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950 Parker Street
Berkeley, California, USA
Tel: 20160615.3712
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1 review
4 helpful votes

I was told that Nolo has a reasonable refund policy for bogus leads. My first lead was along the lines of "I want to talk to a lawyer because my employer is invading my mind and harassing me telepathically." I asked for a refund, right? What this poor woman needs, no lawyer can provide. Refund refused. Nolo employs high pressure sales tactics, now with three different individuals per account, so that you can easily spend half an hour on the phone just getting one simple matter attended to, and then they nickel and dime you to death. It's an exercise in aggravation. Just. Don't. Bother.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I would get leads from people just out of prison or seeking pro bono help. Most decent leads were usually from out my area and they would not give you credit for it even though they said they would.

1 review
6 helpful votes

What ever you do, don't even think about using live chat on their site. It's a robot survey disguised as chat to get your contact information and offer no live assistance. Then good luck trying to talk to someone in customer service to request they not spam you with product emails. STAY AWAY FROM NOLO.

2 reviews
13 helpful votes

I am an attorney. My law firm paid for advertising service and have the ability to upload articles to appear on the website. Unfortunately, after you submit an article, it has to go through a review process before it becomes published. The website invites us to "submit" an article, and says we have not submitted any articles. Truth is, we have, but they sit there in pending mode without any response. There is no customer service, no support, only contact with the sales rep. Worse, we inadvertently got "auto-renewed" so we got billed for two years for getting next no benefit. BUYER BEWARE. If you are an attorney wanting to advertise on their site, we recommend exploring other better options for your advertising dollar.

1 review
4 helpful votes

The article: "Put your employer on notice of your disability with a reasonable accommodation letter" written by Judge Guerin is completely incorrect. At no time is an employee to EVER state what their disability is when requesting accommodations. They are to state as such, "I have a disability which requires the following accommodations." That's it. The employer may wish to request doctor proof but then the doctor only need state: "I affirm/deny that my patient has a disability which requires the accommodations requested." ANY request for specific disability violates the ADA, and HIPPA. Then the employer must provide such accommodations if they are reasonable, dont change the official nature of the business, or cause an undue hardship on the establishment.

Harvard and Corenell state that Judges are rarely well versed in disability rights and are apt to be ingrained in shallow knowledge. She appears to be one. I suggest they read Harvard's letter on disability rights, housing and mental illness as it covers the information this judge is lacking, as does the ADA, but this judge has not read it with understanding apparently.

Good grief the information given was just scarey! Do NOT go to NOLO for quick advice it is sorely wrong

1 review
4 helpful votes

*** This site is horrible. THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY! NO WAY to REACH a LIVE PERSON. My inquiry for help was NEVER responded to. I downloaded a very important NDA Form for my business, but found out THEIR FORM had a HUGE MISTAKE in it. Additionally, they did NOT include a VERY IMPORTANT CLAUSE like MOST NDA forms have. STAY AWAY from this site for ANY kind of E-Forms. It seems they try to cover too many 'bases' and DON'T FOCUS on ANYTHING in particular. ***

1 review
8 helpful votes

The leads you pay for are typically not leads at all, instead they are people who have questions that are not pertinent. A lead should not read "need help, just got out of prison" or "depressed" as a lead, as we are not social workers but attorneys. Beware that 9 of 10 leads (at best) are worthless and this inflates the cost of conversion to one of the industry highest per lead rates (and a large waste of precious time).

13 reviews
7 helpful votes

Great references and legal documents for the layman and the paraprofessional. Good estate planning documents, for good or for people who can't afford an attorney right now. Better to have something in place than nothing. (But still go to a lawyer eventually. Even so, reading these books will help you understand what an attorney is doing for you!)

1 review
3 helpful votes

Please review your referrals....its frustrating to hear an attorney office say....well if a provider hasn't killed you or almost killed you we can't take your case. I feeling some kind of way after lose 3 teeth which was only suppose to be a root canal.

Tip for consumers: research the do and don'ts of your referrals,,,,even though its only a referral

1 review
2 helpful votes

I had a simple question I tried to ask about home invasion laws. My husband and I disagreed on whether or not a warning shot was legally required if someone breaks in and you have to use force to deter or stop them. I was treated like a criminal. The secretary couldn't or actually wouldn't proceed to even tell me to find another site without my information. I had to answer how long my case was pending. I told her it was just a yes or no question. She could have told me she was clueless or legally couldn't answer my question since she wasn't licensed (which is bull crud). Most likely she didn't know. I am going to be awful upset if I get charged for a service I Even Ben Franklin would opt to represent himself than hire these people. I have a headache from banging my head against the wall so to speak. That's pain and suffering I think.OH NOW I HAVE TO LET THEM HAVE ACCESS TO MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO WRITE A REVIEW. Just lemme copy and paste

1 review
5 helpful votes

This website is a ruse to get your name and phone number and then they distribute it to ALL kinds of companies, including scammers with suspicious intentions. I had "law firms" call me from phone numbers that were masked. They would say they needed a little information from me, and they would ask me for my maiden name, my birthdate and my SSN! I know better than giving these out to just anyone over the phone. But it has been a nightmare to get rid of these phone calls. I tried contacting NOLO and found out it is IMPOSSIBLE. There is not a phone number you can call. And the webform to send feedback requires an order number! Since I did not order anything, I can't contact them. I spent large amounts of time on their website clicking back and forth to try to find a way to contact them, any way. There is none!
Please stay away. It is a nightmare i cant seem to get rid of.

2 reviews
14 helpful votes

I used Nolo before for advertising for Bankruptcy, we lost money TWICE.

The way it works is NOLO shares leads with other attorneys so it is first come first serve, so many times before you even call a lead, another attorney has called and set up an appointment. The sales person we signed up with made all these promises that NOLO has changed, the representative that we worked with does not work there anymore, the salesperson said there are all these leads and they don't have enough attorneys to fill them, this is the line I was given. Why I fell prey to NOLO again, I am still baffled about it.

Why NOT to Hire Nolo

1. Most of the leads are poor quality, either they are spam, picking your brain, have no intentions on hiring an attorney, want to do it themselves, make appointments and never show up, or just have no money to afford an attorney.

2. You are one of a few attorneys who receives the lead

3. When you receive spam leads, you have to be quick about getting credits, it is another accounting task and takes more time away from you generating business.

4. Read your contract NO REFUNDS, they will hold you to the contract no matter how dissatisfied you are.
5. Waste of valuable time, time calling bad leads, time emailing bad leads, time setting up appointments for bad leads and time wasted for no shows.

I looked up all the leads we received with other attorneys to see if the leads did retain a Bankruptcy Attorney and filed Bankruptcy and most did not that clearly in my opinion is a good indicator that they are mostly bad leads.

With NOLO think about it, you spent countless hours chasing down leads, some are completely bogus, most are just calling to pick your brain, very few hire you, just think of how much time you have wasted when you could put your time generating leads that are NOT SHARED.

There will be no third time for me, shame on me for even considering them a second time.

9 reviews
8 helpful votes

Great for a quick overview of the law. NEVER think t can give you all you need to know.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I personally use Nolo for most of my legal questions. It is a great site to get ideas about areas of law.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Per the Nolo advisory team, I hired Ted Taggart as my bankruptcy attorney in March of 2014 and have not received the services I paid for as to this day (two years later). Ted was very eager to engage me in beginning the bankruptcy procedure and accepted my full payment of $1,500 for court fees, etc. However, when I attempted to elicit advice from him or asked him when we go forward with the actual bankruptcy, he avoided my communications. There was an incident where I received a summons to go to court over a credit card debt and attempted again to elicit Teds advice and help with the matter (being that he was my attorney and I had paid him in full already), but I again received no advice or help and ended up paying the debt because I was afraid of the repercussions. I am sorely disappointed in Teds lack of care for his profession and his clients. I would definitely advise anyone seeking a bankruptcy attorney to avoid Ted Taggart altogether. He is unprofessional and may potentially take your money without rendering services.

1 review
11 helpful votes

The will setup for my late mother never named any assets and included a failure to leave property clause. There were two pages detailing trusts to be setup for nothing to be in. The will left residual property to family members who were not children. A debtor petitioned for the estate to exist and will executed to absolve their debt. Now it has been 3 years of nothing happening other than the county appointed lawyer managing the estate is refusing to reimburse funeral expenses which were the bare minimum (and state law) and he is taking his fee out each month for receiving mail. Long story short have a trusted friend read it and see if someone could execute a will if using

1 review
10 helpful votes

I purchased the living trust software. Honestly it is a waste of money. There is no editing function allowing the user to change obvious flaws. For example, the name of the trust is pre-filled to be the full legal names of the grantors. No trust is named this way because the length of the trust is ridiculously long. A high schooler could have designed a better product.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

there were wonderful helping me with my needs

43 reviews
92 helpful votes

Young lawyers buy NOLO Press books. NOLO Press remains current and provides 90% of the information you need to be your own lawyer, including the forms. This is just an excellent system for self-help.

2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Awesome site full of useful information.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I purchased this service to create a trust for my Dad & his wife. During the process, my Dad passed away. The Nolo Law document would not allow me to delete my Dad's name.

We contacted Nolo Law & they emailed tell us we could now update the document, but when we try it says we must name a 2nd grantor. We don't have a 2nd grantor. The trust is solely for his widow with her daughter being the trustee.

After one year of trying to get Nolo to update the document, the subscription expired. Rather than start from scratch, we purchased another subscription. We are still unable to update the document & removed our deceased Father's name.

We also tried to enter the legal property information for the houses, but the document won't save the new changes. We have been trying for one year to get this resolved.

Nolo law responds very slow and only via email. There is no customer service for this website. I do not recommend Nolo Law. Try another company so you don't waste a year.

20 reviews
32 helpful votes

I think Nolo press is the best place to start for any legal dealing. I wrote my patent using Nolo Press and went to a Patent Lawyer to review and file it. It worked out!

I have unfortunately have gone through numerous real life lawyers who turned out to be absolutely awful. The last lawyer who I happened to respect and grateful for meeting told me 90% of lawyers out there do not know what they are doing. SO what value Nolo will bring is educating yourself first so that you are versed in what you are trying to deal with in legal arena. Questions to ask, what to watch out for.....Nolo definitely does not replace a real human lawyer, but for basic things like incorporating, landlord tenant issues, etc. It is a great resource.

However, if you are going to litigation, still read and research as much as possible before you start interviewing lawyers. And you better have your intuition antenna out in full force when you do research and interview lawyers. Also do not trust a lot of rating system for lawyers unless they are negative. I have learned a painful way that you really need to read reviews on anyone/site before start engaging. Have in mind that some people are just plain negative which you can disregard, but you can ascertain the trend from site like this one!

You will save a lot of aggravation, money,

1 review
3 helpful votes

When my Dad got sick, he & I decided to get his affairs in order. I elected to use Nolo Law's online creation software for quitclaim & trust docs. We purchased the quitclaim kit & the trust kit.

I produced 2 excellent quitclaim deeds to remove Dad's name from the 2-properties he own with his wife. This was easy and we were able to process everything into her name. We used the public record property tax record to get the legal description of the properties.

Note that if you have a mobile home you will need 2-property descriptors. One for the land, if you own it, and one for the trailer itself. If it is a double wide, you'll need an additional descriptor for both halves of the home (L & R sides).

Unfortunately, my Dad passed away before we could complete the process. The trust document software is cumbersome and stressful to edit. It's been over a year & we are still unable to remove Dad's name for the non-finalized document. We emailed Nolo & they claimed to have unlocked it, but to date, we've been unable to edit.

We only found out this past month, when we took the quitclaim deeds to the court house that we'd have to edit the descriptors of the 2-properties, i.e., one for the land and the other for the 2-parts of the mobile home. So we needed to add 2-seperate descriptors for the trailer. We did this and it was easy.

If I could go back, I probably would not use Nolo law, because it is such a headache to edit simple mistakes, add info, & finalize the doc. There is no real customer services for this site regardless of what they say & certainly no tech support.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I wrote my entire living will and estate plan using and saved myself around $7000. I showed it to a lawyer in my family and he seemed to think I did everything correctly. It does take work to use nolo but big savings if you use it.

1 review
14 helpful votes


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