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This is horrible I have applied for 197 families and I can't see one reply it is blurred out unless you pay to up grade. Law says you shouldn't have to pay to get a job. They are the real scammers.

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I wish that I had known more about before subscribing to their services. I live in a smaller city, but still a city nonetheless and all of the sitters that matched me with were over 45 minutes to an hour away in completely different cities.

When I called asking for a refund telling them that there were just no sitters in my area they wouldn't issue one to me and told me that I should have checked that before subscribing. I had my account for less than 3 days and they will be charging me for the full month even though I cannot find a sitter through them.

I will definitely be taking my money to in order to find people to watch my little one from now on. I learned my lesson I guess and will do my research from now on.

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4/3/19 has been a major disappointment at best. In terms of finding care, we only had one person actually show up for an interview even though the job was easy, flexible, and well-paid. She worked for a few days then ghosted. She never returned out housekey.

We cancelled soon after that. However, they have charged us TWICE now the automated fee though we have cancelled. Don't use this service.

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This all began for me less than a month ago and after signing with
I have received 2 in 3 days jobs that want to pay me upfront t and ask questions that were all answered per my profile, which I have paid to set up.
I did research and found that is an umbrella company where 28 other companies work connected to their name.
I am getting nothing but constant fraudulent inquiries, Nigerian scams that want to pay me upfront to assure I am committed when they arrive to town.
I embarrassingly fell for one of these 20 years ago, but never again. Think about it, someone is willing to send you 2K to a complete stranger to assure I am committed. Red flags everywhere.
Do not even look at anything from Sitter. Com, not to be mistaken with who is legit and I have been with for 6 years.
I sent a txt to Care com and told them what was going g on a s told them if I didn't here from them within the week I would file many complaints and cancel my the caregivers subscription. Do your homework and do not give any information or your email to them.

1 review
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Kathleen Bonke scamed me bad and her husband smh. tell told me so many lies, that he was a lawyer...

1 review
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Stay away. Read the other reviews. and are umbrella companies. They ask for subscriptions. They collect credit card information. All the leads and inquires you will receive will be from people such as AMY CANDICE attempting to commit check fraud. These companies and the people running them should be prosecuted. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding these websites. I urge everyone to do the same to raise a flag and have them prosecuted.

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Yes, I applied via the site -which looks legitimate- out of Canada- for a nanny/sitter job. I did receive two replies with a day or two of each other. One came from a women named Candice and the other from a man named Salomon. At first there was no connection. Two photos, different children and location... They did not live here-in my city- but were making arrangements to do so... I will be in your town with a few days...we can meet, later the Deaf/ Mute commonality came to light. They both made the same grammatical errors and used the same words and basic format. In addition they both had a child in a wheelchair and my wages would be deducted because of this wheel chair which cost $400.00. It was all very strange. I paid $12.00 for a month of access to the site in order to secure a job. I have deleted all information and unsubscribe from the site. Please inform the FBI. These people are the reason we can not trust the Internet. SCAM SAD ;-(

1 review
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I got two job offerings with this site.. both wanted me to email them about the "position". It all sounded to good to be true, and then I had another girl write me and said the exact same thing. Don't trust anyone on this site, and don't give out personal information!

1 review
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Had a lady want my services. She said she was deaf and dumb so she couldn't call on phone. So she texted me instead. Moving from Ohio and wanting me do errands and is sending me a check for 2250. I was supposed to keep my fee of 400.00 for the week before. So 400.00 per week. So I was getting really skeptical and talked to a friend about it. We looked at some reviews and same stories as mine on the reviews. I deleated this site. It is not a safe place to be hooking up to sitters or nannies. Be very careful.

1 review
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I messaged a couple people on the cite and when someone replied they blurred out the message unless I payed a monthly subscription. The point of this website is for me to make money and get a job not loose money. They also ask to 'upgrade' your account for a better chance at getting a job and guess what you need... Money

1 review
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CareGuide could do us all a favor and remove and every single SCAMMING website they have polluted the Internet with.

1 review
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I paid $12 to sign up for this thing and its a rip off, hardly any parents are even looking for sitters, waste of time

1 review
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I joined today to offer babysitting services. I received an inquiry moments into joining. The parent asked to meet me in person after giving me a long detailed understanding of the scope of work and the needs. The conversation took a turn when the person stated they needed help today because the personal assistant called in sick. They asked me to buy check paper and print a check that they would send through email to give me compensation and cover the errands they needed handled. I should not have responded to the post because they gave their phone number in a coded sequence in the initial message to me. I am reporting this full website as a scam because they do not offer legitimate means of communication and do not offer a full protocol for protecting members.

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I recently hired a sitter (Peggy from Middletown - divorced - but she says married on the site - to a state cop<<<) - she made a pass to my husband over and over again. which weren't workingt but she was she persistent! Since my husband worked at home on some days, after she put our son down for a nap, she would prance around naked practicing yoga moves in front of my husband and then telling him "oh I didn't realize you were home"! I would NEVER hire this service again! What a scam for single old wrinkled cougar moms!

2 reviews
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I made an account a year ago, and I even inquired about a sitter job. I never received a reply. I also haven't spent any money on this site because of these reviews. But it's really sad if a whole website the promotes on job board websites could be a fraud. Honestly, I should not have to pay anyone to get a job, obviously, I'm broke sigh. Atleast they could ask for money after a couple of completed jobs.

1 review
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I was working for a young mother of two in San Pedro ,Ca 90731. Her name is Nizira Ingles i worked 13 hours and she only paid me $40 plus $60 went missing from my wallet that was in her house. She did not refund me for my $60 that went missing and SHE DIDNT EVEN HAVE FOOD IN THE HOUSE FOR THE KIDS TO EAT!!!! Beware of this lady . i tried helping her and got screwed over in the end.

1 review
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There is a woman advertising in Bellport, NY that she provides babysitting and Nanny devices out of her home. The home is in a seedy area and her child who she claims gets along with other children bites and hits other children. The woman takes snap chat videos and photos of your children claiming your kids are bipolar etc. Who investigated her.

1 review
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You have no idea who is available until you pay, and then when you find out the terrible options of people you have to choose from you are stuck. Stuck, because they don't offer a refund. They don't have online help or a phone number. They are from Canada and will email you a response in a couple days. Negative stars.

1 review
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One thing I have to say is when applying to child care Jobs write each one down. I was a victim of Identity Theft. The job sounded ligit enough, said all the right things . Single mother of 6 year old, errand runner and care giver moving from Ca to Texas . Ask for banking information and complete address and date of birth to run a background check. Sent a fraudulent check of $2,250 said to get the errands to get done. Example : furniture bill. Groceres for them and mother. Had no clue up until days before arrival . I also moved from Ca struggling to find a job. I was tapped out. I used some money from my daughter explained that we are on a tight budget. We use every single penny. In any case the money was suppose to be used for a furniture bill said called co. Would not accept it. And ask to buy itunes. I sent the info once I completed that the text messages stopped . The day she was suppose to arrive to calls or texts. Rest u can figure it out.

1 review
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They charge top dollar but the babysitter is far from top quality. Ours was awkward with my baby and her lack of experience showed. I ended up spending most of the evening with my baby and babysitter at an event. I sent a feedback and got no response. Zero customer service. Very poor

1 review
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This site does nothing but taking your money. It is also a part of marketplace.

For the past few months I was looking for a babysitter job in Chicago area. First I posted on Craigslist, which got me several job offers, but soon I discovered a scam. I will describe the scam on Craigslist, because after I signed in on I kept receiving the same letters even more, and not any real request from real family.

All the letters look similar, and there's a pattern. It's always some engineer or military person, wealthy and full of trust, who is coming to your town with a toddler, and staying at the hotel for a month, offering 20$ or more for an hour, not even asking questions. They also offer, which no real person would do, to send you a check in advance, on 600$ or so.
Using those letters, I did some research online and found it is about a classic fraud with check in advance, which causes people to lose thousands of dollars.

At the same day I posted on Craigslist, I also received a message to try I could not found any bad reviews (and now when I'm thinking, not any reviews), and site has jobs listed, people with photos and profiles. They were also cheaper than similar sites, covering USA and Canada, so I decided to give them a chance,becoming featured member for 5$ per month. I received a welcoming message from John Phillip Green, apparently chief executive, who is a real person according to his public listed facebook profile.
I also got other emails with tips how to use site, all regular things as on any similar site.

But, soon after that I started to receive the same letters as on Craigslist! Different names, similar stories, and two of them only 5 min one after another, with exact same text and different names!

I wrote back to John Philip Green, asking is there a place where I can report a scam, but never received replay.

I decided to end my subscription, so I did it. In settings and options, there was again the option to click featured, so I was sure I cancelled it. I was only subscribed for 15 days, receiving spam only.

But, when my bank report came, next month, I could see they charged me again, even after I cancelled!!! Not just that, first day I subscribed, they charged me the same amount twice in few min!
They charged me 3 times, and I asked for a refund, at least for two of the payments. I send another email, explaining my situation with multiple payment, asking for a refund. Similar thing can happen, paying bills online, but so far at the other companies you can call costumer service, see what happened and get refund.

But not these guys. I got replay that I must have several accounts or email addresses so it might be that. I didn't want to give any more of my personal information and I called my bank to block any other request from that company. Luckily, it works.

If you type in address of the company, street view will give you abandoned warehouse area, not a sign of anyone working there.

So, for any next user, you will receive all the formal emails, but not have any results. If you go further, you will lose your money.

I don't know if Craigslist fraud has anything to do with people on but stealing my money on membership, even if it's 15$, with no effort to try to solve my problem and get me a refund, makes them look pretty shady.

Anyone who is searching for the poorest, weakest, the most fragile people, mostly immigrants, who are already poor and have no luck, and no power to strike back, to do such fraud, deserves to be recognized. They count on that you don't know local circumstances well yet, you are not familiar with computer and you are desperate searching for a job.

I've learned my lesson and I hope this post will show up in google search to help someone else, I wish I could find some before I signed up there.

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