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New York, New York, USA
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1 review
0 helpful votes

Earned three gift cards about a month ago. Said 1-3 business days...Got an email saying they were coming, still nothing. There are not cards or samples. It is scam

1 review
0 helpful votes

I joined crowdtap a year ago and I do like the samples but you have to sign up fast and be approved to receive each sample. You answer all kinds of questions to earn points which isint to bad but they want you to constantly take pics and post them. They are approved by other members. I just don't feel it's worth it anymore. It takes a long time to get to 1000 points to only earn a $5 gift card.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Earned two amazon gift cards over a month ago, have yet to receive them. Said 1-3 business days...Got an email saying they were coming, still nothing. Emailed customer service with no response. What a waste of time.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Amo hacer mis compras en Walmart.Empiezo desde la ropa de los chicos y termino en el clearence. Antes de ir a otro lugar prefiero primeramente mi tienda favorita.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been a member for a little over a year and at first it was great I got so many amazon gift cards and so many full size products. You have to get 1000 points to get a gift card. I usually have no problem but this last time it should take 1 to 3 business days to get the code. I still havent gotten it they try to help and are very responsive but still no luck. So Im updating still no gift cards but they have been very helpful so Im happy about that. I think its a lot of tech problems. Im very pleased they finally gave me my gift card. It took almost 3 wks but at least I got it there was a bug in their system.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I was supposedly rewarded a Amazon gift card, and it said "Your reward is on the way within 1-3 business days" Never got to me. It's probably been a week already, I double checked with a email to them. was sent an automated email saying that they got my email and will respond with in a couple days, Nothing. I also got a call in today actually from this random place saying I signed up for something using the exact name I used for Crowdtap, and the exact email address (I used a nickname which I specifically used for crowdtap and nowhere else). So I guess they just input my information to other websites for money. Although I should have known in the first place not to , but I honestly thought it was going to be a cool and legit website. But I learned my lesson.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Alot of the surveys, polls and questions are easy, but some are very detail oriented and have like six steps to them, and it takes at least two weeks if you're a busy mom, to get to the reward mark and all they give yoy is $5. Thay is so pointless, whay am I gonna do with five bucks, at least 10-15 minimum, and you can't even wait to put all the rewards together, they immediately send it when u reached your points on the wheel. I also don't like with some of the things u have to answr, thay you MUST use a photo...whay if I was at a library? And my phones data is low so it won't let me upload pics...they need to work on this site.

1 review
5 helpful votes

They are biased raising some people's points from 1000 to get a $5 gc to 2000 and then some only got raised to 1500 this is ridiculous it takes me a week to a week and a half to get the one gc not gonna waste a whole month just to see a $5 gc been with them for years now I am done .

1 review
6 helpful votes

so far it was a great experience. But since Last week, I did not receive any gift cards after 4 business days.I'm supposed to receive 2 amazon gift cardas, got the email from them "Rewards is on your way",did not reach to me. I emailed to Team members, did not get any reply.
Very upset!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I absolutely love Crowdtap! I was able to collect 3- $5 Amazon gift cards in less than 24 hours of joining. It is a lot of fun and hard to not join in. If you have free time like myself, this is a must do, especially for stay at home moms.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I found crowdtap browsing through the internet trying to find sites that give away free samples. Well this site you take surveys, and NO you do NOT have to post everything you do on their to your social media. I SWEAR by this site, especially if you have a LOT of free time, but if not you can do a little each day. It does take time, so be patient!! You receive a $5 amazon gift card code in your email each time you level up, trust me it adds up! Crowdtap also gives free samples but it can also be full sized products! I love Crowdtap and it's not a scam, but please be patient don't give up too quickly. It's basically free money!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

How can i redeem my amazon gift card??

1 review
9 helpful votes

The website has a rigorous "Facebook verification" process in order to claim any reward. If the account is new, it won't work. If your your info doesn't match what you used to sign up for the website (including if the email used for the website and for Facebook is not the same) it won't work. According to the website, every user needs to approve their "tools" on Facebook. If you don't use Facebook, it is unlikely that you will be able to claim any rewards and it is not worth your time.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I signed up for crowdtap simply to try it out. We are currently a single income family, so every little bit helps- and we love free samples. However, we are also private people and would very much like to remain that way. This site/sample program wants its participants to not only share personal information (to see which samples are a good fit for your family- totally understandable), but also wants said participants to flood their social networks and contacts lists with brand photos and messages in order to even APPLY to possibly have a chance at getting a sample of a certain product. Compared to other sites (ex. Pinchme), this is too much work and too time consuming for just the possibility of receiving a sample. Add to that the fact they want you to flood your social media with their partners' branding... It's a no brainier for us. If you're not a 'private' person, don't mind sharing a ton of branding and what not on your social media, and have a lot of time on your hands- then, you could give it a try. It's just simply not for us.

3 reviews
11 helpful votes

on crowd tap you fill out surveys and you get points. Ever 100 points equals 1 entry into the drawing at the end of the month. Most of the time its an amazon gift card, every now and then you will see target or walmart pop up. The ebay crowd offers an ebay gift certificate. Also companies offer free samples on here and you actually get decent sizes/portions of items. The faster you sign up the higher chance you will get chosen. In the past 2 months I have recirved free samples of aveeno, sahale snacks, sweet n'low, garnier moisturizer and miceller makeup remover, and advil samples and coupons. I have also received $70 in amazon gift cards. The more surveys you answer and the crowds you join increases the chance of getting picked for a gift card at the end of the month. The more entires you have the higher the chance of your name being drawn. So no this site not a scam and it does pay out.

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I am updating my review since I have learned more about it. The problem with the company is that when I joined they did not explain anything. I have learn from experience. Your points do ad up. You earn 1000 points and then get a $5 gift card from You are very reliant on Facebook and expect you to have at least 25 friends. You have to click an icon to post on FB or Twitter or Instagram for just about everything. Your page becomes an advertisers dream. They can reject you when it comes to getting samples without telling you why. They want a lot for what they give you. I would rather have money. does not pay my bills. I do. Many times they will not respond to your emails.

3 reviews
28 helpful votes

So I am relatively new to the crowdtap community. Its only been a week since I became a tapper, but I am already loving it.

If you are someone who likes to try out products before you buy them then this is a site which you should check out. You have to fill out a few questions about yourself and you are ready to start tapping. Crowdtap alerts you about new campaigns run by brands.

You need to answer small survey questions by brands which are known as Quickhits. You might also be asked to take part in a text or photo challenge which earns you extra points. You may even share them on your social media profiles (I always opt out of it)

It has only been a week since I joined and they are already sending me two different samples to try out and review. I am waiting for my order to arrive. I will update this review as soon as I get it.

I have also heard people receiving Gift Cards at the end of the month if they have accumulated certain number of points. I will also update in case I receive any gift cards.

13 reviews
36 helpful votes

I love crowdtap. I love being able to share my input on brands and products, and even at times help create new ones. Each month you get multiple Quickhits which are basically just multiple choice questions about brands and products. Each brand has their own page, and with each Quickhit you answer you get 20 points on whatever brand page you answered it on. At the end of the month you are entered into gift card drawings for each group. (I've only not won one once, other than that I've won MANY 5 dollar Amazon gift cards). In addition based on some of your answers you may be offered a chance to sample, normally, a full size product. I just got a fill size bag of a new Splenda product in the mail. Previously I've gotten food, makeup, cat food, etc. Really a fun site.

1 review
12 helpful votes

I tried to join, but the confirmation of email is messing up. As it does for many. I see from my study of the tech behind their failure is they are tracking people. Using pixels from the time you confirm your email address, They have now linked tightly to Facebook (I am posting this in June 2015) and only want you to register if you visit your account often enough, and if you have a big enough friend list. To see this for yourself try registering with an email account not tied to Facebook, but one you used to initially register with them. The error message you get will list their criteria for your FB account to pass their approval process. Something you do not hear about when you register. You know darned good and well they are likely selling the info they can scoop off of your FB account.

From the reviews I see all over the internet they are not paying a lot of people. It is not uncommon for sites to set up CPA offers that pay THEM and hide it as jobs, micro tasks or surveys and some such. You do the inputs as you, and they take the pay. Many incentive ad networks have no problem with paying them for doing it. Getting your name and email and whatever you hand them that is as well. They get a few bucks and pay you a few cents. If that. Hundreds of sites are out there like that now. Scripts to set them up are very cheap. Please do not be stupid enough to give any of them your social security number or biz tax ID. Nobody needs that until your pay hits a certain amount, and I doubt from what I saw online if they ever pay anyone enough to need it.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have already won 2 amazon gift cards totaling $10 during my 1st month of being a member

3 reviews
24 helpful votes

After months of being a Crowdtap member, and accumulating points, I tried to redeem them today. First, however, I had to "verify" my account. To do this, I needed a cell phone. I do not have, nor can I afford one. So, I am unable to redeem any points because this site discriminates against people who do not have cell phones!

4 reviews
22 helpful votes

I like sharing my opinions on products, websites, and services. I read about Crowd Tap online. They ask your opinion on products or services and occasionally have you try products in the form of a sample share or hosted party. They also are heavily involved in charity so I figured I'd give it try.

First when you sign up you get a $1 in your account. You also get points. Points are not the same as the money in your account. The more points you get the higher level you are. Once you get in a high level you eligible for the sample shares and hosted parties, which are pretty cool.

You need at least $10 to cash out. You don't get actual money, but Amazon gift certificates. They have you choose a charity from their list when you sign up. I chose Autism Speaks, since my nephew is Autistic and I work with special needs children I love this charity.

When you cash out they automatically give 5% of your earnings to your charity. Crowd Tap then matches the amount. I love this idea. You also get money occasionally for answering polls. It may only be a dollar here and there. They then make the same amount donation to your charity.

You have activities to complete. All that is answering a question on a forum about a product or your view on an idea. You get points for that.

After receiving so many points you get to a higher level. I joined about 6 months ago and am now on level 7. Level 4 and up are eligible for sample share and parties. My first one was for Old Navy. I received a coupon in the mail for a free pair of jean capris. I also got 3 free coupon for capris to hand out to my friends. We didnt' pay a dime. The people at the store was amazed we had the coupon. I then filled out a report that took about a minute about the capris and received $5 in my account and points.My next sample share was Old Navy again this time I got 1 free dress and 3 coupons for free dresses. Again I received $5 in my account. I then had a Playtex Sport Body Wipe Share. This time they sent me about 10 samples of the product. For some reason I only got $2 in account this time because they said my report was not good enough. I needed to go into my detail. My current sample share I got a box filled with Old Navy Accessories. I got in the mail a free purse, sunglasses, 2 pretty scarves, 5 free canvas reusable bags. I didn't fill out report yet. I'm suppose to have a party and give out gifts and keep one for myself. I am doing this next week.

My one friend got a sample share for free Hawaiin Tropic Suntan lotion and moisterizer. I know they had a diesel, msn and pepperidge farm shares to that I didn't qualify for.

The site is great, but still in Beta mode. So there are some kinks. For example you are suppose to get points for answering on the forums. I don't for my one sample share, I told them this and they said I do get it even though I do not. They do answer emails right away, but are not that helpful in the situation about my points. This only happen once though. They also give you 400 pts for answering thoughtfully. I take time to answer in detail, but don't always get points.

I did cash out for $107 in Amazon gcs. It took about 6 months.

All in all this is a cool site and when they get out of Beta mode I hope it's cooler. It defintely worth checking out.

Currently you can only join through invites so check it out below.

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