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    Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has a consumer rating of 1 star from 8 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Tennessee Wholesale Nursery most frequently mention customer service problems. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery ranks 28th among Trees sites.

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Top Critical Review

“Total scam - worst nursery ever”

Kate F.

What a horrible business. I ordered plants that were shipped May 11th. They arrived May 30th. After 19 days in shipping, they were completely dead. The nursery website states that plants are good for 10 days in shipping. This nursery confirmed via my photo that they were dead, but refused to refund my money since I "received my shipment." Absolute nonsense. Find any other nursery to order from instead of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

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June 3rd, 2020
What a horrible business. I ordered plants that were shipped May 11th. They arrived May 30th. After 19 days in shipping, they were completely dead. The nursery website states that plants are good for 10 days in shipping. This nursery confirmed via my photo that they were dead, but refused to refund my money since I "received my shipment." Absolute nonsense. Find any other nursery to order from instead of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.
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December 6th, 2020
My package was lost by the post office.

The nursery refused to replace shipment.

Extremely poor customer service.

Very dissatisfied and will dispute charges and report complaint to consumer affairs.

As an owner of a small business, I know how important customer service can be.
1 review
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July 7th, 2020
I order these plants, thinking they were fully bloomed plants. That is what the picture showed, recieved only roots. Then those roots were not even well maintained. I had over 5 plants showed in a small cardboard boxes in ziplock bags with no soil. And most of the roots were broken, some were not even the roots just broken sticks. Waste of money!
1 review
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June 11th, 2020
The worst Nursery I have ever worked with!

Be aware when buying more than 100 plants their "Warranty" rules are only playing in their hands!

- Really unprofessional Customer Service
- They trick you when buying more then 100 plants there is no warranty
At all!
- This is the biggest rip-off I have ever seen!

I just lost 500$!

I'm the most relaxed person on earth but making business with them is horrible!

I've ordered 290 beech seedlings in March... the box arrived, a bit damaged but the seedling were fine. I was able to put them in to the ground an hour later so they were safe and ready to grow. I've made some pics for the nursery in the beginning from the box also the seedlings when they first arrived just to let them see how they looked like.
I was wondering about 4 weeks later why there was no growth to see at all but hey maybe we still had a couple of cooler days so it takes a while. Two weeks ago I contacted them to give them an update that all of the seedlings are actually dead so brown in the inside which was and is a pity because I planted these seedlings before in another backyard without any issues.
I have to say their customer service is a mess! They only send me the warranty link... here we are... however I made all the "tests" stated in the warranty and this week I went back and told them there is not one seedling who survived!
I was very polite and explained in detail in my email also was sending pics as proof how the seedlings look like. Well they didn't care and I got the warranty link again and promised in writing I will receive a 100% in-store credit when I send some of the seedlings back. Well no problem at all I just ask for a written confirmation on this to make sure everything will be smoothly withing the return process.
Then another person, they never tell you a name, wrote that was a mistake I can send some of the dead seedling back and will receive a 60% discount for my next purchase! What the hell!

The lady, supposedly the Manager, was not really helpful and actually took a deep breath when I ask her to show me online their T&Cs... she then only said sorry for the wrong information about the 100% credit that does't apply for orders more than 100 plants! So now I can order them again and get 60% discount... which nobody in this world will do!
1 review
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May 13th, 2020
All anybody needs to do is read the massive amount of bad reviews about this company. They have an F BBB rating. Stay Away!
12 reviews
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May 30th, 2019
The plants you receive are the worst EVER for an online site. This is not legitimate. I received dead roots, literally minuscule plants with dead tops and a few feeder roots. They told me to plant them because they had a 1 year warranty. That covers 40% of cost, and you get a store credit. After 6 weeks nothing grew. Even Dave's Garden won't accept further reviews because Tennessee Wholesale Nursery was suspected of putting up fake positive reviews. I wish I had researched before buying.
1 review
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June 1st, 2020
I paid $96 for 100 bare root creeping phlox. I specifically noted to be sure they sent me white. I was very excited about my purchase and highly anticipated the arrival of my white creeping phlox to fill the bare area off my patio.

What I received was a nasty Ziploc baggie just thrown in a box, partially open, dirt everywhere. The nasty baggie had "100 creepin phina." written on it and yes, missing the g! The plants were bone dry (not packed in gel like they state on their website), not bare root, not creeping phlox and not white. They were regular (teenie tiny tangled rats nest) roots in 3 clumps with rubber bands AND they were purple! I was seriously ticked off! Oh! Did I mention I paid $18+ for shipping? $18 for a dirty, nasty baggie in a tiny box! No packaging. No moisture for the roots. Nothing protective whatsoever for the plants.

When I contacted TN Nursery they basically and snidely told me "We have the right to substitute and send you anything we feel like sending you!" Really? Why not send me a lemon tree or a rose bush?

Needless to say, I was livid so I reported it to my credit card company. I received my temporary credit from Chase while the charge back went through the process and eventually got the permanent refund.

So basically, TN Nursery advertises thousands of gorgeous items for great prices on their website. You painstakingly go through it and choose SPECIFIC PLANTS for your SPECIFIC GARDEN/AREA and they think they can send you ANY PLANTS OF THEIR CHOOSING and you're supposed to accept it and plant what they send you in your garden even though what they sent you isn't what you want, might not match your scheme and may not even thrive in your chosen area!

It's absurd and it's a scam so save your hard earned money and look elsewhere. I'm shocked at myself because I research everything to death! I let my guard down because this company seemed so legit as did the reviews on their website. IT'S ALL FAKE! What I received DID NOT come from a nursery! It most likely came from the scammers back yard!

Also, if you read their "terms" you'll see how they attempt to scare people away from filing disputes/charge backs and that's because they've probably had so many filed against them. What doesn't make sense is why they scam people. Charge backs cost vendors big bucks when they lose a case. The whole thing is a joke and I'm shocked the website hasn't been removed. I read somewhere they changed their "business" name like 5 times!

So my dream of a blanket of white creeping phlox off my patio is not going to happen this year because of the SCAM known as Tennessee Wholesale Nursery or TN Nursery. How it's possible that any human would scam another human this way is beyond me especially during these unknown times during the Covid pandemic. It is beyond self-serving and evil!

I will post a photo of what I received as soon as I get my new iPad to desktop cable.
3 reviews
35 helpful votes
July 11th, 2018
Wish I had searched for reviews about this company before buying anything from them. Everything stated by others about this company is true. Hidden in their "warranty" page is clause that they can send you anything they want essentially. They claim equal or grater, but what I received was a common grass plant rather than the more expensive plant I ordered.

They will only offer store credit, but if you buy anything from them with such credit, you would have to keep in mind the substitution clause.

If you read their reviews and their reply across the net, it is painfully obvious that this "business" is just scamming people out of their money.

They took one customer to court for a review years ago (and lost) and have threatened people with ruining their credit by filing false unpaid debt claims and using collection agents to hunt them down and harass them. Both of these are violation of the law.

They also do business under multiple names like TN Tree Nursery, DNT Tree Nursery, Quick Growing Trees, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery and OnlinePlantNursery.

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