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California Pet Pharmacy reviews

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49 reviews
Categories: Pet Meds
3250 Arden Rd
Hayward, CA 94545
Tel: 877-554-4797
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49 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently placed an order with California Pet Pharmacy. Actually it was 8 days ago. I still have not received the meds and I explained to the girl who took my order that my dog had to have her heart meds refilled and delivered within 6 days. She suggested that I pay for expedited shipping and I did..still no meds! It's the weekend and I have to go to an emergency vet and pay big bucks. NEVER WILL I ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN!

Ask vickie about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
2 helpful votes

we had an order with refills. the company said we needed a new perscription. They asked for the wrong drug. We talked to the vet who said that this med would cause problems. so we asked to send back the wrong meds. they said yes. we sent the drugs we have to order the amount that we paid to get credit. they said they would give us55% of total. obviously we were not going to do any better. we folded...but do not use them they are cheats

Ask janny about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
0 helpful votes

Beware! This company shipped meds my vet refused to authorize!!

I ordered three prescription products and provided my vet contact information. After receiving the products (later than expected), I phoned my vet to follow up on what to look for should my dog have a reaction to the new medication. To my horror, I was informed that my vet had NOT authorized California Pet a Pharmacy (CPP) to dispense this product. 2 of the 3 prescription-only items were approved, but one was NOT. I might very well have used the product on my dog after receiving it, believing it must have been approvedluckily, I made that extra call, and my vet instructed me NOT to use the product. When I contacted CPP, they told me they had "verbal authorization" from the vet tech. They provided her name and the date/time of the call, but have NO PROOF of the authorization my vet's office denies providing. Authorization was given for the other 2 products, only! This could have become a dangerous situation. I expected CPP to apologize for their negligent act; instead, they continue to insist there was vet authorization, even though my vet denies that.

Ask Susan about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
1 helpful vote

I paid for 24 Hartgard Chewables (4 boxes of 6) and received only 20 Hartgard Chewables:
(2 boxes of 6, and 2 boxes that had been previously opened and hand annotated as '4' with 4 each).
I sent photos of the boxes, description of the issue, original order, and customer service is behaving as though I am a scam artist - because I am asking for the addition of the additional four (4) chewables.
Quality Control, Customer Service, and Resolution are sorely lacking.

Ask Terri about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
1 helpful vote

If i could give 0 stars I would-order not shipped and its been 2 weeks since order placed. Customer Service is pathetic- more interested in covering own butt than actually helping customer. Avoid at all costs!

Ask Bill about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
1 helpful vote

So I must say I was absolutely terrified of actually ordering from CPP due to the awful reviews I read. I was limited on options and I would give them a shot. I had to order Zonisamide for my 15 year old chihuahua that has seizures. from the time I placed the order, to CPP contacting my vet, to me receiving the medication in the mail, it took a total of 4 days. the medication was perfectly packaged and everything looks accurate. I'm very happy with them! good job CPP!

Ask Luisa about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
2 helpful votes

Maybe something has changed, but I am very happy with California Pet Pharmacy.
The customer service was Excellent! They checked the expiration dates at my request and shipped same day. I received my order in just two days, everything was right including the price. Thank you!!

Ask Cherie about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered Droncit for stray cats. Web site showed a bottle of 50 pills. Said 23 mg per pill. Called to ask why I only got one pill and was told it clearly stated 1 pill on site. When I told her what it said I was told that I was the only person to ever not understand that. Didn't offer to send the right amount with free shipping or offer a discount. Just acted like I was stupid.

Ask karen about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
2 helpful votes

My vet calls in prescription for my dog. This company was on the phone calling me for me to complete this order ASAP. I shipped expedite shipping 2-4 days it's been 8 days and I live 4 hrs away from them. I get every excuse why my pet medicine has not arrive. I told this company my dog needs these Medicine or she will die, they said nothing. Saving a few pennies is not worth it. Run fast get off their site and order with another pet Pharmancy . They don't care about you and less about your pet.

Ask Gale about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
3 helpful votes

Deceptive practices. Ordered Preventic 18" (PTIC18) collar. Product information on website features 2-pack photo. Regular price reflective of standard national pricing for 2-pack, sale price made it a good deal. Received one collar. No where on product description or invoice does it state "single", "1-pack", etc. Wrote customer service 3x and they refused to credit price difference of product received vs advertised. Said they considered the order filled, if I was unhappy I could return, at my expense, plus a 20% restocking fee. They noted if I was confused I should have called to clarify, that photo featured is a "default/stock" photo. Never again. Filing complaint with BBB and protesting with my cc.

Received phone call from California Pet Pharmacy less than a week after submitting my BBB complaint. After 3 attempts to resolve on my own, it's disappointing my issue had to escalate to a BBB filing in order to garner their serious attention. However, they ultimately credited my account in full for the amount in question and corrected the information on their website so others don't experience the same issue. Glad to put this conflict to rest.

Ask Teresa about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
4 helpful votes

I paid extra for expedited shipping to get my doggies medicine faster. It took over 3 weeks to get it to me. They put the incorrect postage on the package. USPS claimed to have sent it back to company and I was told I would not get a refund due to it being a prescribed medication. This was all their fault yet seemed fine with not making sure their customer got what they ordered. Shame Shame Shame

Ask Tracy about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered the popular antibiotic Baytril from this company because of the great price. I asked for the flavored tabs like I do at my regular pharmacy every time. After almost ten days, I was told that I would have to take the regular tabs, which are more expensive at this pharmacy, but the same price at others. I said okay, and several days later got a call that they were out of stock. Then another call saying they had only one bottle, not the two that I ordered. It finally arrived nearly three weeks after I sent my order, and since the single bottle was under $100, they charged $8 extra in shipping.

Don't use this pet pharmacy!

Ask Mary about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
5 helpful votes

They are very disorganized. I placed an order on May 28th and when I heard nothing by June 4th, I had to call them and the very nice but not well informed rep said they would look into it. Then we get a call with no message other than to call back. I do call back and get Irene and I am told they dont know why they called me. I asked if they got in touch with my vet and they didnt know. She said she would call me back "in about an hour or two". So I had my vet call them at this point to move it along since nothing was happening. Irene calls me back (within the two hours) and says its all set and being shipped out today. That was Monday June 4th. I said when will it get here now? She said I think Friday. I said since this was a huge hassle and confusion it really should be sent overnight. She said she would check with management. Then I had to prompt them on Tuesday June 5th because guess wasn't mailed yet. A label was then created on Tuesday however the shipment was not sent overnight and now we are looking at a Saturday delivery which means it went out on Wednesday. Very disorganized and frankly they don't care or take ownership. There are plenty of pharmacies I can use and will do so in the future.

Ask Stephanie about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
7 helpful votes

They claimed I would have my Revolution in 3 to 7 days and now after 9 days they are giving me the run around and cannot even tell me when my meds will arrive for the boys.
This is terribly sad as my boys are scratching like crazy because they need their Revolution.
I want to cry as now they have my money for the meds and I cannot get any answers as to when it will arrive.
Miss Jessica Smith of customer service offered me a $3 credit for my trouble.........$3!! I mean seriously?! My order was $113!!!!!!!!
I told her I would be spreading the word on how horrible their company is and how their customer service and their practice was misleading and just plain wrong. THEY TOLD ME THEY SCREWED UP and then later tried to make something up saying the med was on backorder.
They waited two extra days to process the order which was NOT according to what they say they do.
Once the rx is approved (which it was on the 6th and my money taken as well......) then it has to go through some process she couldn't even explain to me for 24 to 72 hours.....then they send it USPS 3 to 7 days........I should have had it by now and I do not.
I explained I would be calling the Better Business Bureau on them and would be spreading the word on their sad and unprofessional approach to business.

Ask MaryAnn about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
7 helpful votes

In Oct., 2014, my horse contracted EPM. The required medication was life-saving and very expensive. Since CCP's prices were more reasonable, I ordered the first month's supply of 4 syringes for $755. The box arrived with only 2 syringes. As I was out of the country, I did not contact them until 2 weeks later. They have repeatedly used this as an excuse not to credit my account for half of the cost for the first month. They have also continued to say that the shipping weight of the box was 2 lbs, which it was, but which was correct for only for the 2 syringes received. They have disregarded all of my attempts to explain the discrepencies in shipping weight between 2 syringes and the 4 syringes that had been ordered and paid for. I have disputed this charge with Discover card, who also took no effort to investigate the shipping discrepencies , and sided with the company. Their customer service is very poor and I will not use them again. My next step is to write to the company CEO, though I have been unable thus far to find that name. If anyone has it or can suggest how to find it, please let me know. Linda C. Martin

Ask Larry about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
5 helpful votes

Very poor website presence. It's been over 90 days and they still do not have customer accounts active. At this point I do not feel secure ordering refills online with California RX Pharmacy. Any legitimate company now days allows customers to create online accounts. They really need to get their act together and establish an e-market presence.

Ask Gary about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
5 helpful votes

If I had a chance to place an order for my dog's Metacam again, I would have never done it with California Pet pharmacy. Frankly, this was my worst purchasing experience ever! They shipped the prescribed large size of the medication that had a very limited expiration date, which means that a good portion of it will have to be discarded. Well, I've had 3 honest and friendly attempts to resolve the issue only to realize that all was in vain! I was told various contradictory and evasive tales, asked to email a photo prove of the expiration date printed on the bottle, and again there were more of conflicting and inconsistent statements... I felt as if I were at some street bazar trying very hard to appeal to an unethical and deceiving merchant... At the very end of my final phone conversation with a customer service representative, I was told-verbatim et litteratim- that they had "... a big box of Metacam that will expire soon and we need to get ride of it as soon as possible."
How do you like that, gentle readers?? I personally didn't like it at all and still feel bad. Yet, I was told the truth at last, wasn't I?

Ask Julia about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
4 helpful votes

Their lower prices encouraged me to try them in the first place but I was completely disappointed with their lack of responsibility and poor customer service. I will never again do any kind of business will them and do not recommend them to anyone, based on my sad previous experience with them.

I bought my dog's heart worm prevention pill from California Pet Pharmacy but did not hear back from them about the shipment of my order for several days. I had to call them a few times in order to make them follow up with my vet to get the prescription verification and ship the product. When they finally did these steps, I was told that I will receive the product in a few days.

However, a few days later, I was told that the date on their current pills will be expired before I have enough time to use them. They told me that they will receive a new batch of pills next week and can send me then. I agreed but did not hear back from them for the next 2 weeks after that. I had to call them again and a rude customer service told me that they only have the previous batch of pills with the expiration date earlier than the time I can consume them all. I asked them to adjust the number of pills based on the expiration date in a way that I will have enough time to consume them all. To my surprise, they added extra shipping/handling cost to my invoice in order to send me the pills. At this time, my dog was a month late on his pills and I only wanted to get hand on the pills. So, I agreed to get the pills and pay for the additional shipping/handling cost.

Based on my experience, they have rude customer service, poor follow up on your order, and lack of responsibility that creates a horrible experience. I will never ever buy any product from them and do not recommend them at all.

Ask reza about California Pet Pharmacy
5 reviews
24 helpful votes

Cheap prices got me in, lack of fulfillment and broken promises on order #1 will keep me from returning.

Order placed Nov 5, vet confirmed two days later. Received a call yesterday stating the firm needed my vet's name, which was on the original order. I have ordered these online for the last 5 years and get them within a couple days from every company I've tried, with the exception of California Pet Pharmacy.

After speaking to a representative yesterday, I told her that my dog was in pain without her meds, and her mobility should not be made to suffer due to the complacency of the company. I was assured the meds would be sent out overnight by the representative.

Receiving an email this am stating my order went out today (13th) and I would receive the product in 3-6 days. I detest being lied to.

I will gladly pay a bit more to have an ounce of service.

Ask Demetria about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
6 helpful votes

Absolutely horrible experience! I order my dog's arthritis medicine on 10/31 because her prescription expired on 11/1. They informed me that there was a generic medicine that was available for half the price so I was very happy to save about $100 on her 6 month supply.

A few days later they informed me that they would need a new prescription written for the generic. I said that I did not understand that because it's was supposedly the same medicine with the same ingredients, just a generic name brand. I told them not to worry about it and just send me the original prescription as authorized by the vet because I had since moved across the country and would not be able to return to meet with the vet for the new prescription.

They said that since it was now 11/4 they would not be able to refill the prescription. I gave them the order number from my original order on 10/31 and they refused to help even though I submitted my order on time. The whole process was horrible and I will never purchase anything from them ever again because now I have to pay for an unexpected vet visit to get a refill which should have been honored in the first place.

Ask Jessica about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
5 helpful votes

Great Prices
Great Customer Service
Received Order Quickly

Great prices mean I can really afford the third little orphan I took in.
The Email responses I received were prompt, personal,, and helpful.
I am telling everyone

Ask GL about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
5 helpful votes


Tip for consumers: NEVER AGAIN. STAY AWAY.

Ask MIKE about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
4 helpful votes

NEVER AGAIN!! !!! I paid for Priority shipping. They shipped USPS First Class. It took 10 days to receive. I called Customer Service -- they told me they were back ordered. This should have been disclosed when order was placed. I would have cancelled and ordered elsewhere!

Ask Bee about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
5 helpful votes

We have used California Pet Pharmacy in the past with orders for flea and tick meds and heartguard. They were pretty good reasonably priced products and shipping was timely. Now comes the bad experience I just had when ordering Comfortis for my dog. I had ordered this in the past from them and it worked out well. This time the comfortis was not in the original packaging instead it was in a plastic vial and the pills were in sealed foiled paks with lot numbers and dates. Our dog became terribly ill after taking the comfortis,..lethargic, thirsty and just plain "OUT OF IT".
I took him to vet and after 200.00 and several shots and fluids he is gaining some appetite and slowly getting better. When I called the company that manufacturers the comfortis, their reponse was that they do not offer any assistance as I purchased the product thru an online pharmacy. So I called the folks at California Pet Pharmacy and they as well offered no compensation or assistance. I realize that the best solution would be buying the product directly with our Vet, no more online pharmacy dissapointments.

Ask barbara about California Pet Pharmacy
1 review
7 helpful votes

I placed an order for my dog's medicine. She has heart failure and the pain and suffering that she will experience without this medicine is more than she can bare. When I placed my order over the phone, I was given 2 options; Free shipping or Priority shipping. I paid for Priority shipping. They used First Class (Free) shipping and my dog will pay the price for this mistake.

Instead of apologizing for their unethical practice, I was given excuses as they tried to convince me that this was ok in their business. For some cases, this wouldn't have been a big deal. In this case, it's a huge deal and they acted as if they did nothing wrong. This company (specifically the "Customer Service Manager") feels no obligation to hold itself accountable for their mistakes. When a customer pays for Priority shipping, there is NO reason why they shouldn't get Priority shipping. Instead of finding a way to make it right, their only options for resolution would leave me, the consumer, paying for their mistake.


Ask Aimie about California Pet Pharmacy

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