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I had my first outbreaks and I was tested back in 2010 for both HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both my husband and I tested positive for HSV-1 but negative for HSV-2. Last year I found out my husband was cheating, so I decided to do a retest on all STDs including HSV-1 and HSV-2, only difference is that this time I went to a different clinic. Anyway I tested positive for HSV-1 which I knew I had but surprisingly HSV-2 as well, I was so upset and got divorced with my husband. 3 months ago a friend of mine recommended me to an African herbalist Herbal Dr Idumebolo, I explained everything that I have been passing through all these years to him and he encouraged me that I will be cured completely!. I ordered for his herbal exploit/protocol and used it accordingly to his direction and within 17 days of using the herbal medicine I was cured completely from my HSV-1 and HSV-2. I'm so relieved to say that I've not had even one outbreak and I was tested negative by my doctor. I'm feeling so great! from within and I truly endorse this product, it really works. His herbal medicine is very active and effective. You can contact the herbal doctor on email..... or WhatsApp him with +2349067883725.

18 reviews
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12/22/18 will be missed . Due to the political world there will be less and less places to lambaste or confront philosophical and political error . Topix was the best platform to communicate free thought and be logical . There was a few states where politics or local LEO controlled posts all too much. So posts never made it. It was fun while it lasted .

1 review
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topix is profiting off the blood of their victims.
i sent in a abuse report and attached is a screen shot of an email i received back from topix. I mean, wtf?

2 reviews
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1 review
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I used to use the Topix blog frequently, but I had trouble with computer slowing down and spam/malware. Google search described some serious problems with Topix ads and pop-ups which may contain malicious code.
I believe several of my devices were damaged after visiting Topix Forum.

Also I had forums removed with no explanation. I tried to do a good job moderating. I never said anything that should have resulted in that action.

I hope they can clean it up and make it a safe and useful site for everyone in the future.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Imo Topix, like many other forums, protect certain products.

Topix ghosted some of my posts.

Also..a lot of mis information posted at Topix

Use Google Books or Amazon reviews of Verified Purchasers instead get product reviews

1 review
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Stay away. There is a forum about the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams but all they do is call people sock puppets and Sarah. Absolutely no respect for the murdered kids. There is a poster who will not allow any constructive discussion on the case. Very strange. Be careful you will be attacked and that person will try to get you angry so that they can get you banned. You may be communicating with the killer.

2 reviews
40 helpful votes

You can post warnings about a certain place. You can post the rules and regulations of any place of business or fun, post what is permitted or prohibited at certain places, post legal advice, even post warnings to guys to avoid women in certain regions, and you won't get banned from Topix. And more often than not, your posts won't get deleted.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I searched some of cultural lifestyle threads, and all the comments are everything about hating that country and insult people in that country... I read all the stories, they all had many personal stories that seem legit, but had to check the credibilities since all the IDs are seems unregistered, I did not know if they made up stories or one person made clone ids and made a lot of stories... However, I will avoid this site from now all.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Shadow Banned all atheists and they give free trolling rights to christian trolls to destroy the atheist forum

1 review
7 helpful votes

A band of aged trolls. Worst accusations and lies I've ever seen.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I registered there and posted for a few years. Only reason I was there that long was once in a blue moon there would actually be an informative thread (perhaps 1 out of a couple of hundred). The site has always been plagued by libel, racism, and horrid threads in general. Finally got fed up and stopped logging on after very questionable moderating started taking place. The very rare legitimate thread would be deleted while disgusting threads that violate their own ToS were allowed to remain. Some of the most head-scratching moderation I've ever witnessed. Post about criminal activity in a neighborhood or near a school...thread gets deleted. Post about a business you had a bad experience with...thread gets deleted. Start a thread about "___ being a *****" or "why aren't <insert race> run out of town?" and the threads are allowed to remain. The moderators and admins must have some serious issues of their own, either emotionally or mentally. I've never experienced such a deplorable online community. I would give it negative stars if I could.

2 reviews
16 helpful votes

There has never been a worse site ever created on the internet. Topix is a basically unmoderated website that doesn't make its users register for accounts, does not archive old posts and is basically a free for all. Topix claims to be a source for community news yet most forums have zero news in them. Instead it is just an excuse for keyboard cowboys to go in and post people's names and attack one another. The site has ruined many reputations, marriages, businesses, and even in extreme cases lead to suicide. The company, however, never seems to take any responsibility and unlike most other websites it seems to almost encourage poor behavior.

1 review
29 helpful votes

I have been on there for quite a while and even had a few words with the mods about what was going on. They told me not to feed the trolls but report them and the thing is the mods get tired of recieving so many reports that they slack off and let the trouble continue. So I took matters in my own hands and started attacking the trolls back and then I got punished. I mean really. They tell me that they are doing all they can but there is only so much they can do because the trolls keep coming up with new IPs. But yet today they tell me because I wasn't using a domestic IP, I was being filtered. Okay well why don't the trolls themselves get filtered out, that would fix the problem right? Well I believe that they were just blowing smoke and that they honestly don't care. They have allot of advertisments which suggests that they are being paid, okay now here is the thing, why can't they add more security then? The thing is they are just like the trolls they just use their little web buttons to bully their users.

I wouldn't recommend that site too anyone, you want news view your local news stations or CNN. There you will get the most reliable news ever without being trolled!

9 reviews
57 helpful votes

This site lets people bash other people and when you defend yourself from the bashers they think it's funny to ban you and you never done anything. Topix sucks don't let your kids on this site either or they will use it to bully other kids. If you see something that is not news or that is more along the lines of gossip report it to topix and have them take it down.

112 reviews
131 helpful votes

Topics is a website where you can create your own forum category, AND you get to be the moderator of it!! This helps the website build itself, because they don't have every category on the forums. So if they don't have the necessary category, then you will have to create it yourself lol.

HOWEVER, the website is a very successful website, somewhat automated, or at least NOT MONITORED! There are many trolls and flame wars on that web site. You have been warned.

4 reviews
30 helpful votes

The Topix moderators are as much uninformed bullies as are most of their members. Trolls use the moderators to bully other members and the moderators are only too happy to oblige. The mods are unfair and play favorites. Trolls and their many sock puppets make false reports and Topix acts on the false reports with out investigating if they are true. If you post proof for one of your claims your post will be removed. All the good people leave and you are left with trolls and their sock puppets.

13 reviews
11 helpful votes

I like the idea of what this website is trying to do but I hate that everything is rerouted to other sites.

2 reviews
29 helpful votes

I cannot believe how much bad stuff is on the Topix website. The website does not require user registration which should immediately tell users to stay away. It also contains next to no moderation. Your only option is to go on there and report abuse meaning you are forced to go on their website and that makes them money. In the last few years, Topix traffic has declined quickly, so there are few users left. The ones that did say are primarily "internet trolls" that get a kick out of posting people's names and trashing the person or persons. The community forums are a joke when it comes to "news" as there is very little of it there. It is a site that appeals to cowards who get a kick out of hurting others and any person with morals should have no use for that.

Tip for consumers: If you are not a coward, avoid using this site and find one where people are respectful and the web company cares at least a little bit about content.

17 reviews
5 helpful votes

If you need info and news this site is the way to go

4 reviews
29 helpful votes

There is probably not a worse site on the internet. The Topix website which has around 400,000 forums is a place where cowards go to attack one another. The website does not require users to register for accounts before posting which is unfathomable for a so called community news forum to do. The company defends its actions claiming registration and moderation don't really help. In truth, they don't require registration because they show no confidence in their users. They know it is a site of community forums that appeals only to cowards who want to attack one another. Many of the forums contain over 80 percent of the posts libeling and defaming others. In the last two years, however, Topix has lost over half its audience because the good users have been ran off due to Topix refusal to do anything about the content. The website is slowly beginning to die and that is a good thing.

1 review
27 helpful votes

This is a site that has no interest in moderating its forum or the content posted. Seriously,it's a magnet for every sociopath, lowlife criminal to post their illiterate comments while hiding behind a false name. Most comments are not only lies, but they are insanely defamatory,cruel and malicious.Why would any reputable company allow such filth to attach to their site for comments. It really has just become a site for trolls to terrorize their victims while ping ponging insults against a business or an individual. Honestly, I pray for the children in this world as it has become a S***HOLE

1 review
31 helpful votes

full of obscene, unsavory comments posted by racists, those seeking pornography, are lacking any education and seem to all come from areas in rural W. Virginia and Mississippi. No point to it other serving as a forum for uneducated haters/those looking for pornography.

1 review
24 helpful votes

The whole problem with Topix is that people think it's real and it isn't. They will start a forum, as an example I will use " I'm moving to (insert town here), is it a good area or how are the schools? The problem is EVERY town mentioned has gone from good to basically a ghetto. They and try and do this early on when the town is changing so the people who live there or did live there get into a online argument with the new residents. They occasional troll post and people go at it. Here's what is going behind the scenes. Topix started the forum and will occasionally fuel the fire. The more traffic to the site, the more revenue they generate. Basically they start most of the inflammatory forums, when the comments die down they will troll it to start it back up. I have looked the Chicago suburbs and have counted more then 20 of these forums. "I'm a single mother and was thinking of moving to (insert town going downhill here), will I be safe? All towns that are turning or have turned, not one affluent suburb. Basically we are supposed to believe that nobody talked to a realtor and a forum that is mostly trolls are the ones you want to give you advice? You aren't moving because it's closer to work? You just decided out of the blue that you want to live there for no real reason. I have known about the trolls for quite a while but believe me if I was going to shell out probably the most money that people will ever spend in their lives, Topix is the place to ask? Just how dumb do they think the public is? The funny part is pretty dumb because people will argue for years which equates to site traffic which equates to revenue through advertisement. Don't fall for this scam site. It's basically just a business that pretends to be a legitimate news site. It attracts a lot of trolls who don't work for Topix but have nothing better to do. A social network for adults who live in their parents basements.

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Topix could IP ban that person but there are ways around IP bans. It would look good on Topix's part if they at least bothered with this route, but they won't. They actually encourage this type of behavior. To be honest, I'm surprised they even went to the effort to remove the offensive posts.

By Jeff S.
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