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Ebates reviews

1048 reviews
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Review of Ebates

Ebates reviews

1048 reviews
Categories: Cash Back, Coupons, Deal
160 Spear St., 19th Floor, Ebates
San Francisco, California 94105
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1,048 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a very pleasant experience, I was at fault and didn't realize my purchase at target wouldn't qualify. Ebates was super fast at replying and credited me anyways. Amazing costumer service and I will recommend many friends and family!

Ask Kelsey about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm sick of this site and won't be using it any more! I referred my brother, because the sign up bonus looked great. He signed up, made a purchase and then we both received $10.00. Today I logged in to refer one more friend of mine and the bonus had disappeared! My brother logged in too and his was gone too! It's only a waste of time and I will not be referring anyone else to this website! It's rediculous!

Ask Liliya about Ebates
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been using E Bates for a little over a year now. I travel in my line of work and I say and hotel at least four nights a week. I have booked every hotel since January 1 through eBay. I have not been compensated my 2% on any of my hotel stays. They tell me that it is because they have to wait to receive the information from the hotel confirming my stay. I go out of my way to forward them the email confirmation of my hotel booking before I stay and after I receive my email receipt, I forward that to them as well. I have no doubt that they are being paid by the companies they advertise, but they failed to pass that rebate incentive on to the customers that are buying the goods. I am thoroughly disgusted with the site. If anyone knows of a comparable website, I would love to try them.
I received a response from eBay saying that they would like to look into my account. I have emailed them on a weekly basis expressing my frustration. My email address is,

Ask Rick about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've been using ebates for almost 2 years and love it! I have to give a special shoutout to their customer service who credited me for a purchase that didn't show up. They credited me within a day because they didn't want me to wait for them to look into it!
Great responsiveness!

Ask Judi about Ebates
10 reviews
1 helpful vote

Ebates was the very first cash rebate site I used, I never had any major problems. I don't use Ebates as much nowadays because their rebate % is not as competitive as Upromise where I can get a total of 10% cash back when I pay with my Upromise credit card. However I still use Ebates on certain stores that I can't find on other available rebate sites.

Ask Clara about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been using Ebates for years and have never had any issues. I am always credited for the purchases I make (although my mom has had a few go missing--make sure to keep your email receipts and they will credit you!).

Recently, my account showed that my Big Fat Check was sent to me, but I did not receive it. I had moved but forgotten to update my address. I reached out to customer service, and they immediately looked into the problem, found another check that had not been cashed because it had been delivered to the wrong address, and reissued me BOTH checks! I opted to wait for the check, but they also offered to put the account into my PayPal account right away.

So responsive and helpful. I definitely recommend. If you are skeptical--don't be. I tell all of my friends - if you are going to shop online anyway, then why NOT start at Ebates?

Ask Jessica about Ebates
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

If u spend big bucks at high end stores u don't earn good money. Otherwise not much back. Didn't care for their customer service.

Ask Susan about Ebates
21 reviews
8 helpful votes


Ask Donna about Ebates
1 review
1 helpful vote

I encountered an issue with my EBATES account and contacted them for help. A representative responded promptly and resolved my issue right away. I appreciate such great customer service. I highly recommend this company for people to join.

Ask L about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ebates is an honest, excellent customer oriented website on top of being such a great site to join. To get cash back just for shopping at your favorite stores online is amazing. By the click of a button before placing your order online, you can get cash back for any purchase you make that is participating in the Ebates Cashback program. The list of stores to choose from is almost endless and your favorite store that you probably have shopped on plenty of times (major retailers included) is probably on the list. Try Ebates if you haven't already!

Ask Sue about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ebates delivers! It is easy to use and it gives you money for shopping electronically. Ebates also has extra cash back frequently. I have been a member less than a year but have received about $80 from different purchases. The last one I received $40 back when I bought shades through JCPenneys. Love Ebates!!! And they just put the money in your PayPal account. Nice and Easy

Ask Deb about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

Wow - This service is amazing - totally not a scam, I received over $200 in Cash Back this quarter and the Customer Service was amazing the one time I had to contact them.

Ask Gary about Ebates
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been trying for DAYS now to get help loging in to my account. I'm not sure what happened, but I tried logging in with my normal information but it kept giving me an error. I found it strange and I'm sure that I'm using the correct info. I can still see what my cash back total is, but of course when I click on it for more info it asks me to log in.

I decided to use the forgot password option just in case I am in fact entering something in wrong and it sent me a link to reset it. When I copy and paste the link in the browser as instructed it takes me to a page where I'm instructed to enter a new password. I enter it in, but when I go to click the submit button nothing happens. The password doesn't save. I have no idea what is going on and have tried to message for help. No one is giving me an answer about what is wrong.

Ask Les about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been using Ebates for a while. I have gotten almost $200 back in a check. Amazing!!! Had a purchase not come up & they were super helpful. Love them!!!

Ask Charlotte about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

I can't believe it! Some else received my Ebates check and cashed it! I do not know how they became the recipient of my rewards on my Accounts Setting! I am hoping Ebates will help me in retrieving my money. It is all very creepy and has a strong stench of fraud. I wrote to Ebates, so I do hope they will assist with this crazy mess. Has this ever happened to anyone else?? Thank you!

So happy that Ebates said they will take care of me by replacing the lost money!

Ask Denise about Ebates
1 review
3 helpful votes

I joined ebates and referred the friends too... I got approved with $50 referral bonus and I got 26$ as cash back. All of a sudden ebates showing only cash back 26$ only. No response so far...feeling cheated.

Ask mahaboob about Ebates
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a dress online at Macy's using Ebates and it was one size too large. I went to the store and exchanged it not knowing that they would credit me and then ring me up as a new purchase. A couple of days later I noticed that the cash I received from Ebates was now deleted. I emailed them questioning the transaction and they were very fast to respond. The correct thing would have been to return the dress at Macy's and re-purchase it through Ebates.
With Ebates outstanding customer service, they refunded me the full amount, understanding that I made a mistake. Thank you for working with your customers.

Ask Kim about Ebates
1 review
5 helpful votes

When I joined ebates they had a thing going on where if you spend $25 or over you get a $10 gift card. I spent well over that and never received one. Everytime i contacted customer service it was a different excuse. Very disappointed

Ask Marion about Ebates
1 review
1 helpful vote

I took too long to rate my experience through my email - sorry. I contacted ebates because the email address on my account had changed. I was using a work address but left the firm and didn't want them alerted every time I used the site. I was unable to make the change myself because I had to click a link in the email and I no longer had access to the email address, so it was a vicious circle! I contacted customer service and Keisha corrected the email information in my account and then sent me a confirmation email stating that my account had been updated - all within 2-3 hrs. (Anyone who has done this with other sites will understand how quick the turnaround time was - usually it takes up to 2 + days to get that information corrected!) Thank you, Keisha!

Ask V about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

Shop on line, get cash back. Sounds too good to be true, but it's that easy. Huge list of major stores that participate, so it's not inconvenient. And their customer service is amazing. Super fast response to questions and they make the customer a priority! Use Ebates! You won't be sorry!

Ask Adele about Ebates
3 reviews
39 helpful votes

I registered with ebates after seeing their commercials on tv. What a mistake! I was supposed to get a $10 Target gift card for signing up. I sent several e-mails trying to get the gift card that was promised to me. I stopped shopping with ebates after my first purchase. THEY ARE LIARS AND SCAM ARTISTS! NOT RECOMMENDED!
Update as of July 22, 2016: Ebates contacted me and promised to send me my $10 Target gift card and claimed that they did not have my address. I find it hard to believe that they did not have my address. I will update again if I receive my gift card.

Ask Miguel about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

Love Ebates. Easy to use, no gimmicks, exactly as described.

Ask Genevieve about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ebates rebate check had expired, they were very supportive and is issuing a new check replacement. Ebates was very prompt and helpful.

Ask Laura about Ebates
1 review
0 helpful votes

responses via email very helpful

Ask lou about Ebates
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have seen the commercials and thought there is no way manufacturers would would pay you to go through this site. I was wrong and I really question how much advertising costs are translated into our consumer costs (that's another topic!)

In a nutshell, check here first before going directly to buy anything online. There are coupons and discounts, and of course cash back. A few % may seem small, but it adds up and they pay out quarterly to your PayPal account. For example, I had to get a new stove. I went to the local store to ask questions and check out the model. Then I went online through eBates to buy the model. I got 5% back from almost $1k purchase! I also did the Chrisfmas shopping based on the online stores that offered the most %cash back! Well worth my time and small effort!

Ask Kiki about Ebates

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on 6/13/16
A: Hi Amy, We too would have liked to have earned credit for this order. However, it is not possible for Ebates to earn credit for your order after the fact. We offer a browser feature to prevent this from happening in the future. Here is a link:
on 6/14/16
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on 5/18/16
A: Hi Jenny, Ebates does not earn credit for phone orders. We do not advise any of our members to place orders over the phone. If this happened, please send me the message showing where we advised this so that I can try to resolve the matter for you. My direct address is
on 5/19/16
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