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I made an order for a samsung phone and nothing came for 3 months. until now I have not received my money back, and then they closed the site down. I believe alot of people have been frauded, and despite involving consumer watchdogs and police i was unable to get my money back. It seems to me they have ripped off thousands of people and its not on. Here is the parent company , I found this information about them, their owners are nowan mok and alan lim and live in hongkong. email them at ***** and ***** to complain and see if any way to get money back. I'm going to keep trying. and complaining to authorities, please add any information if you have it on these fraudsters.
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I learnt only last week (01/08/2016) that Simplyelectronics in no longer trading, they've either gone bankrupt of taken out of business. Their website has been closed down.
I started this record as a sort of therapy, 4 weeks into this horrendous experience
. over a month since I transferred my money for the 2-5 day delivery. However, website saying 4 in stock and the price has now been dropped by £15 since I ordered
Update @ 31st May - Refund processing

Finally gave up and asked for a refund last Thursday. Simplyelectronics got back to me within 2 working days (30th May). They offered me a gift as compensation and asked me to re-consider. I declined both and they got back to me same day to confirm cancellation and to say that an agent would be in touch within 1 working day - which he did today (31 May). Cancellation was confirmed and I was told that the refund would take a few days. My account in the website has also been updated to show cancellation.

I'm as frustrated as everyone else on here but the majority of reviews are complaints without a conclusion, so I don't know whether they are just logistically incompetent or crooks who take your money and keep it. I will therefore keep updating this until there is a conclusion, however, long that takes.

Unfortunately after reading bad reviews about Skrill I did not use my credit card!!
Update @ 2nd June:

Request for bank details to process refund arrived today. Details sent same day. Okay so far!
Update @ 7th June:

"I have forwarded your bank details to our relevant department and once we have an update we will get back to you"

Hmmm - not so good now. All they have to do is enter details an press "send", however, it's only 3 working days since I sent my details over.
Update @ 14th June:

8th June - after another chase-up mail I was told that my refund had been "initiated" on 7th June!

13th June - I asked "what does "initiated" mean - you've sent payment or you've asked someone to send it?" I received exactly the same mail back - refund initiated. I checked with my bank - no sign of payment in the system or my account! I sent another mail to say their response was not acceptable. My account on their website shows status as "refunded".

14th June - received my first" almost personal" mail from Ava, who said she was looking into the reason for the delay. I have now also asked my bank to get involved.

Now just over 2 weeks since refund requested, and 6 weeks since the fateful day I placed my order
Update @ 15th June

Mail today saying that they had initiated the refund on 7th June and they no longer have money but neither do I!!!! They say that I now have to take it up with my bank.

Asked them to confirm details of the account they sent money to before I do that.
Update @ 16th June:

I now sense that I am entering a very tough stage in trying to get my money back . Sent them a mail today asking them again to confirm the details of the account that they say they sent my refund to . My bank says that they may not have provided their bank with formal authorization to release the money - so asked them to check that as well.

In the meantime my bank are contacting their bank and are going to write to them - sounds very tame just now but will no don't wind up. Don't think I've mentioned this before but they have £1115 of my money that I sent them for the non-existent Surfacebook

Update @ 22nd June:

No reply yet - another reminder. Two more weeks before my bank ramps up the pressure

What a bunch of ............
Update @ 30th June:

No starting to lose the will to live - now 10 week since I parted with my hard earned money.

Seem to be going round in circles and I keep getting the same bog standard cut and past e-mails - the one I don't like is "We would like to confirm that the refund has been initiated in our end last 7 June 2016 and we no longer hold the funds. It will now depend on your bank on when it will reflect back in your account. We suggest you to contact your bank to rectify this matter."

I have told them that this is not acceptable and have now logged a "formal complaint" with them - not that it will make much difference. They are now "investigating"
Update @ 8th July:

Still no sign of money. Contacted UK and Hong Kong Police

Update @ 13 July:

Yet another mail to say that my refund will be "initiated " in next couple of days ("hopefully sooner so they say!). Now have my bank, Hong Kong Police, UK Police and Hong Kong Consumer council on the case.

Now 11 weeks since I placed the order and 6 weeks since I requested a refund

(Interesting how all the 5 star reviews are "verified orders" but all the bad ones are not - hmmm. Despite these "special" special reviews, their overall rating has gone down from 4.7 to 4.4 since I began this nightmare)
Update @ 20/07/2016


Up to today I had the following on the case, in addition to me sending daily e-mails:

- Hong Kong Fraud Police
- UK Fraud Police
- Hong Kong Consumer Council
- First Direct Bank

Im not sure what the final trigger was but key events yesterday were: receipt of a copy of a letter sent to SE on my behalf and a letter from my bank mailed to them confirming that no money had been received. 24 hours later my refund was in my account and a mail from SE, apologizing and saying that the refund had been sent to to wrong account. It looked very generic, just like all the others but past caring now. The last 7 weeks suddenly dont feel so long now.

In answer to my original question yes it is possible to get your money back, even if you dont pay by credit card but its very hard work.

Lessons learnt:

- Never buy anything from Simply Electronics
- If you must, for your own protection, use a credit card
- Always correspond by e-mail dont use their messaging system, otherwise you lose records of your correspondence
- Keep every mail you send and receive you will need them to back up any future claim
- Never give up!! I think that is part of their business pan!

Useful contacts:

Hong Kong Police:
UK Police- report online fraud
Hong Kong Consumer Council

((Not allowed to post links, also not allowed to use the G word for fear of deletion - so just use your favourite search engine to find the above - include the word "fraud")

Over and out! - the nightmare has ended!!
3 reviews
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I have been chasing for battery replacement since last 10 days and all the response I get is sir change the cable, charger , battery, send us the screenshot and all the lame excuses of this world rather than serving the warranty.

Leah @ S.E in 2015 is still under the impression that batteries get damaged to overcharged. Since 2013 majority of the mobiles cuts of the power when battery is charged.

When I called samsung they can't recognise the product because it's a non uk movbile. Apparently it came from HONG KONG due to which I can't claim manufacturer warranty.

So long story short I have bought a product which no one is willing to claim the warranty.

However, I have filed a legal claim with OMBUDSMAN and raised a dispute with my bank to get my money back for non disclosure of origin of product.

DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE. THEY HAVEN'T GOT ANY POST SALES/repair phone number. All there representative are sitting in Philipine and no verbal interaction is possible.

I wish I would have read people reviews previously.
3 reviews
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The worst thing about this site is that it is misleading, in that it never makes clear (except by scouring the minutest of print) that it is not a UK site but based in Hong Kong - hence all the delivery problems. It wouldn't be so bad if their customer service was up to anything but four goes have not even ended in a conversation, and they never respond to the online contact forms. Just don't use.
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So, I've brought 4 items from Simplyelectronics (2 phones, 2 smart watches) and have not had one problem. At first I was a little hesitant, because a galaxy note 3 was being sole for about £120 cheaper than anywhere else, so read every bit of information I could find about the company. The majoroity of complaints seem to be about the delivery time? If you read the small print, youll find out SE use suface mail to keep the post down, and generally ship in bulk, so chanses are, they wont ship an item until multiple orders are going to the same country. There staff are extremly polite, and try there hardest to quell any issues.

Tip for consumers: Read the small print, dont pay the cheapest price for tech then expect the item at your door the next day. Its possibly better to order over the phone, tell the staff you want a uk 4g lte comtable phone

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3 reviews
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Where to start? Ordered a Samsung Galaxy A5 4G LTE phone, at what i thought was a bargain £249, due to the fact they are £350 in the majority of other places. Dispatch time was 2 - 3 days. Waited almost 2 weeks item was not even dispatched. When i went back to the site the title of the item had changed to Samsung Galaxy A5 A5000 Duos, which is the slightly older and lot cheaper model that you can get from most places for around £250. Emailed company, was eventually told item was dispatched on 6th March. By 11th item still not delivered. So i mailed them again. 2 hours later received an email with tracking number saying the item should be here soon. Did arrive on the 12th by DHL 24HR delivery, so the item had never been posted when they said it had. Beggars belief a "U.K." company can get away with this bull. Would never use this lying cheating site again, and would highly recommend buying from somewhere else IF you want to receive the item you actually order!
1 review
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I have been waiting my GoPro from warranty repair for 3 months, all emails they just reply with general-autoresponse-style mails. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP.
1 review
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ordered and paid for my Playbook on 16th January. Got a email confirmation instantly and that was it 2 weeeks down the line.... They have an impressive website that lures you in with live real time stock but thats is it really..they alwasy give you that reply email that they are on the case but you can wait until you only have whites on your eye and still nothing will ever happen...really my fault, you try to give this little companys a chance to fight the big boys but it shows why they cannot compete, not good enough, amateur staff who probably hates their own company as much as the customers.... No future waiting for my refund and news about his company folding soon....a non starter really.... STAY AWAY !!!
David W.
1 review
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SLOW DELIVERY DIFFICULT TO GET REFUND_AVOID. I purchased a Go-Pro Camera from this site (3 weeks before) a sports holiday only to be told the delivery would not arrive until after I had departed. I cancelled but these people still despatched. I never accepted the delivery but am still (2 months later) awaiting a refund despite numerous mails and problem tickets raised. Now with my Bank !
1 review
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I bought a samsung s3 lte from this lot from what I thought was a uk company but are based in hong kong ( counterfeit central) they apparantly used to trade on ebay
anyway someone I know told me that I should check if the phones fake by checking the imei number on the box
you can then guess the outcome , yes its fake
my wife said send it back for refund but its clealy obvious by the numerous complaints on every review site that these crooks dont want to give you your money back
I ve now emailed them stating that I ve contacted samsung to confirm that the pbone is a fake and if I dont get a refund (theyre not getting phond back as keeping it as proof of dodgy dealings) then I will be passing details onto the police on the grounds of fraud/counterfeit goods/copyright infringements
because theyre crooks I dont expect to hear from them
I suppose I m lucky as most folks havent received goods or a refund
1 review
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I ordered this product on 5 Dec and paid for it on 10 Dec. I received a note from their courier saying that Duty had not been paid and I would need to cover £90 prior to delivery. I contacted Simply Electronics who said they would resolve it. After 2 weeks I gave up and requested a refund.

4 months later Simply Electronics are still claiming that they are sorry that it has not been refunded £3,015, due to technical issues with their system...or similar. I have sent in the region of 30 emails and called on the phone to resolve this. It now appears that they have no intention of doing so. I can only describe this as theft!
1 review
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Rest assured, that if you order from Simply Electronics you will have a shopping experience that will make you question your commitment to ever ordering online again.

Do not be tricked by the UK feel to the site and telephone number.
Do not be tricked by the seductively low prices.

The chance of you receiving your order within a reasonable timeframe is tiny. I waited a month, of course having paid up front on an item which was reputedly in stock. I can only assume that they tried too sneak it in under the customs radar because I was presented with a bill for £90 to cover import duty. When Simply Electronics declined to pay this I had the item returned..and that was where my problems started. 4 months have gone by since original payment and still no refund despite all the nicely nicely responses telling me it is in process.

6 reviews
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Tried to purchase a Tamron lens by them, as their price was the lowest available online... Unfortunately, at first they seemed legitimate but at the end it appears that do not ever intent to sent the product and want to hold your money as long as possible...
After 7 business days I cancelled the order, as they were trying to convince me to accept a delay after a delay in submitting my order. Upon cancellation they said that they want TWO weeks to issue a refund, where they charged my credit card at the same instant I placed the order... Terrible service, terrible support and probably a scam or a "bonzi" type scheme fraud... Now I am waiting for the refund for a couple of days until filling a chargeback with my bank.

Stay as far away as possible.
3 reviews
10 helpful votes
Best prices, but they are really bad at actually shipping anything. They do take your money though.
1 review
4 helpful votes
Seemed to have a good price on camera but it was a bait and switch. After I ordered and they took my money they sent an email that the product was mispriced and that they were willing to offer me another product for a lesser price. Hope I can get my money back but after reading these comments... Also, it is 3 days after getting the email the product is still on their website at the 'incorrect' price!!
1 review
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I wouldn't even give them a star for all the hassle they have caused. Bought a tablet on June 30. After 8 days I haven't received anything. Rang them but put me in que for ages. Refered my case to KwiChex and they actually have changed the status of my order to 'refund in process.' But mind you after a week no sign of refund. Took my money off the bank on the same day I ordered but doesn't have the decency to refund.
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I ordered a 32gb ipad from Simply Electronics on 01/03/13, I saw their webpage saying best prices etc. I had a bad experience with another company also based in Hong Kong, so much that I placed the order by telephone specifically to ask whether or not this company was in HK which they denied.

Ordered item, status did not change until following week. They say up to 10 working days which is closer to 3 weeks before you can enquire where your order is and properly investigate it. I waited 2 weeks after quite a few calls made to them, I got really frustrated, staff will deny anything is wrong and delay you. I complained about lack of status update on their website and then got things like "Your acceptance of our offer is confirmed - order has been formally accepted", Order in queue - your order is in queue and will be processed for dispatch at the soonest available opportunity", "Order is progressing - your order is progressing. It is pending stock allocation or quality check before it goes out for delivery", "Order awaiting dispatch - Your order is pending courier dispatch. An email will be sent with the tracking details once it is shipped", and finally "Packed - your order is awaiting courier pick up and will be dispatched today or latest next working day".

Do not be deceived by this. was unhappy and got in touch with a well known payment processing company who overseen payment to SE. They took this very seriously and did not tell me the full story, and although they made sure I got my money back, it seems that their senior people were investigating Simply Electronics. There are other review forums dating back the last few years with lots of similar stories about this company, I was horrified!

I ended up going to a UK high street retailer and buying directly since I was so fed up! Moral of the story, if you want your items to arrive, stick to what you know works. I'd now rather pay a bit more for a trusted name when ordering online.
5 reviews
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They make it look like you are buying from a UK company by misleading photos of English people and a UK phone number. I bought an panasonic HD camera from them and when I tried to claim under warranty it was refused because the camera came from Dubai. They wanted me to send it back to an address that was setup for postal fowarding. If you need more info on this company visit which is setup by another unhappy customer
1 review
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I wish to file a complaint against the company Simply Electronics with whom I have dealt with over the past seven weeks. After having purchased an item from their website which I had not received eleven days after buying, I cancelled my order due to the shady behavior of the company with regards to my order. Forty days later, I am still waiting for my refund which the company says on their website, will be provided immediately.
"If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, will immediately issue a credit to your credit card in the amount of the charge." Extract from the Terms and conditions of Simply Electronics
Since the cancellation of my order I have had to put up with numerous excuses from the company as to why I have not received my refund. The past seven weeks that I have spent dealing with this company, have left me with little doubt that this is a company who walks the line between legal and illegal business practices tricking customers into buying their products through the advertisement of false promises that become evident as soon as the payment transaction has gone through. Simply Electronics is a company who plays with customers' patience and time, in the hopes, I believe, that the dissatisfied customers will eventually give up on their demand for a refund.
I will provide you as attachted, with a chronological outline of my dealings with Simply Electronics.

June 9th, 2012. I ordered 1 x Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera Body (Order Number *******06645) on the website without receiving any formal receipt (I have only received an e-mail confirmation and an automatic message after paying the order online, please see the attachment).
June 21st, 2012 I decided to cancel my order and demanded a full refund.
The reasons that I decided to cancel my order include:
The fact that I did not receive my order during the time frame promised (The item being in stock on the website, the trader guaranteed the item to be shipped within 1-2 working days and delivered within 2-7 working days )
The shady behavior of the customer service representatives:
The inability or unwillingness of the representatives to give me any clear and concrete information concerning my order.
Their refusal to provide me with a written date at which time my order would be shipped. They only gave me a date for the shipment by phone which was inexact.
Details concerning the cancellation of my order:
The Customer Service representative accepted the request by phone and asks me to confirm it by e-mail. But, while I was writing my e-mail cancellation a few minutes after my phone call, the online status of my order changed from "new" (I had the misfortune of seeing this for 10 days after my payment) to "packing".
I have a hard time believing that it was just a coincidence that this changing operation happened just right after my call requesting the cancellation of my order, while one of their online Customer Services Agent kept saying to me that the item that I purchased was not present in their stock.
I nevertheless sent a cancellation email that same day demanding a cancellation of my order. To my surprise, the status of my order the following day was listed as "shipping", please see the attachment).. At the same time I received a reply to my cancellation request, from the customer representative stating that I had not given the company enough time to cancel my order and that the product was now being handled by the shipping department and they were therefore no longer able to help' me.
I therefore asked for the tracking number of my order which Simply Electronics refused to give to me. I had to contact DHL (delivery company) myself in order to obtain information concerning my product. In speaking with a DHL employee I discovered that the time delays that Simply Electronics had given me were in fact false. (I had been told by Simply Electronics that I would receive my refund as soon as the package was returned to them. I found out from UPS that Simply Electronics received that package on June 30th; however several days after this date, I still had no news from them. I thus informed them that I was aware of the fact that they had received the package and I once again demanded my refund).
Despite my unrelenting pressure to receive my refund, Simply Electronics has put off providing me with my refund both through taking a lot more time to reply to my emails than was previously the case, and by giving me weak excuses as to why the refund has not taken place.
The most recent excuse has been that there is a problem with their credit card processor.

After seven weeks of waiting and countless emails exchanged, I still have not received a refund. I have tried to negotiate with the company itself however as you will see for yourself in reading the emails that I have attached, this tactic is useless when dealing with a company that seems determined to evade any sort of responsibility that they may have towards their customers.

My sole request is to be reimbursed the 819,95 euros that I paid for an item that I cancelled over a month ago.
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Purchased goods on 10th May 2010. Date now 31st May 2012.. still no goods after an 8 day delivery promise. Contacted them, they say its "delayed..blah blah"..

Will fight to get money back since they dont actually ship anything out.
1 review
4 helpful votes
Lousy experience, rip off, useless, disgusting, possibly fraudulent, buyer beware, stay clear, avoid at all costs .... and spread the message!
1 review
3 helpful votes
I have ordered a Canon lens and the web site and confirmation email noted an expected shipping in 1-2 business days. I also sent an email to change the shipping address but got no reply.

After one week, the order wasn't shipped and I have contacted them by phone. It should be send out on Monday was the reply.

A few days later, the order was not shipped at all and I asked to cancel the order, as stated on their web site.

They did not cancel the order but just confirmed that the order was in processing but they could not give a shipping date. This is strange because the web site show 1-2 business days and the stock was going up and down. So, 14 days gone by since the order was placed.

I did a second cancellation request and then I got a cancellation confirmation reply at last. But, we are now more than 15 days further and I am still waiting for a refund and yesterday I sent a new email but again, no respons.

Sorry, SImply Electronics. If you deliver as promised and reply to customer request in a descent time, I should not have cancelled the order. Now I can make only one recommendation to anyone: do not do business with Simply Electronics.
1 review
4 helpful votes
Funny thing. Today, I received via Fed Ex, a Nikon lens that I ordered at a really good price on Simply Electronics on 11/27/11.There was something a little odd during the ordering process (requiring me to give my cell phone number in order to get a verification via text message, in order to complete the transaction). That caused my suspicions to perk up a little, but I went ahead with the order anyway.
Then I went online to check out this company, and found all the horror stories and bad reviews. When I repeatedly tried to call Simply Electronics' 24 hour phone number to cancel the order, it was always saying the same message: "All circuits are busy..."This prompted me to immediately file a dispute with my credit card company.
A couple of days later, I received a FedEx tracking number, which I assumed was part of a scheme. I was very skeptical. When the package actually arrived this morning, I expected to find damaged or used merchandise. But, guess what??? I received a new lens exactly as I ordered. It cost me about $100 cheaper than any other site. I'm a little shocked, and happily surprised.
All in all, would I recommend Simply Electronics to others? I guess I'd just tell them of others' bad experiences, and of my really good deal, and let them decide.
1 review
4 helpful votes
Pretty much everything bad others have said applied to me. They lie about stock. They take forever to respond to email trying to buy time. They will not give you a delivery date. They take your payment immediately. Still waiting after a week for a DELIVERY DATE for an item in stock. Burned once by these liars.

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