votes

I agree that Pinterest should not be a porn site but they are so random about who they suspend. It is all based on who complains. Therefore someone who pins blatant porn gets away with it because no one complains but genuine art can get you suspended just because a few people want to complain.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I used to love Pinterest...spent way too much time on it looking for great ideas! Well thankfully Pinterest cured me of that with their constant "picked for you"! Pinterest tells you that you can change what you see in your settings. can change it but it does NOT do anything!

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

My account has been suspended and I have no f###### clue why?!?! 'Customer Support' just send me a stupid mail with their TOS. BTW, I did not violate them. Thanks for nothing, Pinterest!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Honestly I used to get excited and spent hours and hours on here. But with so many changes its difficult to see who likes the pins, my number of pins gone, nothing new except a lot of advertising. So disappointed. This was my life - haha that's sad but true. I can hardly get on there now. Why did they mess with a great thing?

1 review
3 helpful votes

I used to love Pinterest, but I have to say I'm really starting to hate it. The pop-up advertisements are taking over and really making my experience unenjoyable. Ads which cover the majority of the photos or blogs, which take forever to load and freeze the page, and not just one time, but multiple times on the same article or blog. It's out of control. Do an unobtrusive side bar, if you must, that doesn't freeze the page or make it load slowly and let us get back to enjoying your site.

1 review
8 helpful votes

The changes over the past year have made the site almost unusable. I truly wish that Pinterest would stop tinkering with what used to be a good site.

I am currently boycotting the Notifications section until they return it to the prior format; the new one is simply too wordy and unreadable.

I also wish they would give users multiple-choice options for viewing things, such as the recent change on Board covers -- I would rather have the old format of just one thumbnail instead of the multiple thumbnails which take forever to load and make my homepage too busy visually.

They are making a good product terrible. JUST STOP TINKERING WITH IT!

Tip for consumers: Don't?

1 review
6 helpful votes

After being on the site and loading over 20 k pins, my account has been suspended and I have no idea why. I contacted support over a week ago and have yet to get a response. I did get two follow up e mails asking me to rate their support. I can't rate what I have not received. Think before you fall in love with this site, because it will break your heart in the end. I have deleted their site from my devices and have no intentions of going back.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Pinterest has changed! You used to get notifications every time someone liked or saved your pin or made a comment on your board, or started following you. Now all you get are these once a day notifications telling you in the shortest description possible, the amount of people who liked or saved your pins, or how many people followed you. It really doesn't show you who they are! And the covers of your boards aren't large like they used to be, they look kind of squished. There have been alot of changes! I just liked it better the way it was!!

1 review
13 helpful votes

Used to love Pinterest but change after change is just making it impossible to hang in there. When I started from a creative perspective, I could move my boards around, make board covers, have a tasteful choice selection of promoted pins etc. All that is gone and instead large images, promoted commercial pins and even the size of the images on my boards which I carefully selected to be visually appealing has been changed. Hate it

1 review
23 helpful votes

Pinterest used to attract people who enjoyed collecting photos around their interests. They also had the pleasure of sharing. You would subscribe to someone else boards, to other pinner's interests. Their interest now became part of your feed and if you chose them, then automatically the image would be tagged with the others person's avatar, from which of their boards and at what time. You could also know who had enjoyed your own choices and when. This all created a sense of community. This was a very highly enjoyable social discover, enjoy and share experience, with some beautiful collections naturally curated and elevated by hundreds and even thousands of users. In the last two years Pinterest has progressively and systematically destroyed this by silo-ing people into what Pinterest wants to show and recommend. There are obviously commercial motives behind this. The more they can feed off your personal interests and push content that has advertising value behind it, the more value Pinterest might gain as a corporation that appeals to advertising and e-commerce power houses. The problem is that your feeds are now not a reflection of your subscriptions (they are plainly and simply not respected), but a reflection of what Pinterest recommendation engines think you should like. As an example I like boats and follow boat boards but recently pinned an image with a flag at the back of the boat. Well guess what? I get tons of flag pins and how to buy... but hardly any of the boats I subscribed to. Deuuhhh?? The Pinterest community is in uproar. Not only do the pins no longer tell you where pins came from (it was nice to be able to remember that Jimmy's sail boat board was where I found that beautiful schooner 5 months ago ..) or who re-pinned from my collections (at a glance, I could then know that Paul and Martin both re-pinned my choice on a very elegant vacation board and discover their tastes and interest). No longer - and Pinterest keeps on modifying their user experience adding more complexity, while taking away the simple information and sharing that their users liked. Go figure ..

1 review
6 helpful votes

How about you learn how to make your website actually work and load things :) it sucks using a website that won't even load, boooo yall suck

2 reviews
64 helpful votes

Pinterest as a social media site is a joke! They are far from social and here is why. For some reason after 4 years they just up and suspend my account. Nothing has changed with my posting and everything I have done is within their terms. What really ticks me off is the super jerky email they send that lumps all of the offenses into one communication that basically states that I am a scumbag, and I still don't know what the problem actually is. I then sent an appeal stating that I don't understand what happened or why this occurred. Guess what? Another canned and automated email with more abusive communication from All that I can say to anyone reading this post is to ditch Pinterest and cancel your account. Quit wasting your time with this platform because you'll end up wasting your man power hours. Once this happens to you you wish you heeded my advice. Pinterest is Anti-Social! #PinterestisAntiSocial

1 review
6 helpful votes

Pinterest got so bad. Before i can even go to find anything there's a ton of sales i got to scroll through first. I consider quitting using it. Just as any other social network-- too much advertising and trying to sell stuff.

4 reviews
31 helpful votes

Pinterest has now resorted to gangster pop-ups on other shopping sites that won't let you shut them down. Your only choice is to stop shopping. I'm pretty sure this isn't legal, and I agree with Robert H.that they won't let you unsubscribe. If you want to do that or tell them about a problem, all you get is an endless loop. I have also encountered what Eddie R. complains about. Pinterest is way out of control.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I can't believe that pinterest allows the company to advertise on its site. This company is a total scam! The company takes your money but never delivers the merchandise! Buyers beware!!! Do not order from this company!!

39 reviews
127 helpful votes

I want to say that I've been a user of Pinterest for many years just for design inspiration. I have thousands and thousands of pins in numerous boards, including sharing secret boards with groups from my university. The new Pinterest is a pain.

1. On the Apple device apps, you can no longer move a pin from a secret board to another secret board. This was not previously the case. It's still an option that is available on the desktop version, but not the apps? And the apps also crash consistently rendering it almost useless and frustrating while browsing. With app updates every two weeks, they're only making Pinterest worse by moving functions around, making users have to scavenge to find options.

2. The "suggested pins" and advertisements are extremely out of hand. It was tolerable once but now my home feed is almost more advertisements and suggested pins that are just not relevant to me in ANY way at all. Plus some of them are beyond ridiculous, advertising me club/party dresses with a provocative mirror selfie image as the pin. Are you serious? I don't follow anything related to that kind of content. I spent more time trying to get rid of these things than viewing my own things.

3. The new interface is so ugly and confusing. Just to simply "log out" which should've been obvious on the top right corner ends up with a user having to go to their profile > icon with three dots > sign out. Really?

4. Pinterest is like Tumblr.. you cannot browse content unless you have an account. Since I have an account already, I don't mind, but it's inconvenient for others who don't wish to make an account.

Sooner or later, it'll just be easier for me to download all the Pins locally to folders on my computer. I only need the visual image, not the URLs, so it's probably easier for me. If Pinterest can't even get themselves corrected, I can't trust them managing my thousands of pins.

1 review
5 helpful votes

The site will not let me unsubscribe. I hover over the UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS EMAIL,
click on the CLICK TO FOLLOW LINK but nothing happens. This site is filling up my Junk e-mail folder.

2 reviews
23 helpful votes

I've been trying to get advisement on an issue that I reported a week ago that regards the comment section on my Pinterest quote board being cut off/truncated:
A Pinterest help desk staff member answered my initial inquiry, a week ago, explaining that there had been changes made to the lay out. She also acknowledged that she was aware that the comments section on the pins were being cut off/truncated. She said that they were working to resolve the problem with the truncated comments. I then received an email that said the issue had been "closed". Here's the thing: I didn't "close" the issue. And, more critically, the problem has not been resolved. I still have not been contacted as to how the issue with restoring my comments section on my board is being handled.
So, I attempted to contact, again, today using the same correspondence thread, but I got an error message saying that my email is "undeliverable". I, then, opened up a new ticket which re-explains the problem I reported a week ago, only to receive what I believe is a formulized response from the Pinterest technical staff. This form response does not address anything to do with the specific problem I reported very clearly -multiple times, now. I'm getting VERY frustrated.
For over two years, I have put a great deal of energy, time, and heart into my Pinterest quotes board. It's been a very meaningful activity for me, personally. However, I have no use for the Pinterest board if my personalized comments will not appear in full - which, until very recently have always appeared complete and visible at the bottom of the quote.
I am very disappointed in Pinterest due to the lack of consideration in not notifying users of the pending layout changes and, most of all, for making it difficult to get direct answers about the status of the problem-solving regarding restoring the comments section, initially acknowledged to me by the help desk.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have tried several times to look at exterior entry doors, and sadly they are all linked to a Pinterest site. I do not want to set up a Pinterest account, and while it appears to allow me to use my Facebook account, it wont let me to the page. So I am boycotting any vendor that wont allow me to view their product without setting up a Pinterest account. We are starting a $200,000 home remodel, so sorry for the short sightedness of those vendors.

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