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It's unfair that people loose out on sites like this the best you can do is educate yourself.

Now what baffles me is why australia is known for ugg boots, obviously a well marketed business and of course great product but australia isn't a wetland it's a red rock, sunny as hell with blistering summers and i read winter isn't that cold anyway.

Wetlands, rich green paddocks that go for miles, and covered by sheep, I'm talking about New Zealand, obviously not a huge fan of marketing and or the mass's a company called make the best damn ugg's i've ever had the privilege of wearing, if your serious about getting a quality pair of boots for winter. track down these guys. There not cheap. mine were $200 NZD check the currency market, it comes down to about $US170 roughly. I've reviewed there site which doesn't have a store so write to them so they can help you track down a pair. The the real deal i can't stress this enough, why? because ugg has it's own heading in the review topic list which i thinks hilarious. To me thats like having a problem sourcing a proper can opener.

Any wetland country is bound to have a renowned ugg boot brand, thats speculation but i'm sticking by it because it makes perfect sense.

I'm not affiliated with any of the sites i review and if i was i'd have to own or something haha cause i gave it major love? ridiculous. by you visiting a site and making a purchase does not benefit me at all. I know girls love ugg so be grateful i just solved your problem.

1 review
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I feel like half the people on this site that are writing bad reviews!!! THIS SITE IS STRAIGHT UP FRAUD!!! BEWARE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE...I really hope ones read reviews before they decide to buy ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! I just went to the site, because I saw the low prices, interested at the prices I looked at some, and actually put a pair in my cart, before I actually bought them I emailed them requesting the fact that these are not FAKE AND ARE REAL UGG BOOTS! Do you know these people sent me an email with a conformation stating my bought the boots! Being silly when I put the boots into my cart I was really going to buy them and started filling out the needed info, something clicked in my head, READ REVIEWS ABOUT THIS SITE!! So before I went through with the order I went and read some reviews, BOY! was I glad I did!! So I went back and it was on another screen stating the order was processed!! I NEVER APPROVED IT!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD!! I immediately called my credit card company, not only did they charge me but the OVER CHARGED ME!! I consider this fraud, and my credit card took care of it for me. Even my credit card company that this was little funny, they have no contact number or really no good contact information at all for that fact!! On their site they say they have live chat! (FAKE) I WOULD REALLY SAY DO NOT BUY FROM!! You may not have the chance to get out of it as fast as I did!!!

1 review
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Well, I did it too! When something seems to good to be true, it usually is. I ordered 2 pair of classic short boots. The boots that came were at least one size too small, immitation lining, very stiff bottoms, not UGG like enough. You would think if these people were going to immitate the real thing, they would try to make it better. The tag in my classic short boots said classic tall. They didn't even get the label right.
I have learned a very expensive lesson. I hope that someone knows how to get rid of these kind of companies. I contacted pay pal and they couldn't help me. Shouldn't a warning come up when pay pal recognizes these fraudulent companies?
I guess that makes me mad enough to not use pay pal again. If I had only used my Amex ......

1 review
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This is definitely a scam. I was sooooo close to ordering and when the payment site redirected to some china site and hung for a few seconds I got suspicious. I came here and saw all the warnings - thank you to everyone for posting the warnings. You saved me the money and the aggrevation.

1 review
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Do not buy from this site. Total scam. Fake boots that are worse than anything you can buy at Target. For this and any other site, google reviews of the site FIRST. I did, and found this collections of complaints. But too late. I already spent the $99 on my crappy pair of boots and am trying to work out with my credit card company to see if I can get my money back. Then I'm donating my boots at the local clothing drop off. At least someone will get a free pair of boots!

1 review
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I too got ripped off by these fake Ugg-selling A-holes... but in my case, PayPal saved the day. I spoke to someone personally at PayPal (customer service number in the U.S is 1-888-215-5506).... I'd recommend speaking to someone personally before opening a dispute online, as an online dispute can be tricky. Here's why... PayPal will only get you your money back if your items were never received. So, for example, if you placed an order with, and you were actually sent something in the mail (even if they were janky fake uggs), then PayPal can't help you out. It's when you receive nothing from the "merchant" that PayPal will step in and get you your money back. But here's the catch: when opening a dispute online, you have to first specify why you need to open your dispute. The site gives you choices to "check" (for example, "I never received my items"or "My items are not as described by the merchant") ...and if you happen to check a reason that PayPal doesn't deal with, you're automatically disabled from continuing your dispute claim. This is what happened to me, and it was a HUGE pain. SO...That's why it's better to call customer service and talk to a human. When I called, I told them everything that happened, and they explained their dispute policy to me again (exactly what I just explained above... that PayPal won't refund you if you received something "fake" or something that was "not as described" when you bought it). The customer service rep told me that one thing I could do was to refuse the package if it arrived. By refusing the package (whether that means not signing for it, or sending it back with your postman), the package is technically not in your possession. Then, after a certain amount of time passes, and with no package in your possession (technically because you refused it), PayPal can get you a refund. So, based on PayPal's advice, I decided I'd go for it. But lo and behold, I had a refund from PayPal within 24 hours. My guess is that so many people were complaining to PayPal about these fake effers in China (it was around Christmas, and I'm sure a lot of people were buying from them, that PayPal stepped in and gave refunds. I don't know if the situation would be the same with credit card companies or banks. But I can say I did get a full refund through PayPal! :)

67 reviews
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Add me to the list of people who got ripped off from this "company". Why oh why do not I came to Site jabber FIRST before buying?

Add me to the chorus of complainers about this retailer. Ugh!

2 reviews
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I should of read these comments before I ordered the shoes too late now no address where to send them back no e-mails from anyone no information about them of any kind what a SCAM these people should be ashamed and I am contacting russian mafia to go pay visit to zheng xian so she forgets her mother name after they pay her a visit mf ........

1 review
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I got ripped off as well. Wish I had seen this review before I ordered. $#*! suckers. Fake ass bull$#*!

1 review
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They are a hoax. They are not authentic boots. I didn't receive what I ordered and the word Australia was spelled incorrectly in the back where the fake UGG tag was placed. DON"T BUY

1 review
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DO NOT PURHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! They are located in China - which you have no idea when you order.

On Dec 10, 2009 I purchased a pair of Ugg boots for a holiday gift, they didn't arrive in time for Xmas - not a big deal; however, they were suppose to be the Classic Talls and were not; not a big deal even though I paid more for this type; the shoe was too big, which was an issue. On their website they state:
"Hassle-Free return If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it in new, Pls contact us .we will check then give you a refund". (I copied that directly from their site)

NOT! I have been contacting them for over 30 days - they said I have to pay $40 to $50 to ship the shoes back, then they will only refund me $60.00 and not the $83.00 I paid AND it would be 1 to 2 months before they said they would refund the money. They have been rude, difficult, and not accommodating. Bottom line - keeping the boots, and will figure out something or someone else to give them too - meanwhile I have to purchase another pair for my daughter! I have never been so angry with any company - where is their Hassel-Free return? I have kept all e-mail correspondence from them if anyone would like to read it.
DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! The day I ordered them on line they took the money out of my account - so why should I have to wait 1 to 2 months for a refund of LESS than what I paid.?

I have told them I would be posting horrible reviews at every place I could on the internet! Don't mess with a woman!
Thanks for reading!

1 review
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oh and they overcharged me said 164 charged 169

39 reviews
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If you are reading this review and looking for cheap uggs and think you can get them from this website or any other cheap ugg site, do yourself a favor and buy them at a real retail store. Online all you will find are sites like this that will steal your money or deliver fake uggs. I have learned here on sitejabber that if the word UGG is in the website name then the website is NOT endorsed by the real Uggs manufacturer. We need to shut these sites DOWN!!!

1 review
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Fake boots, false information about return. NEVER BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE, THEY ARE REAP YOU OFF!!! The worst experience I ever had!!!

1 review
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omg do not buy anything from this website...FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!

1 review
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I did not receive a confirmation number. My bank account was debited immediately. I placed my order 12/13 -- no boots and they have stopped responding to my emails. Total Scam!

1 review
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This email scammed me as well, i thought i was getting a deal and was also suspicious about the site but still was sucked in by the price of the boots, once i placed my order the site screen went blank so i didn't even know if i got my order, then i checked my bank account and it had gone through so i went and registered onlline at the site and went to my account, there was NOTHING, said my recent orders are ZERO....i instantly kept sending emails and got a response with my confirmation number and tracked it to china customs, 3 weeks later i got my boots and found out they are not the real thing. They are fake and i am not sure how they are able to do this legally. I don't have a lot of money so this was upsetting to me and my daughter wanted these more than anything for xmas so now she is upset. PLEASE CONSUMER BEWARE!!!!! if anyone can tell me a success story on how they got their money refunded please let me know, i want to buy my daughter the real deal.

9 reviews
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well done zheng xian from Putain... youve created the worst fake ugg site going.... oh heres information on the site.......

Administrative Contact:
Name : zheng xian
Organization : zhengxian
Address : china
City : putian
Province/State : Fujian
Country : putian
Postal Code : 351231
Phone Number : 86-10-88888888
Fax : 86-10-88888888
Email :

1 review
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This guy is a complete FRAUD!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! He said he shipped the product but to the wrong address. In reading other complaints on this site I see now that this is a way to scam people out of their money. I have reported this site to Paypal. You should report this site to your credit card companies.

656 reviews
3,140 helpful votes

A man walked into a bar and met a woman who said she had a $30,000 car, brand new, for only $9990.95. She had a photo which she claimed was of the car, or at least a similar one, but she didn't actually have the car with her. The man looked at the photo. It was a car he'd always wanted, and his neighbor had one, but he knew he didn't earn enough to buy one for himself. Then the woman told the man that she knew a guy at the factory and they did these bargain backdoor deals all the time, so it was OK and he could trust her. It was just that she needed the money right away because she was leaving the country on the following day, and hadn't yet paid for her airfare, but if she could get the money today she'd call her mate at the factory who would probably deliver the car in a week or two.

Now the man who walked into the bar, let's call him, umm, Al Sucker, he didn't see anything at all suspicious about this. Even when he'd said he'd buy the car, and she'd asked him to wire the money to a Korean post office, it all seemed reasonable enough. When he got home, his wife told him how she'd gone online and bought a pair of boots at the website of a company she'd never heard of, "Mycardyuggybooter", but it had nice photos of fashionably skinny models and the prices were unbelievable. She'd been particularly impressed by a testimonial from "A freind" which read "I got your boot yesteday and I, am so pleased it is the real deal I will come back to your sight and buy more pair of boot's 4 all my freinds". She didn't understand why the delivery was 10-12 days, it wasn't as if they were coming from China or something. But the time would soon pass. And she could wear them to go out in the new car.

Please, don't be a sucker. These people are employed in the business of parting you from your money, and the easier you make it for them, the happier they'll be. This one is a trader out of Putian, center of the counterfeiting trade in the province of Fujian, in South-Eastern China. Registrant details for the site are clearly fake, unless the owner's name really is "8888 8888" which is unlikely.

You will maybe get a pair of cheap Chinese fake boots from here, and maybe you won't get a thing. You certainly will not get the authentic products and please beware of fake reviewers who pop up to tell us that after all, they got their boots and they're totally authentic. Or that they're such high quality that you can't tell the difference. Or indeed anything other than the truth, which is that this is one of thousands of similar illegal sites fronting operations set up for the sole purpose of fooling you out of your money.

What can you do? Get educated. Go and read the counterfeiting education pages at UGG® Australia, especially the one on how to *avoid* getting caught:

If you don't feel like reading through all that, at least bear in mind these rules:

1. ANY site, such as "", which claims to sell genuine UGG® Australia boots but has "ugg" or "cardy" or any other genuine style name in the address is selling FAKES.

2. ANY boot which is claimed to be an UGG® Australia product made in Australia, is FAKE (they aren't made in Australia, regardless of the name).

3. ANY Chinese trader who claims to be selling UGG® Australia boots is selling FAKES.

4. ANY seller offering only "Australian uggs" is not selling UGG® Australia boots. If he had them, he'd say so.

If you get screwed over, don't expect to get your money back, don't expect to be able to return your goods, and broadly speaking don't expect "customer service". These people are all trading illegally but are untouched by the authorities in their home countries. They aren't subject to your laws and there's nobody useful to report them to. They use phony names and addresses, or don't bother to give names or addresses at all. One trader may run hundreds of sites hosted on servers all over the world and choose names and registrars so that the sites appear to be in other countries. It's a billion-dollar business and these people are as slippery as the proverbial eels. Get educated and please, tell your friends too. Spread the word, it's the best weapon we have.

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Total Scam. I entered two credit card #s, since the first one I entered, the screen went blank, so I assumed the card did not take, so I entered another card #, and it gave me a confirmation. On my first credit card bill, the amount was different than the second card's charged amount, and I was charged a $2.61 Foreign Transaction Fee. I initially got a response from them when I told them I needed a different size boot, but they said it would cost $40 -$50 to return them, and then another $20 to reship the new size. I reminded them That on their site they have a Hassle Free Return no avail. My next step is

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ok so i posted before ordered boots got a total run aorund wrong tracking number blah blah but my boots did come today and i must say if they are knockoffs they are amazing! im totally happy not so much their customer service and these reviews made me totally nervous but all in all im happy now

1 review
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I too wish I had seen this blog prior to ordering a gift pair of Uggs on the 7th of December. After many emails sent to them asking for a tracking number, they finally provided me a number but this order tracked to Columbus, OH, not to where my order was to go (Aiken, SC). Since then, I've sent them numerous emails asking how they will remedy and when they answer, it's like they didn't even read my message...they send some sort of illiterate canned response. I just contacted my credit card company and they will act once this order is 30 days old (in 4 days). I should know better..always be sure to check the websites customer ratings prior to placing an order. This website has no such flag!

1 review
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I ordered a pair of boots from this website two weeks ago, received a tracking number about a week ago, and finally got my boots today. They are cheap counterfeits. I recommend filing a complaint online to your attorney general. My dad called the attorney general's office this morning and they said I will most likely get my money back in a couple weeks. This website is awful. I really wish I would have read the reviews before I ordered. Good luck to anyone else dealing with this, too!

2 reviews
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the website is very beautiful , the shoes is nice , the price is nice too , i know what i pay what i get , so i like the shoes

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I got burned by buying fake uggs too :( I think somehow I knew it was too good to be true, but I really wanted to believe I could get my uggs for 50% off...

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