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Review of Gmail

Gmail reviews

251 reviews
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251 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
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Spent over an hour and created several different accounts and still could not check the mail. I have never had such a problem with an email account. Went to yahoo and took me 5 minutes.

Ask Phil about Gmail
5 reviews
1 helpful vote

My fav thing about it is how it remembers all of my passwords!!!

Ask Larry about Gmail
39 reviews
113 helpful votes

Gmail is an excellent service. It's fast and has a great interface, however everything else is questionable to me.

1. It has a tendency to get spam at certain volumes in only certain amount of times. Often, they are fake Chinese companies trying to sell fake products. I only expected this from Yahoo, not Gmail.

2. The idea of having to have a Google Account just to use Gmail is irritating. It would've been nice if it was an option to merge all Google Services to one account, instead, they force users to create a full Google Account just to use Gmail.

3. Along with the Gmail account, you're also pushed to use Google's failed G+ connected to it. And deleting the G+ account still makes it complicated to change, remove or edit your "Gmail" avatar image. It was buried all the way in Picasa Web Albums (what the heck?)

4. Google Drive is necessary for files over 25MB which is convenient but come on, really? Users are forced a Google Drive account into their Gmail "Google Account" so you have to upload your files there. Plus, 25MB is such a small number when even one PDF can exceed that limit. They're purposely luring users to use the Drive feature.

Overall, if you just want a good email service and don't care about your privacy or the additional Google Account, this is for you. If you value your privacy and only want a good email service, look elsewhere, although there really aren't many options.

Ask Janet about Gmail
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Nearly every computer I get on tells me how outdated the browser is, warning me how Gmail won't work properly. I don't have the freedom to do any upgrades.

Assuming the browser does work, then what? I have conversations, not emails. If I'm not careful and I delete something, I will be told the conversation has been deleted. Oh, how considerate of you, telling me I did something I didn't intend to. And it's easy to reverse. But it takes so much effort to figure out how to delete just the email. On the subject of "just the email", good luck finding the exact one. It's not easy. And then replying to the sender always involves sending the received email. Regardless of how long it might be. You just don't see it happening. And I send some long ones.

I send a lot of emails to myself, many of which involve newspaper articles or other content I might want to print out later. Don't do this with Gmail. You'll end up with a lot of blank space on the right of the printout, or waste lots of time eliminate those blank spaces on the right manually.

I keep a lot of what I get or send. Where do I put it? Gmail doesn't tell me. If I'm lucky, I can remember that I have it and do a search. If I'm lucky, I might actually find it. Oh, wait, that's a conversation. So where's the email itself? Other email services have this wonderful feature called "folders". Gmail can't be bothered, unless it's "sent mail". And once that folder has too much in it, I have to search and search and search.

The great thing about Gmail at the beginning was the amount of free storage. Well, now all the free services have lots of storage.

I also don't want to be signed in when using Chrome. I don't want Google knowing all my business.

Ask Eddie about Gmail
5 reviews
4 helpful votes

People email me in person at times and I NEVER receive them.

Ask Brandon about Gmail
61 reviews
197 helpful votes

Satisfactory mail service

Ask ClarkKent about Gmail
7 reviews
11 helpful votes

In comparison to other email services I've used, Gmail is convenient, pretty easy to get the hang of, but customization.

Ask Josh about Gmail
16 reviews
56 helpful votes

I'm really not sure why anyone would rate this lower than 5 stars... Gmail is the best Web-based email you could ever use. If you require your stuff to be top-secret, don't use it though, because the same thing that makes it so awesome (accessibility) is the same thing that doesn't make it very secure.

Ask Jacob about Gmail
14 reviews
12 helpful votes

i really like this site

Ask mellodie about Gmail
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had very recently booked a ticket from makemytrip.
At the time of booking there was an offer on 2016 reward points.

On another ticket booking time(March 11,2016) ,I had select the wallet amount & it says only 5% of total amount (i.e 210/- out of 2016/-) is applicable at this time remaining points should be used for another booking & the expiry date of the rewards point will be on April 2016.

When I contacted them, I have been asked to book another tickets with in the expiry time of rewards.

Is it possible for common person to travel 4 to 5 times to redeem reward points withih 1 month...?

This is the worst site to book your tickets & the offer they offer is fully trap and fraud.
Better to try from other services

Ask sreekanth about Gmail
22 reviews
19 helpful votes

a few weeks ago it was constantly asking to move to some other mail service they offer (?) and I hated it. i'm good with the usual service, so why move?
also, i sometimes hate the grouping of the messages. it's great, but sometimes one message to one person is added to the sequence of the same messages to other people (if it's email marketing newsletters for example). i don't want these to be linked and I can't find the way to unlink them. may be i'm just not too bright, but i'm an average user, so i hope gmail can be adapted to the average users too.
otherwise i love the security, the tabs, the customisation tools.

Ask Suharto about Gmail
7 reviews
2 helpful votes

its great

Ask Lillia about Gmail
11 reviews
16 helpful votes

Gmail does better than others. Spam goes into spam. I still have Yahoo accounts and spam goes into mailbox.

Ask Jennifer about Gmail
7 reviews
20 helpful votes

has anybody using anything different? ;) Seriously now - it's user friendly, fast and simple. Great!

Ask Mark about Gmail
21 reviews
21 helpful votes

Your gmail account is a key to all of googles awesome free services. Youtube, Google Search engine, Google Play and more.

Ask jason about Gmail
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Refund or a new shirt with the saying on the front.

Ask Loma about Gmail
6 reviews
1 helpful vote

Gmail is best for email & drive....

Ask Ankit about Gmail
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

GMail is the best free email service.

Ask Sam about Gmail
76 reviews
648 helpful votes

My very favorite mail program. LOVE IT ! ! !

Ask Peter about Gmail
6 reviews
5 helpful votes

Well, it's my favorite mail app forever! The amount of available extensions is a big plus.

Ask Diane about Gmail
13 reviews
271 helpful votes

Is there any better mail concept than gmail? I don't think so. It has everything you need and more, and I have to mention that is very user friendly!

Ask bill about Gmail
1 review
1 helpful vote

I forgot my gmail ipassword, and it's impossible for me to get into my gmail account. What's the difference between making it impossible to get into your gmail account--because you don't remember your password--and just shutting it down? I can't keep going around in circles to get into my gmail.

Ask Fawn about Gmail
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I recall that in the early days of Google, a staff member suggested as a corporate motto, "Don't be evil". With Gmail, I fear that reasonable motto has been forgotten.

A couple of months ago I set up a Gmail account and used it for a few days to communicate with acquaintances before leaving on a trip to Italy. While attempting to send an email home to my family I got a message from Google that they had detected "suspicious activity" on my account and I must respond to a message sent to my cell phone. I didn't have cell phone access in Italy so there was no way I could comply with their request. However it really didn't make any difference because a couple of minutes later Google shut down my service, claiming I had violated unspecified terms of service. (All I had done since opening the account was send and receive perhaps 20 personally-addressed emails.) They provided an email address to which I should write if I disagreed with what they did. I wrote - three times over a space of four days - but they never responded. I scrambled to set up an account with another email provider, but how many email messages I missed in the interim I'll never know.

When I got back home I wrote a (postal) letter to Google's corporate headquarters asking for an explanation. Their response? None.

My complaint with Google is not for mistakenly determining a "terms of service" violation - they need to guard against violations and we all make mistakes. But to lure people into accepting a service, then without warning shutting it off when they most need it, *and* refusing to even acknowledge their subsequent entreaties, let alone respond to them - THAT is evil!

Ask Coffent about Gmail
11 reviews
25 helpful votes

everything in one place, drive, Google+, email, phone, what more could you ask for?
i would never use another primary email website.

Ask Michael about Gmail
2 reviews
38 helpful votes


Ask hemendra about Gmail
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Q: Google has just added Google Voice to Gmail, adding Voice over IP to the video/audio chat option and allowing you to call any phone number directly from your Gmail account page. Calls to the USA and Canada are free, and international calls start at 2 cents a minute. If you aren't in America, though, you don't get this new feature, presumably because Google has no agreement to use phone numbers in any other country.

Setup should be relatively easy. I had some hassle with Adobe Air suddenly popping up and crashing all over the place, but that seems to have sorted itself out now. Probably a result of running old software or the wrong software or both, on my old laptop. It all seems OK now and I had no trouble creating a Google phone number for myself (which will ring all your real-world phones, if you want it to).

If anyone's enthusiastic enough to post a comment, what do you think about this new feature? Google can transcribe your messages already, are you at all concerned that Google will now be able to scan your conversations for nefarious purposes in future? It already has the capability to record every interaction you have with any of the Google services, so why not take it a step further?

There is a page on the new launch at Lifehacker:

Note that secretly recording a phone conversation is illegal in most places and can get you into serious trouble, though I doubt very much if this will also apply to Google scanning a call without actually recording it or having a real person listen to it.
on 8/26/10
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