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    Musikhaus Thomann e. K.

Musikhaus Thomann e. K.

60 reviews
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Musikhaus Thomann e. K. has a consumer rating of 3.52 stars from 60 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Musikhaus Thomann e. K. also ranks 8th among Instrument sites. The most common issues with Musikhaus Thomann e. K. are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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Positive highlights

  • I received my guitar a few days ago, very well packaged in 2boes with loads of cushioning.
  • I will certainly buy another Harley Benton guitar and have no problem advising anyone to purchase one.

Critical highlights

  • And it was extremely unpleasant with the humiliating contact with customer service.
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Top Positive Review

“Not the best luck, but customer support was there for me at the end.”

David S.

I have bought so far, 1 guitar, 2 ukuleles, 2 pickups. From these, 1 pickup was not working, 1 ukulele was scratched and the guitar stopped working after a few months. They decided to recall the guitar which was then broken during transportation back to Germany. After appealing from their initial decision to sending the guitar as is (broken) back to me, I was able to obtain a satisfactory solution from Customer Support. The ukulele and pickup were so low value that they just decided to send me another one (still in transit). So, not the best percentage so far, but I guess is good to know Customer Support was there in the end for me, even if I had to appeal from their initial decision in one of the issues. I hope to have better luck with their products next time.

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Top Critical Review

“Terrible Service”

Bill C.

I ordered a bag for my Denon Prime 4 and was sent the wrong bag in error. It is too small for the screen to fit. When I called to try and sort out the situation, the lady handling the transaction was very rude, suggesting that I had ordered the wrong bag before she even checked the file. She then told me it would be three weeks to return the bag I just received and would call me back. I am still waiting!

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1 review
2 helpful votes
December 6th, 2019
I ordered a bag for my Denon Prime 4 and was sent the wrong bag in error. It is too small for the screen to fit.
When I called to try and sort out the situation, the lady handling the transaction was very rude, suggesting that I had ordered the wrong bag before she even checked the file. She then told me it would be three weeks to return the bag I just received and would call me back. I am still waiting!
1 review
4 helpful votes
March 5th, 2019
Their courier lost our order and Thomann refused to give refund and passed blame to their UPS courier who confirmed the parcel lost. But when we first contacted Thomann they insisted that a signature was obtained which clearly was not the case and we never got a copy of said signature because it never existed hence the parcel was lost. Avoid these rogues!
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear Emily,
we are very sad that you are not satisfied with our services. Could you please send an email with your customer number to social@thomann.de? Then we’ll be able to locate your account and find out, what’s going on. Best regards, your Thomann team
1 review
2 helpful votes
July 2nd, 2019
I bought a gift to my girlfriend from thomann. First they sent a wrong order, then after contacting them many times they finally sent the right item I ordered. After that they made it my responsibility to send back their wrong package which was their responsibility. After failing many times to send it back because of internal problems between them and Ups, they started sending me letters to pay for the article I didn't even order, and it got to a point where they even threatened to sue me if I did not pay. I tried a few more times to send the article back, and every time they would send me a return label that was used.
Its 6 months later now and still they can't take responsibility for their mistake.
If you are planning on ordering something from thomann, I'd recommend checking out other companies that would put their client first and not have to deal with this kind of bs.
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Hello Roland,
We are very sorry to hear of the trouble with your purchase.

Can you please contact us at service@thomann.de and we will be able to look into this further for you.
Your Thomann Customer Care Team
1 review
7 helpful votes
January 21st, 2019
Just the worse customer service experience in my life. My order is in ...Spain from Dec. 17 and I'm in Switzerland. Nobody at Thomann can tell me something about it and the do NOTHING to solve the problem. Juste..."wait please"
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear Rob,

We are really sorry that your parcel has not been delivered yet. As we do not have many information here, we would kindly ask you send us more details regarding your case on the following email address : al.international@thomann.de.

Once again, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused
1 review
2 helpful votes
May 17th, 2019
I have spent over 2 thousand euros withThomann over the last couple of years and by and large the service has been reasonable. However, you only really get to know a company when something goes wrong and you need some help. I recently Ordered a B stock LD Maui 5 go, listed as "may have some slight wear marks". It arrived with the control panel unattached to the body, all the screws were missing and the unit wouldn't charge the battery. Thomann told me I could send the unit back for them to assess. Before sending it back I looked at the feedback on repairs and found a significant number of people saying they sent the goods back using the label thomann sent them and the parcels mysteriously disappeared in transit. They were left with no goods and no refund. Some of these cases have been left unresolved for more than a year! What sort of company sends out products obviously not in a salable condition and then expects the customer to either spend months waiting on a resolution or risk the goods being reported as lost and being left with nothing. In order to be sure that I actually got some value for my hard earned money, I had the unit repaired at my own expense. Thomann haven't even offered a token payment to offset the cost and inconvenience. Is saving a few euro worth the risks of dealing with unscrupulous companies? I don't think so, I won't deal with them again. Before you buy, please have a look at the feedback from customers who have had issues, then decide for yourself
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Hello Mark,
We are very sorry to hear of the trouble with your purchase.

Can you please contact us at leitung.service@thomann.de and we will be able to look into this further for you.
Your Thomann Customer Care Team
1 review
1 helpful vote
August 14th, 2019
Bought a faulty b7k ultra, it came with a noise that turned the sound horrible. Recorded some videos reproducing the fault. Now they tell me the pedal is okay and refuse to give repair, refund or replace it. Horrible experience for me. I've been a costumer for years now... I even tested other b7k and not long ago I owned the b7k and the vintage. They tell me i don't like the sound of the pedal... I love darkglass pedals, just not the faulty ones. To resume it, I've spent 422 on a piece of junk and they refuse to do anything about it and will keep my money. I fell robbed! Well done Thomann...
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear Diogo,

We are very sorry to hear about the trouble with your b7k ultra. Can you please contact us at leitung.service@thomann.de with your customer number so that our service care managers can take a closer look into the matter for you ?
Thank you for your understanding

Your Thomann Team
1 review
1 helpful vote
September 22nd, 2019
Delivery was missing some items. Thomann refused to send them because I had already recycled the massive box they shipped everything in.
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Hello Will,
We are sorry to hear of the missing items. Can you please contact us at leitung.service@thomann.de stating your customer number so that we can take a closer look into this for you?
-Your Thomann Team.
1 review
6 helpful votes
December 19th, 2018
I ordered a guitar back on October 3rd 2018. They declared the first order lost in the mail and sent me a replacement on Dec 3rd 2018. It's now Dec 19th 2018. Tracking shows it's still in German Customs. Every time I reach out to them they give me ridiculous answer for the delay. This was the last one and I quote " Thank you for your e-mail.

It's saying the same status because it has not been scanned from your local post yet.

In case you want a refund, please refuse the parcel on arrival and once we have it back here, we are going to refund you the amount.

Kind regards,

They are trying to tell me that guitar left German Customs, went through US Customs and is at my local post office and didn't get scanned once. I will never use this company again. Something weird is going on over there.
1 review
3 helpful votes
December 8th, 2017
Horrible service. Watch there return policy. Don't buy if overseas. I was totally misinformed about my package delivery. My guitar's tracking service did not work properly. The US Postal Service sent it to hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico!!!! Then had me sign for it before I could look at the box because it was behind the counter. They placed a note apologizing for the delay on the damaged box but NEVER explained why there was a delay. The company won't honor there money back guarantee without me shipping it back to them AT MY COST! That would cost me more than the guitar!
Also don't take your equipment to a local luthier for a set up because they claim it voids there warranty.
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Hi Peter, could you please send an email with your customer number to social@thomann.de? Then we’ll be able to locate your account and find out, what’s going on. Best regards, your Thomann team
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 29th, 2017
Thomann telling to return the gear I bought from them with no explanation about what they think is wrong with it. I contacted them with some concerns but the only answer I got, after a month was that they wanted me to send it back.
And now they are delaying my refund. It makes it impossible for me to buy the gear somewhere else. This is really really bad!
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear Anders, could you please send an email with your customer number to social@thomann.de? Then we’ll be able to locate your account and find out, what’s going on. Best regards, your Thomann team
1 review
5 helpful votes
September 12th, 2018
I have just had the misfortune of order a Gibson guitar from Thomman, which arrived in perfect condition but was totally unplayable due to several problems from the manufacture. Thomman claim on their website that they check every guitar but when I asked they simply take a box off the shelf and ship it. I was told that for them to send me a new one as a replacement they would either need to have received the faulty one back or I would have to pay again. Understandable I suppose, so I paid again for another Gibson, after waiting for 4 days for delivery I checked the scheduled UPS date of delivery only to find out the Thomman had reversed the delivery as they claim that all Gibsons are like the first one I received so I wouldn't be happy. So when I asked if they could credit me for the second one (the first one was still in transit back to Thomman) I was told No they had to wait until the parcel they return before it even arrived at my home address would have to be received back before they would credit me.
Long story short. I chose another make and model and Thomman then agreed to set it up and ship it Express delivery. Which they claim they did. Now they tell me that something must have gone wrong with UPS (blame someone else) and it was on a standard delivery. So still I have no guitar.

Thomman used to be really slick, now I would really think twice about ordering from this company again. Terrible experience.
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear customer,

We are really sorry to read that you are not satisfied with our service.

The Gibson's guitars are checked by our supplier. in case you wish to have an extra setup our special check in the future, please let us know in advance. Once the order is shipped out, we can only ask our driver to return it.

The last guitar you have received has been specialty checked for you by our quality control service and shipped out by Express delivery 48h without extra cost as requested. We would like to reminder that a standard delivery takes approximately 72 to 96h.

Also, your money has been charged back on your bank account as soon as we received the item back. Once the refund has been issued, please note that it can take few days to appear on your bank account

We thank you for your understanding

Your Thomann team
1 review
4 helpful votes
August 29th, 2018
i placed an online order with payment process through paypal.

i got order confirmation email and after that there was no correspondence.

i had to follow up with their department after 1 week and i was told they did not ship my order because they were waiting for my tel number .

my point is that i had to follow up to be told this . only after that i got to know why my shipment had not been dispatched .

I was also told they sent me an email asking for my # which is not true as i didcheck all my emails and my spam folders etc , they were lying , there was no email sent to me.

This will be my first and last dealing with Thomann . Very unprofessional . I will probably not deal with them again. Very laid back company to deal with .

like the emoticon/ emoji says doesn"t get worse than this !@!!! stay away from such companies .....

i reside in Dubai . UAE
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear Rajesh,

We are terribly sorry to read your review.
Usually, if your phone number is missing, you should receive an email from our Team as soon the order has been generated. It is indeed possible that this email is landing in your Spam folder. as it is happening pretty often.
Please contact us at al.international@thomann.de with your customer number, so we can have a closer look on your case and see what we could still do for you.
Accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused
Thomann Team International
1 review
6 helpful votes
July 10th, 2018
TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! - I never write reviews, so for me to do so, the service must have been really bad. All I can say is ... "What an awful experience I have had ordering an instrument online from Thomann." HERE'S WHY: It took over a month and when I finally received the package ... they had sent the WRONG INSTRUMENT (I found out later that it was due to mislabeling of their product). After receiving the wrong instrument, I had to go through the painful process of sending it back (getting shipping quotes, dealing with delayed customer service emails, taking several pictures of the shipping boxes/labels/instrument, and so much more). After sending back the instrument, I became even more frustrated to eventually get the news that they were "out of stock" on the instrument that I originally ordered. At this point I still haven't received my refund. MY ADVICE: Do not order from Thomann. Just pitiful service all around.
1 review
8 helpful votes
May 3rd, 2018
I've been shopping at Thomanns for many years. Once it was a good store. But now they have reached a critical mass for size, where they obviously do not care about the customers anymore.

In recent years, they have begun selling guitars that have already been sold at least once, as brand new. You can see it on the guitar if it has been sold before. There may be strings other than specified, there may be special settings and there may be DNA tracks after the previous owner !! Naturally, I return this kind of guitars, as I do not want to buy used. The system has worked in part because of somewhat easy returns with package collection at my home. But just try to hear this story:

I ordered a Framus guitar that arrived in very bad condition. Due to bad packaging from Framus, a strap lock (metal piece) had loosened from the guitar and rattled around in the inner guitar bag and ended up on the edge of the guitar, where it made a big chin. There was also a black stripe from a marker under the lacquer somewhere else on the body.

Of course I do not want such a defect thing, so I wrote to Thomann about the problem. A Kafka like process started. They would have me to photograph all the packaging, wrapping and the guitar. I should also fill in a note and go down to the post office and let them sign that it was their fault that the damage to the guitar had occurred !! I do not work for Thomann, so I made them aware of that. Then a fermented process began: Thomann has a Danish department, but only for sale! If there is something wrong, the Danish department will only send things on, and you have to write it all back in English. In total more than 30 mails were exchanged !! I felt it as an assault.

Eventually they became convinced that I would not perform the required tasks. They then sent a return label to Postnord, ie. where I by myself would be draging the package down to the post office. I am old, the post office is far away and the box is big. I have no car and it can not fit on the bike.

Thomann offered me a label for a UPS pickup, IF I PAYED. I have no other options, so I had to eat it. 30,- euro to look at a defective guitar. That is too expensive. And it was extremely unpleasant with the humiliating contact with customer service.

If Thomann answers this, you should be very suspicious if they do not lay flat down and apologize, but instead try to explain their way out of this mess. Mail order is a matter of trust. Would you trust Thomann after this?
1 review
2 helpful votes
January 8th, 2018
very bad expirience with this company!
i buy i (try buy )!! some headphones ultrasone pro 900i i make order pay debit card found was immediately frozen at my Debit card , so my bank accept payment i think will be all ok and i get my headphones and next day someone from company write to me mail your order was cancel you must make new order and -pay bank transfer WTF? i pay already Debit card (my found still frozen at my debit card) so i call to my bank and they told me do not send any Bank Transfer to this company
3 days i write mails to real cancel my order and try get back my frozen founds to my debit card , card was Visa!

problem is how many days i need to wait to get back my founds :/
very bad company customer service does not exist

so now i wonder how many time i must wait to back my reserwation money
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 23rd, 2017
Ordered two ocarina's. one is fine, the other one misses the manual. Mailed them three times. Started to call, from the netherlands to germany. After about 15 minutes on hold the line goes dead. And the number in the mail was wrong. Got the right one. Again the line drops dead after 15 minutes on hold. Second time I got a human. She would email me an answer within two days. Another week went by. No answer. After in total a month and two more phone calls I called to send the ocarina back. About three weeks ago I got an email that they received it. It's now at least two months after the delivery of the second ocarina and I'm stil waiting for my 45,- And I just got the bill from the telephone. It was about the same amount that I've infested in the calls to germany.

Even though the first ocarina came completely and without trouble.
I guess I will never get my money either.

Tip for consumers: If you know for sure there is nothing that can go wrong, you could risk it, but I strongly DISRECOMMEND IT!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 11th, 2017
I ordered some B-stock items that were available at the time. Placed the order and paid. 5 days later they told me that the items were not anymore available? Cusromer service replied to late do my emails.
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear Mario, we are very sorry for the situation. Are you still waiting for an answer? Could you please send me an email with your customer number to social@thomann.de? Then we’ll be able to locate your account and find out, what’s going on. Best regards, Fran
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 12th, 2016
I ordered a new Piano, after more that 15 days waiting for it, I discovered that they can't help me to carry it to my house.

Of course I returned it, after more that a week they don't give me my money back, They have ruined my Christmas.
Franziska D. – Musikhaus Thomann e. K. Rep
Dear Cristin, we do write delivery conditions clearly in your order confirmation email. I assume we received th piano back now and refunded you its amount. All the best for 2017, Fran.
1 review
4 helpful votes
May 28th, 2018
I purchased a Lexicon MPX Native Reverb software from Thomann whebshop. 2 days ago.

On the following link:

Did the payment, downloaded the software. During the activation process it has occurred that a hardware key is required for the final activation.

Neither the web shop page or the Thoman's email response mentions that it is not a stand-alone application and I need to spend another 45 euros + postal service charge for a hardware key in order to use the VST plugin. Not talking about that I needed the application immediately - as it was stated (Available immediately) at the web shop ad.

Although it mentions within the system requirements: Pace iLok (item 401447). The hardware key is not not a sort of system requirement like: WinXP min., Mac OSX 10.5 min., 1.6 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM. So why the hell it is mentioned at the system requirements??? Nothing to do with the system requirements, right?The hardware key is actually protection for the software manufacturer, in this case one can not use the software without it. So it is the part of the product.

Furthermore I got the Thomann's email response with the download link after purchase, which doesn't say a word about the hardware key. Very BAD communication!

Being tricked into this purchase, I immediately emailed them on the given address. I declined from the order and asked for a refund. I did not receive any answer.

But after I called them 3 times (spent at least 30 mins on phone, international call) Daniel Lindmark e-mailed me, saying they normally can't offer any refund on download items. Regardless if it works or not? I think the whole customer service is a joke.

This is a misleading sell! This is how they do the profit? Very interesting.

I don't know, how it will match the reputation of Thomann?

Attached a document as well.


Istvan Tutunzis

Tip for consumers: Be careful to buy anything online from Thomann.de!

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Musikhaus Thomann is Europe’s largest music store, employing nearly 1400 members of staff. Thomann is a family-run business, offering a huge assortment of musical equipment, accessories, lighting, staging and studio technology. With Thomann’s online catalogue of over 85 000 products, as well as a 5500 m² show room, it has proved its position as the European market leader. The company has on-site music specialists from 18 different countries, who are here to advise our 9.4 million customers from around the world. Thomann currently sends out nearly 26 000 parcels each day.

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Franziska D.
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