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Review of AirRattle

AirRattle reviews

131 reviews
Categories: Airsoft Guns, Guns
3643 Dill Road
Centerburg, OH 43011
Tel: 1-740-625-0001

131 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

bought a WWII remake M4A1 for my brother cause his broke. And when we got done charging and took it out and shot it the firing mech. shattered! I found another site that is legit if you are looking for another site. they ship in like 2 days at the cheapist shipping and they're both cheap and expensive depending on what you buy.
I know i sound like someone from their company but i'm not just an unsatisfied customer that is trying to help other unsatisfied customers

Ask Ryan about AirRattle
1 review
2 helpful votes

I'm so pissed off I don't even want to describe it. I purchased product A, with B and C upgrades. Only received product A WITHOUT B and C upgrades. On top of that product A didn't work anyways. Wouldn't fire properly. Had to pay 36 dollars to return shipping and they informed me they're giving me a refund. Still haven't received that refund. I've emailed a total of 11 times. I've received only 4 responses. STAY AWAY FROM THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY

Ask Shane about AirRattle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Shame on me for not reading reviews before I purchased. I got caught in the scam: They sent the wrong product, which was inferior and cheaper to the product that was purchased. They don't offer to pay for return shipping until it's disputed and then the product must be in perfect condition in order for the return to be acceptable. When it's returned, they claim it's not in resellable condition and refuse to issue you a refund of any sort. Knowing this part of the scam, I told them that I would keep what was shipped and that I wanted the difference in price refunded and they told me that they could not do that. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

Ask Mary about AirRattle
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm not hard to please at all and despite all the negative reviews, I thought I would give them a whirl for their discounted prices. Big mistake.

I ordered a 300 dollar gun and received something completely different valued at less than what I paid for. The only option I had was to send it back "in perfect restockable condition or else we will not accept it" and wait for a refund. Not happening.

I asked for a partial refund for the difference in what I over paid. I'm sure that will take another year to square away.

Do NOT buy from AirRattle.

Ask Lou about AirRattle
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a rifle from, which had the best prices around. After receiving the rifle 10 days later I found that I was sent the wrong model. I contacted the Customer Service manager, Joe for assistance. After waiting for him to confirm that there was a mistake and that I in fact received the wrong model, I recieved the call back. I was told that the ONLY option I have is to: wait for a shipping label (1 Day), send the wrong item back (10 Days), process the return (1Day), and return shipping (10 Days). I already waited for 10 days to get the wrong rifle and now need to wait an additional 21 days because of a mistake THEY made. Also, I can't get a refund until they get their mistake back and process it, so 11 days just for a refund on a transaction that is only beng disputed because of thier mistake. Shame on AIRRATTLE for leaving my 10 year old son waiting 30 plus days just to get something I already paid for and am being forced to return because they can't process orders correctly and in a timely manner. Pay a little more and get what you order and actual customer service, instead of the run around. Companies like this are what makes inline shopping so dangerous. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Ask Rick about AirRattle
Brian F.
1 review
1 helpful vote

My 11 year old son had finally saved enough money to buy his first air soft gun. He did research on what to look for in a gun and gun safety and I was ready to let him order one on amazon. My son says no my friends order at Air Rattle. So we go to the website and it looks good. I tell my son to look around the site and pick out a gun in his price range. He saved the money so I am trying to let him have the responsibility of picking out the gun too. He does and shows me the guns he put in the cart. I thought he did a great job staying within his budget so we ordered them. At this point I did not realize air rattle sells also guns for parts too. Unfortunately one of the guns my son choose was from their boneyard. So now we have a gun meant for parts which does us no good. So after many tries I finally got through to Air Rattle customer service and tell them what we purchased was a mistake. I try letting the guy know that I let my son pick out the gun and we were buying for play not for parts and thought he might understand. No! Company policy no returns on bone yard items.
After talking to the customer service rep at I took a look at the bone yard section of their site. If you go to that section looking for a gun for parts the policy is clearly marked at the top of that page. The problem is if you do a search for sniper rifle and the gun you pick happens to be a bone yard gun you go directly to the gun page. On the individual gun page you have to scroll down the page to see their disclaimer. The entire page looks like any other gun on the site with a nice picture, an add to cart button, and ads for other guns along the bottom of the screen. You cannot see the disclaimer at all without scrolling down. From here you go directly to checkout without ever seeing the warning. It would be easy for any first time customer like us to go through this process and make this mistake.
Air Rattle cannot and will not see how this mistake could have been made by an 11 year old making his first purchase. The company will not budge and help my 11 year old son who is now out the $85 that he saved to buy his first air soft gun. Expensive lesson for us to learn. Thanks Air Rattle
I was hoping to give my son the same feeling I had when I got to buy my own bike around his age. I got to walk in the store, pick it out and pay the guy myself. That was really cool. The difference then was I was dealing with a sales man and not an impersonal website

Ask Brian about AirRattle
1 review
3 helpful votes

I order a Full mask and it came with a different one with the ST SERIES MASK!

Ask Kenshin about AirRattle
1 review
5 helpful votes

i order a kwa sr10 and received a kwa m4-ris witch it is cheaper left like 5 voicemail and a few email couple of days later i received an email asking me for the pictures of the rifle i got i send it and they reply back that i got the correct one.!!!!!! stay away from these people or they will ripped u off !!!!!!!!!!!

Ask alejandro about AirRattle
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

" I have to apologize to they actually came through form me after comunication started I mad a few hasty reviews based on what other reviews I saw and my own experience with them was quit different..still would like to talk to a live person when you call a number but the email support was well on the job Thank you guys :)"

Tip for consumers: Going on day 2 now no phone calles no emails no twitter or facebook respons I believe this to be a scam as in who uses a answering maching to take calls for a business

Ask Jason about AirRattle
1 review
3 helpful votes

We purchased the 160 dollar rifle for Christmas 2015 and it wouldn't work. We looked at it and realized they didn't use the right sized screws when putting this together and so the barrel moved back and forth making it impossible for the pellets to fire. We called first -they said fix it yourself. We told them that we wanted our money back. They said no prob - send it back. We sent it back and they said too bad - that since the pellets were jammed it voided the warranty! Are they kidding? I've tried to call six times - each time was told someone would call me back. I have not received one phone call. This is the most dishonest company on the market.

Ask Teressa about AirRattle
1 review
3 helpful votes

Was going to buy my little brother 2 m4s then i read the $#*! reviews
I placed my order on the 24th of dec, finally cancelled it on the 28th( they said id get refunded in 3 to 5 business days) and today. I check my bank statement only to be charged 171 bucks again and my account has been overdrafted making me lose over 160 bucks in my savings...not to mention i had to call 10 $#*!ing times in a row just to get some pussy voiced thief on the phone.... Might just go to ohio myself and get my $#*!ing money back in person..$#*!ing pissed

Ask Ola about AirRattle
1 review
5 helpful votes

I purchased a pistol from them and it was DOA. They quickly issued me an RMA and I sent the pistol back. They received it Nov 23rd. I waited a week to call and check on the status and was told I would be receiving a replacement. Another week went by and no replacement. Another call same story. This time a person named Dylan tells me he will take care of it personally. Another week goes by no tracking number, no pistol. Two weeks before Christmas I call again and was told I would get a tracking number and it would arrive by Christmas. It is now Dec 28th and still no tracking number or gun.

Calling is a joke. Voicemail is always full and it usually takes repeated redials an hour to get someone on the phone. I am sitting on hold as I type this. It has been 40 minutes.

My next email will be to the Ohio Attorney General. Here is the information if you need it as well...

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General: Nancy H. Rogers

State Office Tower

30 E. Broad Street, 17th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3428
Phone: 614-466-4320

Consumer Protection Section:

State Office Tower
30 E. Broad Street, 17th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3428
Phone: 1-877-AG4OHIO (1-877-244-6446)
Consumer Complaint Form:

Ask Lance about AirRattle
1 review
3 helpful votes

This company is a joke!!!!!!! First, it is VERY difficult to get in touch with anyone. Second, when we did finally get in touch with someone, they told us that they were going to send out a replacement part for our son, they said it should take 7-10 business days.....NOT!!!!!! My wife called to complain, after several attempts, got in touch with them, they apologized for the delay and said they would get it right out. Again another Lie!!!!!! Please, Please, Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

Ask Rland about AirRattle
1 review
3 helpful votes

This occured over a year ago. My dad had bought a full metal aeg m4 off of their website. He fired the first shot and a metal piece in the gun was jammed and the gun had come with a waranty. He sent it back and airrattle "fixed it" and sent it back. Except they forgot to send the magazine with the gun. After shooting it with one of my other mags the metal peice jammed again. He sent it back and they finally fixed it. He had also purchased a couple upgrades on the gun that turned out pretty good.

Yes it has been over a year and I am sure AirRattle has changed. I personally just did not have a good experience in AirRattle and that experience has kept me from buying from them. I imagine that a good amount of people have had good experience but I did not.

Ask Im about AirRattle
1 review
4 helpful votes

So, I ordered an Aug and 2 sniper rifles. The Aug out performed the snipers by a long shot so I tried to return them within 15 days. I emailed and no response for 3 days so I called. I spoke to a guy who was friendly and issued an rma for the 2 rifles. I accepted the 25% buyback fee for open items. The next day, I finally got a response to my email saying they do not accept open items. I ignored that email as I already had an rma in process. I paid $26 for return shipping. Fast forward 2 whole weeks when I get an email saying this:

William. I did receive the paperwork that the return for 206364 was processed yesterday. Unfortunately, you returned an item with out a box and it is physically broken as stated by our tech. We informed you that this was not returnable without a box on 9/25. I do apologize but at this time we can not take this gun back that is physically broken and without a box. I do apologize. When the other return is processed we will contact you as well. Thank you, Amber

AirRattle Customer Support

So there are now 2 issues here... I wanted a simple return for 2 guns that did not perform as advertised. I followed the 15 day return policy, paid for return shipping, and I informed them beforehand of the missing boxes and accepted the buyback fee. So that is one promise stated on the website broken. NOW, they say the items are broken? So since I responded in the first 15 days, that should be covered under their defective item warranty even if it was damaged in transit. What do I get? A snooty email saying that they are sending back the guns after acknowledging that they are broken. I had no knowledge of any defects at the time of shipping and really shouldn't matter as I followed policy regardless of the issue.I would HIGHLY recommend avoiding this website at all costs and try I have had GREAT results from them and will conduct all my business with them moving forward.

Ask william about AirRattle
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have only a few words to say, those words are: fast shipping, extremely low prices, and quality guns. Perfect for anyone including intermediate/advanced players.

Ask Cole about AirRattle
1 review
2 helpful votes

Very good, fast checkout.

Ask SwagMcSwaggers about AirRattle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Very good

Ask Harvey about AirRattle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Fast, easy, lowest prices!

Ask Reuben about AirRattle
1 review
2 helpful votes

You need a better package tracking system. Your merchandise is awesome.

Ask Robert about AirRattle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Just bought few guns from them wasnt expecting much for beinging less than 10$ per gun but when it say over 200 fps you expect something decent not a roll out of the barrel and fall to the ground barely went 5 feet i got a couple walmart brand ones that put these to shame wouldnt buy guns from em again but accessories a good possibility

Ask Anthony about AirRattle
1 review
0 helpful votes

My overall experience was good but I think the shipping prices are way out of line with the cost of the item.

Ask Roberta about AirRattle
1 review
2 helpful votes

found exactly what I needed and a helpful video on how to use the item!

Ask Joseph about AirRattle
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I first ordered an aeg from the site, the batteries were cheap and did not last long. I had to pay the return shipping back to the company which was $30 dollars. Instead of buying another aeg I bought a condor phantom soft shell jacket. The box came what looked like it had been stepped on, and when I took the jacket out of the box, it was not wrapped in any sort of plastic, the sales tags were missing, the neck tag had been wripped off, and it look like somebody had already used and washed the jacket. Buy from this company if you want crappy products and horrible costumer service.

Ask Leo about AirRattle
1 review
5 helpful votes

I spent $140.00 on a FAMAS gun for my son for Christmas. It worked for one day! I contacted them and was given trouble shooting tips...
Finally they agreed for an exchange....I never wanted my money back, just a working gun.
They later reneged and blamed us for overcharging the battery!

Ask Carolyn about AirRattle

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