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1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been using livingsocial for many years.Within the past 2 years I have had a few restaurants refuse to accept the certificate. I was issued a credit on the website but I am tired of buying certificates and credits online. I called and the company refused to give credit back on my credit card. I would advise you to call the restaurant or vendor prior to purchasing to make sure they will accept the certificate. Stick to GROUPON!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I had a company go out of business and the paid promotional says it does not expire until 2019. When I called they said there was nothing they could do and the money is just lost. I will NEVER purchase anything from them again. I have over $100 in vouchers that say the value never expires and I no longer trust this company.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought 170 plants for garden they are tiny begonias not a mix if plants as expected
Tiny tray would not have cost £10 in local garden centre let alone £30 plus pounds as true value claimed to be A total rip off
Also bought a telescope from same site didn't work
I'm deleting the site
Grouping Deals seem more genuine

4 reviews
6 helpful votes

I've used Living Social for years and found some great local companies - who have earned ongoing business from me. Yes, there were some losers, but LS's revised refund/cancellation policy has made it worthwhile to take the occasional risk. You have to stay on top of the timing and deadlines. So fun to find things I wouldn't otherwise have tried.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been a Living Social customer for the past 5 years (and a Groupon customer for the same period). Recently I attempted to redeem a restaurant voucher that I purchased on Living Social in 2015 - yes the "promotional value" has expired but as per conditions of the voucher and consumer protection laws I am entitled to the "Amount paid" for another few years. Turns out the restaurant went out of business a few days before my visit. Disappointing, ESPECIALLY SINCE I ALSO PURCHASED A VOUCHER FOR THE SAME MERCHANT ON GROUPON - THERES A REASON I AM MENTIONING GROUPON.

So I get home and contact Living Social - 3 times - all by phone - they do not offer the option of resolving this issue via e-mail (Like Groupon does). End result - 2 hours of my wasted time, 2 broken promises by Living Social (to contact me - I had to reach out to them each time), 3 days, and still no refund. They flatly refuse - first I was told that my voucher was "expired". Yes, I know that - I went to the merchant to redeem the "paid value" - which is $143 by the way. "oh: says the csr...well let me research the merchant..10 minutes later she advises me that they will get back to me in 48 by e-mail. 48 hours later - no e-mail. I call again. This time I'm told that the restaurant is "under new management" and that I need to call them or e-mail the manager and ask them if they will honor the voucher. Really? Well, just before I call Living Social I already did my due diligence - the restaurant is NOT open, my phone calls to the restaurant are UNANSWERED, and I drove by the location just yesterday and its ABANDONED.

So, back to my refund request. Now I'm told flatly that Living Social will NOT be refunding my $ nor crediting my account with Living Social currency. The "contract" is between the merchant and myself. This is a LIE - Living Social billed my credit card - not the merchant. At this point I am admittedly becoming really annoyed having wasted so much time on an issue that is a clear case of providing good customer service, doing the right thing, and following the consumer protection laws which govern this industry. So I then ask the CSR for the Living Social corporate office number - I would like to speak with someone in the UNITED STATES, not a foreign call center. I am then given a number that turns out to be disconnected - no suprise just par for the course. Such a shady operation - I cannot believe that Groupon has associated its name and reputation with this scam company.


It appears that Living Social has also done this to other customers and its STEALING consumers $. I would like to invite any attorneys out there interested in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to consider targeting Living Social for this practice. Like I'm sure most consumers out there, I do not appreciate ANYONE sticking their hands in my pocket and STEALING $1 from me, much less $143! I will use every tool at my disposal from consumer protection laws (via my states attorney generals office to file a complaint) to Federal laws to social media awareness to soliciting interest for legal action against these thieves.

Its not the $ at this point, but the principal that a company thinks they can just take your or my $, not provide any exchange of goods or services, and tell the consumer flat out that YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND! Challenge accepted Living Social.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Avoid this site at all costs!! I purchased a 5k race voucher. The fine print on another page states that it's nonrefundable and you have to search to find that the voucher requires additional fees. What's worse is that they were more expensive than the race website. They refused to refund my purchase within 30 minutes of the purchase, was incredibly rude and when I informed them that it was cheaper on the website, they told me they discounted the purchase 20 bucks, but in actuality they gave me a 20 buck voucher to buy something else... NOT HAPPENING. If you want discounts go to groupon. I've never had a problem with them!

11 reviews
3 helpful votes

Compare to other travel sites, this site is quite expensive. I'm a world traveler and use different online travel sites. This is not the best site for bargain hunters. And their e-mails are very intrusive.

1 review
0 helpful votes

LivingSocial has a "Restaurant Plus" program and they can't link my credit card to my account. They keep telling me it should work, but when I follow-up they don't know what the issue is. Every email response says it's been "escalated" and to call if I need more information. When I call, the person on the phone says there's nothing they can do and it's been escalated. I've literally been following up and trying to resolve this issue for almost 2 months.

It's been weeks since I received an update or response to my emails (which they've responded to previously). It's disappointing that their system doesn't function, and they don't seem to care about fixing it or helping me stay a customer.

4 reviews
0 helpful votes

I love looking because you can always find something you can use or even I have found great gifts for very reasonable prices.

5 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have tried many adventures that I other wise could not have afford. I will always be grateful I tried this for restaurants and Broadway shows.

1 review
1 helpful vote

When I purchased the coupon. I tried to make an appointment like it required. The owner NEVER picked up the phone. I informed Living Social and asked for a refund. they said they called her and it was no problem.

I tried again this week and discovered that there is no such business at the phone number or address. She went out of business.

The business has gone out of business. The coupon states that it is good for the promotional value until October 29.2017, but Living Social refuses to refund.


In the State of Michigan, a coupon retains its value even after its expiration date. That is the price that I paid for it is still valid.

Living Social refuses to refund or reimburse.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

I can find the best deals in the nearby places on this site. There are a lot of fun things to explore and discover.

1 review
1 helpful vote

My first and probably my last encounter with this company. I ordered a gift for my sister on 18/01/2017. It has still not arrived on 15/02/2017. Customer service merely send an e mail to the supplier, who does
not respond. Meanwhile there is no communication from living social, no offer to refund my money, I have no idea where my order is. Very very poor service be warned.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased the Orginal Copper Pan using a promo code of 20% off. They applied the code, but still charged me for the full amount. When I called to complain, they said it must have been a "glitch" and they can give me a credit to use on their site instead of just giving me the amount of the error back on my credit card. Like I would want to order something else from this site and let them overcharge me again. I will never use this site again and would not recommend them to ANYONE.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased a massage and the massage therapist kept cancelling on me for the last 3 weeks. I called customer service and they said that someone will call me back when I asked for a refund to my credit card. No one called. I called back and talk to a guy named Kevin who had the audacity to tell me that I should have request a refund on the first week of the therapist cancelling on me (during the 7 day cancellation period), and that it was a "loophole", in other words, the vague return policy is a "loophole" to their advantage and then he tried to take it back and started to "back pedaling" after he realized he slipped. The he told me that I only have 2 options, go back to the merchant and try to set up another appointment, or accept a "deal buck" credit and that I only had a few more days to accept. I told him I was not going to accept that and that they will hear from me again, and he again had the audacity of telling me " there is no need to call us back". What type of Customer Service is that? . I immediately called the credit card company who put me on the phone back with them on a 3 way call, and then I got "disconnected" but some how I got my money back. Don't do business with them, shady practices!

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have used Living social multiple times over the years. I mostly used the escape packages for mini weekend trips. Never a problem. I also used these escape packages as gifts. I will continue to be their customer.

30 reviews
25 helpful votes

They send a lot of irrelevant emails that have nothing to do with things I am interested in. Most of it is mundane and irrelevant to me. I unsubscribed.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

But know that the business is on the ropes if they are going down this road! be careful and dont leave too much credit with them

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Love LivingSocial too. great experiences and meals.

1 review
3 helpful votes

After using Living Social for years, I have seen a profound decline in both their products and their customer service. After a recent issue with a merchant who delivered the wrong product, I have place several phone calls and spoken with three separate customer service reps without any resolution. They contend that they are not a merchant,only an advertiser, and that they have no responsibility to their customers for the final product. They clearly don't care what happens after they get your money. Save yourself the aggravation and shop somewhere else!

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

wish I could get everything here, always works, good deals, great customer service, love it

1 review
0 helpful votes

On March, I bought an Escape deal to the Base Camp of Mount Everest. I have bought 3 escapes before and the trips were well organized with top notch hotels, just awesome. I felt this new merchant was also reliable and my husband and I have always wanted to go there, so we did the purchase for about $5,900. Well, the merchant was a flake and after 7 months, he never gave us any hotel or flights confirmation, he would only say vague stuff such as "all is according to schedule" or "will get back to you in a week/month or so". We requested to depart at the end of March 2017, but up to November we just had nothing to work with as we needed to get travel insurance, flights to LA, reserve a doggy hotel and submit vacation request. I reviewed their refund policy and called to inquire about what should we do about this as this is a lot of money and that I was not going to just give it away. I also mentioned that this merchant was not doing business as he never gave us concrete information. The customer service rep told me that this would be escalated and that they would get back to me in 3 to 5 business days. I did not hear back from them after 5 days, so I called again and asked about if they were able to reach the merchant. The customer service rep apologized for the wait and mentionec they could not reach the merchant, so they refunded my money in less than a week.
A thing to consider is to research the name of the company as this vendor had a deceiving name. We purchased the deal because there is a well known company Himalayan Experience (HIMEX) that has been in documentaries, this merchant used the same name with a hypthen between the two words.
Very pleased with livingsocial.

1 review
2 helpful votes

they suck! don't use them, their merchants don't deliver, their customer service is bull$hit and they trap you into getting Deal Bucks instead of issuing a real refund. then they tell you there is nothing they can do. What rip off artists!

1 review
1 helpful vote

They cancelled my tickets, without notifying me (the purchase was confirmed by them, and by the performance management) right after purchase! I learned at the theater with 2 little kids, at the ticket box! I had to buy full price ticket in the back, as the kids were so excited about the show. Called Living Social - no apology, said they reimbursed me, could not get a manager. The rep suggested to email - as I did, no response in 7 days. This is definitely the worst customer service I have encountered in a long time. It happened to most/all who bought the deal on and after Dec 9 2016. I would like to hear what LivingSocial team has to say, if they have customer care function at all.

1 review
2 helpful votes

So unhelpful and kept repeating over and over and interrupting me I'm sorry but we have nothing to do with you receiving your product you will have to take it up with merchandiser. Now this was on my 3rd call and 4th or 5th email to which I was getting no response. I bought 2 iphones on their site on 18 November the money was taken from my account on 21 November and now the week before Christmas no iphones and they are not resonsible!!! Far as I'm conerned if I buy something on your site and you take MY MONEY then you are bloody responsible! ! After 10 minutes of asking nicely I lost the plot and told rhe girl to give me a number and until I got really really annoyed then all of a sudden she was able to locate a telephone number for the merchant.. terrible in this day and age that the only way you can get anywhere after being nice and polite is to blow a fuse and insist on a number. I then told her I wanted to speak to a manager and was told I'm sorry we have to email a request and then it will take 3 to 5 working day. My advice DO NOT BUY FROM LIVING SOCIAL they are not bothered once they have your money.... merchants are no better Fone Plaza for anyone who is thinking of using them again DON'T DO IT. My pay pal address has never changed try for some reason they thought I lived in the UK the first iphone was sent out to my regular adress but in the UK and she then had the cheek to tell me i had underpaid by 2 pounds if i wanted it shipped to ireland as this was not an options as I am ONLY living in ireland and not the UK and used the only option this is not my fault l. The 2nd iphone hadn't even been sent out 4 weeks after they took my money. ....

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