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106 reviews
Categories: Business, Crowd Funding
155 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002, USA
Tel: 96682244657
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106 Reviews From Our Community

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4 reviews
0 helpful votes

The site is full of interesting projects but there are also many fraudulent ones so take your time to search for the interesting ones that can be trusted or care to fund those you trust 100%. Thats all

1 review
0 helpful votes

They recieved money and didnt ship it since october
No customer service
Dont let them decieve you

4 reviews
0 helpful votes

Has loads of interesting projects but be very careful on sending money somewhere - a good thorough research is my advice.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Kickstarter would get more cred from me if they would refund us their 3 or whatever they made on projects that are faf (fake as F&$*)

1 review
1 helpful vote

still waiting for travel pillow says collected October still have nothing social media will find out your company is hoax. you take money and supply nothing

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have tried two crowdfunding platforms and one of which is Kickstarter. I would say Kickstarter was the worst experience I had in many ways.

1. Review team slow in response. Question...are you guys really following your protocol? I set up a campaign to get new equipment for a long term project of fine arts and selling it for part of the returns to give back to society, you guys call it as an intention for charity. If my campaign is for the purpose of charity, then why are there at least 2 campaigns in the same category as I am, photography, but you still approve of their campaign the end of it both of us are having the same direction? OR its just a random answer to by time on your end? I had ro practically revamp the whole advert and now....? Three business days? After 3 days I had to practically chase after you guys to check the status of my campaign. New joiners...just bear this in mind when you join in, after they had reviewed your campaign and they say just reply when the adjustments had been done, expect the reply in donkey years if you dont chase after them. Whats the purpose of having a timed campaign when the review team have no sense of urgency?

2. The only crowdfunding site that boasts 11.9million people backing Kickstarter projects. Ghosts? Based on the site traffic driven to Kickstarter? Or really there's a community behind it that's ready to sponsor a campaign. I'd love to see my campaign fly based on your so called 11.9million backers.

3. Genuine new projects or just clones? This might be a wake up call to the so called review team. Most of the projects I've read have all been designed, produced and shipped from their country of origin. And here comes another buddy cloning the same thing but using other material? If you cant differentiate an original idea, then you are simply wasting the investors or community funding. For God's sake there are even three Singapore accounts marketing the same campaign and you guys still release it?

I have only been through the website up til their useless frontlines. Until now its the 3rd time submitting my campaign for review and its my 3rd time chasing after them for the status. At the time of this review, no response yet from their so called review team. Let's see if my original idea based campaign is approved by them or it will go through a fourth so called review. If it is approved, let's see if the 11.9million people really exists or they are simply based on site traffic driven by campaign owner who have to invest to direct traffic to their campaign via Kickstarter link.

Let's see how it goes.....

Tip for consumers: For your campaign review, if it goes through you're lucky. But if it doesn't and you are in for a 2nd review, be sure to chase after them, whats more if yours is a timed campaign. Otherwise they will simply be quiet and delay.

64 reviews
386 helpful votes

Kickstarter is a innovative micro-patronage site which connects aspiring
creatives to those who want to be more involved in endorsing interesting
projects. The way it works is that individuals who conceive of a project but do
not have the money to pursue it or don't want to bear the financial risk can
submit their idea to the site. Donors can then see the projects and decide to
donate as much or as little as they want to support one they find interesting.

The artists benefit from seeing how viable or interesting their idea really is
before they decide to follow through on them. And the donors typically get a
memento or are somehow incorporated into the project. For example, one project
involved a women sending a postcard from around the world every day for 365
days. If you donated to her cause, not only did you help out financially, but
you provide one of the 365 addresses and in turn receive one of the postcards!

Projects have ranged from new restaurants, world travel, movies, and even open
source social networks. The homepage organizes the projects into different
categories so that they are easy to browse and each project shows how much money
is required and has been raised so far. I praise Kickstarter for helping reduce
the friction around true innovation and creativity.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

We recently got funded on Kickstarter and couldn't be more pleased with the experience. The Kickstarter staff was incredibly helpful but one star off for lack of instant phone support. Other than that, we successfully launched our company thanks to Kickstarter. The best crowdfunding platform out there imo.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

We had a pleasant experience crowdfunding and Kickstarter was a great partner. They are definitely strict and they asked us to change a few things (totally understandable as they want to protect their community) but setting up was easy, and getting paid afterwards was a breeze. Anytime we had questions they were fairly quick, my only wish is that they had phone support.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Approximately FIVE years waiting for an item I invested in. I have notified Kickstarter that I have NEVER received item. The first 2 request were greeted with a call they made to the "group" conducting it. The guys called me back with apologies and said they have a special run made for supporters.... TWICE!!!!! Never recieved Anything.
Get back a response together that they NOW they don't have any record of the transaction. Again that is after THEY notified the merchant TWICE.
NOW they are lying because they don't want to follow through looking for transaction. But they have MY money. No accountability!!!! Stall!!!! Lies!!!!.
Their brilliant technique is to lie/delay and than to punish you with requesting ALL necessary documentation.
I do think they are criminals. NEVER AGAIN! Its all bull$#*!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I backed six projects and three of them never delivered the product. Only two comic book projects delved a solid product. A USB cable immediately broke and the lifetime guarantee doesn't mean anything. The other two products never delivered anything, they just took the money and that was that.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been making soft plastic baits for a few years when I decided to go on kickstarter to try to expand and hire a disabled vet to help the response I got was o.oo money pledges. 1 guy that would get my message out there for a price. I am a vet trying to get by and thought if I could help a disabled vet along the way that would be a worthy cause. I guess people don't care about vets or disabled vets. Don't waist your time here.

2 reviews
16 helpful votes

I am shocked by the amount of reviewers complaining that the project they backed was delayed. Get real. Kickstarter is not a store, you know. You are not buying a product, you are investing in a project. You are taking a risk. Some projects can be delayed or even fail, because their founders failed to predict all the complexities of bringing an innovative product to the market - and there are many. It may or may not be the fault of the project creators, but in any case it's not Kickstarter's fault. Kickstarter is a great place to fund great ideas, just understand what you are doing.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I tried to raise money for a memorial for my family who lost their lives in a family house fire. The set-up for the campaign looked to be going great. Great feedback from everyone, too. Until Kickstarter reviewed it and accused me of raising money for "food, personal expenses and pleasure travel"?? I appealed. Their answer was the same. Then I asked around, all across the Internet. EVERYONE informed me that Kickstarter will ONLY help finance leftwing media concerns, projects to "better life" in communist nations and industrial idea theft for mass-producers in communist nations. I never would have dreamed this. BUYER BEWARE AND BE WARNED TO ALL WHO ATTEMPT KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNS!! Kickstarter is a leftwing idea-theft scam front site for communist nation concerns and communist nation silent-partner owners. DO NOT EVER SPEND YOUR MONEY ON KICKSTARTER!! BUYER BEWARE!!

1 review
5 helpful votes

Buyer beware! I joined the Kickstarter campaign for the Coolest Cooler July, 2014. After numerous email explaining that they were re-engineering, over engineering the original product, manufacturing problems, and delays, and now hitting us up for extra money to expedite our rewards because they've run out of money and need to find more, and on and on, and on! I still do not have my reward TWO years later, and there is no end in sight because they're not sure where the money's going to come from. They've even suggested they will sell them retail before I get mine!

Per emails from Kickstart to me about this situation, there is no support or protection offered by them, no accountability for project initiators to be their word to their backers. Projects and commitments *could* never be fulfilled, or worse yet completely bogus, and we are on our own. Nice out for Kickstarter, but bad for backers.

I have done smaller projects, and they've turned out fine, but this one is a blow-out bummer, and there's no help for it.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Like most people out there, I thought Kickstarter had such a noble agenda and what a cool platform that helps making ideas happen. Last August I found two campaigns and I really liked their products. So I pledged. I spent $268 to buy two jackets from Baubax and $40 on 4 small devices from AwareCar. They both claimed to arrive in November. Guess what? Both projects delayed their production and shipment time. Ok, I get it, those are entrepreneurs who make their products for the first time. So I was being very patient. I waited and waited, received a series of announcement and emails from the project owners that the products were coming together. Last month I finally received the 4 devices from AwareCar with joy, and immediately tried it. Whoops, it only worked for 3 days. Two devices died, simply didn't get turned on. With great disappointment I reached out to the project owner, he asked me to replace the battery. I'm like what?? I need to buy new battery for a product I barely used. I won't spend a dime on this stupid product. And so for the Baubax jackets, it's been 6 months now, PRODUCTS NEVER ARRIVE. My patience has it limit. Here I am, wasted $300+ on Kickstarter where they absolutely do nothing to help backers.

Besides being a victim myself, I also heard so many bad experiences from other people. The site is full of crappy products/projects, or campaigns that seem so cool but product delays or never arrive. You end up losing money and Kickstarter takes their commission. Stay away folks!

1 review
4 helpful votes

you contribute and are told you will get the product at a certain time frame...but then there are issues...months go by. communications are lacking....nothing. contact kickstarter to complain about the product being late, no comm and then you find out the product is being sold online for the same price you contributed.. promised incentives of being a contributor is zilch. except the waste of time of writing and waiting to get your promised product. kickstarter responded with an email for me to rate the service...yep. that is all i got from them. they don't care. another product i got broke when i tried to use, and promised a replacement...never came. and the final one i contributed, has not shipped yet although others have the product. communications are poor. i feel why bother with this, the incentives are not worth it. save your money, purchase the item when it is really available.

1 review
1 helpful vote


What I means is, if you think your just going to place your Idea on KS and think people are going to back you (that a big mistake), if you think KS is going to promote you (that a big mistake), so way do you think you need KS - YOU DON'T!

KS wants 3% of your founding but does nothing for it, you do all the work 100%, you would be better off just making a website and having your fan base or your following just go there to invest.

You will see like i did , once you place your ad on KS you we be overwhelmed with Spamming emails asking for money, money,money,money, not wanting to invest but asking for money, money,money,money, telling you that they can help found your project up to 80% from anywhere from $99.99 to $1500. then some of them wont 7% of the top of your founding, scammer all of them trying to suck your money out of your pocket.

I got about 70 email all from different companies, saying the same exact thing on their website, say the same exact thing in their emails, Charging high rate's for placing paid ads a google and Facebook in your behalf, NOTE: just do it your self if your going to spend the money you don't need them at all.

Just like the promotion companies did when the SEO bull $#*! hot ( be at the top of google) bra bra bra bla take it from me I run a full business on the Internet and I have heard and see it all.

I hope this help !

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

When people hear the word "crowdfunding", the first thing they think of is Kickstarter. They do a good job screening the submissions in making sure the quality of project on their platform at a higher standard. While there has been users whos projects are often rejected, they have been very effective overall as they are the clear leader in both artistic and tech projects. They helped my Raytoons project get off the ground.

Tip for consumers: Make sure to include plenty of videos, pictures, and information about your project. My examples are here:

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have at present (jan 2016) a KS project, which started out ok, but after a few days, I got no pledges, and am way too far from my goal which is heart breaking. I have worked so hard on my artwork and writing for my own tarot deck. That's 78 pieces of art! I looked at other tarot projects that have raised dollars, that is to say American, but I am in UK and feel the other side of the pond has more backers for locals. Disapppointed, but will get it published, even if I have to save up for one single deck for meeee.

20 reviews
134 helpful votes

KS's main goal is to connect people with ideas with people who got money and can support the realization of such ideas. It's a noble agenda. So why am I giving it such a poor rating. Well, to make long story short, most of the projects are not backed up by investors, not even projects with great ideas. That's because people, true people, behind KS are actually only fishing for ideas. Most businesses are losing in today's state of the global economy, so new ideas are needed to make everything move again, products that people really want to buy, even people with less deep pockets. Whoever achieves to come up with such products and services first, will gain top positions. If your idea is great, but you don't have the money, your project won't get support on KS or any similar service, it will be stolen as you will see companies being opened in the US doing what you wanted to do. That's the whole point of KS.

EDIT: of course to sell it like the real service with true agenda, they pick some silly projects and make them funded, make things happen and then they advertise those silly projects as great KS successes so real targets (the rest of us) would take the bait.

40 reviews
74 helpful votes

I've backed 2 projects: one went off without a hitch, came on time and everything worked out spectacularly. The other was delayed about a year, had no communication (aside from telling us about more delays and product issues) and pretty much killed the brand.
That being said, that's all the start ups and not Kickstarter itself. I can't speak for the site, but as a consumer just know what you're backing and understand that there is some risk involved. But yea, most of the stuff is either insanely expensive, very niche or crap. Also way too many people trying to fund little homemade candle operations.

Tip for consumers: Don't back anything insanely pricey. Yes, you want a product and not just a thank you card, but don't invest more than you're willing to lose.

2 reviews
22 helpful votes

Recently, about a year ago, like many aspiring filmmakers, I went onto Kickstarter to help fund one of my film projects. But unlike the other hopefuls, I chose not to campaign for my project. Needless to say, I failed to receive any funding. I was by no ways shocked at the results; I expected those results. I wanted to prove a point. I went on Kickstarter once more, this time it was for a safety product I had created to save abandoned children. Once again, I refused to campaign myself. And, once again, I failed to receive any funding. And now I will reveal why I refused to campaign for myself--I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!
Let's take a look at this objectively. Kickstarter's concept asks it's consumers to place their projects on their site. They then offer a slew of suggestions on how to go about campaigning to raise funds for your product. And when, on that magical day, you reach your financial goal, you are given the funds to launch your project minus their COMMISSION, and minus Amazon's commission. If you fail to reach your EXACT financial objective, you get NOTHING.
Think about this for a minute. You are asked to come up with a product, tweak the product, campaign to raise funds for YOUR product, and in the end Kickstarter and Amazon get a cut of what you have earned. What's the point in that? Our nation is inundated with MIDDLEMEN; Kickstarter fits that mold to a T. They're nothing more than pimps. They make money off your hard work. What's the point of these websites like Kickstarter if they do absolutely nothing to help you with the collecting of the funds, but draw their financial share provided by your hard work?
And yes, I also placed my safety product on Indiegogo, and as you may have guessed, the results, or lack of, were identical.
Let's stop supporting these PIMPS OF THE INTERNET.

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

The only thing that ever seems to make it out are music albums and board games for me. Everything else is just a waste of time, even board games can be hit or miss and it really comes down to backing only people you know will be successful. Too many failed projects or projects that go on for years after their expected ship date. I still do the occasional small one here or there but really I try to avoid it.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Kickstarter gets 5% of every transaction on the site, so they (and those who reached their funding goals) are probably the only ones happy.

This video from The Onion (news parody site) hits the nail on the head:

It is in the best interest of those raising funds to have a great looking page and words to entice investment. Once the funds are raised, Kickstarter considers the project a "success" and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN if you are dealing with someone dishonest! Legal recourse is hard because it is difficult to prove intent.

The good news is, the FTC is coming after Kickstarter scammers, as evidenced by this article:

Stay away!

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