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Review of Beezid

Beezid reviews

408 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
4480 Ch. de la Cote de Liesse, Suite 390
Montréal, QC H4N 2R1, Canada
Tel: 1-877-4-BEEZID

408 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
9 helpful votes

I tried several times to close my account and it kept saying there was a problem and something went "kablooey" and my account couldnt close. What the heck is that. Very unprofessional and a scam. Why cant I close my account? Now I am nervous about the card info I used. Any legit business will let you close or unsubscribe with no issues.

Ask Peter about Beezid
1 review
12 helpful votes

....I'm surprised, those who say good about this,,Beezid,, business!! These rascals deceives people!! Several years ago, the company called -----
,,,,BidCactus Auctions | BidCactus Account -''' I have spent more than $ 2,000....and I waited for my winnings things..they acted slyly. changed the name of the company...,,BidCactus,to another name..Beezid..I thinkmeny people like me, who has been lost in this company!!I recently tried to talk to them, but nobody want to hear about it. I asked them to compensate me , lik to give me a couple of thousand bets..Of course, I also do not need anyone..This suggests that we are not protected!! who knows how to punish them Prompt? it would be good to protect the service people of this country, engaged with such swindlers..............

Ask ivan about Beezid
1 review
15 helpful votes

We should all get together and file a lawsuit to this company. To get justice of their scam

Ask Juliet about Beezid
1 review
14 helpful votes

I don't like there fake they don't send your stuff, there just make you waste your money . Is been almost them 2mths that we haven't received our stuff there giving us Bull$#*! excuses all the time

Ask Daisy about Beezid
1 review
8 helpful votes

It usually is.
People need to learn to read about things before they dive on in.

Ask Hahah about Beezid
1 review
9 helpful votes

The site offers too much to wrap your hands around on the first time.
I have been bidding at the site for almost a year now and I think there is plenty of money and goods to be won for dirt cheap.
The site has been operational for a few years now and the big guns or hounds on the site do not want their reputation to be thrown away by a newbie.
People lose money all the time (the auctions suck in thousands of $$$) and blame the site for it but you gotta know who you are bidding against and that can only come with experience or spending time learning about closed auctions.
Beware of the big guns on the site as they can crush your spirit and wallet.
Good luck to everyone and happy bidding!!

Ask Suparva about Beezid
1 review
20 helpful votes

Absolutley the worst biding site I ever saw.. Took 70$ without me ever knowing it till it was in my bank statement. Called for a refund and was refused, but was allowed to spend it on an item in their store. Was promised delivery in three weeks or less. Has been well over three weeks and still no delivery. called them three times and waited on hold for a total of 75 minutes to be told, That is too bad, you loss is our gain.. Please do NOT use beezid!!!!!

Ask Tom about Beezid
1 review
26 helpful votes

You would be more successful putting you $ in a slot machine than in Beezid. To join Beezid, it cost $70 to purchase bids. Then a sales rep will call you and attempt to sell you $275 more of bids. The rep that called me screwed up and said, " You can't win any bids with just $70 of bids. To have any chance of winning a bid you have to buy the $275 extra package. This is a SCAM at $70 per customer. DO NOT JOIN BEEZID!!!!!!

Ask Bill about Beezid
1 review
13 helpful votes

Do you guys have tablets for $2.35

Ask Johanna about Beezid
1 review
20 helpful votes

I noticed right away that the bidding was a scam so I told them that II wanted my money back. They would not provide a cash refund but I did get a refund to buy stuff at the store. Pricing was slightly higher than Amazon when you added the shipping so at least I made the best of it without wasting a lot of time.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your time bidding. Get a refund for use at the store if you already got scammed.

Ask Doug about Beezid
1 review
17 helpful votes

This company is build to take advantage of people. Horrible quality products. Horrible. Very very misleading about items.

Ask Jason about Beezid
1 review
24 helpful votes

This is the start you look in craigslist for example cell phone and find one with very low price so you contact the seller with the email address that he wants you only to use but he emails you that just sold it out. But you get an automatic respond like real Pearson and nicely tell you he got it from this scam penny site call so give you tip bit when goes to 6 second of bit to get it. Well I felt for it off course and did it. They want you to register with ID and Pass and also your credit card as security for auction. So as soon as you gave your card they asked you to get some package for biting between 70-1000$ WHICH YOU ASSUM WILL GO TO YOUR WINING AUCTON but no you buy bits package which takes out when ever place a bit and number each bit is not one each but 5-7 for each time which not tell you and even ask you power bitter like sniper or power bitter which goes against your deposit but not tell you. So you deposited vanish in few bits but do worry they ask you to fill it up. But THIS A CATCH EACH TIME YOU PUT A BIT THEY TAKE 0.6-1$ OFF YOUR DEPOSIT depend on your deposit. ACUTION START FROM PENNY and goes penny each time bits reach 48$ then revise itself to zero and starts all over again counter shows 535 bid but actually few 1000s during 8 hours which bit each second you do the matt and two other people which their Owen computer imagery auto bitter who the end to win the auction. Anyhow when you tap out the fake price stock for few hours on the same price like49$ right at 8 seconds while two other fake persons keep biting for something not change in amount and time until next day said one of two fake men person made by their computer win the bit at 49$. I emailed them but no respond and I called customer service which it is recording them try to sell something to after you deny they disconnect on you. Bottom a line do not believe people nicely give a tip in craigslist to go this scam site and DONT EVEN register or give your credit card please read the review they have one star and so many same story. By the way I talked with my card company and put their charges in the dispute and I will contact the government agency why they do not stut it this cites down which located in Canada. So if you want to lose the money and get scam is up to you!


Ask hamid about Beezid
1 review
26 helpful votes

I joins the site without looking at reviews the site is a nightmare

Ask Melanie about Beezid
1 review
23 helpful votes

Do not waste your money on this scam

Ask Terry about Beezid
1 review
46 helpful votes

So a short story, I was browsing on CL for a iPhone 6+ found a couples that very cheap like half of the price from everyone else selling their and decided to email one and text to the other. Almost instantly a response back that the item was just sold and direct me to go to This is when I notice it is FRAUD/SCAM for sure because the ads on CL just listed like a hours ago and how could be sold already! A LEGITIMATE SCAM YOUR MONEY. And I didn't know that you have to put in money before bidding, thank you to all the shares.

Ask AimeeChang about Beezid
1 review
22 helpful votes

As the reviews say this site is dumb and don't waste your time.

Ask Kristin about Beezid
1 review
20 helpful votes

Terrible thing they will get you everytime

Ask Bob about Beezid
1 review
23 helpful votes

I talked to several different bbb reps and all told me the same thing the red tape makes it legal. Also they give their employees unlimited free bids and those use bots. They will bid thousands of dolars in bids on items selling at $100. Better to stay away. You won't win suing them unless they tell you they don't do the above and you have to have that on record. Then it's fraud and even then good luck with that. Stay away from businesses that don't have the bbb credentials. Good luck

Ask Robert about Beezid
1 review
24 helpful votes

Let my guard down and didn't search for reviews before signing up. One of the phony beezid Autobidders got me. My bad...

Ask Bob about Beezid
1 review
34 helpful votes

This company hires employees to sell electronics for super cheap on craigslist, then they say it was "just sold" and that they got it from Like c'mon how low is that. Anyway that got me to fall for it and sign up and its nearly impossible to win bc the same 10 people bid on EVERY item. Yoou can still win so its not a complete scam, but you will have to fork over alot of money to win. I was able to make my money back by bidding on stupid little items at like 2 am. But you have no chance at actually winning anything big on this site for cheap. NEVER USE THIS SITE PLEASE. If you insist to give it a try PLEASE you quibids, where its at least straight forward and doesn't have stupid ass super powers. This site is just begging for money, and you're hardly saving any money. Stay away from this awful website.

Ask Hayden about Beezid
1 review
15 helpful votes

I was charged $70 with out even knowing about it and the bidding last forever starts counting down then all of a sudden time goes back up Huh? Nice Auction Not

Ask Elden about Beezid
1 review
27 helpful votes

I spent almost 200$ on bids to use to bid, yes you have to buy bids to bid on something! It also says that you are guaranteed a win, what a joke! I will never use this site again nor will I ever recommend it to anyone else! And as if all of that isn't enough, the clock would go from 16 seconds to 6 seconds and start over again and the bids would get higher! I recommend that they never contact me in any form because they will not like what I have to say! Next time if there is a product that I want I will go buy the damn thing at the store! At least that way I won't feel like I not only got ripped off but got screwed in the process! If it doesn't walk like a duck, quack like a duck then it's not a freaking duck! Enter at your own risk, it ain't worth the money, time or the feeling of being made a fool of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to rate a 1 just to leave this review! Not even worth a minus 5,000!

Ask DEBORAH about Beezid
1 review
15 helpful votes

i bought a turtle/ninja/monkey and it was just a toy called teenage mutant turtles what is that

Ask fred about Beezid
1 review
28 helpful votes

If I could leave ZERO stars, I would because I'm so pissed right now. My husband replied to an ad on Craigslist for a PS4. He received an automated response back about how the seller had just sold his last one and but referred him to the Beezid site. I, unfortunately, registered for the site because it seemed like a good deal. I purchased 125 "bids" and was supposed to receive over 500 bonus bids. Well, I looked around on the site and placed a few bids trying to get my feet wet. Here's what they DON'T tell you up front: most items cost you over 5 bids to bid once...and then you still pay for the item (sure, you might "win" a laptop for $100 but you've blown through God-knows-how-many bids to get there). So once I realized what it was, I emailed customer service and told them that I wanted a refund.

Today I got a call from STEVE (came from a Quebec, Canada phone number). He told me that he was an employee that trained new bidders on how to win on the site. I cut him short and told him that I wasn't interested. Then he had the audacity to tell me that "losers" only spent $70 or $80 on the site and expected to win big items. He was VERY rude and told me that I would have to talk to customer service. I told him fine - I'll hold. He said I would be on hold for 5 minutes...I said no problem. Then he said that he didn't want to wait 5 minutes - that he had other people to talk to....and HUNG UP. I'm waiting for customer service to call me but I'm ready to dispute the charge on my credit card as soon as it shows up.

Moral of the story - if it seems too good to be is. And don't do something on a whim because your husband wants a cheap PS4 ;-)

Ask Melissa about Beezid
2 reviews
45 helpful votes

It's a scam, they phish for email address via Craigslist with fake ads for items that
have prices that are "too good to be true". For example, a PS4 for $100. You respond
to the Craigslist ad and the automatic reply says something like "oh, you missed it, but I
got mine at blah blah blah beezid".


Ask neil about Beezid

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