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Minneapolis, MN 55442, US
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1 review
0 helpful votes

We bot their bed and most popular, i8, mattress. Both were defective. The bed was delivered with a broken leg and rocked back and forth like a flop house bed. The mattress has no insulation in it and you cannot sleep properly while loosing body heat. It requires a foam cover. We could not get the company to do anything about the defective bed so we returned both it and the mattress. All of the company representatives: Store salesmen, home office personnel, delivery persons, technicians; all lie and make promises they never keep. Customer service is zero with this Co. We also were told a set of sheet came with our bed and mattress purchase so we had to pick a set out. I found a billing of $115 for these sheets on the invoice. I have never heard of such sales practices. Do yourself a favor and go to a reputable furniture store with a proper guarantee and customer service.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

This was the best experience I have ever had in purchasing a mattress. It has been my best investment ever!

1 review
1 helpful vote

This company is a joke.. scammers at that. I went in to there store to try there beds out was told with every matress to lay down than they would air it down to where I like it than air it back up before I would get off it. Did this with each mattress was kinda excited about buying one. Paid 200$ for delivery was no other option after having the matress for one night it just wasn't working for me. I honestly couldn't tell the difrence between my air matress for camping and the one I purchased from sleep number. Called them to return it was told could not return it until 30 days called back 14 days and they setup a pick up date for two weeks than was informed it was going to cost 200$ more just for them to pick it up... I'm out 400$ for something that took 10 min to setup and no jk 1 min to pick up for one night of use ... don't buy if you don't try rolling around in it

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Wish i would have read reviews before buying. Worst company ever. Bed is horrible spent over 3,000 for basically a blow up bed. Had no back problems till i bought this piece of garbage. Call after 3 days to return they said no returns & were so rude. Really the bed sucks they just want your money. Now I'm stuck with a 3000 bed i can't sleep on and they said to bad. Do not buy a bed from them you will be sorry.

1 review
2 helpful votes

We spent $8.800 on our configuration and some problems which have been dealt with except one large ongoing $1.036 problem that has not worked since 2014. Despite six visits to the store, 4 calls to the support center the dual temp temp system has never worked and they have refused to send someone to fix it. We have asked for a refund of the $1,036 and Sleepnumber supervisors Trellis and others have refused to refund.the dual temp system since they never fixed it. If you expect Sleepnumber to honor their warranty then DO NOT BUT THEIR PRODUCTS.

3 reviews
23 helpful votes

I bought the base model (C2) for 12 months interest free. No baffle, one remote. As for how long this thing is going to last, I will have to update later. Right now I'm very pleased except for one thing...THEY WILL NOT LET YOU PICK UP FROM THEIR STORE AND CHARGE ALMOST A HUNDRED FOR DELIVERY.
I was not happy about that AT ALL and felt ripped off.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Disabled vet and disabled spouse purchased this I8 bed in March 2015 and have had continuous problems with this gap and slant of mattress on both sides. We paid over $7,019.96 for this bed yet it is unbearable to sleep in at night. I contacted Customer Service and they state Sleep Number finds a 6" gap acceptable on these beds. So if you want to sleep on a slant and can use only 1/2 of the twin side of a bed then this is the bed for you. We own 3 Sleep Number beds and this is the worst of all. Military disabled vet has breathing issues as well as spouse so this bed was supposed answer to these issues BUT it does not come with a warning that your bed will separate and slant to the center so both partners are miserable. I find this unacceptable practice for Sleep Number Company to know there was a design problem from the beginning of marketing since I was told they tested a strap to hold bed together but found it tore open so that was removed and it is their choice to market a bed with severe issues to sleeping a conducive night of rest. I sleep most nights in our living room on couch since this bed causes me so much back pain fighting to stay in a position hugging the edge of bed.
Note: Sleep Number took down this first review of this bed so we will see if they only allow good reviews to be written on site.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I was expecting this wonderful nights sleep. It's been about a year now and I'm still waiting. Still waking up as stiff as ever. Then I was sold a mattress pad that crinkles every move you make. The company tried to work with me in the beginning, sending me foam pads and such, I just gave up. It is what it is. I don't recommend it to anyone.

1 review
3 helpful votes

We thought this is new technology, this should last a long time. No! We have had this bed a little of 2 1/2 years and it has been nothing but aches and pains the whole time and getting worse! We tried to adjust our numbers, etc. A couple of nights ago I was ready to throw the bed out in the yard! The next day we inspected the bed and found that the bed "plastic" base is broken and sagging in the middle. Then we unzipped it to find the foam has a 15" tear in it, inside the zipper, mind you! I called today to ask for part of my money back, because personally, I don't want their bed. They would not go for that, but they are sending a new base and new foam (which is on backorder and we will probably never see). This is a ridiculous gimmic. From day 1, the salesman took advantage of us and the company is still doing so. DO NOT BUY ONE!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have a Sleep Number bed we have had it since December 2016 we do not like the way the chambers are on the queen mattresses.
My husband has his sleep number less firm than mine so when he's not in bed with me I adjust my bed and then as soon as he gets into bed the excess air in his pushes over to mine and makes mine more firm I do not like it. It is uncomfortable it has made my knee messed up as and my hips.
I have called sleep number to help me Resolve these issues they have sent me one pad for the bottom of my bed because I Can Feel the Bass and I'm waiting for the top part of my bed to make it more comfortable they keep telling me for the last 2 months it's on backorder it's on backorder will this is becoming ridiculous and I do not like my Sleep Number. I do not recommend anybody to buy one. I strongly suggest go spend your money somewhere else because it's not worth the money. They also told us when we bought the bed that it will not get hot like a memory foam well it gets hot like a memory foam and the sheets they tell you to buy to keepe it cooler does not work and now they say oh you can buy the cooling system for $1,700 are you freaking kidding me. Why would I invest more money into a bed I do not like..

10 reviews
10 helpful votes

We bought the iLE bed in May 2015. After about 3 months the cover was torn, and we understood, that the right side didn't work and lost an air. The coverlets torn, the foam torn. You pay a big money for cheap stuff and a poor service.

I called to Customer service in September 2015. I wrote emails. They asked the pictures, I sent the pictures. But Sleep number can't receive they, because The mail system <>: message size 15370301 exceeds size limit. And Sleep number ask again and again the pictures, but their email box was full and can't to receive a new emails.
After they started to ask a questions. I answered at least 10 times for all their questions. But Sleep number repeat and repeat the same questions. After I understood, that they will send me a new parts. But it was not true. I didn't receive nothing.
Then my child became seriously ill, and I temporarily forgot about them. When our family situation stabilized, I wanted to break all relations with the company Sleep number. Because it's a terrible service.

What now? Sleep number lost my emails, and said, that they didn't know about my problems. Now they ask, that I can to pay for their defective parts.

And you know, that the 25-years warranty is lie? You have a 2 years a full warranty, after you will pay for all parts. The first 2 years are covered at 100% and after that it is prorated. Year 3 starts out at 72% and it goes down by 4% every year after. I found out this information just today.

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

How much do you value a good nights sleep? Over 20 years ago I started to have neck and back issues, and back then Paul Harvey was advertising what was the call back then the Select Comfort beds .
I purchased my bed back in 1994, and my first mattress lasted 18 years !
Recently because my neck and back issues have become so bad then I decided I needed to get a foundation that would allow me to change positions electronically and I saw them advertising on the TV . I purchased the multiple position bed and it has been a godsend .
So my sleep number bed , along with pillows, have allowed me at least to get a good nights sleep .
If you are dealing with ordinary arthritis even ,as you get older, I absolutely recommend this bed !

3 reviews
13 helpful votes

Purchased bed and adjustable base. Was told about the 100 day refund if not satisfied. Well, we were not satisfied at all! Bed was horrible at any setting. Hot! What they neglected to tell me was that only the mattress was refundable and you are stuck with the mechanical base which means you would be out the over $3,000.00! I will give them credit as they reviewed the phone conversation of me ordering the bed and did confirm that this was not explained to me so they did end up taking both pieces back and issuing a refund. I give their customer service high marks for a product that is highly overrated and extremely over advertised as the best sleep available. The bed is very difficult to put very over priced cheap sheets on and I had to take a loss on then as well as the mattress pad. The most expensive mistake I have ever made!

George U.
9 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have a bad back and I had gotten a Tempur-Pedic and hated it. I couldn't roll over on it at all. So I finally decided to go with Sleep Number. Their live chat online was helpful but I knew what I wanted so it took very little time for me to buy it. I already had a good base that lifts up on both ends like a hospital bed so I only got the mattress. After just the first few nights, I fell in love with it. I get up in the mornings and I'm not as stiff. I can straighten up pretty much as soon as I get out of bed and it is wonderful.

Joe A.
13 reviews
1 helpful vote

I wasn't happy with my previous mattress and was looking to try something different, so I bought a Sleep Number bed with the standard, non-movable base. Their rep on the live chat helped me out. She was very knowledgeable and she also owned a Sleep Number bed that shes had for over nine years or so. And that was important to me because I want to know if can have a bed that lasts for a long time. Its expensive so the biggest driving points to buying the bed were longevity and replaceability of parts if it wears out, dual sleep chambers so that my wife and I can have different settings, which we have, and finally, the ability to move later on to a movable base, which I might get eventually. Their delivery team were very efficient. They were in and out in less than an hour. They hauled the old bed up, which was fantastic. I'm also happy with its quality. I like that it sleeps cool compared to my previous bed. The common point about the bed, which is nice, is that we can change the settings of the bed. My number changes week to week. I might like it stiffer one week and softer the next. It depends and I like having the ability to change it. I would recommend it to others.

3 reviews
34 helpful votes

As the owner of a sleep number mattress, I would never recommend it to anyone. There is a ridge in the middle because there are 2 air chambers. It is uncomfortable at any Number!! If people sleep close together one has to sleep on the ridge. It is so uncomfortable I had to buy an additional mattress topper. For the amt, of money you can buy a quality brand name mattress.

17 reviews
12 helpful votes

UPDATE to this review as of 01.21.16. I put the same review the Sleep Number website on their " reviews page " and I just got an email telling me my review did not qualify to be on their website !
After having the King Size bed for about 14 years, I moved it to the guest bedroom once because it was not comfortable for 6 years. Then my wife talked me to moving it up to our room again, and it is still BAD and UNCOMFORTABLE. I always thought it was my fault it was not comfortable, I would visit local store, call the company, and they seem to convince me overtime that it was me and I had to change this and do this - it was always ME that was at fault. I just call customer service and I was on HOLDS for 52 minutes, yes 52 minutes and guess what, they said it was still my fault that the chambers cannot cause my bed feeling like a " water-bed " and I needed to buy a raiser for under them mattress to hep me - I had to buy it !!!!!!!!!!
They are not willing to hep me at all. It is not my fault, it is the bed and they are not willing to help me get it fixed, what about the 25 year warranty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This beaded company do not even deserved one star,they get a BOG " 0 " from me.
Here is the review link for their website:

Margaret Z.
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

My husband did a ton of research and he was the one who decided to get a Sleep Number for our back issues. We got a base, the mattress and pillows, and everything has been very good overall. We are sleeping great.

Eric E.
10 reviews
1 helpful vote

Several friends and my daughter had all bought Sleep Number and they enjoyed it so I got a mattress for myself. Nancy, their online sales representative, was absolutely fantastic. I went on the site first to just get some information. Nancy took her time and explained all the different features. Through our conversation she found what my Sleep Number was and she helped me to find which pillow would feel the best for me because I was also interested in it. When I put my husband on with her, she went through the same thing with him. I never had such good customer service as I did from her. We love our bed.

3 reviews
14 helpful votes

Mine doesn't have the numbers on the pump control because I got the lowest-priced Select Comfort mattress I could afford, in 1993. Note: If you want to save $, you don't need the box springs! It's an air mattress for heaven's sakes. It looks good on a platform bed.

Never mind that -- I find it exceedingly comfortable -- I feel cradled. It is supportive even when it's underinflated.

After many years, one of the 2 chambers developed a slow leak, so I was able to purchase a new chamber from the company for a very reasonable amount. At that time there were some signs of mold on the old chamber, which can be a problem with these, so I sprayed with a mix of grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil.

Now both of the chambers have a very slow leak (after 21 years!) -- not enough to take action, as I need to add air only once every 2 weeks or so. Eventually I'll upgrade in order to get a new air pump (that may be where the problem is) but it will be the same brand.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased a bed, didn't like it so I up-graded to better bed still was having the same issues. So I called to return the bed and was told it would cost 199.00 for them to pick it up or 129.00 for me to box and send it back, I'm sorry if I spend 2000.00 for anything I should be able to return it for free..

66 reviews
201 helpful votes

You say you need a new bed but you don't want the usual ones, you want the better or best so what do you do, you go to Sleep Number beds and you find a bed that you like or love and spend big money between $5,000.00 and $7,000 and of course you want the warranty and you go home happy as a pig in (you know). Then one day you need service on this expensive bed only to find out that the parts are guaranteed but the labor is around $200.00. Your warranty starts from the day you buy it and not from the time you received the delivery. CHECK IT OUT. Would you really buy the bed now, I THINK NOT.

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You do and you are stuck with the very expensive adjustable frame. Something that should have been told to you when you purchased it. I was fortunate in that I ordered on the phone and the call was recorded so after they reviewed the call and found that the call taker had neglected to tell me this, they ended up taking everything back at their expense which saved me from having to keep that frame and lose thousands of dollars.

By Joyce R.
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