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Review of iHerb

iHerb reviews

277 reviews
Categories: Supplements, Vitamins
22780 Harley Knox Blvd
Perris, CA 92570, USA
Tel: 951-616-3600

277 Reviews From Our Community

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A lot of people were saying negative things about shipping, customer service, etc. (in 61 reviews)


The order was delivery in time, and I received it. (in 183 reviews)


I use the free Aust Post option and sometimes DHL if I need it fast (it's heavily discounted). (in 50 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I did 1st order from Iherb and only afterwards read this site.
After reading I was real nervous about the delivery.
but everything went great. I invited staff in $70 (price in Israel, about $250) plus $8 of quick delivery (mail).
Site said delivery time July 21 till Aug 4. It arrived on July 21st. no custom no VAT (Israeli tax authorities are very tough in this and still).
All staff arrived as I requestd and it was packeged in good strong box. The strange thing was that plastic bottles were gust sitting in the box so when I shooked the box it ran the box and made noise like clapper. no problem with that as the bottles are plastic. there was also a clothespeg ???.
tracking system was also good (Fedex mail) exept for for final stage. it showed that the box arrive to Israel, it said in and out of custom and the day after it said delivery unknown.
those was the point I went to read and didn't find help (and arrived to that site).
Finnaly I read that once box arrives to locak mail it disappears from the traking system and this is exactly what happened just that instead of saying delivered to local mail it said unkown mail or alike.
I'm happy with level of service and product and will order soon.

Ask erez about iHerb
1 review
0 helpful votes

really polite and answer quick! 5 out of 5!

I talked to Carlo Cancio!

Ask Pete about iHerb
1 review
0 helpful votes

1st time order with iHerb. I live in NY. I must say I am very happy with the cost of products & service. Especially, the shipping was super fast & free if you order more than $20. All products were wrapped nicely to avoid the damages. I'm super impressed by iHerb.
I will definitely order again.

Ask sulawan about iHerb
1 review
1 helpful vote

I just received my order and it was not what I wanted. I wanted to call and resolve the matter and have them ship what it is I needed. Nope, phone service. I had to type back & forth with someone who was not helping me in the least,..only blaming & not resolving.Not once did she suggest sending what it is I need as every other reputable company in America does. I suggest doing business elsewhere.

Ask Adele about iHerb
1 review
2 helpful votes

Stay far away from this store! I always receive the wrong items and if you order anything fragile or in glass bottles it will likely arrive broken or chipped because they use no packing materials for shipping. If you want to return the damaged item, guess who pays for return shipping - you! Clusterf***ed every time.

Ask Online about iHerb
1 review
3 helpful votes

I m Indian origin I bought one product few days back and paid around 900/- Indian rs as product cost and DHL shipping charges. When I actually received the product , GHL agent collect me another Rs. 992/- as custom duty, that I was not aware of that. So this is clearly cheating.

Ask joy about iHerb
1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased a product worth about 20$ from their store. I was charged another 10$ for shipping. On receiving the product, I was informed by DHL that I had to pay another 25$ as duties and fees.

On contacting iHerb and letting them know that I wasn't informed or notified about these additional charges at all, they ignored all responsibility and told me it was my problem.

Ask Y about iHerb
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered from this site and the site clearly stated the delivery charges to be $0.00 for orders over $40. When the package arrived the delivery person demanded that I pay the equivelent of ~$25 for the delivery. When I contacted the customer service they stated that I had misread their website yet could not show me where this information is located. After several rounds the customer service agent hung up the chat session.

Ask Roy about iHerb
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I placed my order on June 18 and they shipped it that exact same day, which shocked me cause it was a Saturday. My order arrived today, June 22!!! Very happy with my raw honey, Himalayan salt, and African black soap.

Their online store has a wide range of dietary supplements, herbs, beauty products, and health foods to name a few items. And some not so healthy foods (try the Chocolove bars ;).

On a side note, iHerb is the only place I can find the Alba Botanica products for a reasonable price. Even online retailers like Amazon cost more and don't even get me started on the absurd markup by my local stores.

Definitely recommend for the variety, price and fast shipping.

Ask Tiffany about iHerb
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered from here as the prices were competitive, however got a text from DHL asking for an extra £18 in duty and VAT.

I was never made aware of this and and wrote to i herb, in response I receive a copy and paste email that points to custom charges etc and simply Ignored my concerns.

They even refused to cancel my order even though the DHL website said that my parcel had not yet been picked up.

The only option they left me with was to receive the item and post it back to them and even then they would minus the shipping cost, which is in affect nothing other than forceing the customer to keep the product.

It's cheaper to keep the items.

It would have been cheaper to keep the order then ship back and have the shipping deducting

Horredenuos, inefficient customer service! Stay Away!

Ask Mun about iHerb
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered through iherb uk. Since I ordered I have received numerous emails form DHL to say that I need to pay £19 in VAT & DUTY! There is nothing about this on their website and it seems from a quick google search that 100's of people are falling foul of this! They are scammers. I'm going to have to pay on advice from other consumers who say that it you don't accept the package you lose your money. STAY AWAY!!!
If you reply to this iherb, don't say it has nothing to do with you because it has EVERYTHING to do with you...scammers!!!

Ask holly about iHerb
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered herbs for £18 and got hit by extra £20 Duty bill. But the "best" is that no delivery after paying £38! Plus they will not refund as I have no package to return. Even if I would have package to return then they would not refund Duty and would take off two ways transportation what would leave me to pay them extra £5 as "refund"! How insane is that??

Ask Tiia about iHerb
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm writing this because I am currently being ripped off by another Vitamin company :lol: I've dealt with iHerb for years, any minor problems I have had are sorted very quickly with an email . Any major have always been with the delivery , Auspost in particular, which is why I now use DHL to my door. 4 days usually. I have found the prices have gone up in some areas aside from the A$ decreasing in value . But their products are always miles from use by date, ordering etc is easy as, they don't spam me, postage door to door with DHL is much better than any site I have seen. and have always been nothing but completely professional.
I did have a problem in the UK but that was VAT and customs charges , which iHerb DO warn about and they can't possibly do anything about.
The ripping off , Ordered from another company , because iHerb were out of stock on a couple of items, prices per unit were cheaper, but DHL delivery was much more. It balanced out.They have sent me a shipped email but it is not showing up on DHL and in fact the tracking number they have given is nothing like any DHL tracking number I have ever seen plus scamming emails. Not looking good.
Moral here?? do your homework BEFORE you buy

iHerb replaced a whole order of mine that went astray, without any extra charges !! And I had it within days. I think they are fabulous. !!

Update I didn't end up being ripped off buy the other company, except that I obviously paid way too much for the very slow DHL to Australia delivery. I literally paid three times what I pay at iHerb for the 4 day delivery I get from iHerb which is door to door DHL. This one took three weeks. My items came into stock at iHerb during that time and I made not one but two orders and they came before the other vitamin place. So iHerb are definitely still top of my list. They are amazingly reliable. For my fellow Australians ask that your orders be marked as not to be passed on to Australia post. That is where your delays happen.

Ask Di about iHerb
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am... Oops, I meant I was a loyal iHerb customer for about a decade, and was very satisfied until recently. You never really know who you are dealing with until there is an issue. An item was missing from a recent order No problem. The problem is that trying to get the issue resolved turned into a mountain of necessary extra work and aggravation. I ended up going back and forth for almost one week with iHerb though email because the representative did not seem to comprehend what I was requesting, no matter how clearly I communicated my needs. Deciding that I need to put an end to this runaround, I decided to call. I found out that iHerb no longer offers phone support A growing trend today among businesses, a foolish one, at that. Forced to write, I thought I would try the only other option, live chat. I explained to the chat rep that I have a serious health issue and therefore typing is extremely difficult and taxing for me, and kindly requested that they make an exception and grant me phone support, but was denied. I asked for a manager and was told that one was not available. I requested that when a manager becomes available, that they contact me. That was 24-hours ago and still nada. Also, my issue is still unresolved. Aside from the considerable aggravation and loss of time over an extremely simple and straightforward issue, what does it say about a company if they will not accommodate a sick or handicapped person!?

Ask Steven about iHerb
1 review
0 helpful votes

Super happy with iHerb. Nice prices, excellent selection and fast shipping. I also found a coupon code, which allowed me to save $5 and my first order was almost free!

Ask Laura about iHerb
1 review
0 helpful votes

Superfast shiping from USA to Albania i order the product in 6/6/16 and arrived to me with Dhl in 8/6/16 . Forst time for me and any problem with product and shipment

Ask Bori about iHerb
1 review
5 helpful votes

I live in Canada and I ordered prenatal vitamins from iherb. However, when it got to customs the package was hold. In the meantime, I read horrible reviews about the vitamins I was about to consume and I decided to refuse the package and ask for a refund. iHerb contacted me a week after I requested a refund, saying if I refused a package, then I would not get a refund back. I would have to "pay and accept the package" and then "pay to send it back" and then, when iHerb received my product, they would refund me with my initial cost less 20%. iHERB ARE insanely irresponsible and not honest. NEVER BUY FROM THEM.

Ask Sabrina about iHerb
11 reviews
19 helpful votes

I have found some really nice food supplements and skin care products here. I love the customer loyalty system, great discounts. Perfect for ordering christmas presents for friends and their babies!

Ask Tatjana about iHerb
1 review
6 helpful votes

They used to have great service when the company was still small. Now they are a billion dollar business shipping worldwide and the service has became very poor. Don't be fooled by their cheap shipping rates as their product prices are much higher than other companies. I had bad experience of never received my order and there is no phone number to call them, and no refund. Emails to their customer service got no or very late reply. Why a big company does not give you a number to call them? My advice to you - do not buy from this company, especially for international customers. There are many other companies selling supplements online are much more reliable. I had been their customer for over 10 years until now their service has deteriorated so much that I have to buy from another company whose shipping cost is a bit higher but the product prices are generally lower and they have a 800 number you can call with refund if order lost.

Ask Connie about iHerb
1 review
10 helpful votes

International customers beware. I ordered $42 worth of products to Finland with DHL express shipping. Shipping was only $8 which seemed like a good deal. Boy was I wrong. I received an sms from DHL that I need to pay duty and VAT on my order AND a 25 Euro service fee to DHL!!! I can live with the duties and taxes, sometimes they happen when you shop outside the EU. But a 25 euro service fee to DHL is just plain outrageous. I searched the internet and it seems that DHL hands over all iHerb packages to the customs at least here in Finland. It is very suspicious since usually only a fraction of express packages from the US or elsewhere are caught in the customs. It seems that iHerb and DHL are running a scam where iHerb lists a low shipping cost on their website but then DHL makes their money with a ridiculous service fee. iHerb prices aren't that low to begin with but they have some product lines that I like. Now with all these extra fees I paid 2-3 times what I would pay for similar products here in Finland. Needless to say I'm very disappointed with both iHerb and DHL and try to avoid both in the future at all costs.

Ask Antti about iHerb
7 reviews
29 helpful votes

I placed an order 2 days ago with There is no phone support with iherb as of 5/16/16 - I just found that out today!?. I have no tracking number for my order 41644953-0 - but on the iherb web site it shows a ups tracking number coming from Missouri? My order did not ship until 5/26 and I placed it on 5/24? UPS shows it will be take 7 days to receive it!? I need some answers really quick? Please credit my method of payment and I will purchase these items elsewhere; as they are needed for serious health issues!? I have been a customer for many years with iherb and whats happening is not good customer service!!

Ask Margie about iHerb
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am a huge fan and use this site to buy my supplements whether I am in the US or abroad. The items usually ship quickly and the cost of traceable shipping is normally between $4 - $8.00. Of course, if I'm outside the US there may be customs/duties/taxes, but that is normal and has nothing to do with iherb itself. I have been using them for 5 years and will continue to do so. I see many comments here by people who are angry because they didn't know they had to pay taxes when the goods arrived--that is very common in international commerce has nothing to do with iherb itself.

Tip for consumers: Investigate local taxes BEFORE you order to avoid being disappointed later.

Ask Todd about iHerb
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered £50 worth of goods. I saved to buy the products. I then received a message from DHL that to get my order I have to pay £20.00 duty tax. If I had of known the products would total £70 I wouldn't have got it, as cheaper to buy at the most expensive health shop here.


Ask Emily about iHerb
1 review
5 helpful votes


Ask Rishikesh about iHerb
1 review
7 helpful votes

Package ordered 4 weeks earlier has not arrived. Notification about shipping was never received like in previous package. Contacted the customer support and was told to wait 6 weeks and then contact them again but they couldn't cancel the order and return my money because the package left their warehouse.

I don't think the lower price is worth the hassle.

Ask Victor about iHerb
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