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3073 Peachtree Road Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30305, United States

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Obviously, these 2 reviews are from actual workers. Seriously, this is website marketing 101. I still have yet to see a (valid) good review on this company

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11/4/14 sold my Rolex Sea-Dweller on June 24, 2011. They were supposed to keep a 19% consignment fee and send me the remainder of the selling price. I have As of December 10, 2011, I have received not one cent of the $3,240 of the money they owe me. Most of my calls and e-mails are ignored. Brandy Bennett, finance manager, sent me an e-mail a few days ago which said I would be paid by November 30, 2012.

I have been robbed.

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All the basic customer service skills are non-existent at watchbrokers. Their BBB listing/review says it all! Stay Away

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As I have now read from multiple victims, my watch was sold over 10 months ago and I have not been paid, nor have any of my communications been answered. DO NOT SEND YOUR WATCH TO WATCHBROKERS.COM. This clearly is a scam and prosecution is mandatory. The activity of is criminal.

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I have mailed five valuable watches to this company and have had similar responses or should I say no responces. I've contacted all the departments or agencies suggested. I have two further suggestions--a fraud detective told me I should notify the USPS as this involves MAIL FRAUD--Please lets all complain.My super duper idea is let us all contact Leslie Stahl from 60 minutes and see if she would be interested in a panel discussion. Marnie from Michigan

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FRAUD or SCAM - Either way I am out an $8,000 watch.

My watch sold 31 OCTOBER, 2011.

Sales Rep. Eric Toso said, "The ETA is usually 25-45 business days from point of sale." Finance Manager Brandy Bennett said, "... the net balance due would be remitted to by within six (6) months of the sale. ... but no later than April 30,2012,"


NO CHECK. NO Return Email. NO one answers the phones. NOTHING


If WATCHBROKERS sold your watch and you are waiting for you check. GOOD LUCK.

If you are cinsidering WATCHBROKERS to sell your watch. RECONSIDER.

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So wish I could give a less than 1 star rating. Let me see...where do I start to tell about my extreme frustration with this company. Be advised this is going to be an extremely long rant as I am more than ticked at this SCAM!

My experience began with Matt Mason in the Atlanta office. I met him with I attempted to sell my Chopard watch. He was very nice and extremely convincing when talking me into allowing them to sell my piece. He assured me that they could sell it for at least $7000 but probably closer to $9000. I happily agreed to allow them to sell it. BIG MISTAKE!!

After Matt received my timepiece (August 2011), I went several weeks without hearing anything. Then all of the sudden I started getting calls from Eric Toso. Here is where I should insert that I am business owner and a HUGE stickler for customer service. If there is ever a situation where I am working with a client and they will be passed over to another individual in my company, they are informed about that transition! I was never, not one time, introduced to, or told about Eric Toso until he just started calling me one day.

Now, a personal note to Eric -- you need to learn to speak clearly! I could hardly understand your calls and messages. Also, if a client tells you that the best form on communication for them is e-mail, you should email them.

Back to my complaint...after several months (3-4) of my watch not selling, I began to express interest in getting it back. Suddenly, miraculously, my watch "sold on December 20, 2011." I hesitate to say "sold" because I'm not convinced the watch was ever sold. Now get this, the selling price was only $4500!! After all the commission and CRAP is taken out, I'm going to end up with a little over $3000 for a $15,000 watch.

Fast forward to now (March 2012) and I have still not received a check for my watch. I am so extremely frustrated that I began calling them and leaving messages every 15 minutes during my hour and a half commute.

I am telling you all this to warn you DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, trust this company. They are a scam and a fraud and should be shut down! I am a firm believer in karma and I believe these awful individuals that assist this company in scamming people will pay for their evil work.

I am also telling you this because I want to know how many of you ever got your checks? I wish there was some way to just shut these people down. I am so mad at myself for falling this SCAM!

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I like everyone else fell for the same SCAM and sent them my watch in August. They were very helpfull and polite so I mailed them overnight Fed-Ex my IWC coustea aquatimer limited edition. The watch was sold in August and I was assured by Eric Toso I would recieve payment in timely matter. Each time I contacted Eric as the weeks passed I was told 1-2 more weeks. Then Toso forwarded me to account payable of which they would never respond. To this date I have not received payment or corrospondance from them. I have filed with BBB of which they have not received a response. I also made a clame with Govorners Office of consumer affairs. I'm not sure what the next step should be or how to come to a resolution. Any input would be appreciated or if there is further legal action. Please contact me at For those contiplating brokering your watch be carefull and I wouldn't suggest Thank You Mark

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Ok, so here's my story. Back in October of 2011 I contacted to sell a couple of watches to help me get back on my feet after my divorce. After some hesitancy and great anxiety I decided "hey, they look pretty legit" and "wow, their retail offices are located in my city, Atlanta" so what did I have to lose. I called in spoke with one of their sales agents and decided that the cash would greatly benefit me in my time of transition. Went in, met with a guy named Al and he turned me over to Eric Toso. After limited correspondence I get a message that my watches (yes watches plural. which have an apporximate retail value of $15k) have an offer to which I take at Eric's insistance. Per Eric, "this is a great offer for your watches, I'd take it" So with that I accepted the offer. A bit of time passes and I hear nothing from ANYONE at watchbrokers, even after I make numerous calls into the company to find out where in the h#!! is my money. (Going through a divorce mind you and cash is king these days). After many attempts, I get a call back from Eric when he informs me that "it's a 30 to 45 day processing period". Well the "processing period" has passed and now I get nothing in response to my many numerous attempts ADFTE the timepieces have been sold. What kind of watches, you ask? A 44mm Panerai Luminor and a Jaeger LeCoutre Reverso Squadra. NOT CHEAP WATCHES AT ALL...

In closing, if you're looking to sell your watches, go else where. These guys are either A.) Lying thieves or B.) Disorganized lying thieves. If anyone would like to reach out to me directly with your stories, please do so at

One more thing, I have contacted the Atlanta City police department to file a report and I'm submitting a filing with the BBB. I have been advised by my attorney that I can also file with the FBI fraud division.

We'll see what happens. I will up date this site if I ever get paid.


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I sold a watch on 10/17 and have been waiting for my check since. Eric Toso had told me repeatedly that it would be 24-45 business days and today I found out from Brandy in Accounts Payable that it will be 6 months. Eric told me that a partner left and they are re-working the business model which is in turn, delaying payments 3 months. I am going to contact the links below as well as the BBB. Will I EVER get my check??

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I shipped them my Rolex in July 2011 after corresponding with and
The first week of December I emailed them ask what was the status. I was told that the had been sold September!

I asked why I'd not been told, not been paid... and I was told to email (accounts payable). There was no response for a week, so I re-sent my query. Despite reassurances from Mr Toso, deadline after deadline has passed and AP has still not responded in any way after a full month to my several appeals and I am now preparing to file criminal charges against these thieves.

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As with all you others out here, I am another that these criminals scammed I have followed all the advice, made all the calls. Should anyone wish to start a class action, lease include me in the me @ hammerhead1@comcast What these people are doing IS criminal.....we lose our timepieces AND money??? How do these SCUMBAGS sleep at night (I'm sure very comfortably, and Mr. Latona in a big, fancy house. But Mr. Latona will be the next Bernie Madoff...this POS will do jail time. Include me in any action that you who have been scammed, might follow through....if not, I agree with the poster that it gets burned down, along with Latona's house, bought with OUR money thatr is still owed us

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i had the same issue. I am not thinking of get my payment or get my watch back now. What i am thinking is i will make them pay. And i plan to visit them in atlanta. Anyone wants to join?

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We have also been scammed by as ours mirrors everyone elses. My husband's Rolex Datejust 18k Yellow Gold watch was sold on Aug. 11, 2011 to this date we have yet to receive payment. These are the steps that we have taken.

1. City of Atlanta Police Dept.
Zone 2 Precinct
3120 Maple Dr.
Atlanta, GA. 30305
Attn: Sergeant Paine and Senior Officer Fast
Phone: 404-848-7231
Fax: 404-848-7202

We have spoken with Sr. Office Fast who is pursuing a report to their fraud department. We followed his instructions with first sendinhg a certificed letter including a signed returned receipt to use the 3073 Peachtree RD NE, Atlanta, GA. 30305 address as the 2870 Peachtree address is not deliverable. In you letter you must state that your are demanding payment for your watch or return of your watch by a specific date. We sent Attn: Eric Toso only in the letter not on the envelope.

2. Governors Office of Consumet Protection
#2 MLK Junior Drive Ste. 365
Atlanta, GA. 30334
Phone: 3404-651-8600

You must call them first to get a "Case number" before sending in your detailed complaint.

We did the same as others have done with the BBB and the FBI internet fraud dept. and the FedEx fraud department. We will also contact the Attorney Generals office and the District Attorneys Office as many of you had suggested. As a last resort if this becomes a civil issue all of us should join together and file a law suit against


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I sent them an Omega watch in June, 2011. My initial contact was Eric Toso. He did call me in September to tell me my watch had sold. After waiting a while I called him to inquire about my payment and he told me the buyer had a 15-day right of recission. So, I waited some more, called Watchbrokers in early October and was told the sale was complete and I had been put on a "to pay list". No check yet! Since my last call I have not been able to contact a "soul" there and there have no replies to my emails. I don't like to about being scammed, but every- thing up to now indicates I am definitely a scam victim.

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Just like everyone else on this site it looks like I have been scammed. They sold my Jaeger LeCoultre watch for $2700 first week in August and I still have not been paid. I have spoken with them several times and keep hearing diffent reasons why I have not been paid. First it was new software now it is they are going through an audit. Now I cannot get anyone to return calls or emails. I have filed complaints with BBB and Georgia's consumer affairs. My next step will be to call the Atlanta police and also seek an attorney.
Do not do businees with this company! I only wish I had found this web site before I sent my watch away.

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I am so very sick. We dropped our watch off to them in Sept. it sold the first of Oct. and no one will talk to us. We have had to turn it over to our attorney and I am going to call the FOX 5 I team tomorrow to see if they want to do a story on it. We are beside ourselves sick and have been taken such advantage of. I do not recommend this company to anyone...if I had only seen this sight before we took our watch to these guys. Now, if I ever hear from them and they pay us our money I will let you know but thus far this has been a nightmare!!!

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11/2/11 sold my Rolex Explorer II back in late June. It has been four months and I still have not received payment. I have left literally dozens of voice messages and dozens of emails to the finance department and have NEVER received a response. I even hired an attorney to draft a letter demanding payment and STILL no response. I have filed a complaint with the BBB of Atlanta as well as the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs in hopes that this will finally spur some action on their behalf. In short, this has been one big nightmare and has caused me incredible stress. Quite possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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I bought a watch for the gold weight in the band and case. I can get $500 out of it as scrap. But it is a nice omega watch so I sent it to watch brokers to if I could sell it through them for more than the scrap value. They recomended a price of $450.00 and they keep 35% . I told them that would be silly for me to do and to send my watch back. They want $39.95 in shipping and handling to send it back to me. I said they could use my Fedex account number and they said they could not do that.

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I fell for smooth talk, and eagerness to get ahold of my 1946 pink gold bubble back Rolex. They rip me off!!!! I am moving forward with action though, and I will not stop untill Richard Latona pays every one out here he owes!!!!

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I just got my watch. It took me roughly 3 weeks before everything was ironed out. I'm very happy with the purchase. I'll make a stop at a local jewelry store just to have them check as well. They didn't have the watch brand I wanted at that time so I bought it at watchbrokers. Thanks!

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9/14/11 Last week, I received my payment for the watch I sold. Looking at the rants here, looks like the company has ironed out details on how to go about with their business. The transaction did last about 2 to 3 weeks. Probably my watch took some time before getting bought.

Luckily for me, the 1st person I spoke with was RJ. He seems to be the popular problem solver on the reviews above me. I was a bit hesitant to sell it on ebay because I haven't made any transactions there for that much amount. It's a pretty good deal for me. 4 stars for the folks there.

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I bought a couple of watches from this site and never got any problems. I was quite surprised with the reviews here. I am also a businessman and I know what I want with my purchases. Try these: write down all of the questions you have before you make any transaction so that you'll be able get all info you need. Second, make sure you get all contact information. Third, communicate all the things you wanted and expected from the company, this will give them an idea of what you think is fair. Lastly, and the most important thing is make sure of what the terms for the payment is, so that you'll not be surprised on when your check will be arriving.

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NEVER, NEVER send your precious timepiece to these people. It is a SCAM!!!! I sent my Rolex & been 3 months, no payment!..Reported this to Atlanta FBI already. It is a SCAM!!! Be careful!!!!

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These people wer entirely too persistent and high pressure so I backed off and ran for cover. Has anyone actually sent them a watch?

By Larry A.
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