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2 reviews
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I have used Gmail since it started. Even though it appears a little Dull & Boreing and needs a Cosmetic makeover, it never the less performs very well. It is safe and fast and has many useful concepts..

1 review
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Ordered socks, yes socks, on 1-19 and hopefully will get 5 out of 6 pair 2-14!! You would think I ordered a custom Porsche! After each call and/or email I was told it was coming from another store...really?? Do you not have socks in your whse? I ordered plain black socks, nothing special. Never got a return call although each time I called they said I would get a call with an update. Horrible service, will get from Amazon or a local store that I can trust in the future, not these clowns!

1 review
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My brake caliper covers arrived really fast, they look great in my hand, can't install them until the weather gets better. Will update when I install them.

1 review
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Thank you so much to Michael for helping me with my very special valentine photo book. He walked me thru step by step of exactly which buttons to push , what I would see on the screen and what should appear next - is exactly how it showed up. He encouraged me to make each photo page background different to "spice" the book up even more. I wasn't sure what to put on the front cover and Michael worded and added the text appropriately. Thank you again for taking the time out to help me , he never rushed me or acted as if I was taking up too much of his time. I really appreciate your help!

Aden D.
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Just great for business and personal needs. The functionality isnt just mailing - you get editing, cloud storage accessble from any of your devices, and chat service. Definitely well done!

1 review
0 helpful votes

i met outdores lady , and don't want to use zoosk can you notify me buy email , that my money is refunded, don't want to be on zoosk till april . Thank you.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Well tophatter is still letting a con artist sell laptops on their site! After contacting B.B.B. well we cant really do anything? Numerous emails about the VIRUS on laptop I purchased off their site and how much it cost in repairs to desk top, $27.00 reshipping, bubble wrap. They still only have a generic email well we returned ONLY what you paid thru auction. I didn't pay for a VIRUS! I read their rules your not allowed to hack their web site or send them anything with a VIRUS! I really would like a call from them. They Never answer or have a good phone number! Stinks what they can get away with!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Love the site. Always professional care. Will surely visit this site again soon

1 review
0 helpful votes

I don't have my order that I ordered Dec. 18. Order number 76980. It was Christmas present. I was very embarrassed.

2 reviews
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Worst ever good waste of time and moneyrip off wrong stupid misrepresentation

1 review
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The things that I get are always a good quality they wear well they wash well I'm excited about my next shipment.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Great items.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have to change my flight because the most the times you guys don't have to right airport close to my home , but any ways always I'm found anything right for me thanks you for you always are there for me

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Thank you so much for this purchase site we have provided many essential items and saved us time and effort.

1 review
0 helpful votes
12/10/16 provides you Cheap/Safe/Legit Albion Online Gold, Albion Online Silver, Fast Delivery and 24/7 live support. Enjoy Reliable Albion Gold.

1 review
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4 reviews
0 helpful votes

i love having the google chrome. if you have any problems, google has help pages to help you to take care of any issues.I think they are the best.i never had any problems with my mail. and having a free browser is free. you cant complain.

7 reviews
16 helpful votes

good, better, best

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been a full-time freelance writer for three years now and I have been on Fiverr for about two years now with relative success because Ive been able to maintain a 97% satisfaction rate over the last year. However over the last three months work on this site has been a bit slow and if it wasnt for other permanent clients which I have, things would not have been so good.
However over the last two months I have encountered a new situation regarding Fiverr and that is that clients for whom I have done work three or four months ago is suddenly raising disputes on PayPal and then money which has been paid on orders, which has been delivered a long time ago is then claimed back without anyone asking me for my opinion about these matters.
My problem with this is, that this is orders which has been settled a long time ago and those buyers already had the opportunity to review my work during the three days which is allowed for the review of deliveries and none of them has a voiced any objection on those deliveries which has been made by me. However after the passing of three or more months they are now able to raise disputes on PayPal and the money which was already paid to me is then paid back to the buyer by Fiverr without anyone consulting with me.
The problem that I have with this is that this is leaving the way open for any buyer to raise a dispute at any time in the future on any delivery which has been done in the past and then Fiverr will honor their dispute without consulting with me as the seller. This can potentially lead to a situation where every dollar which I have earned on Fiverr could be claimed back by buyers and there is nothing that I can do about that situation. This hardly seems fair or ethical and it is making it very difficult for freelance writers which is making use of this site.
I believe that the three days which is allowed for revisions of deliveries should be legally binding on both the seller and the buyer and buyers which has not made use of those reviewing times should not be able to raise disputes on PayPal such as has been happening to me frequently over the last two months. In fact it has happened at least 8 to 10 times with me already and even though those claims only represent about $50, with the exchange rate that converts to a lot of South African rands which is why working on this site has been worthwhile to me so far.
This is why Im very concerned about the situation and I believe this is something which will have to be addressed by administrators on Fiverr and some solution will have to be found for this troubling situation.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Clothing items "OK", but sized for a child. Fabric not what I had expected. WORST customer
service ever. Very difficult, if not impossible to return items, they keep asking for my credit
card # over & over! WTF? Likely the items I purchased will go to the thrift store. Lesson
learned! Do yourself a big favor....stay away!

1 review
0 helpful votes

We have been dedicated to raising healthy happy corgis for 10 years. Building a solid and reliable breeding program does not happen overnight and takes a great deal of studying. They are an energetic dog that bonds quickly with its family. They're brave, intelligent, alert, self-confident and are good with children and can get along well with cats and other pets contact via (

1 review
0 helpful votes

Very good

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

that was a question i asked i WOULD like an answer please

1 review
0 helpful votes

Spent over an hour and created several different accounts and still could not check the mail. I have never had such a problem with an email account. Went to yahoo and took me 5 minutes.

5 reviews
3 helpful votes

My fav thing about it is how it remembers all of my passwords!!!

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Chris O.
Q: Google has just added Google Voice to Gmail, adding Voice over IP to the video/audio chat option and allowing you to call any phone number directly from your Gmail account page. Calls to the USA and Canada are free, and international calls start at 2 cents a minute. If you aren't in America, though, you don't get this new feature, presumably because Google has no agreement to use phone numbers in any other country.

Setup should be relatively easy. I had some hassle with Adobe Air suddenly popping up and crashing all over the place, but that seems to have sorted itself out now. Probably a result of running old software or the wrong software or both, on my old laptop. It all seems OK now and I had no trouble creating a Google phone number for myself (which will ring all your real-world phones, if you want it to).

If anyone's enthusiastic enough to post a comment, what do you think about this new feature? Google can transcribe your messages already, are you at all concerned that Google will now be able to scan your conversations for nefarious purposes in future? It already has the capability to record every interaction you have with any of the Google services, so why not take it a step further?

There is a page on the new launch at Lifehacker:

Note that secretly recording a phone conversation is illegal in most places and can get you into serious trouble, though I doubt very much if this will also apply to Google scanning a call without actually recording it or having a real person listen to it.
on 8/26/10
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