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Review of Shari's Berries

Shari's Berries reviews

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260 reviews
Categories: Candy, Flower Delivery, Gifts
4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 1-877-237-7437
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260 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

This is the email I sent them. It tells the whole story:(
I placed an order on 11/22 and paid the additional $9.99 for a Sat. 11/26 delivery. When I received the order confirmation it stated that my order would be delivered on Fri. 11/25. I immediately called Shari's Berries to have the problem corrected and was ASSURED that it would be delivered on Sat. On Sat., my Granddaughters 20th birthday, I spoke with her on the phone and asked how she liked the "Dipped Rice Crispy Treats", she said she hadn't received anything. I was furious, not only did you originally confirm the wrong date but I called to make the correction and it WASN'T delivered at all. I called Shari's Berries as soon as I hung up with my Granddaughter and the representative was "oh so sorry for the problem???". He also told me that the delivery date had been changed to 11/29. I asked "why wasn't I notified so I could order from another vendor so a gift could be delivered for her birthday"? He said, "we contacted you by email of the change", this was a COMPLETE LIE; I never received an email to that effect. If I had I would have cancelled the order. After discussing the matter with someone, he came back to the phone to tell me that he would credit me for the extra shipping and the package would be delivered on the 29th. Really???? Does this business have a new owner??? The products and services have always been lovely; oh my, how they have completely turned around. I read your latest reviews and noticed that most people have similar feelings. One and a half out of five stars - Shameful!! My order is cancelled, I will not shop from you in the future, and would absolutely NEVER refer you organization to anyone. Shape up.

Ask Maria about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

I received 6 chocolate dipped strawberries as a gift and after barely being able to eat one, I threw the rest in the garbage. The berries were mushy and just downright disgusting, leaving a very bad taste in my mouth and an upset stomach for the rest of the night. I would never recommend this product to anyone.

Ask Linda about Shari's Berries
1 review
0 helpful votes

Caramel dipped pretzels were stale

Ask Catherine about Shari's Berries
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered organic triple tower of gourmet nuts for my client. She said they were disgusting and inedible. They were $95! Horrible.

Ask Cary about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

I received berries from Shari's Berries at home as a gift a few years ago and they arrived just fine. I just received them as a gift again at work. Our mailroom guy left before I got back from an appointment in the afternoon and had them locked in the mailroom. I didn't get until the next morning. Granted I know they are perishable, but they were all broken up and very soft. If they were fresh berries, they shouldn't have been mushy/rotten after just one night. Not impressed! They could at least mark the box with a bright colored sticker saying PERISHABLE - PLEASE REFRIGERATE ASAP!!! The Perishable printing on the package was hardly noticeable.

Ask Sherry about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've ordered twice from here now and both times the strawberries have shown up all broken! The box they use does not secure them properly so they end up falling everywhere. DO NOT ORDER!

Ask Val about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

Very important day and paying a fortune for before noon delivery - a very important day was totally missed. When I called them, I was punished further by having to not only give the order number, my name, the recipient's name but then got nothing but excuses as to why the delivery didn't happen.
The agent, Celine, had an accent so thick I couldn't understand her and then had the nerve to just repeat everything I said.

Ask Nita about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

They have terrible customer service and do not send you the right amount of berries!! When file complaint and they say they are gonna send out replacement they never do!! Happened to us twice. Once you can over look, but twice and then no correction!! We will not be using them again!!

Ask Gina about Shari's Berries
1 review
1 helpful vote

This company posted THREE $47 charges on my card for 1 order. When I called they told me that it is just "an authorization" and I should call the bank and it will probably, you authorize once and charge once if youre an honest business. This is ridiculous. Never using them again. You are affecting the money that your customers have available to you.

Ask kenah about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

Well first off this was my first time going through this website. I had ordered some berries to be delivered to someone special in my life I had paid extra for Saturday delivery and it never got delivered!! So I called and they were going to send a replacement,.. they sent it to his apartment complex at the front step in triple digit weather. By the time he got home it was completely melted.. they could have easily dropped it off at the main office, I had requested if that was possible if he wasn't home and they had said it was possible with out a problem,.. but that did not happen. So I called again to get a complete refund. Horrible service I will never go through this company ever again. If your want someone special to you to receive a package do not go here! They will just mess it up. The only reason I gave it one star is because through all the mess I got my money back. I would have much rather had my gift delivered.

Ask Lianna about Shari's Berries
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was so excited to send these to a friend for her birthday and then saw what I ordered in person! It was bad enough I paid 75$ for 20 cherries, 6 strawberries, a a couple of cheese cake bites. Then they added problem, and then their delivery the tune of 52$!!!! Hey I still love my beastie, I bit the bullet and hit order! When they were delivered for her birthday, I almost cried. Melt type chocolate and mushy looking berries. 127.00$ for nothing. It's a good thing the thought counts, because I feel like that's ALL that was delivered!

Ask Lewanda about Shari's Berries
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have ordered these berries for a very long time and many hundred's of dollars. The quality is good real good but the service sucks bad! The last two orders I made with Sherri's berries was a no show!!!! I paid for my expensive products to be delivered for a very special occasion and AGAIN! my orders did not show up! So, I got on the internet very upset and seen that they changed MY delivery date! I called and again there was nothing they could do about it. So, order them if you must but do not depend on them being there! Sherry M.

Ask sherry about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've always wanted to receive berries and on my birthday when a box arrived I was ecstatic I kept thanking my husband and kids and they kept saying they didn't do it, a friend of mine from Texas sent me berries for my birthday when I opened the box and went to take one out it had barely any chocolate on it and as I lifted it the chocolate dripped off. I called customer service and was told they would love to replace it and they were so sorry so I received it yesterday. All excited I opened them and this time they're all cracked and melted I called again making them aware of this so that maybe they would not deliver when it is hot outside was told they'd like to replace it but not sure even that would be acceptable to me so they asked me to please go online and pick something 1999 okay fine I go online they have nothing for 1999 and then there is what my friend sent me are 2999 the representative asked me to go online pick something and then contact them via email no more calling them which I thought was quite weird but ok according to the representative on the phone my friend spent $19. Everywhere I look it says six berries are 2999 plus shipping well I guess my poor friend doesn't need to know what a crappy Company You Are but then again how many people does she send berries to and no one tells her how horrible they are

Ask Margaret about Shari's Berries
1 review
1 helpful vote

This company failed to deliver product o orders and paid extra for to be overnighted on three different days. They could
Not follow instructions on contacting the phone number provided. Total disappointment! Customer service was very unapologetic, as if this thing happens all of the time.

Ask Eileen about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

What a disappointment! I have ordered Shari's Berries for lots of friends and family over several years. They always say 'thank you for the thoughtful gift', but they say little about the amazing chocolate dipped strawberries. Well, now I know why! My son sent me some for my birthday and I am so disappointed in the product! It is not at all like the photos on the website. In the photos the strawberries are truly 'dipped' and you can see the strawberry's red top and the stem. what I received is fully 'dunked' and no stem at all. Not nearly as pretty as the website photos. And then there is the taste.. or should I say the lack of taste! If that's chocolate, I'll eat my hat! The coating is tasteless, no matter which of the different dips you taste. Chocolate tastes like white chocolate - in other words, tasteless!! So sorry to have to write this review - i thought this company was doing something fabulous... they are not.

Ask Kate about Shari's Berries
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered some cake truffles for my mother for Mother's Day. The original price was a little on the expensive side as most of their items, but I could afford it. As I went through the check-out process, they had added on items that I hadn't even looked at, in a way of trying to sneak-in things so I could spend more money. I didn't want what they were offering so I checked it off, and the I don't know if it's a problem with their already-sketchy looking series of check-out pages or what, but the price for the item was still accounted for in my total. Added with shipping prices, all of it was so expensive. I ordered it anyway, because I had grown tired of dealing with it and extra treats wouldn't be all too bad.

When the gift arrived, the added-on treats weren't even there. Just the cake truffles. :'^( I got suckered for my money with the promise of desserts.

TL;DR: When ordering, they snuck in another dessert for me to pay for, and in the end, said dessert wasn't delivered to the recipient or myself. They just took my money in return for nothin.

Ask Amelia about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a dozen dipped strawberries to be sent to a friend for his birthday. When they arrived the strawberries looked like an elephant had stepped on them. They were inedible and were tossed in the trash. Not only was this embarrassing but I spent almost $100.00 on this order. It was embarrassing for me and money wasted. I don't even want to give this company a rating because there are no negative numbers.

Ask Karen about Shari's Berries
1 review
1 helpful vote

I placed an order with Shari's Berries as a gift to be sent to my physical therapy group weeks in advance because I wanted delivery on a particular day. I made sure the street address was correct when placing the order online. I received an email indicating that the order was being prepared, another when it was shipped and FedEx notification when it was delivered. But the delivery confirmation showed no signature or name, no indication where it was left, just the time. The signature showed "Signature on File". What does that prove to me?....Nothing, absolutely nothing. It could have been left on the truck for all I know. So I called customer service, which by the way, should be called customer disservice. I spoke to someone that I could barely understand and had to ask her to repeat what she was saying. I explained that I wanted to be sure it was delivered correctly to the recipents I wanted. The person on the phone repeated all the information that I already knew from the FedEx confirmation. I again explained this was not acceptable to me and I wanted to know who signed for the package. The representative told me she would contact FedEx and call me back in 1 hour. Of course, I did not get a phone call back. I called the next day and was read the notes made by the previous rep indicating that I had demanded a call back in 1 lie. She went on to say this is their "policy" not to get a signature on delivery. Seriously, is that the most ridiculous policy?! My gift was addressed to a business that opens at 7am and closes at 8 pm and is always staffed. I was then passed on to a supervisor, I think, who was of no help and offered no solution. I will dispute this charge with the credit card company until they can prove it was delivered correctly.

Ask Sally about Shari's Berries
1 review
5 helpful votes

The reason I gave one star is because someone actually answered the phone. This was the most unpleasant experience EVER! I ordered 2 items online shipping to 1 person/address. When I checked out, there were 2 shipping charges for $14.99 in my cart. I thought it must be a mistake so I immediately called customer service to make the adjustment and they said "no" that was their policy. I asked them to tell me where on the website that it's indicated, and they said "it was not clearly stated." I asked again to remove the duplicate charge and they said no. I then asked to cancel my order and they said it was already "in process". I was left with no other option than to dispute the charge with my credit card company who took care of it right away. Shari's Berries customer service department left me no other option than to write this review. Sorry Shari, your berries are rotten!!!!!!!!!

Ask Kim about Shari's Berries
1 review
3 helpful votes

I placed my "Get Well" Order via Internet on 6/24/16 for delivery on 6/30/16 to an address where my friend has lived for many years. When I tried to submit my order, I received an error notice that stated the address could not be confirmed as a good address. Then I called my friend's mother to confirm I had the correct address which, of course, I did. Still Shari's Berries would not accept that address. So I placed a phone call to Customer Service explaining my problem. He placed my order and gave me an additional 5% discount for my inconvenience. I assumed, incorrectly, that he would double check my internet order to ascertain whether or not it had been received. I also mentioned to him that I felt perhaps the extreme shipping costs were due to the beautiful, white pedestal dish the berries were arranged on in the ad. He said no, the berries were sent in a box and individually wrapped in paper. OK, I accepted that, reluctantly, feeling it was false advertising. After our conversation, I thought I should check my e-mails. Much to my shock, there were two orders shown with different order numbers. I knew then that I would be charged twice on my credit card for one order. I called them back, and much to my surprise, the Customer Service person I spoke with made it extremely difficult to cancel the first order, which they had advised me was not a good address and could not ship to it. After reading all of the negative reviews, am waiting to see if my friend's gift is #1, received on 6/30; #2, in good, edible condition; and #3. whether or not I will be charged for two orders. After reading all the negative reviews, my common sense tells me to call Shari's Berries and cancel the order, but being the eternal optimist that I am, thought I would wait until 6/30 to see if my order arrives in a timely manner and in good condition. If it does not, I will be calling my credit card company and having a refund put on my account via a dispute. Thank you all for taking the time to write your reviews. It has been interesting and more than just a little frightening that a company like this is still in buiness.. Also, I was told the berries came from California.

Ask Verna about Shari's Berries
1 review
1 helpful vote

My husband had bought a dozen Shari's Berries for our anniversary in December. I received another box of them on Mother's Day from my daughter. I noticed how much juicier the Mother's Day box were and I wrote to the company explaining that the Dec berries were a bit dry and green. They required our order #, and, once given, they offered me a free box of berries, which were sent to me quickly and on the day I requested. This box was as good as the juicy Mother's Day box and I am completely satisfied and grateful for their prompt attention to my issue.

Ask Barbara about Shari's Berries
kait b.
1 review
1 helpful vote

I put in a order for my mother for mothers day. She got the order but it wasn't correct and we got a wrong item. typically not a big deal, but when your looking forward to getting one thing and receive something you don't like or cant eat its a little disappointing. I emailed Sheri's Berries about this and they offered to send a new package out to me, however they sent the new order to the wrong address on the wrong date. I emailed them again about this issue and they said they would resend that order out. the 3rd order they sent out was supposed to be delivered on a Thursday but was not received until the following Tuesday. I have never had so many issues trying to get an order sent out to me. The product itself is good, but when you don't receive it or its the wrong thing its disappointing. I don't plan on using this company again as I have had way better experiences with other companies.

Ask kait about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

They delivered my package to the wrong address the first time. I had to call FedEx and do all the leg work to make sure my gift was delivered that day!!! It was Christmas time, if I wouldn't have made some calls, the delivery would've never happened!!! I thought, ok, I'll try them one more time....just made an order for Father's Day....once again, I had to call fedex & track the order down!!! It was Friday, again, and the local post office closes at 11:30am....they knew this, but still had no idea where my package was at noon!!! Luckily, FedEx worked with me & I got the package for my hubby, from our kids!!! Shari's Berrie's was not helpful either time!!! Sad you pay that kind of money, and YOU have to be the one to do the leg work when they screw up!

Ask Summer about Shari's Berries
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I've ordered twice from this company. he first time the order showed up a day after my sisters birthday even though I paid almost $15 to have it delivered.
I tried to use them again thinking maybe it was a fluke that they messed up my order. This time the order was on time but......the chocolate strawberries were old strawberries and the chocolate was broken off of almost all the strawberries! Also, the caramel chocolate covered pretzels were broken into pieces.
I emailed the company about both orders and never got a refund for either order. They offered me a discount on my next order. Needless to say I'm NOT ordering from them again. So unprofessional and very expensive. If they were reliable I could understand the high prices if they were reliable but they are anything but.

Ask Meridith about Shari's Berries
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered something for a friend's birthday. The standard fee of shipping was 15.99 and then I paid an EXTRA 15.99 to get it delivered before noon. Big surprise, it wasn't! I called them and they apologized and kept saying that the item is in transit and that I should call ups to see what time it would be delivered because they can't call ups. I waited a bit longer and finally at 2pm I called ups. They told me they didn't even have the package yet and if they did get it today they wouldn't delivery it until the next day. I called Shari's berries back and they were still insisting it was still in transit even though I told them I called ups personally. If I could give this company a rating of 0 I would, if they can't guarantee the date I was promised they should say so. Her birthday was on a Thursday so she took Friday off for a long birthday weekend and they offered to have it delivered the following Tuesday! Ha! NEVER ORDERING FROM SHARI'S BERRIES EVER AGAIN

Ask Jen about Shari's Berries

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