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1 review
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They blocked my account and did not respond to my emails.
Previous to that it seemed ok although I considered it a bit pricey.
I would not recommend it.

1 review
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Received a request to help a "first year law student" on their equity and trusts coursework. Equity and trusts is a third year module, how daft can you get? Seems like these people are after tutors money for supposed "fees". Avoid

1 review
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What a con. This company will happily take your money, but there is zero response or assistance when all goes wrong. Any attempt to contact is ignored by first tutors, they do not answer there phone or emails.
Steer clear and find another reputable company who care about their clients.

1 review
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I selected a tutor named Lana from this site - however I never actually got to work with her. This tutor required upfront payment for 10 hours tutoring @ £60 per hour via direct deposit. I would no sooner send my bank details to an email scammer trying to "unlock an inheritance" than deposit £600 into the account of a someone I'd never spoken to let alone met. The upfront payment and direct deposit requirements left me with a bad feeling - and I believe in following intuition.

I ended up going with a different tutoring service; the hourly rate was actually over £20 more (I believe the company takes it's share). However, they require a minimum commitment to 5 hours of tutoring, have alternative options if the tutor is not a good match, have the possibility of using the balance of your 5 hours at a later date, and offer payment via credit card - which allows you an addition safeguarding feature.

Unless you're willing to hand over your cash with absolutely zero guarantee this service may not be for you.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Now where shall I begin. I booked a tutor called Rowena Gray from this site who claimed to be a serving teacher but actually wasn't. I paid the £10 fee to release her details and the tutor answered all questions to how I wanted to hear them. She was in fact an actress specialising in drama and not even a serving teacher. What I required was a serving secondary English teacher. She had however done some teaching before but that's not what I wanted. When she came to my house she claimed she worked for Ofsted and she 'wrote' exam papers for various exam boards. Her words just didn't add up. Every time I asked her what she actually does she would just waffle and I would end up with no clear answer. I passed her details on to my sister who required a tutor and my sister asked for her ID, DBS clearance, references after the first lesson but she cancelled the following lesson after that request. Her details just didn't add up so I asked her to bring her ID, references and DBS clearance on the next lesson which she should have bought in the first lesson but guess what as cancelled the lesson when I asked for theses. We rearranged and she came to another session with no DBS, references and claimed she has already done this with the UK TUTORS website. She was hesitant to show me her ID and the smell of her lies just kept getting stronger! Someone who works with children in a school would definitely have been DBS checked. I told her that I wanted to see them and she once again agreed to bring them for the following session. She then messaged my sister and I that she is extremely busy can can no longer teach our children. She obviously knew we were on to her lies and she couldn't keep up with them. It was only a matter of time before she was going to get revealed for who and what her real intentions were. The worst thing of all was when so asked my 8 year old child what I was speaking about on the telephone to a family member in my language which was in a separate room and had no concern to her. My child just simply answered 'I don't know'. UK TUTORS needs to be more in control who who is registered on their site and whether they have the necessary documentation to back up who they claim to be. All they seem to be bothered is about the fee that was paid to them and the rest is history. Parents need to request these documents before comencing sessions as not everyone is who they claim to be so be vigilant!

1 review
3 helpful votes

As a teacher you have to pay them if the student chooses you (minimum 10 pounds). I had a problem with a student who made an lesson but did not show up. Besides he ignored my messages. I wrote to the UK Tutors and they ignored me, too. Zero support! And then they wanted money from me! This "company" wants to earn on your hard work but they will treat you horrible.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

i researched reviews for UKTUTORS website and pretty average to poor reviews. i took a chance, chose japanese, got some emails from 2 tutors, i chose one, paid my fee and linked up with a lovely japanese lady called KYOKO, she did skype lesson with my 10 yr old son, on time, was excellent and very sweet and friendly. i was delighted. we will be continuing with her lessons. Thanks UKTUTORS.

1 review
10 helpful votes

I purchased a tutor's details from this website (at what is, I think, an unreasonably expensive rate) and made contact with the tutor. The tutor replied, offering a lesson the following weekend and asking what level I was at (this was a language tutor). I replied, saying I could meet that Saturday, and heard nothing back and follow up emails were ignored. Over two weeks later, the tutor contacted me, gave me some story to explain the delay and offered a lesson the following weekend. Again, I replied to fix a time and had no response. That was over two weeks ago now.
I thought I had just picked a bad tutor, and contacted uktutors, asking if they would credit me the fee back to use against another tutor. They ignored me. I emailed them a second time. They ignored me.
I think this website is a scam. They will happily take your money off you but have no interest in providing a service. I didn't even ask for a refund, just a credit back to their site so I could find another tutor. Their customer service is non-existent, and they ignore any contact you make. If you are lucky, you may find a genuine tutor here, but if things go wrong, the site will just take your money and run. I have filed a dispute with PayPal.
I wouldn't touch this site with a barge pole. I eventually found a tutor through another site, who actually care if you've been able to make contact with your tutor and provide some customer service.
Avoid at all costs.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been registered as a Tutor with this site for about six months. I now have seven pupils who I am tutoring and all is going well. The site is not a scam as some might say. If you have what is required / wanted as a tutor you will get students.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I hired a tutor through this site, who tutored my children for 1 class and then said she was too busy to commit to tutoring having said she would be available any day of the week! Therefore a very expensive 1hr 1/2 tutorial with the £15.60 spent on the uktutors website. I have sent 2 emails and contacted them via their website regarding the fact that the tutor i hired should not have accepted the position when they knew they would be unable to commit they have not responded.

1 review
6 helpful votes

My experience was very bad.Uktutor received my money that I paid for a tutor but my the tutor never available.and promesse to refund me but didnt.I have been charge twice for a tutor .I won'trecommended the web to anyone.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I found the site easy to use and selected the tutor I liked the sound of best. I wish I'd checked out this site ages ago. The tutor I selected contacted me back very quickly. We discussed via e-mail what my daughter needed and her first lesson was arranged very quickly. The 1-2-1 tutoring has done wonders for my daughter's confidence and motivation.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I am convinced this website is a scam. I have been registered as a tutor for years. I have received from time to time tutoring requests which never materialized into tutoring jobs. As soon as I try to finalize with the potential student details for our lessons they inevitably disappear. I suspect that the requests are fake and the hope is that I just accept the tutoring request and pay the introduction fee. All the requests seem to be written in the same style and I suspect that are generated by one person. Needless to say I have now removed my profile from this website. Infuriating experience and a total waste of time.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I signed up as a tutor with this website. I had a woman contact me for tuition, she purchased my details. I charge 35 per hour for uni students and 40 for adult learners. She said she was a uni student but actually she was an adult learner. When I emailed her I told her she should pay me £40 an hour, and she never got in touch with me again. It has been about 2 months, but I haven't heard from her. Yet Uk are still trying to scam me for 15.60. I have sent them all the email correspondence etc, and received nothing. Now have blocked me, I have written to them so many times, sent them all the communications to them yet they still don't respond or lift my ban. I am just stuck and don't see why I should pay money I have not earned. I think they try to scam people and this lady was probably just fake and this is how they try to collect money.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I am a maths and physics tutor and have been with this website about four years. I have found them easy to use and reliable. The fee they ask for, to exchange contact details, is very reasonable considering that it is a one-off charge per tutee. Agencies can ask 25% of the tutor's fee for *each tuition*!

Probably around 3/4 of the instances in which I have exchanged contact details have resulted in long-term tutees, lasting a year or sometimes two. This easily makes up for the few that back out before or shortly after the first session.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Easy website to navigate, I just entered my postcode and subject and found a whole list of tutors that I could contact for free. After discussing my needs with all the tutors I chose one who lived quite close to me. I paid a small intro fee for her contact details which I thought was very reasonable. I also received good responses from the customer service team when answering my questions. Im quite impressed how the whole tutor selection process went and would have no hesitation in recommending the site.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I received one student. She wasn't prepared to pay the fee UK Tutors wanted for my details, so as the amount of hours she wanted were too many to turn down, offered to cover the cost, which even I thought was excessively high, in the first hour of tutoring.

I emailed UK Tutors and filled their form in, requesting someone contact me as to how we could maybe split the fee, deducting it from the amount I then also "owed" them. A month later and no one has contacted me.

Then I received an email regarding the now "overdue" amount I owed to them. So again, I filled in their online support form, twice and emailed them. Still, as of this afternoon, the same say, no response.

I then tracked down a telephone number, via Companies house, as UK Tutors clearly don't want to talk to anyone registering with their service, and called them. I got an automated answer service, whereby I was directed to fill in their support forms, that they don't seem to respond to, or leave a message. I did. And as yet, have had no reply.

I am becoming a little suspicious of this outfit.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have worked as a tutor for 7 years and get a lot of students as I live near London where demand is high. In the past I have got quite a few students from UK Tutors but am now sick of the way they operate, which I regard as duplicitous. They are essentially nothing more than a database that sends automated emails. As people have commented further down the comments, there is zero customer service. There isn't even an option for students to give reviews of tutors. Yet when a tutee selects a tutor they are charged a high fee (around £20) as well as a 'one-off commission fee' (around £11) that the tutor is meant to collect from the student even in the situation that (as has happened to me) the lesson never takes place because the student decides against it. It is incredibly greedy to charge this much money for what is barely a service at all. None of the students were aware of the commission fee as the agency doesn't make it clear that they will have to pay it, which makes the tutor look bad. Steer clear, there are plenty of much better agencies!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I paid to obtain tutor's details, but tutor never responded. Waste of time and money. Has anyone ever obtained a refund?

1 review
3 helpful votes

I found my daughter, a local maths tutor through this service. I had no idea that there was so much choice in this area of the

market! Schools should really inform parents of this kind of thing!

I also registered with several other sites too (beanbaglearning and Tutor Hunt) but they had no suitable tutors and no reliable

feedback from real people to reassure me.

I ran a search, contacted 4 tutors, and within the day had found a suitable tutor and bought his details! Everything is going

well and my daughter is enjoying her tuition (only had 3 lessons so far) and we are satisfied with her progress.

If you are looking for a private tutor anywhere in the UK this is the site to use!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I signed up to this site in 2008 to offer my services as an English teacher.

The way they work is the following:

- The tutor accepts the tutee's request based on personal availability and overall identification to deliver the lessons.
- The tutee then pays a fee (around £10) and the tutor pays another fee per student (around £6)

My page was very attractive and some people started to enquire about lessons, but I was not available at the time of the first requests.

One day this girl contacted me and we finally confirmed the mutual interest to start the classes. She payed her fee and I paid mine. We exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses and began the process to book the 1st lesson. She said she was a flight attendant and was not available all the time but we managed to book one lesson. She cancelled it. We booked another lesson. She had to travel and couldn't make it.Then another lesson was booked and it snowed. She obviously cancelled it. Then it was Christmas time last year and she decided to leave it for the new year...

I was available to have the lessons from mid January 2010 and reminded her of this by sending numerous text messages and e-mails. She never got back to me...

But in the meantime, this other lady showed interest in my services. We started the whole process again and managed to book a day, time and place for our 1st meeting. The website interfered saying that we HAD TO PAY OUR FEES OR OUR ACCOUNTS WOULD BE CLOSED. We were not allowed to exchange messages anymore unless we paid our fees.

I nearly paid the fee again when I stopped and remembered that the 1st lady had simply disappeared. By the way my fee had gone up by roughly a £1 compared to the last one.

This to me looks like a fraudulent site or a terrible way to financially abuse people who need to advertise their services in a recession.

It was actually stupid of me to sign up to a website like that when there are other sites that offer free services and are proved to be reliable.

I wonder if there are other people out there who have used this website or know whether they are dishonest or not.

Best regards.

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