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the truth. someone has to say it. the worse blind is the one that dont wants to see.
after all the lies and manipulation we see on a daily basis, and that has been around for decades, even centuries you will have to question yourself what is realy the truth? why would a select group og people want to misguide the rest of human kind this way? money..power? i mean... its not like there are any bad people in this world right that would do sometyhing like that. theres nothing wrong with questioning things. an intelligent person will question everything realy.

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Disturbing truth are coming slowly out of the swamp !! Hope we hear and read another
sound than the one of our one sided mainstream media !!

SandDab D.
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10/19/2016 - All stars removed - final update. Pro-Russian and anti-American. Many fake writers - plan on walking through 100 landmines before finding any nuggets of truth. Few of the authors are great and should move-on.

Added 2 stars back. Jack Speer-William's article unveiling BLM used legit sources and was quite good.

7/16/2016 - Removed 3 stars. Some writers are using banking, Blackrock, CFR, CIA and City of London data to elevate Putin and demonize the US, all unbeknownst to readers. If Jonas Alexis can explain, stars could be restored. Left a message on his article - no response will bring VT down to 1 star. Source used was Peter G. Peterson: who is he?

3/27/16 Added a star today. Under 'investigations,' Katherine Frisk, freelance writer/author, has successfully led a discussion which uncovered the roots of Skull and Bones Day 3/22. Alexander the Great died the year before the Order was founded. Also, the year Aristotle died.

Founders of the Sumerian Empire (Sumerians become important):

Khazarian Rothschilds Mafia is the name for the bad guys here. Everyone knows this by now. Other stuff too, but G. Duff admits he can admit only so much. Have to connect the rest oneself. Don't use the 'Khazar' label myself as it's not an accurate term, imho. Where's the Vatican in that term? What about the Frankists? What about the Freemasons and Bankers? KM is way too general a term and catches innocents in its net.

Haven't seen anything on the Rothschild's(world banking) as behind the BRICS Banking Scheme on VT, though it's elsewhere. Nor will one find that Iran, Israel and the US are 'secret' allies. Iran removed the Taliban for Israel and the US. Not on VT. (search any claim to get source information, videos, documents).

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The domain name is registered through GoDaddy and shows the owner as being Domains By Proxy. That means whoever registered the site is trying stay anonymous.

It reads like a typical Russian propaganda site.

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Horrible, conspiracy site made for the mouth breathers in this country that will believe anything. Really sad that anyone with a functioning brain believes this is news. Wish i could rate it 0 stars.

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Intriguing since, if true, we will soon know. Would rate 4 if actual proof or any evidence whatsoever was in article. Rate 5 if anyone interviewed with evidence.

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Thanks Veterans Today for the accuracy of your reporting.

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This is nothing but a disgusting propaganda site filled with anti-Israeli and pro Russian garbage. Pull this stinking trash pile up alongside Russia Today, notice the identical web architecture, shared stories,and articles on VT that site the crap from RT as source and take 3 guesses who really runs this site. If any actual American veteran believes anything posted in this garbage dump I would be shocked.

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Not a legit source of information but rather a bunch of bias conspiracy theorists spewing their hatred of America. Pretty sad that people actually believe their stories.

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This site copies and pastes a few legitimate articles of interest to veterans or their families, in order to draw people in, and then fills the rest of the site with unfounded accusations and conspiracy theories against both the US government and its allies, and against Jews in general.

Most of the items they post have been thoroughly debunked elsewhere, but they continue to post it anyhow, which shows that their real interest is in stirring up hatred, not in spreading the truth.

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A website that will publish crackpot conspiracy theories straight from Iran's press tv news.

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i was surfing the web when i seen something about the wounded warriors project one so called retired vet claimed they were just a big money scam . all i ever seen was good what they were doing . i realy think hes just mad cause he cant get what he wants from the govt. maybe one day one of his relatives will need the w.w.p. .

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"Veterans Today" is ALARMIST TRIPE. It's designed to flip the polarity on the American political establishment by exposing them as sub-human and barbaric creatures. Yet, the childish caricatures painted about the Clintons, Bushes, and other political leaders are simply unbelievable and, in the end, laughable. "Veterans Today" is alarmist cartoon journalism living in the valley of defecation.

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STAY AWAY from this cowardly anti-israel and anti-american website. Using the name "Veteran" in their website is an absolute shameful disgrace. If you are looking for real and relevant information...put it this way- this website is as clear as mud. Do yourself a favor and do the FACT supported research yourself. Don't buy into their mindless crap...unless you believe everything around you is a conspiracy- (and) if so, well then you, AND the veteranstoday website are in need of a serious psychological evaluation.

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It's good to see military Veterans covering topics like Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium and PTSD, because these are topics that they don't talk about on the TV adverts or at the recruiting agencies, and young men NEED to know about it before signing up.

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Veterans today is the red pill -- it's the awful truth, for those who can handle the truth.

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veterans today tells the news that the MSM doesn't thanks for keeping us updated with TRUE information!

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Veterans Today has the news the main stream media presstitutes don't (or won't) report.

1 review
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Decent site for an alternative take on politics and news. Controversial at times, but certainly worth a look if someone wishes to exit the echo chamber of mainstream news reporting.

1 review
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Very helpful and informative, Veteran's Today has news you won't hear in the mainstream media.

1 review
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Excellent site. It helped open my eyes to the reason why America continues to go to war in the Middle East and why we give so much cash to Israel.

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I find this site very interesting. It purports to reflect on "REAL" world events which, if truthful, would turn our normal senses upside down alright.
I think that it is one of the most hateful and provocative as well as miss-informed as well as being eager to point its sleazy finger at the chosen object of its founders dissatisfaction
In short - please delete your bookmark for it, and any references to it should be viewed as a bad reflection on the sites that carry them...

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Deceptively named hate-site with information lifted from legitimate veterans' sites used as a smoke-screen for anti-American, anti-semitic propaganda.

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This website is nothing but vile Nazi-style propaganda... is also so disgusting to hear so many people are being fooled by someone like Gordon Duff. This is the same manner how National Socialism was being accepted by the German people....except in this case to fool the American people you need to pretend that you are against putting Americans in "indefinite detention" and "supporting" the Constitution, meanwhile you let apologists for the dead Nazi government to write how "innocent" the Nazis were on your own website which is what Gordon Duff does by hiring the wife of holocaust denier and Nazi apologist Ernest Zundel.



Gordon Duff in his latest episode makes up a claim on how the French company Eutelsat is somehow an "Israeli company" even though it's FRENCH:

If you give five stars to this website, you're a fracking moron for believing in its lies. Seriously, how the hell could Eutelsat be Israeli? Duff likes to suggest he wants freedom of speech, but every time he gets it's only "freedom of speech" for him to blame Jews and never bother to look at the facts.

2nd Update: I am not so fond of owning guns, or being a gun owner, but with the sad pace of how National Socialism (Nazism) in this vile form is being accepted, I wouldn't blame any fellow American Jews to start arming themselves to stop this kind of madness.

An American Hitler will never rise to power, I say this and I am quite Liberal on certain social issues. But oddly enough, the camp that's tolerating this BS doesn't seem to even get it by a long shot that if you go all George McGovern or wRONg Paul, you think these folks would be just like your average types and just sit down and have a civil chat no matter who is presenting it whether it's Obama or Romney or whoever else comes around in the future.

These are people who openly want another holocaust, and they openly state it and when they're exposed for saying it, they go and deny it when it's there as plan as the sky is blue.

Screw Gordon Duff and his pals for spreading hateful conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook:

Yea for those who give this site five stars, that's what you look up to, conspiracy mongering whores. It's no different from Alex Jones and his 9/11 "Truth" Movement.

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A lot of paranoid, conspiracy-driven garbage. Strong anti-Semitic, anti-government theme, as well. If that's your thing.

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A typical wRONg Paul supporter embraces, how typical....

By Maxwell H.
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