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22 reviews
Chaoyang District
Beijing, Beijing 100025, China
Tel: +861065505020

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1 review
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Surpised anyone would feel ripped off thinking their getting an american guitar from china?
The ones I bought were excellent quality and made in china like I would expect. Their site is down now with the database and maybe for good. Who knows... No problems buying from them

1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought some guitars from two sellers on this site, ( They sent pictures of some guitars, Fender, and Gibson, both stating that the guitars in the pictures were the exact guitars that they would send. In fact the pictures showed real Fender and Gibson guitars. When the guitars arrived they were absolute fake rubbish. There was shocking fret buzz all over that was so bad it went through the amp. The fretboards were not level and they were all glossy and shiny. There was blemishes all over the wood and the pick ups were loose and some didn't even work (The sound of the ones that did work were really bad). They were absolutely worthless guitars. Don't waste you money with any guitar sellers on this site. Especially those that direct you away from Trade Tang to their own sites (e.g. All guitar sellers on are scammers. They know nothing about guitars and will send any garbage just to get your money. If you can not afford a real Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Ibanez etc. guitar then you definitely can not afford to throw away your money buying anything from these extremely dishonest criminals. You will definitely regret it. If you do buy anything from these low-life people, and you get their garbage guitar (and that's what you will get), you can remember this and remember that you were warned.
The same goes for DH Gate ( The same scammers on Trade Tang also use DH Gate to scam naive Westerners.

5 reviews
14 helpful votes

Scam! I made the mistake of ordering a bag for my girlfriend. it just never came. No support. just lost money : (

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've spent thousands on tradetang & have had no issues with the sellers I use. I suggest you stick with one Or 2 sellers you've come to trust. One order arrived damaged & I got them shipped back @ my expense then got 200 of my 800 refunded and ALL of my order reshipped @ my expense. I'm happy because @ the end of the day I got $83 refunded even after all my shipping fees and my full undamaged order arrived 8 days after they revived the damaged goods. All my experience were positive

1 review
1 helpful vote

Awful. My goods never arrived and Tradetang refused to refund me. Apparently they can't process refunds, and the seller refused to send a new order! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have £800 sitting in that company with 5 sellers who can't process their orders. The money is under Inexecutables, I have sent endless emails to customer services for my refund. The orders are in disputes as seller sent completely fake and different orders which cost me a fortune. I am deaf so got someone to phone customer services, the number is always unavailable. I am literally crying my eyes out as this is a lot of money to me. Couldn't get a job due to my deafness so became an ebay seller.The sellers of Trade Tang are CRIMINALS AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY,THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT IS NOT PROTECTING US. WHAT A BUNCH OF $#*!S.

1 review
2 helpful votes

If you're buying something always contact the seller when they're online, its a really good site. I buy microsoft points from there for my xbox, i can spend around £30 and get points that would cost me £200+. Obviously its chinese remake the models of phone/tablets/clothes are fake. But great for somethings, when they refund you, you've got to go on my account to confirm it, yet some people ignore it? Silly people, great site.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Do not trust this site product received no refund given even though they said they have refunded me.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This website stole my money they are crooked as hell. I would like the knock everyone that works there eye's strait. They have an option to talk to the seller. The seller replies with the same thing every time. 'have product quick ship" it is BullSh$t!!!

I would love to have a minute alone with anyone associated with this criminal mob run company

1 review
1 helpful vote

Do not trust this site you may as well give a bank card and pin to some guy in the street it's criminal you money is not protected and there are no refunds DO NOT TRUST

4 reviews
44 helpful votes

I have no idea of buying a watch, but after surfing through site i noticed that this is really cheap and classic model that would fit my father. He really loved this watch

1 review
2 helpful votes

They made a mistake on the shipping address, i never received my products and charged my credit card. Now they refuse to refund or send me the products. They actually want to charge me an additional shipping fee because they lost the products. How does this make sense??????

1 review
3 helpful votes

stay away from this website

1 review
4 helpful votes

I placed 2 orders with trade tang, the first was never recieved, the said they would re post, 2nd time item never recieved, took 10 weeks to get my refund.
The second order was worse, recieved nothing like what I ordered, ordered "40 pce winnie the pooh mixed plush toys" (thinking mixed 4 x pooh characters), recieved mixed random unknown chinese crap not worth $2 not a single winnie the pooh character.
Dispute process advised it stated "mixed plush Toys" so I am in the wrong, despite the wording "winnie the pooh mixed plush toys" being the full description listed with only pictures of Winnie Pooh characters, not even a slight mention of other characters and shapes plush toys and certainly no photos other than 4 x winnie the pooh soft toys. return postage was $85 so I believe seller knew i would not return it due to postage costs so decided they would offload thier crap they cant sell to me. Dispute process was a scam very long and very irritating. after about 15 messages back and forth to trade tang, the girl handling the dispute told me, she was unfamiliar with the items and the listing, that was after she told me I was wrong as the listing stated "mixed plush toys", how can she come to that conclusion if she never looked at the listing. The seller provided false advertising yet were not required to amend or penalised by Trade Tang in anyway, when I questioned what they would do to ensure the seller does not do it again, thier response was the feedback i leave for them is thier penalty, so I believe they support dodgy selling. after 10weeks I threatened to make a claim with my credit card company and report them to the Australian concumer commission to which they agreed to settle on a $50 refund (still out of pocket for $85, but was over the headache of it all) and left with $#*! I cant even give away. Trade Tang apear to support dodgy selling and I would avoid this seller and trade tang at all costs! I have bought through hundreds of overseas and online sellers for both personal and for my business and never had such issues.

1 review
2 helpful votes
9/20/12 gave me whatever I needed to purchase. I only dealt with one seller trying to rip me off but other than that here my tips to get service from these sellers.

1. Ask LOTS of questions!
2. Clarify Questions.
3. Be direct when handling business.
4. Continue to message seller about product distribution after several minutes.
5. Check time zone in China.
6. Wait
7.Disupte if nothing is solved. This will result in the seller giving you what you want or a full refund.
8. IF you have a seller that you like....STICK WITH THEM!
AND lastly 9. Be patient... China's regulations are different than the US. I give it a 3/5 stars. Its not bad nor good, its average. The sellers NEED TO WORK ON COMMUNICATION IF THEY EVER WANT ANY BUSINESS!
Other than that... has been somewhat of a blessing to me.

1 review
1 helpful vote

A China based website. I bought a tablet pc and got it last week. It was ok, i thought. Reseanable price.

13 reviews
33 helpful votes

I found 4 great sellers there out of 5 orders I placed. It took two months to get my money back because I used my bank debit card. Stay far away. If you do, always use Paypal, no matter what they seller says. Paypal will always refund you of the seller is fake or gives you the run around.

10 reviews
40 helpful votes

STAY AWAY!!!! this website is China based (nuff said right? lol) I only made one purchase from here and it was for oakley sunglasses, fortunately for me I'm only out $30 because the only good thing about this site is that the payment is not released unless buyer is somewhat satisfied. More bad news is that if there is a dispute be aware that tradetang will side with the seller not the buyer so if the seller offers you only half your money back tradetang will say take it or leave it pretty much (which is why I never got a full refund). Better to just stick with ebay and amazon. Infact just stay away from all china based companies offering american products at a low rate.

4 reviews
12 helpful votes

Had a lot problem with them too,a lot chinese scam.But u still find some good sellers.

1 review
2 helpful votes

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! I purchased a replica copy of an iPod 5th generation mp3 player and it was received defective. The seller was 'bestcellphone'. My mistake was not checking on the seller or TradeTang. I have submitted a dispute claim and that was April 14th and they are dragging their feet. Asking me repeatedly to send photos (which I did) and to communicate with seller to settle thhis dispute. the seller has not returned any of my several communications. This is obviously a bogus operation and am giving this warning to save other people from the grief I have experienced. I fully expect that I will not receive a refund and they want me to return the defective product at my expense without any promise of a refund.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Hmmm. I would watch out on this one guys. Make sure you speak with the wholesales before confirming an offer

1 review
3 helpful votes

I can only speak for my experience with seller wanglaoj117 (a.k.a. Fechang Li). His advertisement showed 2 American made electric guitars, a Ventures Model Mosrite 12 string and a Rickenbacker 370-12. After reviewing his feedback and assurances that "what you see in my pictuer (sp) is what I send" I placed an order for one of each guitar as shown. I received written confirmation that indeed what was shown was being sent and thought at 10 cents on the dollar this was a good deal. What I actually received however were 2 counterfeit "Rickenbackers" that were blatent fakes without warning that a substitution had been made. After going through customer support, their "generous refund offer" of $300 on a nearly $800 purchase was insulting expecially when I would have to return the counterfeit merchandise back to China at my own expense. That would cost me an additional $450. It was the fox guarding the henhouse folks. The $300 was what the fakes were probably really worth in the first place, the remainder of the $800 went to pay for the sellers "Free Shipping".
The Counterfeits cannot be resold on e-bay without fear of a copyright infringement lawsuit by the owner of Rickenbacker, John Hall. I rate this site $#@. Best advice - stay away from TradeTang.

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